Incest advice from German Gov to Parents

** WARNING** : Very disturbing material follows.

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Folks, there comes a time to say "ENOUGH!"...what is we'uns waitin' fer?

Two weeks ago when German and Polish mamas and daddy's raised a loud holler the German government's Ministry for Family Affairs yanked two pre-school booklets "aimed at parents of toddlers and young children which advocated parent-child sexual massage."

* * *

BERLIN, July 30, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Booklets from a subsidiary of the German government's Ministry for Family Affairs encourage parents to sexually massage their children as young as 1 to 3 years of age. Two 40-page booklets entitled "Love, Body and Playing Doctor" by the German Federal Health Education Center (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung - BZgA) are aimed at parents - the first addressing children from 1-3 and the other children from 4-6 years of age.

"Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex," reads the booklet regarding 1-3 year olds. The authors rationalize, "The child touches all parts of their father's body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same."


"The pamphlet advises parents to permit young children "unlimited masturbation" except where physical injury becomes apparent. It advises: "Children should learn that there is no such thing as shameful parts of the body. The body is a home, which you should be proud of." For ages 4-6, the booklet recommends teaching children the movements of copulation.

Another product of the BZgA is a song book aimed at children of four and slightly older which includes several songs espousing masturbation. The song-book entitled "Nose, belly and bum" includes one song with the following lyrics: "When I touch my body, I discover what I have. I have a vagina, because I am a girl. Vagina is not only for peeing. When I touch it, I feel a pleasant tingle."

[Aunty's note: After a massive protest, Minister of Family Affairs Ursula von der Leyen removed the booklets from circulation.]

....................Even for a Western nation, Germany's billboards and television ads push the limits of public pornography. ... a very popular teen magazine in Germany publishes nude photos of teens in sexual positions which would be in almost any other nation illegal child pornography. "

Read full article here:http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2007/jul/07073008.htmlwww.google.com

Aunty Belle knows some of ya'll is progressives or libertines and might object that this news analysis is from a pro-life /conservative news organization. So I noted the actual document (in PDF) location--in case ya wanna read the German booklet yoreself--but it is in German.


or more German news reports here:


A German sociologist, Gabriele Kuby, tried ter git some folks attention on this nightmare two years ago. She wrote a book to expose the gubmint's perversions. "Ausbruch zur Liebe". Accordin' ter Kuby, the German Federal Health Education Center (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung - BZgA) promotes the sexualisation of children as young as one year of age. BZgA ( she said) is " undermining parental authority, equating homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality with normal sexual relations and also promoting abortion."

~ ~ ~

Aunty ought ter note that the European approach to sex-education is far more blunt than us'uns in the USA is accustomed ter for little bitty ones--but ya'll, c'mon! Even accountin' fer the cultural differences, this is jes' plain abuse of chillen's. World wide the REPORTED incidences of
pedophilia are skyrocketing, and the cases of child traffickin' is increasing by double digits each year.

An' there are Northern European travel agents what specialize in vacations in Thailand for sex with minors--not 16-17 year old minors, but 8-10 year olds (both genders). The rate of poverty is such that parents sell children to traffickers in order to feed the other children--the government wink at this because the revenue is too great.

Now, it is true much of the German pamphlet is regular stuff that folks need ter say to wee ones--but the bad stuff is SO bad that the outcry from others caused the Germans to recall the booklet--fer now--point is, it is a sign of barbarianism breakin' through the thin veneer we call "civilization". The Polish folks was horrified--their horror is part of why the Germans have yanked it.

But ya'll, remember this, the German Government outlaws homeschoolin'---because the child doan belong to YOU, nope--that child is a state product, it belongs to the State machine.

