Aunty mounts a Crusade: Ain't goin' be no PURPLE America

I Interrupt the series of posts on the Crusades to bring you a contemporary Islamic post:

Barack Hussein Obama.

Iffin' youse squeamish, turn back NOW.

This is the only warnin' --what follows is realpolitik. Material ya' ll ain't gonna see in many places. The Media doesn't want ya'll to know, but I'se layin' it out here.

Youse gonna get a dose of Barack's true MARXIST identity, his collusion wif' Islam, his frauds.

He is jes' another false messiah....nuthin' in this heah post fer no sissy-fied folks.

So turn back if youse allergic to logic, truth and straight talkin'.

Ya'll whose left readin' this, youse welcome to opine on either side of the matter --jes' please keep the language decent enough fer my granny to read. Ya'll can have real strong sayin's, be sarcastic, ironic, strident, acerbic, even acid tongued...jes' no foul language, sugarplums.

Buckle up, here we go:

Obama said, "we need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics of Washington and bring Democrats, independents and Republicans together to get things done."

He's still smokin' dope if he thinks we wanna "get done" any of the thangs he wants to "get done."

We'uns don't want socialized medicine, gay "marriages," and no kindergarten texts like King and King wif' a gay Prince Charming who snubs Cinderella so he sodomize the neighbor's princeling. The gay community has decided that if Clinton was the first "Black President" then Obama is to be the first " gay president:"

"If Bill Clinton was, as Toni Morrison once argued, our first Black president, could Barack Obama be our first gay? Is Obama the hope lesbians and gays have been waiting for — and if not, why should all Americans care?

No one, perhaps, but Obama. Obama is rewriting and reframing the cultural discourse on gay and lesbian rights… Obama is creating the cultural conditions within which political, legal, and social change can take place."

AND, we don't want infanticide when the baby is born, but if Barack don't like his looks, he wants the docs to smother it even hours after birth. Peter Singer is dancin' in the moonlight, haid thrown back in shrieking howl.

It's illogical. The MOST liberal senator of all wif' the MOST liberal voting record of all thinks he can build some "consensus" wif' Republicans?

Would you vote fer Ted Kennedy? Well, chickens, Obama's record is to the LEFT of Teddy-boy. Here's a clue fer ya': When Moveon.org thinks youse cute as a piglet, youse nuthin' but a warthog.

There is a REASON that the Red states is RED, folks. It is to stop polluting the culture wif' Blue state failures. Obama is a feckless legislator with nuthin' to his credit. He cain't even keep the Dems civil, when he goes to "reach out" to others to "get things done" they will slap him upside his tumid haid. Fool. They ain't no Republican wif RED blood who would sully theyself wif' anything he proposes.

But looky, here's what he said on that abysmal votin' record:

"I'm more likely to fall left of center than right of center. But as president, I would be setting the terms of debate." OH WOW! OH OBAMA WOULD YOU? SWOON, FAINT.

The man is simply insane to think that is how to "unite the country." Would you vote fer a fella who doan even know what the cause of "divisive" is, yet he thinks he can unite it anyway?

Obama say he ain't heered what his pastor been preachin' fer 20 years? Ya' know whas' wrong wif that? Not that it is a lie as big as Obama's haid, but that he's so arrogant he thinks we stoopid enough to believe it--yep, that's what his opinion of you is: an imbecilic voting unit.

Pay attention, sports fans. "Nation of Islam" leader, Louis
Farrakhan has said that jes' the "black, brown, red, and yellow" people of the country but not "white" folks would be saved by Obama-messiah. Then Farrakhan compared Obama Fard Mohammed, the founder of the Nation of Islam. Seems Fard Mohammed was born like Obama--to a white mama and a black daddy. Obama say he doan have no truck wif Farrakhan, but gimme a break--if his "pastor" of 20 years gives Farrakhan a major PUBLIC award, how can Obama say that? Gimme a royal pain in the fanny break.

Obama is a bigot. He chose a bigot as the "preacher" to marry him to that sniveling ingrate of a bigot, Michelle, and to baptize his kids into hatred.

He married a commie. Ain't kiddin' ya--she and he is both Saul Alinsky spawns. (But, so is Hillary--which is why she cain't beat him at the game--they follow the same rule book, but he is "new" and more energized) They DETEST America and liberty and capitalism. Alinsky taught them --all the young and restless and ambitious rebels--how to cajole the middle and lower middle class to be envious of those a rung higher on the ladder. How to convince them that they were "owed" by the government, "owed" by the achievers...yeah, Alinsky taught folks how to be miserable so he could "fix" their miserable lives by enslaving them to gubmint welfare: Give me power over yore freedoms and I'll give you a thin gruel and a crust of bread... for free.

