Sudden Jihad Syndrome

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Sudden Jihad Syndrome

Austrian authorities announced on October 2 that they arrested a second Bosnian-Muslim suspect in the plot to attack the American Embassy in Vienna. Mehmed D. (34) was apprehended following the arrest of Asim C. (42) last Monday, after the latter tried to enter the Embassy carrying a backpack packed with grenades, plastic explosives, nails, screws and other metal fragments. This was a classic case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome; and the Austrian authorities’ reaction to it is depressingly familiar to those of us who have been following the ongoing SJS epidemic here in America.

That reaction has four key elements:

1. Denial that the attack is motivated by Islam;
2. Strong hint that the attacker is insane;
3. Assurance that the attacker(s) acted alone, and that there is no al-Qaeda link;
4. Prominent publicity to the Muslim “community’s” expressions of shock & horror.
Claim that—if the attacker is a Bosnian Muslim—his behavior was caused by the trauma of the 1990s war in which his people were supposedly the victims.

Like in a predictable soap opera, all five elements are at work in Vienna. This confirms what I have been saying for years: that the same Jihad-enabling pathology is at work on both sides of the Atlantic.

As for (1), Austrian police said that, in addition to his deadly load, Asim C. was carrying a book that “contained references to Islam”—but when the Kurier newspaper published a photo of the book, it turned out to be a Muslim prayer book. Nevertheless, Doris Edelbacher, chief spokeswoman for Austria’s federal counterterrorism office, played down “speculation” that the intended attack was motivated by Islamic ideology. For his part Erik Buxbaum, chief of Austria’s public security, declared that it is “too early to speak of an Islamist background.” The authorities are unclear about the would-be attacker’s motive.

........okay..ya'll see?

The world wants to cover over the

seriousness of the jihad mindset....

Read the rest here.

Map of Jihad activities: talk about empire and imperialism!


ArtfulSub said...

Interesting piece. But the writer of the article needs to hear the Troll's Mantra on this subject:


Most examples of sadistic cowardly brutality committed by "non-islamist" muzzies against Christians can be explained by the Koran itself.

It IS TRUE that many perps are not "islamists" in the sense that they've studied their religion carefully. Or attend Mosque regularly. Or follow the Pillars. Or supported a political movement seeking to impose or strenghthen Sharia Law. Or lived their pre-Jihadi life refraining from booze, sex, and bacon.

So, when it's discovered that a violent muzzie was a bacon-chomping boozehound playboy with no direct connection with Bin Laden the ignorant Western Media declare that their acts "had nothing do with islam".

But the truth, in most cases, is that islam WAS the motivation.

Because the koran teaches that dying in jihad is the ONLY WAY to insure you get to paradise. And it doesn't matter AT ALL if you were a bacon-chomping boozehound every other day of your life.

Basically, your "non-islamist" muzzie who feels guilt has TWO choices.

1) Refraining from doing all those bad things for the rest of their lives and devote themselves totally to the stringent ritual requirements of the "religion". Something that DOES NOT insure paradise with allah.

2) Commit ONE act of brutality against Christians or Jews that puts the perp at risk of being killed in retaliation. Which gives you instant admission into paradise regardless of ANYTHING you'd done before.

The muzzie leaders understand this, of course. And always have recruited those living "non-islamist" lifestyles as good candidates for suicide missions. That's why the token attempts that muzzies make to "peacefully convert" non-muzzies are so heavily focused on prisons.

Most of the palestain suicide bombers fit that mode of bacon-chomping booze-hounds. 6 of the 9/11 boys went to a Strip-Club and boozed it up the week before the mission.

Because that wonderful peaceful book of wisdom called the koran specifically says that NONE of that matters if you die in jihad.

Keep that in mind the next time a muzzie butchers Christians and it's discovered that he "seldom attended mosque" and had "no connection with islamicists".

Anonymous said...