Think Aunty is bein' dramatic? Well, sweet thangs, I wis't that were it--but take a looky here at a statement ter freeze yore blood:

"We need the sexual stimulation of the students in order to bring about the socialist restructuring of society and the do away with the obedience to authority, including the love of a child to its parent." (The author of the Hessian Sexual Education Guidelines)

Now ya knows Ole' Aunty Belle is a straight shooter, an this here is the straight talk:

This is nuthin' short of the sexualization of little children fer the sake of predatory adults and State Socialists who think they own even yore child's body. We's letting people turn out wee ones into a commodity to be bought sold or trained fer our use/abuse--it is so repulsive that words fail.

How'd this happen?

Why, I reckon when we as a society have an attitude that a child can be genetically modified, ordered from a catalog (mail order sperm for self insemination) or aborted or bought on the black market, the child is something we see not as a gift, but as a product we control.

A product--how dehumanizing. Is this the word ya' wanna live in?

An' there is another reason....one we's all guilty of: Taboo bustin'.

Yep, we doan wanna hear it, but history shows us the way thangs always go--when ya start bustin' up the societal taboos on sex, all the boundaries become targets--so when we have "free love" and cohabitatin' and homosexuality and menage a'trois (Holland legalized a civil union of three persons) ain't too much left except fer pedophilia and bestiality, but hey--those PETA folks is fiercely defendin' the animals--it's jes' little humans that doan have no advocates.

As an addendum, iffin' anybody of ya'll is an opera fan--take care iffin' ya wanna see an opera in Germany--they's into nude perversions on stage now--in the name of Kulture of course. Jes' another picture of a debauched and declinin' "Western Civilization" Here is a report:

"Mozart’s lighthearted opera The Abduction from the Seraglio

does not call for a prostitute’s nipples to be sliced off and presented to the lead soprano. Nor does it include masturbation, urination as foreplay, or forced oral sex. Europe’s new breed of opera directors, however, know better than Mozart what an opera should contain. So not only does the Abduction at Berlin’s Komische Oper feature the aforementioned activities; it also replaces Mozart’s graceful ending with a Quentin Tarantino–esque bloodbath and the promise of future perversion.

Welcome to Regietheater (German for “director’s theater”), the style of opera direction now prevalent in Europe." ....

The reign of Regietheater in Europe is one of the most depressing artistic developments of our time; it suggests a culture that cannot tolerate its own legacy of beauty and nobility. .. Buoyed with government subsidies, and maintained by an informal alliance of government-appointed arts bureaucrats and critics, the phenomenon thrives, even when audiences stay away in disgust."

Full article here:


I got more ter say, but not now--I'se jes' so sick.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
---- Edmund Burke.


she said...

just like in brave new world!! the erotic play of the children in the bushes...the encouraged promiscuity of the gamma girls in green...and if its repeated often enough...it isnt repulsive is it? its order. the state will educate your children and that is correct! the females have sex but dont produce children...thats too messy..the state must control what they think..and what they do. i guess aldous (?) called it right (its been a while)
everything has been comodified...but the children are the most expendable of all.

i will have to add the poles to my bad ass side bar (and you! yes i am behind) they keep holding the line again and again dont they aunty?

and you...always wading into the darkest of hearts in policy..bringing it to light.

weird, surreal, depressing. confusing.

wasn't also said in brave new world if you distract the people with soma and sexual freedom that the noose slips around their neck on the acutal freedoms that matter to the eternal soul of man?

ive got to go to the mountain. kill the tv. stay there. be quiet. grrrherherhaha/ so tired i cant type.

will follow the links....later. youre a good aunt, aunty.


she said...

aunty..i went to my bookshelf after i came here..and i found in the foreward...writeen by huxley 15 years after the original printing...and i remembered this that i went right to it..just like i remembered a statement about art and remorse...anyway here it is:

"as political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedoms tend compensatingly to increase.And the dictator (unless he needs cannon fodder and families to colonize empty or colonized territories) will do well to encourage that freedom. in conjunction with the freedom to daydream under the influence of dope and movies and radio, it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate."

foam said...

i went to the links but they wouldn't open.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh She-puppy, I hates ya to see it, but iffin' us'uns doan fight who will?

it ain't nuthin but a license fer pedophiles: "Whad'ya mean? I'se jes' following directions, officer...see, looky right heah in the gubmint handbook."