Alinsky was a Chicago tough--a Marxist who taught gangs to organize and agitate the public, extort from small bidness, blackmail big bidness, how to threaten civil servants and bully their neighbors until the city caved into their threats and created special voting blocks for gangs. He taught them that this thievery was demanding an getting what the rebels "deserved." Alinsky taught his devotees to bring about the marxist revolution via social and political pressure, rather than tanks--Stalin's mistake was he was jes' so obvious, ya' see?) Alinsky is the infamous author of Rules for Radicals.

Obama's been drinkin' Alinsky kool-aid since he was 23, when went to work at Calumet Community Religious Conference, run by white marxists. (Who shamelessly use hot-headed, arrogant and ambitious "house niggers" ( not Aunty's term!--it's used by operatives to indicate a duped mulatto who is useful to the "Master" that is controlling a black voting block.) )

TO see the confluence in Obama's development in both politics and religion, note that his church, and pastor Wright, espouse a faith in Black Liberation Theology. Liberation Theology is Marxist, and so is the atheist, Saul Alinsky. Lib theo is the faith of the Sandinistas, those murderous thugs who used religion to persuade ignorant peon farmers to slaughter their poor, peon neighbors in the name of "liberation." Why, because the slaughtered refused to join the Sandinista's war. They decided to keep on farming the land that belonged to wealthy Nicaraguans (and Germans). For this "failure to actualize" they were butchered in their hammocks.

Obama's "church" is nothing but a Marxist front for so-called "liberation theology." It is not about God or Christianity, as numerous other Black pastors have said.

According to the New Republic, on Obama having mastered the Alinsky tactics:

"He was a natural, the undisputed master of agitation, who could engage a room full of recruiting targets in a rapid-fire Socratic dialogue, nudging them to admit that they were not living up to their own standards. As with the panhandler, he could be aggressive and confrontational. With probing, sometimes personal questions, he would pinpoint the source of pain in their lives, tearing down their egos just enough before dangling a carrot of hope that they could make things better."

  • Obama, from his own book:
To avoid being mistaken for a sellout,I chose my friends carefully.The more politically active black students.The foreign students.The Chicanos.The Marxist Professors and the structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets.At night,in the dorms,we discussed neocolonialism,Franz Fanon,Eurocentrism,and patriarchy.When we ground out our cigarettes in the hallway carpet or set our stereos so loud that the walls began to shake,we were resisting bourgeois society's stifling constraints.We weren't indifferent or careless or insecure.We were alienated.

The fiery Harlem preacher Rev. Manning is incensed that Obama 's campaign includes "54 DD white women" but Obama's own advisers noted in a February 2007 Rolling Stone article that :

"...running preliminary polls, his advisers noticed something remarkable: Women responded more intensely and warmly to Obama than did men. In a seven-candidate field, you don't need to win every vote. His advisers, assuming they would pick up a healthy chunk of black votes, honed in on a different target: Every focus group they ran was composed exclusively of women, nearly all of them white. There is an amazingly candid moment in Obama's autobiography when he writes of his childhood discomfort at the way his mother would sexualize African-American men. "More than once," he recalls, "my mother would point out: 'Harry Belafonte is the best-looking man on the planet.' " What the focus groups his advisers conducted revealed was that Obama's political career now depends, in some measure, upon a tamer version of this same feeling, on the complicated dynamics of how white women respond to a charismatic black man. "

Obama is a plagerist--that is, a liar and a thief, a fake, a fraud--a man willing to lie and cheat his way along in this world. He was ON THE STAGE BESIDE Deval Patrick when the latter gave is famous "just words" speech...yeah, the same speech that Obama lifted a few months later. He knew what he was doing.

Obama has deep Muslim sympathies--if not more. He supported (2006) the Muslim thug Raila Odinga
in Kenya--traveled to Kenya to campaign on his behalf. When Odinga lost, he and his militia went on a killing spree. According to Odinga and Obama, the two men share the same tribal heritage. The Kenyan gubmint denounced Obama for his meddlin'.

Meanwhile, Obama's African grandmother is a Muslim, always has been. When Odinga lost the election, his tribal followers burned opposition families alive in the churches --where they fled after their villages were pillaged. Christian villages, of course. Odinga made an alliance with Kenyan Muslin Councils --if he was elected, he would enact Sharia Law.

Obama's advisor meets with Syria's (anti-American)Islamic president in February.
That ole sly Marxist, Zbigniew Brzezinski,
was in Syria gettin' all cozy with al-Assad, Syria's anti-US, pro Iran president.
What does it have to do wif' Obama? Why jes' this: Zbig is set to become Secretary of State in an Obama administration.

