Non-State Actors & Zoos... er, ZUS

Ya'll has heard by now of the term, "Non-State Actors" that refers ter some individuals doin' sompin' wifout official sanction of some state or potentate. It's a newish term in international relations. It used ter mean non-governmental agencies, like Doctors-without Borders.

Now it means free lance war mongers.
That'd be Osama bin Laden fer example--he ain't no state, ain't a representative of no state, no secret agent of a state, so he is a non-state actor usin' the global stage.

Big deal, ya thainks ter yoreself. They's always been a few free lancers runnin' loose in the world. Wasn't that what pirates did?

Uh huh. Well...this is kinda' different ya see, cause what these new fangled non-state actors is doin' is attacking nation states, not caravans or merchant ships.

An the purpose of these heah attacks is terror against a state fer the express purpose of bringin' down that nation or civilization.
Kinda interestin' isn't it? Unpredictable death and gore to achieve "catastrophic social destruction."

SO here is one result: there are over 750 ZUS in the state of France.
Fer all ya'll uninitiated, that is a Zone of Urban Sensitivity,(ZUS) and thas' a code term fer "muslim ghetto gone beserk" as in,Paris is burning, and the gendarmes ain't anxious to go into the Zoo, er Zus.

750 ZUS in France--here is the list of 750 places in France that no Frenchmmen will go:

How many times will France fit in the USA? Three times? So, then, wrap yore haid around the idea of 2,250 ZUS in the USA and ask yoreself iffin' we need a posse or two or ten thousand of our own "non-state actors" to be dang sure no alien non-state actors sets up zoos in the USA.


Anonymous said...

Aunty Belle, you're at it again, I see. Wouldn't be bad to have citizen militias to keep tabs on every mosque, every islamic group--send reports to local radio, TV and newspapers, as well as FBI--simply noted: Make it impossible for these groups to move without a klieg light on them.


Anonymous said...

Here is what one citizen organization suggests:

"Create a political force against Islamofacism like the anti-Communist movement in the US.It affected the election of hundreds of Anti-Communist politicians and influenced how people voted for at least 2-3 generations. This movement eventually led to the election of Ronald Reagan, the person most responsible for our victory over the Soviet Empire."

Aunty Belle said...

Why hey, ya'll....

Looky, this is the real fear I cain't git outa mah haid: Russia is about 15% muslim, France is 10 % ...soon, the demgraphers tell us, muslims will be political reps/officers in nations that have massive nuke arsenals.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

Zus...how funny is that? when was the last time you heard on "world news tonight" that cars in paris are buring EVERY night?

how about the fact that of the 6 imams that were thrown off american airlines 3 had one way tickets? and were seated seperately? were seen to pray allah allah allah before boarding? guess who;s getting investigated by the FBI? american airlines.

my favorite NSA is the guy who shot a bunch of feral cats in galveston where there is a bird sanctuary in the dunes. and some idiot with a serious misplaced compassion complex who was feeding these cats (so more could be born) ratted him out and now he is going to jail on felony charges. ya think any big shot libs are gonna help this poor guy out? he is truly doing a public service. he shouldve been a muslim who shot a local. then he'd have support.


Anonymous said...

"we need a posse or two or ten thousand of our own "non-state actors" Was gonna say that this sounds like a neo idea, and there neo is... klieg light indeed. For me, it remains a worthy idea

ronbo said...

When Ronbo hears the word, "Muslim" he lets slip the safety catch of his automatic.

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Hey Dawg! Read Coulter on them Immans on the airbus...uh huh, Grrr is right!! What would happen if "ordinary" US citizens DEMANDED that profilin' be done? What if we'uns stopped flying unless the TSA instituted a decent policy? All the libs can squall over "bigotry" if they want. But when folks won't fly, and revenues plummnet--heh heh...the airlines will insist that if the public wants profilin', then profilin' will be done.

Sorry, sugar puddin's, all ya'll...but truth is we deserve this since we keep our mouth shut and doan make a ruckus over being shoved around.