Yep, Huxley....and he actually knew, noam sayin'?

The POLES--shure they are the ones--they have suffered so--what a people!

Aunty Belle said...

Foamy Lady....ARRRGGGHHH! Dang it!! DANG!!

---OK, not shure why, Puddin' but the links ain't linkin' from the Porch page. But iffin' ya copy and paste the German booklet URL into yore URL box it does work.

To see the Opera link, type
in yore URL box and when the page comes up go to its search window (upper right) and type in "The Abduction of Opera"

To get the original article about the German booklet from Lifesite type in yore URL box:

in the search window (on left) type in "german government" and the articles will come up....

I'se so sorry fer the inconvenience. Doan mean to make a chore fer ya'.

But I really wants ya' to take a look, Foamy--cause Does I 'member correctly that youse fluent in German?

Pete Bogs said...

"the Germans have yanked it..."


I don't think it's wrong for kids to play doctor, or for them to "discover" themselves... but it's VERY wrong for adults to take any part in fostering that... the former is natural; the latter is unnatural and unethical... (unless you were an ancient Greek... shudder)

I don't think the German opera story belongs in the same post, unless you were trying to do a whole German motif... adult-oriented productions don't have the same shock value or moral issues as pedophilia... defend children (and by the way, there are many, many people speaking up for children), but let the naughty opera people alone... that's kind of off the wall, but we Americans ARE way too uptight... you're talking about authoritarianism here - but I consider arresting people for skimpy bathing suits (as happens here in sunny FL) a form of authoritarianism... but I suppose that kind is ok with you?

Aunty Belle said...

Hey BAwgs, Sweetie Pie, yeah--gotta protect the kids--I'se got petticoats on fire over this (as ya see).

Sugar, we agree pretty much--of course little ones will "discover" self and paly doctor and nurse---but as ya say, no adult need help that along--creepy goons.

As fer the opera mention--no, I'se not tryin' ter censor them who wants to be bizarrely nude in an opera performance. Let 'em build theyselves a place fer it.

But I does oppose state subsidies fer this weirdness--thas' the point of mentionin' the opera connection--that the German "state" is into sexual disorder--they promote and pay for a debauched attitude in the culture at large, so that pedophilia can be presented as "sex education" or "childhood development."

Anonymous said...
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Aunty Belle said...
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Anonymous said...

German culture remains toxic to Europe / France a close second

ArtfulSub said...

All of Old Europe is on my boycott list.

foam said...

heaven's to betsy...
auntie belle said dang it.
i think i'll just faint right now.

actually i googled the spiegel article. i do speak german and i read the interview. this book seems to focus on the psychosexual development of young children primarily preschool, perhaps younger.
the author of the book basically said that she was misquoted and her statements taken out of context. she was appalled that anybody would think that she was promoting pedophilia.
the interviewer stated that it was real easy to take those quotes out of context the way she worded them...even within context. i have no idea since of course i didn't read the book. i have to agree with the interviewer when it comes to just the quotes. i can see where they could be construed to easily mean something else. i'm thinking perhaps she needed a better editor or even better, why bothering to even write the book.
you say you have a pdf file of the book. maybe i'll download it.

i do believe that sexual play in children is normal. i don't think that adults should punish it or discourage it unless a child is about to harm him/herself. beyond the normal gentle bathing for hygiene purposes i think adults should keep their hands off the genitalia area.