AB, Okay. That news and the deaf ear of officials is due to PC and PC comes from being historically challenged. Few have knowledge of the long history of jihad. Or history of anything. From New Criterion this month:

< "Popular culture" is more accurately a "present-tense culture": You're celebrating the millennium but you can barely conceive of anything before the mid-1960s. We're at school longer than any society in human history, entering kindergarten at four or five and leaving college the best part of a quarter-century later -- or thirty years later in Germany. Yet in all those decades we exist in the din of the present. A classical education considers society as a kind of iceberg, and teaches you the seven-eighths below the surface.

Today, we live on the top eighth bobbing around in the flotsam and jetsam of the here and now. And, without the seven-eighths under the water, what's left on the surface gets thinner and thinner." >

Yeah. We are on ~very thin~
ice, here. Modern police and politicians judge Islam by the the last 40 years only. Put some history in your essays or don't bother.

Ardlair said...

"Predictable Soap Opera"


Pots calling kettles black is, once again, the phrase that insinuates itself into my difficult little mind.

Anonymous said...

a movie for you

moi said...

Well, I for one am oh-so-heartened by the fact that, according to the Map of Jihadist Activities, they have yet to set their grubby lil' mitts on Antarctica. (I'd make a joke here about sand jockeys versus snow mobilers, but that would just be wrong.)

Infinitesimal said...

i thought about that jihadi/antarctica thing too.

and then it hit me:

Because of the global warming
(note I said THE global warming,because it's crackertowne over here)

Because of the global warming,
Antarctica will soon be a tropical paradise....

'Wait a second, Self', I sez to myself...

'Self' I sez, I sez 'Self:
Do you think mebbee, that the Antarctica is actually the planned paradise of Islam?

Heaven on Earth?

But afore i could pontificate and percolate too fer into that can o' worms, I dreamed up a whole new scenario:

Big golden grasshopper aliens, with shaggy red minion aliens, and the mindless drone bee/antlike worker aliens who are reported worldwide finally descend.

They turn off all of "our" (read: humans)
nuclear missiles in under ten minutes (has happened before)

They unleash all the hybrid halfbreeds that they have been stockpiling through all those reported abductions.

The halfbreeds speak our language, and tell us we are about to become enslaved.

The Christians say:
"Oh shit" (lookit Aunt, I din't say it, it were the CHRISTIANS in my haid what sed it!!)

Oh 'shyte'. they say
as there are no actual provisions for this kind of scenario in the B-I-B-L-E.

And the Muslims suddenly begin to have a crystal clear grasp on what Jihad must truly mean.

Do you know what happens next, in my imagination?

Well, we all.... Vampires and Preachers alike.

Sand Jockeys and Eskeeemoes

We all realize suddenly, that there may be bigger fish to fry than the war of whose book is better.

And how does it end?

Well the aliens are no match for the Jihaading superfriends.

And they become wranglers, using German engineered technology, and suicide missions of mercy.

And we (the HUMANS... you know, Vampires and Preachers and Muslims and Eskeemoes) We puts all them no-good dirty aliens in a big (hu)man-made iceberg in the middle of....
you guessed it,

And then?

Well Islamist fundimentalists no longer have a paradise prime directive.
Americans are scared to manufacture too many to-go boxes for fear of contributing to global warming and thereby melting the alienberg...

And so begin serving smaller portions in restaurants, which in turn, slims down the American waist/wasteband.

This makes the Islamic force feel a bit less like killing us, because we are now not so wasteful and ignorant of all other races on the Earth.

Seeing that we are such good neighbors, the Eskeemoes (who have since relocated to the Yukon, invite us all over for a batch of akutuq.
Ardlair brings his rather large schadenfreude with him to the party, but thankfully, does not unleash it.

Anonymous said...

im just moving up to the woods and callin it a day.

boneman said...

Hard to believe that someone would want to read the koran so bad that they'de learn Arabic just to read it.
The "war" yer conjectoring about sounds very similar to Nixon warning us about the red menace, McCarty trials and all.
'Cept now, we have a president that might just put y'all in jail fer being a democrat as anything.

