Honor Killings in USA, Plus Soldiers Speak out

More from the Religion of Peace? Father murders teen daughters.


Area police continue to search for a man who they believe killed his two teenage daughters and left their bodies in a taxi at an Irving hotel.

Police sealed off a street and surrounded the man’s home in Lewisville for more than five hours Wednesday but found that Yaser Abdel Said, 50, a cabdriver, was not inside.

He is being sought in connection with the deaths of Amina Yaser Said, 18, and Sarah Yaser Said, 17.

Both victims died of multiple gunshot wounds, the Dallas County medical examiner’s office ruled Wednesday…

But will the West ever recognize the true threat? From LTC Joseph C. Myers, Army Advisor to the Air Command and Staff College:

"More importantly we have not studied Islamic Law and few have seen or heard of even the English translation of it that has been in print for years, none had at JSOU or had read a work titled Understanding Jihad, War and Peace in the Law of Islam or even The Quranic Concept of War...I can go on but let me be frank.

This failure of intellectual preparation is a leadership failure, and it is as the 9-11 Commission warned, a failure of vision.

We have spent much intellectual capitol revamping and analyzing our own doctrine as it relates to counterinsurgency...it's time we do our homework on the threat...We began on September 12, 2001 with "Islam is a religion of peace," which soothed ideological sentiments of many but has failed us strategically, short-stopped the objective, sytstemic evaluation of the threat doctrine..."Islam is a religion of peace" is fine for public policy statements, but is not and cannot be the point of departure for competent military or intelligence analysis...it is in fact a logical flaw under any professional research methodology...you have stated the conclusion before you have done the analysis."


boneman said...

OK, wha’did I miss? wha’did I miss?

That “flatus rub” thing was BEAUTIFUL.
Flatus: Intestinal gas.
Rub: 1. to move or pass over a surface of with pressure and friction. 2. To cause (something) to move or pass with friction; scrape; grate.

But, are y’kiddin’ me?
Artful STILL hasn’t read the chapter he tried to force feed everybody?
(how do I know he didn’t read it?
[and he’s wonderin’, too…]
Go read the FIRST PARAGRAPH of 2 Timothy, chapter 3 and you’ll see a description of someone who didn’t read the chapter at all,….well, except to show off their “knowledge” and “wisdom”….
And what’s more. I don’t actually have to WRITE IT OUT, do I? Let’s find out. Does EVERYBODY has access to a bible? It’s a fun filled ride, folks, honest. Even if y’have to dust it off, it’s well worth looking at. Just a little paragraph…. Don’t make me write it.
Help make Auntie happy fer a short comment from boneman)(she IS a sweetie, after all)

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Hey Boney...Puddin' I'se not sure how that pertains to the post?

What do ya say to the "honor killin's" in Texas? To what the soldier man said about knowin' the enemy?

Ardlair said...

I think the murder of the two girls is terrible. But no more terrible than the murder of any other innocent. Let's hear your thoughts on Columbine, for example. Or an answer to the Hiroshima question posed late last year?

And knowing the enemy Aunty B?

The real enemy you have to get to know, to contend with, is the one that gnaws incessantly away within your own troubled mind.
That turns a thoughtful intellect into a frightened, xenophobic, prejudiced, and obsessed one.

You are a shining example of how a mindless belief in religion, any religion, can pervert the minds of decent, sensible people.

Religion is your enemy Aunty Belle.

And it makes you, Aunty Belle, old porch-lovin Aunty Belle, just the same as any Militant Islamist.
A fundamentalist yourself.
Radical and rigid beliefs, aggressive and intolerant solutions.
Same problem, different manifestation.

Viva Atheism!

And a Happy New Year


boneman said...

The folks killed is as bad as killing is.
We had a mother here-abouts that, for whatever reason, chose to put her five children in the suv and go racing the wrong way down a highway....
three died. Not the mother.

I always THINK the same thing when I hear about killing and murder....
I think about cleaning a warrant officer's blood and guts off the inside of my helicopter.

No killing
is better than

uriel said...
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uriel said...

On Killing, distinctions are made:

Disturbed individuals (USA's Dahlmer, Germany's "Mother Killers" http://www.news24.com/News24/World/News/0,,2-10-1462_2234299,00.html)
are anomalies that are not comparable to Islam's culturally
/religiously approved and promoted murders called "honor killing." The latter betrays disordered foundational principles that in turn propagate societal disorder.

Happy New Year, Aunty Belle.

Anonymous said...

Well, Auntie, some thick minded types shout "bigot" when they are the true bigot. They fail to see that if you *were* "xenophobic, prejudiced, and obsessed" then you would not let Ardlair comment here.


she said...

who you callin bigot, bigot?
turn off your
"i hate america" spigot

er, no wait, i meant:

cant we all just get along? grrrerhhahahahaha.

yeah i see how well atheism works over at the dark times. that's freedom baby.


death to all bird eating kitties! thats MY manifesto.

death to those who refuse to use their turn signal!

death to the producers of "my super sweet sixteen"!

er, and a VERY prosperous and happy new year to all.

The Troll said...

That makes 19 confirmed Sharia Law "honor killings" by muzzies within the United States since 2003. That we know of.

The leftists on this board are laughably predictable and don't even approach the level of credible debate opponents.

Columbine? Did one of the slogan-chanters actually compare this to Columbine?


Aunty Belle said...