I did grow up in Germany. Germans are not as repressed when it comes to nudity.
nudity within many families is deemed normal. that doesn't mean that everybody prances around naked in their house. it's just that adults do not make a big deal out of the fact when their children do see them nude.
as an art teacher here in the south, my elementary students just about have a conniption when they accidentally come across a breast, or lo and behold, perhaps a penis when they flip through an artbook.
it's 'mrs foam, mrs foam...i came across a nasty picture'. to which i answer 'no sweet pea...you just came across michelangelo's david', no, sweety...that's the venus de milo.
german students take artwork like that in stride....

you think germany is into promoting sexual debauchery.

i sometimes feel that life is so repressed here....
i can barely breath.. despite all it's beauty, the arts and crafts and the friendliness of the folks.

and before anybody tells me to go back to old europe if i don't like it....
i'se from here..
got choctaw/cherokee roots.

Aunty Belle said...

No Foamy, youse not gonna be told ter go ter Germany--we luv ya!

I did some more checkin'...the German woman, Ms. Kuby, who done blew the whistle on the booklet spoke out against the author--sayin' that nothing was out of context, when the plain words were for fathers to masturbate baby girls. What context is there? only that the advice to fondle wee ones was located in a wider discussion of psycho-social development.

The fact that the gubmint has withdrawn the booklet speaks to the
reality of its perverted advice--if in truth it was merely a "Contextual" issue, that context would be given and the tempest would die down...also the Polish outrage--most of them speak German too--they had no "context" or language problems.

Yes, I do think the German government is debauched. Does ya recall the post last year on legalized prostitution in Germany? Out of work teachers apply fer unemployment and are told to apply for "sex work". This equals enslavement of poor women doan it?

And the gubmint set up brothels for world soccer games--to make $$$. Sick.

I ain't shure why it is that modern Germany is sex sick--I mean its public policy pursues programs that offend even other Europeans. I'd be interested in all ya'll ideas on German culture as regards these issues.

As fer American prudishness--where is that? Seems ter Aunty that we are near-bout naked now at beaches wif' thongs and such....ever seen and Abercrombie ad? Honey, what represses ya' ter the point that ya cain't breathe?

Foamy, youse Choctaw and Cherokee? Then I knows youse a beauty!

foam said...

oh, yes, that's the quote that i had a hard time believing it was out of context. i'm not defending the book or the author at all. she might not have been promoting pedophilia as far as she was concerned, but a statement like that seems, well, ....just not right. like i said....why bother righting such a book.

I do get my panties in a wad when americans criticize my beloved Germany.....whether they are right or wrong. I also get my panties in a wad when Germans, or Europeans in general critize my beloved USA....whether they are right or wrong. can't help myself.

it's the politics, auntie....
i could sometimes just choke on it.

ya, those native roots go back a bit. but they are there...as are my french roots, my irish roots, my english roots...and, of course, my german roots.

the.red.mantissa said...

Anything that promotes adults engaging in sexual play with children is just plain wrong.

Yes, I have to say North Americans are incredibly sexually repressed, as compared with Europeans. What makes me say this? Well ... here's how I see it ... We mostly feel uncomfortable taking about sex, in a tasteful, serious manner. We grow up learning, silently, that we are not supposed to talk about sex or sexuality.

And the sexual vocabulary we have developed ~ all sorts of slang and cutsie and vulgar words for all of the various genitalia, and sexual acts ~ serves to diminish and mask sexuality, as if it were something poisonous.

Yet, images and innuendos of sex abound, and the marketers use sex to sell everything, including dairy queen ice cream. And girls and women are encouraged to believe that "sexy" = attractive, while demure ... well 'what's that?' And just about every friggin tv show has some sort of sexual undertone, innuendo, or theme-plot. We sexualize every dang thing we can conceive to sexualize.

What I'm sayin' may sound paradoxical, but I think its all connected, we sort of have become fixated with and have commodified sex and sexuality in our efforts to diminish it. That's what I mean by sexually repressive.

