Why War? Which War?

(Note: Lighter fare onthe FRONT Porch)

Iffin' it ain't the grandest arrogance to think youse gonna address such a tall topic as war?!?!

But I is gonna take a run at it. We talk about war so easily that the meaning and the motivation seem to be lost in all the chatter.

Let's start wif this: I despise "Imagine", that snivelin' Beatle song:
"Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace.."

Looky folks, onkly a fool can sing this idiocy. Iffin' they ain't nothin worth dying fer, then nothin' is important enough fer livin', lessen youse jes' an animal wif only eatin' and excretin' ter do wif ya life. Gag. I doan LIKE war, but I doan like fake "peace" even more.

We'uns in the USA jes' celebrated Memorial Day--when we remember wif respect those who died or were injured so we could be free to sit at computers and blog our thoughts and even our jibes or insults. The thang about some wars of recent memory--WWI, WWII, fer instance, is that they had a defined goal that most folks understood and agreed wif'...now--notice real quick that I ain't claimin' that those wars had national agreement on HOW the goals were to be accomplished. Aunty Belle knows they's a difference betwixt goals and methods. Mah goal could be to feed the poor of mah city--good goal--but it ain't right to accomplish tht goal by robbin' banks whar hardworkin' folks is savin' they pennies..so right up front, we gotta make the point that goals and methods are not interchangable.

But war ain't "clean." We'uns cain't get all prissy about methods--oh ter be shur there are better and worse methods--we must not become animals, and we's got treaties fer guidance in wartime--but mostly, by the time ya' get to WAR, youse unrealistic to think that war can be conducted clinically.

So then, why war? What goal is so crucial to folks that they tolerate methods that would be intolerable outside of war? What is it about human relations that brings us to war at all?

Now youse can shur get a copy of the History of War and read til ya's blind, so here is some shorthand:

War happens when not going to war is worse than the horrors of war; when the consequences of not fightin' a war are worse than the losses from war. But fer that point to be reached, someone (king, emperor, tyrant) or most of the someones (in a democracy) must believe that something is worth fightin over.

Fer most of us'uns, that "somethin'" is survival..but even that term needs some clarifying--you can survive under communism, under a dictator like Saddam...but would ya want to? Peace ain't jes' the absence of war, ya know. Why, a dictator can insure "peace" by brutally supressin' any free speech or artisitic expression, by forced labor that works ya til ya drops after 14 hour days, and keeps everyone in the same sort of dormitory so no one has anything better than another, cause no one has anything--at all. But, they won't be no bombs burstin' in air, no gun totin, no bloodshed, no guts spillin' out--yet is that life "peaceful"?

Survival means more than bread and water.

Now over at Sweet Shoat's sty

and Stogie's place,

they's some interesting readin'--one about the survival of Europe, one about a war hero. Both of these posts put me in mind of somethin' important about war--then, and now. See, a "hero" is only reverred iffin' the cause the hero fought for is agreed upon by most folks--I mean, when Saddam declared henchmen heroes, nobody was buyin’ that pig 'n a poke. What is it that we revered in the men of WWII ?

Here is one idea: honor. Yep, that ole fashoned word that, fer menfolks, means willingness to self-sacrifice by puttin' others first --fellow soldiers, women, chillen, ole folks. Why? Cause ya jes' doan wanna see them suffer what's a'coming iffin' ya can do somethin' about it. What the WW II men and women had going was
1) defined goal, unity of purpose
2) authentic sense of honor

But that was then...and we's livin' in now. Now we ain't got no defined goal that unifies us as Americans or Western Civilization. This heah is a REAL BIG POINT:

We no longer agree on the goal.

Shur, we always had some who wanted the goal but advocated other methods of meetin' the goal...but we'uns at least agreed on the goal. This ain't jes' theory: Iffin' ya wanna go to Florida ya can disagree about HOW to get'cha selfs there--by horse and buggy or skateboard or hot-air balloon...but ya all wants to get there somehow. But iffin' some of ya' doan wanna go to Florida--jeepers!They got gators and too many augmentations pokin' outa wrinkled 70 year old chests--and ya wanna go ter California where they's only earthquakes and hollywood, well then the means of gettin' there is moot--ya ain't agreed on the goal.

Over in Europe they's a problem of the goal/method thang. See, the folks is smellin' something rottern in Denmark...the stench is coverin' the continent and the Eurocrats cain't play-like it's jes' Limburger. What's happenin' is that the people have the goal of survival--they wanna keep they cultures and they freedoms and they right ter self-determination. But the method ter accomplish that goal of survival means naming ISLAM as an enemy--along with multicultualism that never does work. But the Euro-elites think that the populace is stoo-pid about the true nature of the thang. Worse, there's no unity of purpose between Europeans in general and their leaders.

