Conversion by Force

Conversion by Force

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By now ya'll has heard that the journalists who was snatched in Gaza was forced at gunpoint to "convert" to Islam by them peace-lovin' folks were released.

What'cha ain't heard much about is how scandalized and outraged any moderate muslims is over this public abuse of their "peaceful" religion. Iffin' any of ya'll find a place whar' some Muslim spokesperson has denounced both the act of kidnappin' yore "converts" at gunpoint, Aunty would shure life ter see it.

So, iffin' we ain't heard from the Muslim spokespeople, has we heard from the libs on this? I did a quick scan of liberal blogs--most ain't concerned. Whar' is the outrage?

Looky, turn this around--suppose one of our blog buddies--a lady mebbe, like Bird or Contessa was kidnapped and "converted" to Islam, made to wear veils and marry a man wif' three other wives...then would we be squawking? Is it that we'uns expect that journalists are fair game by virtue of their jobs?

What would it take to make us as a culture become realy really concerned?

How about this smug, freely said, freely reported, freely printed comment from the top Islamic organization in the USA?

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

(Omar Ahmad, Co-founder of CAIR)

This post accidently deleted, re-created, here are the earlier comments:

K9 said...

/bark bark bark


when's the last time you saw somebody in 'merica held at gunpoint and made to convert to being a baptist or a luthern or pentecostal or what-ever-ya-got?

but every discussion of anything islamic individuals do can never be addressed without the counterpoint of christian oppressors....

the crusaders! hey, know what? next time i see a guy in a suit of armor, brandishing a sword atop a horse forcing a conversion to catholicism i'l be alarmed.

i suppose this post will result in the predictible mosque burn charge. hey you like red fishes? lets take all of em left here and fry em up with some cheese grits.


Purple Avenger said...

I've stocked up a couple thousand extra rounds in the bunker.

This could get real ugly at some point. These creeps are serious as a heart attack and I ain't having any of it.

maccusgermanis said...

I wonder if the released hostages understand that they can no longer work in islamic countries. They are no longer tolerated "polytheists" nor protected "people of the Book." They are now seen as apostates by such authorities as did put Abdul Rahman on trial.



Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised? Islam has said repeatedly what it will do. Did anyone see Christiane Amanpour on CNN last night --the Bin Laden special?

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

yeah i saw the footsteps of bin laden. it was good.
the journalists? like salman rushdie redux.


religion of pieces said...

Q: What's the first thing you say to a guy who's just converted to Islam?

A: Have you started beating your wife?

Malinda777 said...

Well Aunty Belle, (you bring out the grits in all of us, so we "talk" like you when here)...

I'll be the one to get shot in the head if I get 'napped. I for one am gonna have more biscuits and gravy each day, and know that I too believe in my religion. I wouldn't convert to Islam with a 'fer sure bullet a comin.

But, I don't fault them for doin it. Hell, easy to say, I ain't been there, but that's part of my "72 virgins in heaven" is that as a Southern Baptist, (even though I suppose a back-slider 'n drinkin like a fish and smokin like a chimney) our only undeniable and unforgivable sin is 'denyin the prospect of God.

God is real, He has led me through a lot of rough spots, and I suppose the payback for the beauty of seeing my kids born, my 43 years of beautiful existance on this earth in USA (even in those macaroni & cheese, and Ramen noodle days of yore), I'd take a bullet in the head not to denounce the wonder of what I know to be right.

You got the nail on the head Aunty. They're comin to get us...
I'll eat a bullet easy before I wear a bee-keeper suit!

religion of pieces said...

They have to force conversions because there's no way any normal person would convert to Islam voluntarily. Most westerners who convert to Islam are psychos, misfits and weirdos attracted by the violence and sexual perversions.

There is nothing of interest to normal Western people in Islam, because we've been there and got out of it. Early modern proto-republics, such as Cromwell's puritan regime in England, Calvin's Geneva and the New England colonies were grim Taliban-style theocracies. We Westerners have learned our lessons about religious liberty and separation of church and state and have no desire to go back 500 years.