I agree with foam, particularly about the nudity among family members. That's been my experience, spending time with Swiss family in EU. Yes, modesty is key, but among household members, sometimes skin will get bared ... and its not seductive, or evil ... it just is. Unfortunately, here in NA, we do not have that sort of sexual sociology / culture. IMHO.

foam said...

man, i gotta love that red mantissa.
there's times when she manages to write about my thoughts way better than i do.
oh, and i owe you an email, mantissa..
the one week i don't access my blog through my email i get non blogger email...

the.red.mantissa said...

haha, foam ... i get where you're coming from. when i was writing this, i wasn't sure it would make any sense ... (glad you got my email - i did not wanna put that stuff in a comment).

sexual repressivity is dysfunctional in much the same way as dieting ~ one who goes on a diet suddenly becomes fixated with eating and food - particularly the "forbidden" foods. i really believe this dynamic to be at the heart of all the sexual abuse among the catholic clergy. just IMHO. not meanin' to ruffle any feathers, here.

Aunty Belle said...

Interestin' takes, Red and Foamy, on sexual repression--thang is, I'se not sure what constitutes "repression" and what is discipline and continence. THink of it in another category: Is a fella who stops after a couple of drinks "repressed" or is he wise?

Doan seem ter me that the so called "free love" philosophy made anybody very happy. So while I ain't advocatin' any repression, I'se noticed that those who respect sex doan think of it as a toy or as recreation when they's bored.

Like the diet thang...well, now iffin' you goes on a diet and then gorge on the forbidden food, youse got a real big problem--an that ain't that brownies is a no-no.

Yore problem would be lack of control. Inability to delay gratification for the sake of a higher goal (better health, losing weight, keeping diabetes in check or whatever).

Seems ter me that in any category--sex included but not exclusively, when ya lack control, ya' jes' ain't gonna be happy wif the results. Self-control is a sign of maturity.

(on the matter of celibacy ---the problem ain't repression or celibacy, the problem is lack of commitment whar' transgressions is heterosexual dalliances, and the problem is homosexuality when' the transgression is same-sex alliances.)

All that noted, I'se agreein' that usin' sex ter market ever'thang from cars to floor wax is indicative of a gross immaturity in the culture.

Anonymous said...

Artfulsub has it/Europe needs repression/perverts are running the show

Ardlair said...

I agree. What a wonderful post.

foam said...

none of us said that not being sexually repressed equals sleeping indiscriminately around.
...especially in this day and age when you don't know what kind of a bed bug you might pick up.

Infinitesimal said...

Oh Aunt,

I am Polish! almost (but not quite) all Polish I am also German.

But anyway, i am impressed by your defense of children. They are also selling young girls in India, for the same reasons, poverty. Nobody seems to stick up for children, I applaud you for your post.

And I disagree with Bogs, the desensitization of adults to lewd sexual violence is on the same par with sensitizing children to sexuality at an alarmingly early age.

Also, I will speak now as a product of free-love raised by two hippies:

I was nurtured in an if-it-feels-good-do-it household.

Sometimes it felt good to watch the news show "Nightline" (as a five year old) with my parents, even though it came on at 10PM. Dan Rather would lull me to sleep, and I was sorry to see him go this year as his voice always had the ring of safety to me. I was the most politically aware child I knew, kept up to date on current affairs by Mr. Rather.

I thought it would feel good, to watch a movie that my parents were watching about Henry the 8th, but they shooed me away, telling me it was not for children, which of course made me even more curious. So I snuck a peek when they thought I was in bed asleep. And the sexual image on that screen did not scar me, but it confused me, and today I still wonder why that king had a line up of women and was inspecting their vaginas.

It was not a good thing for my 6 year old eyes.

And even though I regularly ran my hands all over my body, just to check out my "home" when I got to my clitoris, it did not feel good, it actually hurt to massage it, so even though I discovered masturbation at a young age, I did not discover it until one day the area did not hurt to touch, so I kept on touching for awhile until I got bored. I was seven.

Things did not start to happen for me down there until around 11 and I was not mature (in the area) until maybe 13, that is the age that a good feeling kept my interest in the "area".