The E-crats doan have that goal of survival--nope pets, Aunty can tell ya'--one gets around in the Poa-rk Rind bidness. These crats doan have no sense of honor toward they fellow countrymen--they wanna grab world power and honor, but fer thryselves, not fer helpin' they folks. I done seen some of these folks up close and personal and they doan want the survival of Europe--or "western civ". They offered the people a new constitution for all of Europe that warn't nothin' but a noose around the neck of Europe...mor'n a hundred pages of Orwellian NewSpeak fer globalism, and...shhh!
....world government. Iffin' the goal is world governmment, then Europe has to go the way of the Dodo. (USA too--but a little bit later). So, we have DIS-unity of goal.

But then Islamic forces done us a favor--they jes' got too bold and lawless: burnin' Paris, bombing Madrid and London, rioting over cartoons in Denmark...and Lawdy ! It done woke up some (need more!) folks to the real plight. On top of the Islamic worries, Euro-folks is noticin' that they leaders is sellin' out to multiculturalism so now folks have LESS than they used to--less freedom, less economic promise, less sense of identity--cause when ya' leaders go off to Strasburg to make laws as Europeans and not as Irishmen or Italians, why, ya' lose--lose ya' identity, lose ya' economic freedom that becomes subordinate to whatever Strasburg tells ya', and ya' lose self-determinism. The Eurocrats talk of "freedom" fer immigrants, but to do that, freedom is stolen from the home-folks.

Here's an example: Isalm permits multiple wives, while European culture does not. But now lawmakers in the UK have suggested letting Islamic men have two legal wives--this means establishin' a double standard for different types of citizens..and the introduction of the dysfunction of polygamy into Eurpean culture automatically undermines the original European culture at its core--family life. So to extend "freedom" to Islamic immigrants, both freedom and culture is taken from the European nationals.

The plain folks doan recognize yet that this is about survival--that one main thang that folks will go to war about. An' I'se worried, cause this is the sort of thang that foments nationalsim that becomes dangerous--already we heah the liberals shriekin' about fascism--an it has reared its ugly haid over theah.

So listen up liberals: It's yore fault if fin' Europe goes fascist; yore policy of multiculturalism that is leadin' Europe to a new and perhaps dangerous nationalism.

Get'cha hands off European culture, better yet, respect it like ya' demand Westerners respect other cultures. All cultures ain't eqaul folks. Seen big crowds beatin' feet to Islamic nations? Funny thang--folks want to immigrate to WESTERN nations mostly--all cultures ain't equal, and lots of folks wanna get away from certain sorts of cultures. Some cultures are better and it's OK ter say so. Let any immigrants of any stripe adapt themselves to European culture. Iffin' they wanna live in Europe (or USA), they must abide by European laws and customs. Otherwise, ya' risk fomenting a backlash against immigrants.

Multicultural is fun--at the fair or a festival celebratin' other cultures' dress and food--fun is over when it multiculturalism gathers the force of law against the primary culture.

Here's the dirty Eurocrat secret: This heah is a new kinda war. In Euro-crat speak they's talkin' about "soft law" an' that leads to "soft war". The whole point of soft-law is to let somethin' become the "way it is done" long enough to "establish" the practice as "lawful." (Like lettin' drugs be winked at until drug use is "normal" and then lo! Laws are passed to protect the drug use.)

Then these new laws constitute a "soft war" on the values and traditions that the regualr folks cherish, 'til the folks is on the wrong side of the law--they are then the deemed "criminals" for opposin' the loss of they own values and own freedoms. When regular folks wake up to this, they will have the same goal--survival--an they will move to a new method to achieve it--war.

This of course, will be a civil war --within all of Western Civilization....unless we start our own "soft-war" to educate--er, blogucate the folks.

Aunty Belle is real interested in yore thoughts on this matter--lemme know what'cha thinkin'.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

aunty, as you must surely know, the great wendell barry has written so poetically that the further away your representation gets from your physical location the worse it is for the individual.
that the EU could effectively represent the disparate and distinct cultures is not likely, and is really for the ruling classes and not the people. i remember the basques hating to be defined by madrid and that was just within one nation. i recently read on another blog where southerners were blamed for the sorry state of the USA. the days of pulling together as a nation is fantasy now.

and the truism of division is economic, that once a person or group, gets to a certain level they tend to do whatever necessary to remain at that level -throwing in with whom and whatever to maintain that status, it is not unique to any one culture or nation. as many civilizations began to crash the elites kept eating drinking and being merry as the ship went down.

our own council for foreign relations has called for the end of sovereignty and extols the virtues of global governance. i tell ya aunty it makes me look hard at little shacks on stilts in crackerville myself, stockin up on beenie weeneies and using those fake boobs as floatation devices when the proverbial &^%$ hits the fan.