Wanna' know how the Islamic world feels about Obama? Here's a little clip from the Brookings Institute Fellow, Tamara Coffman Wittes, who reported from Qatar that Barack Hussein Obama's run for the US presidency was a source of joy in the Gulf states.

"A friend from the Gulf tells me her young relative was so excited about the Democratic candidate that he tried to donate money over the Internet, as he'd heard so many young Americans were doing. Then he found out he had to be a U.S. citizen to do so. Another young woman, visiting from next-door Saudi Arabia, said that all her friends in Riyadh are “for Obama.” The symbolism of a major American presidential candidate with the middle name of Hussein, who went to elementary school in Indonesia, certainly speaks to Muslims abroad."

The Obama "foreign affairs" staff also includes Robert Malley, son of a Syrian whose anti-Western writings reveal an deep antipathy for the US. Who is MAlley? Funny tht you ask, pets. Lemme see...well, he was appointed to Bill Clinton's administration in Middle East Affairs. Today he is on the board of George Soros' think tank (read: fake lobby for Islam) International Crisis Group. Soros, of course, is the evil wizard behind every Marxist media event, media conglomerate. Did I say Soros is " evil" ? Ha. Will some one PLEASE coin a more evocative word for this dessicated human-hating threat to freedom?

But back to Robert Malley--his American mama and Egyptian born, but Syrian daddy were Communist agitators who were expelled from France:

Egyptian-born Simon Malley, 47, his American wife Barbara and their three children reportedly have gone into hiding. They face expulsion for what officials describe as "political activities which do not correspond with, and even run contrary to, French interests in certain countries."
(Washington Post, Aug. 7, 1980)

...Daddy Simon Malley was the founder the Egyptian Communist Party and he was ejected by various European governments :

Interior Minister Christian Bonnet told the (French) Assembly that some articles written by Malley were “genuine appeals to murder foreign chiefs of state... ”(United Press International October 3, 1980)

Ya'll hangin' in here wif' me? See, Robert Malley's daddy were a Syrian Communist--he hated the West on two accounts--that he hates freedom and capitalism since he is a commie, AND, as a Muslin born (but apostate) Syrian, he hated the "Eurocentric" world--he said France was "racist" for expelling him--sound familiar? Malley believed in revolution and worked for it. In 1980 Associated Press reported that Malley supported the societ invasion of Afghanistan , Cuba's invasion of Angola and praised the kidnapping of US hostages in Iran; Reckon what that snake he learnt his boy, Robert, who is now in Obama's camp stirrin' up Islamic connections in Syria as I write this post??

Next, guess who sweet talked the French government into letting the Malley family back into France? Why, none other than Yasir Arafat. Heh. Seein' a pattern here? Yep, Arafat and the Malley parents were big buddies. Is ya surprised then to learn that Robert Malley wrote a defense of Arafat for the Clinton administration? Reckon "conflict of interest" had any meaning in Clinton's regime? Malley's family owed their French lives to Arafat, but their son is gonna be "fair" when representing American Mid-East policy???

[ note: this is not a defense of, or endorsement of Israel or Ehud Barrack. It is confined to a look at Malley's fitness to serve an America that is threatened by Islam]

Make no mistake li'l chickens, Obama and his henchmen are already negotiating wif' Islamic terrorists.

What's goin' on? Well, I ain't sayin' that Obama is a believer in the Qur'an, or in Islamic faith any more than he is a true Christian. Obama is a pretender of every sort.

What he DOES admire is Islamic jihad as a strategy to achieve a political goal. This is a man who leaks hubris from every orifice. He thinks his messianic charm will tame the jihadists, that he can negotiate wif' em based on his own Muslim inheritance.

He is a true believer in Saul Alinky, the Marxist. Alinsky's chief method was to agitate and organize in the churches of the poor who are easily duped with promises of easy wealth, and in the gangs of revolutionaries addicted to violence. Obama does the same--he is MARXIST to the core. If Islam will aid his rise to power--great. His own "pastor" Jeremiah Wright is a "Black liberation theologist" which is code speak for Marxism under religious guise. (See above) And Arafat was also an Egyptian Marxist who made his fortune off poor Palestinians. That's right, sweet pets, Arafat was no believer in Islam, only a pretender so he could defraud the Palestinians. Arafat and the Malleys were Marxists.

Ya'll gettin' it? Obama ain't shy about what "change" he has in mind.