So, despite all the continued PR in the form of IslamExpos, Islamic Awareness Weeks and other taqiyya-Fests, and all the millions of petrodollars spent on dawa in the West; Islam, its culture and its followers are regarded by Westerners as primitive, barbaric, worthless and useless – AND THE MUSLIMS KNOW IT!

Here’s a comment by ‘Waltz’ at al-Grauniad, of all places, which shows why all cultures are equal only in the minds of moonbats, not in the opinions of the general public.

"...There are a lot of differences between Britain's "Muslim communities" and other ethnic minority communities. One glaringly obvious one is that Islamic culture produces nothing of interest to the majority non-Muslim population either in Britain or the wider world. While Chinese, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh Indian and other minority groups can take considerable pride in the admiration lavished upon their past and present cultural achievements - in the arts, cinema, the sciences, music etc - Muslim youths have scarcely anything to feel proud about. The problem of disaffection begins with the simple fact that Muslims come from a culture that has been largely barren for the past 500 years and which, in recent times, has won the world's attention only for its belligerence and violence. There's no answer to this; the problem is one of a fundamental cultural bankruptcy and humiliation that manifests in extremism wherever it encounters richer, more creative cultures - be they Western, Indian, Thai, or whatever. “ from http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/simon_woolley/2006/08/post_302.html

Muslims have nothing to contribute to their host societies but disruption, destruction, death and disaster. They simply do not belong in the modern world. A well balanced Muslim is one with a chip on both shoulders.

Q : ‘What’s the difference between Dar al-Islam and a pot of bio-yogurt?
A: A living culture.

Anonymous said...

that's an insightful citation. What is missing in Western discourse is the acknowledgment that Muslims do not think as Westerners do. Most Westerers grant that the Chinese do not think like we do. Cultures build structures of thought. Politcs, art, literature and even fashion reflects that structure. We better get a grip on the reality that the Muslim mind is not a Western mind in a bathrobe and towel. (yeah, as Malinda 77 says, bee-keeping garb is not our fashion of choice.)

All attempts to reason with them is lost since their version of *reason* is the expedient method of the moment. Terrorism is not reasonable, unless the higher value is (to the terrorists) domination at whatever cost.

The Western dreamer expects Muslims to respond to Western reason based on Western Values. IT DOES NOT WORK. WILL NEVER WORK.

(Sorry Ms. Belle to yell on your porch.)

Aunty Belle said...

Hey all ya'll...

from the top:
Anon, is the CNN special gonna be aired agin? When?

Dawg!! Rushdie redux..heh heh...

ROP, I tried not ter laugh...

Malinda 777, yeah honey--grits, sometimes plain, sometimes wif' cheese...we's standin' together on yore remarks, chile'. What Aunty is fearin' is that we 'uns may soon git ter find out what we'uns would do iffin' we's "offered" a chance to convert or not. Pray for the day, chile, that iffin' it comes, youse got the grace ter choose right.

Uh huh, ROP, they ain't got no livin' culture,but a fetid stagnation that ain;t nothin comin' out but poison. Look fer a new post soon on they "culture".

Anon--is you the same Anon as the first? Reason and Islam? Cain't happen, inherent in the teachin's, is no value imputed ter reason.

Also on new post thas' commin'--why Islam cain't make much progress.

I'm lookin' fer a matamoros flag ter
fly ....lemme know if ya' knows whar' ter git one.

religion of pieces said...

More on why Islam is a cult fit only for mindless thugs. There's a very insightful comment by 'Columba' at

"It's significant that most other belief systems (including secular ones) base their truth claims on ... well, truth. Someone converting to the belief system would do so on the grounds that the system had somehow proven itself to be a valid way of looking at everything.

Islam's call to conversion is entirely different; it's based on power. Not just the threat "convert or die," but even the claim that "Islam is stronger," a claim we've been hearing more frequently these days. Not that it's true, but that it holds power.

There's little attempt to convince intellectually, but rather a call to join the winning army: might makes right. And that's a powerful appeal to people already inclined toward arrogance and violence."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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