McVeigh wasn't islamic, yet that stunt he pulled with Nichols and the third guy (they assumed he went up with the truck....) was as destructive as any account I've heard of coming out'a Bagdad.
He did it as a response to Waco, where our government burned out a group of folks who were trying to get closer to religion. (It doesn't matter so much whether it was a good religion, eh? They're ALL dead) and yet, there didn't seem to be any jihadism behind that.
The Chinese sent up a fighter jet to shoot down an airliner carrying 300+ people back when Reagan was getting cozy with them. So cozy, in fact, that they got away with it scot free. I'm thinking it wasn't jihad either.

Jihad, jihad, jihad. That's all we hear anymore when there's somebody getting hurt.
And, don't get me wrong here, I know some of it IS the nutsies.
But, could it be that they're also reacting to the fame? The glory of the media?

Think, girl!
How can they be stopped.

Don't keep building up the strength of yellow bellied chickens like bin laden. It would be tantamount to saying that torture is ok with us as long as we're getting something from it.

Oh poop!
It's yer blog, and it's yer life, but, I'm suggesting to you that there might be a better way to battle the insanity than bullets and name calling.
That's what our yellow bellied coward of a president is doing. And with that stupid smirk on his face all the while.

Perhaps an unsettling account of a similarity would help.
Each book of the bible was ended in almost the same way...(see the last couple paragraphs in Revelations)... but in a fair amount of the books, the lines were removed. That way, one would assume the thing to ba a whole, and none would change it, not by a crossed "t" or a dotted "i" and yet, it HAS been changed, hasn't it? Every translation has degraded it deeper into avenues it was never intended for.
We ain't supposed to be drawing pictures of Jesus or God, either, but, we do, eh.
Now the radicals of islam take it upon themselves to be doing exactly what you're doing. They find any little spark from us and feed it to whoever will listen hoping for those crazies to go bomb or hurt other folks.

Perhaps that's what you want us to do, Auntie? You want us to wrap up in a bomb suit and blow ourselves up inside a group of arabs?

We ain't as stupid as them, though, are we? We have options and we know it.
Despite the propaganda flowing heavily from the butt of the white house like a case of too many ex-lax pills served after too much pudding the night before, we know there are options that are not being used.

Options, I might add, that would have brought the war to an END instead of being the surfboard that moron, dubya, is riding into infamy.

And, our own "jihad" is nothing to be proud of, either.
Way more folks were killed due to the churches quest for property and wealth, all the while using Christ as their leader (a claim I'm SURE HE would deny emphatically!) and the rewards for doing service in this manner were as deranged as the accounts being butchered by so called translaters of the Koran.

I don't give a wretched puke fer who's killing who.
What I DO care about is trying to make peace.

Hellpig said...

The left still amazes me at the pure hatred of America and their on going support for terrorism

They are blinded by multicultural agendas which are failing world wide.

As far as Bonehead's rhetoric classical libtard...may his family fall victim to the scourge which is Islam..for he deserves the irony of such an event...

Hi Aunty another season in the can..ready to resume trashing liberals...

Aunty Belle said...

HAILPIG!!!!!!! Oh, hallelujah! HElly, youse a dear dear thang to see in cybervision-- I have MISSED YOU SO MUCH.

Sugar pie, git on in heah and thrash around some--hoo-whee!

As ya can see, I'se about to lay it out fer the folks---an' I'll be needin' a whole lot of help.

Welcome home, darlin'.

boneman said...

Makes me ever so glad to be a veteran.
Really glad to give everybody a fair voice here in the US before the nazi right goosesteps all over the rest of us citizens.

Aunty Belle said...

Boney, hep me--what does ya mean, honey?

Ain't nobody round here callin' fer no nazi set-up. 'Cept the Muslims--jes' a wee bit of history on Muslims and Naziism will show what side the Muslims favored in WWII.

Hellpig said...

Lmao Bonehead a Veteran yeah another Beauchamp maybe..And I doubt u are proud of your service if you were actually a Veteran..the fact you have no grasp of the cult of Islam pretty much shows your true colors and ignorance...and to think America or the potus is a Nazi shows your hatred for America..keep talking we enjoy when the Liberal Whack Jobs expose themselves for who they really are "The Enemy Within"

Nuke Mecca