Im giving up the fight for hearts and minds. you are not going to dynamite people away from the notion that all things are equal, there is no right and wrong, that its all relative and that americans are violent imperialist bastards from hell.

america the great nation is being destroyed from within and it looks as if the leadership is complicit with that fall. amnesty for 12 million illegals being just one of the markers. theve done it now aunty. the same people holding up i hate america signs in the atzlan reconquista protests.


my constitution is battered and weary, sorrowful a bit with age. is it wrong to decide to hunker down and use the time remaining on the big countdown clock to love the creatures, make the beauty in creative endeavors, love the ones i love and put my spiritual life in order? in the world and not of it? detached ever so slightly.

this is my gameplan fo shore.


Aunty Belle said...

K-P Pup, Lawdy be, youse one riled up Rottie!!

Why ye-es, pup, I'se familiar with Mr.Berry, that fine Kentuckian...now thas' a fella I'f like to have a julep wif!! How can ya not love a man whop lives in a village named Rabbit Hash??

Does ya' mean "subsidiarity," Rottie Pup? Thas' the principle of solve-the-problem-at-the -point -closest-to-the-source. I think thas' exactly what yer onto, Big Dawg, regardin' the EU. (For a dawg, ya shur is brainy!!) Ya' pegged it jes' dead on...the "ruling class" is
denying the folks they own cultures.

But, looky, doan give up on folks...it took em' years to get entrenched in they ideas ....allow a bit of time fer some of em' to cogitate on reality..some does let go of egos and move on to become firebrands fer the truth of thangs:

The universe is ordered, it is hierarchical, matter matters, and transgressions moral and political carry the seeds of their own destruction within.

But...do keep the house on stilts and plenty of Milk Bones (Beenie-Weenies?). That part is prudent. Yore game plan is right one, I'd wager---love the ones given to ya, follow that spiritual prompting, make beauty where ya can, speak softly but truly, sweet pup.

...one thought: Remember who done picked up the pieces when the Romans imploded. Same as them who defanged Atzlan. Be of good cheer, Big Dawg.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

aunty i know damn well you dont drink straight bourbon with sugar and mint!


Aunty Belle said...

Youse gettin' uppity dawg--tellin' yore elders what they drinks--ya' think ya knows ever'thang? why cain't ole Aunty Belle have a julep iffin' bawgs is havin' G, and ya' KNOWS both Contessa and Bird is spikin' they lemonade when they visit. Hrumph!

suzisword said...

romans 8v19.....''the creation waits for the eager expectation for the SONS OF GOD to be revealed"..... you see where there is unity there is power, and with the power of agreement there is peace. the word also says'' WHEN ONE AGREES HE HAS THE POWER OF 1 000 BUT WHEN 2 AGREES HE HAS THE POWER OF 10 000. SO we see in the church there is so much strife because of doctrine, the penticostals don't agree with the word of faith movement etc and etc and so on.but they are all part of the body of Christ, they just flow in diffirent areas, together they make the FULL GOSPEL.(PLEASE REMEMBER NOW I AM ONLY TALKING ABOUT THE CHURCHES WHERE THE SPIRIT OF GOD REIGNS NOT THE RELIGIOUS DEAD!!!!!!!........) the enemy of our soul thrives on strife and he knows if he can keep the people busy with themselves and their ''EARTHLY'' rights then his happy. About the romans verse the sons of GOD are preparing to come forth and live as true kings and priests and take up THEIR territory.
isaih 61v1,2 and luke 4v18,19
it is time to proclaim the year of the LORD'S favour ( year of jubalee) how are the son's of GOD gonna be revealed you ask??????? by doing what JESUS did 2 000 years ago. aunty belle you know the word pretty well go make a study on all the great events of GOD and see how many years apart they are. GOD works in sequence. anyway getting back to the subject on AMERICA i do not watch news, but watched a DVD about all the great men of america, ALL THE PRESIDENTS and the greats that made history and funny enough they were all christians either by religion or redemtion. so now i understand why islam hates america, it's not about the people but it's about the GODLY men that went before you all to build a strong and GODLY nation, i saw an intiview with MR BUSH where he claims to be saved. im praying that he will hunger and thirst for more of GOD so that he gets the FULL knowledge and revelation of being a son of GOD. i pray that PRES BUSH will not stay in the realm of salvation, but take up his inheritance here on earth and walk in the authority , power and dominion. i pray that the blood of JESUS will protect him from the onslaught of the enemy( accuser of the bretheren) and may he stand LARGE in his position, and FATHER GOD let your HOLY SPIRIT be his guide. IN JESUS NAME AMEN.... OH Aunty belle have you read any books about SMITH WIGGLESWORTH? try and get his life story ohhhhhhh it's so lekker. (lekker is south african for lovely, stunning, nice, wonderful, awsome etc etc all those in one)

suzisword said...

oh and AUNTY BELLE......... i love you.

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