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Mercy Maud....folks, youse a chewing a lot a fat 'round over at Bawgs blog!

I posted over theah, but I see that post was days ago and some of you doan trackback, I heah, so here is mah toughts on some of those touchy topics:

First off, can we agree that the piper calls the tune? Schools that want gov't bucks take the recruiters--ya'll know religious schools who take gov't dollars must follow gov't rules--why not Yale? Fair is fair.

And state's rights over the South Dakota prohibiton of abortion is up-coming for the Back Porch real soon...but,

The abortion issues is throny thicket, pets, but leave aside ideology and take a look-see from logic and medicine:

Less than two percent of rapes result in conception--the fear and fight factor releases a killing hormone, neutralizes sperm.

The Rape issue is the political banner that hides what we'uns all know: abortion is 95% of the time for regular women, students, career minded, unattached, etc who were not raped or abused by stepdads.

Why have easy access to a barbaric practice if only 5% are truly tragic circumstances? Why, to cover the poor choices of the OTHER 95%.

Truth be told, abortion harms a woman at the very core of her being. It corrupts her natural function in the most violent manner. No one who honestly cares for women would advocate an abortion culture that we are saddled with--mostly from ignorance, but there is an industry to feed (I'll leave that till later).

Abortion is an expedient for a culture saturated with illicit sex (yep, they's STILL such a thang as illicit sex). This means if we are gonna have free love-sex, we need wide access to abortion. We call it "choice" but that choice is to snuff a wee one jes' cause' youse bigger and can get away with it. No one thinks that's right. No one.

Now Bird wrote,
"Why does the state have rights over my body. MY BODY??????"

............cause it is the duly elected authority, puddin'. The state says you can't be a prostitute with your body, don't it? State also says you cain't use your body to kill your ex. State says you cain't sell yourself into slavery or indentured service either, don't it?

An' chile' iffin you try to throw yourself off the empire state building, why they's gonna try to save your body despite your intention to smash "you body" into a grease spot.

The "my body" argument falls short in law as well as logic--but mostly, it ain't jes' YOUR body any more--they's another little body, distinct from yours, that you don't really want to harm do you, all in the name of "my body"?

Bird says,

"Making the decision to abort a pregnancy is often a difficult one, many times a painful one, sometimes a sorrowful one."

This is so true, Bird. It's a fact that few make it ligtly, but many make it without really knowing what they's choosing. Women who gets they self an abortion before completing a full term pregnancy have THREE times greater risk of cervical and breast cancer. Increased even more if she smokes.

Why? Cause' darlin' we ladies is made to function a certain way, and abortion does extreme violence to our bodies--it rips what the body knows is precious from her and the hormones freak out--no kiddin' the body goes through a hormonal storm that sets the stage of abnomal cells to form. Cancer often follows.

Lot's of us here in the blogosphere is in favor of organic foods and ecological care--let's apply the same for our bodies--abortion is not natural--even a miscarriage happens as a gradual process, the body shutting down hormones weeks before the miscarriage, and even so, the woman suffers.

Bird says,
"but we can't punish her by forcing her to bear a child. Nor should we really punish her at all."

NO, honey we shouldn't --but we ought not punish the baby either. Fact is, abortion is a worse "punishment" than most women even know.

All this doan even touch the most tragic thang of all for the poor woman--she ain't gonna get over it psychologically. She will smoke, drink, take drugs, need anti-depressants, have serious illnesses at a higher rate than women with no abortion history--they never tells you this when youse making your "choice." Now she might not make the connection--that her habits and health are less than postive due to an abortion, but the body has mmemory.

Ya'll knows ole' Aunty Belle has waltzed around the block a time or two, right chickens? This here posting ain't about finger-pointing and shame/blame--no, not a'tall. This here ain't no rant against any woman who has had an abortion or any fella who urged one on his lady.

This here is a plea to think deeply on this matter. It ain't what hollywood and MTV want ya'll to think. If you believe in "free love" then be at least as responsible as you would be in a forest--don't throw a cigarette on the floor of the forst and start a fire--lives are at stake. Tie yore tubes. Use birth control. (This ain't a good choice either, but better'n abortion) Doan make a wee one pay cause you was careless.

Best of all, of course is don't use sex entertainment. It is serious. Even when it doan make babies, it stands for sompin' too special to trivialize.

But you all know this...


Pete Bogs said...

thanks for the mention, albeit from a contrary stance...

Hellpig said...

Well I normally wouldn't weigh in on this subject

It's a womans body,period

as far as RvW I made myself clear on that at Bogsblog