You Tube and my philosophy

Hey ya'll....OK, I admit, I'se behind times, but I'se jes' now learnin' about You Tube. Mostly, ain't got time fer it as I'se got matters on my front and back burners.

But this heah Monty Python clip is exactly my philosophy--an' it is HILARIOUS!

Hope's ya'll have a a great LOL.



Bird said...


idon't fuss about with youtube -but maybe i should - another procrastination technique - hah!

btw, that pic in the background - behind the red chair, is a goat, painted by daughter when she was in 6th grade - more about that back at my roost in comments (shortly).

Aunty Belle said...

No Bird Beauty--stay away from You Tube--dang thang is a bottomless pit --ya' fall in it and hours later youse stumbling around wondering what stole ya time. Nice drawing by yore
li'l punkin'.

Anonymous said...

/bark bark baek

that was fun aunty!


butterflygirl said...

Hey aunty belle, you beat me to youtube.

Bird said...

never fear ab, though i'm already a hopeless screen sucker, i don't know if i'll spend too much time on youtube - i prefer cruising blogs - more interactive then just sucking on a video. hahaha!

Hellpig said...

You tube is a Islamic propaganda tool....For interaction try DIGG


It is where the Libs gather to beat down your commments and Terrorist supporters gather to spew their hatred for America...actually they are one in the same

But I find it an accurate portrayal of the whackjob left's pro-terrorist stance


Aunty Belle said...

Hey Sweet Shoat!! Whar' ya been sugar? Still sloggin' in the great NW? When ya comin' home puddin'?

'bout You Tube--ya knows Aunty ain't in ter it--but on this ONE philssphy skit from ole' Mothy Python--well...it IS funny--

them dang German possuers of philosophy is jes' tedious ole' nihilists. THey cain't even agree on the EXISTENCE of the soccer ball, or the definition of "ball" . Mebbe the whole idea of "ball" is purely subjective? Mebbe I see a ball but you see rotund inflation of ego wif' feelins' and an airy culture that is to be protected?

Nope. It is the ancient Greeks wif' wisdom enough to acknowledge that what is, IS. SO deal wif' it--hence them Greeks win the trophy--an' that is the way thangs will wind up --if we follow the germans we will lose our culture, if we follow Greeks, we will recover the culture (trophy).

Helly, I'se so happy to see ya honey!!

Anonymous said...

/bark bark bark

what happened to the 9 11 post, i saw it and had to leave, came back to comment and it be gone!


Aunty Belle said...

OH, sorry--the dawg ate mah homework!! (haw haw--will repost 9-11)