And I never did touch MY daddy in any area as that pamphlet suggests all children do. My Mom walked around naked but my dad never did. He did not think it was proper for a girl child to view her father, and I am glad for that. I am not sure why my mother walked around naked, except that she was a bigger hippie than my dad. Or maybe she figured that if children came from her inside, they should be familiar with her outside as well.

But anyway, parents should absolutely NOT massage their children and teach them copulation positions... it's OK to allow unrestricted masturbation because I think disallowing it does much more harm, and human beings are hardwired for sex, it drives us.

Anyway, this post is upsetting.
We all know there are Daddies who massage their daughters clits when they are young, and i have NEVER heard of a success story rising from that kind of relationship. Generally, that sort of activity leaves the girl scarred and broken, and I have heard of boys whose mothers .... did sexual things to them as boys.... and those men are also broken and dysfunctional when it comes to sex.

So Aunt, I think you are pointing out the direction of the German government in it's attempt to break people's spirits. Well, I can only think, that that sort of tactic (desensitization) worked in the past, around 1940.

the.red.mantissa said...

Seems ter me that in any category--sex included but not exclusively, when ya lack control, ya' jes' ain't gonna be happy wif the results. Self-control is a sign of maturity.

repressive control ~ i.e. making something 'strang vorboten' (?sp) ~ does not equal control ... its merely another manifestation of lack of control.

the celibates ~ its, indeed, a lack of control ... anyone who needs to hide something does not have control. IMHO.

the nature of the human mind ... is to obssess and fixate on the things which become forbidden. anyone who has raised kids knows the way to get kids to do something is to tell them its off limits. that's what i mean.

and those for whom things seem black or white - i.e. ON/OFF - do not have any control. control, indeed, is that wise man who says, ok, i'm gonna stop at 2 drinks. however, he is less likely able to do that if he has never had exposure to alcohol.

sex, in and of itself, is not the evil here, its what humans do with it that's the evil. denying something suddenly makes it dysfunctional ... how many parents can seriously talk with the kids about sex? most cannot even bring themselves to teach their children the proper words for the various gentalia ... that's what i mean by repressivity. it perversely leads to a sort of grotesque explosion of sexualizing everything. and that's how we create the very conditions we were trying to prevent in the first place.

as long as there's a big elephant on the table and no one acknowledges it, dysfunction will continue. that's pretty universal.

no advocating free love or whatever. in fact i think most people (particularly girls/young women/women) are terribly immodest and that makes me sad ... when they believe they gotta strut around half naked to get noticed and be called attractive ... anyway, i digress. but i see it all as being connected ...

the.red.mantissa said...

clarify: "not advocating ..."

and ... one more thing ...

sleeping around indiscriminately is a function of sexual repressivity, i would venture to assert ...

Aunty Belle said...

Contessa, hey Sweetie, thanky fer ya' insights.

I apologize fer the upsetting nature of this post--but to pretend all is well wif' the world is a lie and we need ter be about the bidness of facin' the truth and bringin' about the good.

As ususal, it is mostly the girl who suffers most when society goes amok. Aunty Belle ain't no feminist, as ya'll know. But the nature of the female anatomy is such that (it is receptive) she pays a horrible price fer te experiemtns in "free love" or "sexual liberation."

There is sometin' ter be said fer the weight of human wisdom down through the ages--an' it always puts taboos in place around sex.

Ain't in favor of repression--we all oughta have a healthy happiness wif' our own natures, but within' the bounds that make for happy relationships--an' now we's full circle...no such thang, pets, as "free love". Sombody always pays--ususally the most vulnerable.

A child is entitled to grow up feeling safe. A parent that views a child as a toy, an amusement or an experiment in social engineering is an abusive parent.

As fer ya' comments on Germany, yep, I tends ter agree wif' ya' Infini, somehow, somewhar' Germany is askew. This is not a slap at anyone of German background--I'se merely sayin' that German gubmints is fer some reason, vulnerable to the worst sort of influences. It's a mystery.

Aunty Belle said...