RONBO!! Wow, honey--luved what ya wrote over at yore blog--folks--go visit Ronbo--he has lots of info we'uns rarely see.

Anon, Aunty needs a system for Anon. Neo signs his...cain't ya leave a distinctive mark fer us? Like, Anon-ZZZ so we know which Anon is who?? What did ya thaink of Neo's idea?

Anonymous said...

Have always said, if what the politicians say or do don't fly, then we shouldn't also.

There's, I believe, only one way to control the political elite and that is to smack their 'corporate' botties.


neo said...

Aunty Belle,

There are areas in Detroit where there are ZUS.

At some point civilized societies grow lax, unwilling to take responsibility
for their communities, fearful of the risk to their comfort, they close the door, look the other way, hide behind "tolerance".


freya said...

ja look at LGF today aunty.

Bird said...

the anti-communist movement went too far and created a horrible stain on our history. Many innocent Americans lost their jobs. mc-carthy was on a witch hunt. one history book after another critiques that timeframe as a shameful one in our history.

citizen militias? or vigilantes?

well then, if we're gonna profile, let's be precise. 19 saudis were involved in 9/11 - so we need only profile saudis.

oh, but how do we profile for homegrown,american terrorists? like tim mcveigh?the unabomber,etc?

scary stuff here as usual. ab, i thought you were on sabbatical? i guess just the lighter fare on the front porch is on sabbitical.

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Freya! Pretty puppy--I did see the LFG report--more today in England.

Hidy Bird Beauty...yeah, it is scary--well...Mc did go too far, I ain't suggestin' over drive--but I am suggestin' that NO mosque be left unbugged, NO Middle Eastern or known muslim man or woman get on a plane without intense scrutiny, and other measure of similar degree.

Bird, fair is fair, chile'....these people announce they plan to kill us, and have shown they are working hard at it. Iffin' you want to point out what WE cannot do, hep us out--tell us yore idea of what we should do--I assume you doan think it is responsible to act like sittin' ducks. Should we be the next Darfur? Next Sudan? What about yore Thailand honey...ain;t ya seein' what is happenin'?

(Natcher'ly, youse aware that these attacks ain't about GWB, or US in Iraq--these attacks started with Carter, and are not about politcs--but about jihad imperatives to conquer the world fer Islam.)

As fer sabbatical--yep....the Front Porch is quiet--and ain't been doin much back heah either. ANd will have ter stop even this, on account of Aunty Belle has work up ter her gullet. Should be yakkin' at ya again mid December.

Thanky darlin' fer checkin' up on me.

Ronald Barbour said...

I hear a burning Mosque smells like burning pork.

I wonder if that's true...

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

YA'll, a neighbor fella insists we are "winnin'" the war on terror because nuthin' has happneded in 5 years. He doan thaink we need to make too much outa the rhetoric, jes' the actions.

First, it ain't a war on terror--terror is a tactic, not an enemy or an ally. It is a war on Islamic conquest--that is one thang we'uns can all do--jes' call it by its real name--no prissy "war on terror."

Anonymous said...

For your amusement, the Dhimmitude of the UK is now obevious for all to see:

The streets of London the signs read: “we are all Hizballah now.” In the august corridors of the House of Lords, two peers come to blows when one dared to utter a word about Israel’s right to self-defense. In central London a mosque is being built that will be the largest in Europe, auguring what sort of capital that great city will soon be. A local Muslim activist, after disrupting a press conference, is promptly invited on the BBC to give his assessment of things: Home Secretary John Reid is a “murderer,” Blair an “an enemy to Muslims and an enemy to Allah,” and finally, Britain “doesn’t belong to you, or to the Queen, or to the government, but to Allah. He has put us on earth to implement shari’a law.” On the fifth anniversary of September 11, one of the most prominent Muslims in Britain delivers this threat in the Sunday Telegraph: “If that demonization [of Muslims] continues, then Britain will have to deal with 2 million Muslim terrorists — 700,000 of them in London.”


Ronald Barbour said...

Call CAIR Today!

Also, Tell them Ronbo said, "hello."