Ardlair and Boney--c'mon fellas, Aunty knows ya can discern the difference--Columbine were two pitiful weirdos--not products of any sytematic religion or philosophy or state.

This here series began wif' the note that Islam has SYSTEMIC (inherent)violence --it admires violence, teaches violence, defends violence etc....ya'll two is smarter than yore stabs at a response--doan try no comparisons wif columbine--

we prosecute that stuff--the ISlamic society does NOT prosecute honor killin'--we are not
evaluatin' individuals , we is evaluatin' cultures --Islam doan prosecute or forbid honor killins.

Ardlair, I heers yore wistfulness--jes' c'mon on home, kiddo--yore Abba ain't gonna hold nuthin' againt yore wanderin' ways.

Uri--ha! How's come ya can say what I said, but in one paragraph? Thanky for some clarity--yeah, the foundation of Islam is the trouble.

Anon--howdy who ever you be...does we know each other?

She--hee hee--youse some poet!

Troll-Sir, I din't know we done had 19 honor killins??? Doan ya jes' love all them yoofemisms? What's honorable about killin' yore daughter? Or merciful about offin' grandpa' when he's old?

The Troll said...


Yes, that's a fact. 19 corpses that we know of. 9 separate acts. One of the muslibs killed 4 of his daughters.

The number of forced female circumcisions is unknown but probably in the thousands. It's especially common in muslib immigrants from North Africa and Somalia.

The number of other actions supported by the Satanic Verses but illegal under US Law are probably in the millions. With wife-beating probably being the most common and least reported.

Bottom line; US muslibs choose to ignore US law consistently and flagrantly. And, as is the case throughout the World, the most frequent victims BY FAR are Women and Children.

Makes one wonder if the demented twins sharing one diseased brain on this board who feverishly defend "islam" are motivated primarily by hatred of wimmen-folk.

Perhaps they're impotent sexually disfunctional losers who get some sort of sick thrill reading about Females abused or killed.

she said...

ya'll forget the only murders that count as heinous are those committed by americans! especially white males. *all libs get a big ol hall pass due to their difficult upbringing and hard life circumstances*

as to ardliars ridiculous position that if it were not for religion there would be no violence and/or wars. makes it kind of hard to explain Lenin Stalin and Mao don't it? grrrrerhahahaha

aunty, you left out the report about how our muslim brethren *hows that for PC* are raping the crap out of little swiss misses.

ive come to understand that many many people put how they want to project themselves above all other things. no "force of reason" can penetrate the doctrine of the oppressive dogmatic secularist humanist narcissistic shell.

so kum ba $*@#ing ya! grrrherhaha (doan censor me aunty.)

boneman said...

oddly enough, one can make arguement for anything given time and inclination.

The Missouri Compromise, debate 1820
South Carolina Senator Smith "It is said that slavery is against the Spirit of the Christian religion.
Christ himself gave sanction to slavery. He admonished them to be obedient to their masters."

I for one, don't think this is the Spirit of the religion. If it is, I am DONE with it altogether.

This said, the ideal of helping each other and keeping care over the earth is paramount.
And the CREATOR I honor can withstand any abuse from any quarter.
Can your's?
If so, then following the words from your very own book may help keep you safe, but, stirring up muck and nonsense can only lead to.....well. You tell me what it leads to.

I had asked a question at the openning of conversations, and it is my fault for throwing such long essays back atcha, but here....

What do you want us to do?
What action should we be taking, in your opinion, Auntie?

Not a tough question.
I expect the worse of replies from the venomous, poisoned mouth of evil, but, I would rather just here an answer from a lady.

Aunty Belle said...

Boney, Aunty is pragmatic.

For USA:
1) every mosque in USA is monitored and shut down immediately if it preaches jihad or anything near it. mullahs jailed for minimum of 10 years for preaching /teaching jihsd/ anti-semitism,

2) no new mosques can be built, no can permits be granted to improve, add on or repair any standing mosques.

3) no islamic schools permitted

4) no new Muslim immigrants allowed
immigrants who do not become citizens within 3 years are deported to China (who of course refuse all muslims)

Aunty Belle said...

Oh, an' any muslim caught wif' inflammatory literature or media (as judged by (Aunty's Muslim -watch Council)is tattooed with a crescent and packed off to China.

she said...

grrrrerhahahaha. yeah china puts mean ol intolerant el norte in perspective.

Anonymous said...

The first order of business, Auntie, is to have people understand what Islam is. Oh yes, that's what this blog is about.

Maybe Boneman could answer a question:
why do you ignore the obvious about Islam?

The Troll said...


Interesting steps towards a firm but fair resolution of the problem.

I only see Number 4 as something where the Federal Government should take the lead.

The others should CERTAINLY be under the perogative of local and State Governments. And the Federal Government should NOT interfere with States and Localities that take those prudent steps.

Conversely, obviously, communities and States with high-levels of suicidal lib-freak infestation will be free to NOT implement those sensible moves.

The remaining muslibs, some of whom are, unfortunately, citizens, will then "vote with their feet" and flock to cracked melting pot paradises like Detroit and Newark.

The rest of us will be at some risk from muslibs travelling outside the places they're welcomed and from those that never join the migration.

But that's a risk we have to be willing to take in a Federalist Constitutional Republic.

I'm confident Troll Island would implement the other Planks in your Platform and feel good about our ability to deal effectively with any muslibs who visit and cause a problem.