Hi Red...ya' make some good points heah...yeah. looky, immodest young ladies is a tragedy--in fact, I know plenty of boys what finds is a deterrent to they own hopes fer relationships.

A girl that shows all to ever'body is not a girl communicatin' a desire for a one-on-one relationship, say the 20 somethin's I know. 'Course, that poor girl jes' thought she was pleasin' the fellas--an' she does, but the wrong sort of fellas.

One thang I wanna propose is that repression oughta be defined as the unnatural and unawarranted restriction of a good thang. This is precisely what totalitarian gubmints do--repress arts, public speech, public participation, freedom of all kinds of expression (jes' watched the foreign film "Other People's Lives")

This post is pointin' out that the German gubmint is promotin' a hideous practice and opening society to a vile policy that abuses children--and that is, in my view, ultimately aimed at detachin' kids from parents.

Iffin' a nation deliberately promotes dysfunctional families, in one generation it will have emotional droids for citizens--"all the better to control you wif' my dear."

Ardlair said...

How terrible.
The German Government is deliberately detaching children from their parents.
Aunty Belle says so.

Makes you wonder.
Doesn't it.

Or does it, Aunty Belle?

Just how your own government manipulates you.

Write a post on that, Crocus.

Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the.red.mantissa said...

interesting thought, ardlair.
*sigh* ~ dare we go there?

Aunty Belle said...

Well, Thistle man, I'll defer to ya'--write a post on how the US official policies are detatchin' kids from parents and I'll fly on by ter take a looky at what ya got...

Meanwhile Aunty does think US sex-ed programs in schools is a *horror*--a nightmare of homosexual PC idiocy. California wants to put in a 2grade text about a wee boy wantin' a "dream skirt" and wearin' mommie's dresses and the "Heather has two Mommies" book is still in use in some school districts despite numerous protests.

But they ain't yet started coachin' parents on how to abuse they babies. Show me that Ardlair and Aunty will see to it that it gits the exposure it needs.

the.red.mantissa said...

it occurs to me to say here ... that, regardless of what repugnant things we may find in our life's path, we still do possess the gift of reason ... and, hence, free will. so, ultimately, regardless of what repressive forces we encounter ...what manipulations and temptations ... in the end we each choose a course of action. and ... it also occurs to me to ask, 'at what point do we use human reason to question ~ just how far on this journey can said human reasoning take us?'

hi aunty. can you tell what i've been reading? i'll bet ye can. i even changed my latest post ... and ii have a second one, lined up and waiting ... but i'm holding that one back.

enjoy your weekend.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey RED! Yep, Sweetie, the ole' free will conundrum. We's been heah afore, but it bears revisitin':
Free will makes us responsible for the actions (not thoughts) we choose.
(Doan flood me folks with exceptions ter the rule--I knows there is elastic fer folks of low intelligence and such).

Aunty is pretty tough on this point--doan tell me ya did such-in such cause ya was inebriated or high on some substance--was you who chose to get high.

But Red Lady, I'm wif' ya on the repression/temptation idea-- and even whar' ones is repressed that is not a source of perversion, but can be source of obsession -fixation with what is a normal activity, jes' done to excess. Perversion is a different animal, an' the German Gubmint booklet encourages perversion.

Red, as fer human reason, would ya agree that we oughta use human reason as far as we can to discover the order of creation --reason is a gift, after all.

Whar' we gits ourselves in a tangle is when we use reason unreasonably--when we use it against the order of thangs rather than FOR the order of thangs.

In the next post on Frankenstein, thas' the point--we are tryin' ter use technology in such a way as to harm some humans while serving others--this is not good reasoning, when there are methods of achieving
the same goal without hurting others.

I really like yore new posts, Darlin'--fine journey yore on through the "Dark Wood".

Aunty Belle said...

BTW, She-Pup, I checked on Brave New World--youse SO right!

"as political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedoms tend compensatingly to increase...A freedom to daydream under the influence of dope and movies and radio, it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate."

We are there! Fight back!