Obama is co-author of a bill known as the"Global Poverty Act" which puts every American under the jackboot of the United Nations, makes us indentured servats to the globalists. In the name of "poverty" we will be impoverished so that these globocrats can engineer the world to their

The United Nations intends to find any and all methods to create a global taxation policy in order to have trillions of dollars each year in its budget--to dwarf any nation's economy, in other words. They propose a global tax on the internet, on every financial transaction that crosses national borders, and an environmental tax and a "global poverty tax"...all of it is intended to put YOU in chains. With the money the UN levies on us'uns, they plan to control every blink you make. They plan to use their trillions to build a "global peace force" ( yep, a global military force), install cameras( infrared too) and audio scanners in every town hall. I don't need to paint this picture fer ya', it's been done plenty.

Obama is theirs, used by, controlled by, wound up and sent marching by them globocrats.

America, hold on to your RED State freedoms: doan let no Obama try to turn us all purple-they ain't no way to mix Blue State Socialism wif' Red State freedom.


she said...

Get back cadillac!! awesome post and quite thorough. makes my obama post plans seem kinda childish now. grrrrherhahaha (im still gonna do it though)

i assume you also heard michelle obama rant on ignorant racist america (the one where she says this country is "mean")

i guess "mean" means that its a drag to have to pay back student loans on a scant 300K a year. Wow america DOES suck!

barak and michelle are the poster children of an america who has worked valiantly to create a level playing field, a nation based on merit and the content of your character. their lives are a shining example of that effort!! our nation had a bloody costly war over slavery and yet every white person in this nation is still guilty according to Obama. i never hear much out of obama about the slavery that continues to this day in mother africa.

as a citizen of the region that was conquered by the aggressive north, i wanna know where i can go for MY reparations for our burned and leveled cities and being branded as a racist for my geographic location. i never had slaves and dont appreciate bearing the burden of that. barak affords more compassion to islamic marxists than he ever will to the likes of me.

his book is FILLED with writings of deep antipathy towards white america. and that aint "out of context " baby. i think so many white people are attracted to him because they see him as an opportunity to showcase that they arent racists.

no white person could ever get away with the kinds of thing obama says, his consultants, his friends, his wife. its insane he's gotten this far.

his voting record: check out how often he merely votes "present" what a coward.

obama is a text-book case of "cult of personality" and a disaster for america. Chile looks better all the time.

you know, im not thrilled with john mccain. but while the obamas are busy hating mean america...i reflect on john mccain having bamboo shoots shoved up his fingernails and being beaten...so much so that he STILL cannot raise his arms fully.....for what was it? five years as a POW? anyway my point is he paid a price for being an american and you dont hear any bitter about it.

great post aunty. way to lay it out. and do what the MEDIA the enemy #1 of america, wont do.

except the NYpost yesterday had a piece on how the "protectors of the downtrodden" the obamas gave only 1% of their earnings to charity. phony-ass marxists. all the same.

(can i say "ass" in here? grrrherhahahaha

go aunty. and er, steel yourself for the predictable charges of bigotry.

Anonymous said...

A Threnody for the Righteous American.

Jesus doan' like Injuns,
They ain’t like us you see.
They’s savages without no mores,
Their menfolk devils, women whores,
We’s right to kill ‘em, in their hordes.
It’s lord’s work, it ain’t bad you see?
It’s lord’s work, lord’s work, lord’s work.

Jesus doan' like niggers,
They ain’t like us you see.
They’re fit for nothin’, godless wrecks
They’ll steal your women, take their sex,
We’s best to lynch ‘em from a tree.
It’s lord’s work it ain’t bad you see?
It’s lord’s work, lord’s work, lord’s work.

Jesus doan' like Jap-A-Nees,
They ain’t like us you see.
They bombed our boys that doggawn day,
Let’s show them our Enola Gay,
We’ll fry them all, my daddy says!
It’s lord’s work it ain’t bad you see?
It’s lord’s work, lord’s work, lord’s work.

Jesus doan' like Commies.
They ain’t like us you see.
They want the world that newsman said,
They’ll eat your children in their bed,
We’ll nuke ‘em all, just go ahead,
It’s lords work it ain’t bad you see,
It’s lord’s work, lord’s work, lord’s work.

Jesus doan' like Muslims,
They ain’t like us you see.
They beat their women,
Go preachin’ hate,
There’s none of that in this here State,
We’re better, cleaner, purer, see?
We’re lord’s folk, lord’s folk, lord’s folk.

Jesus doan' like Euro-Peens,
Or Jews or gays or queers,
Or atheists or drunkards,
From drinkin’ too much beer,
Or folks with women in their heads,
Or doin’ strange things in their beds,
Or singin’ songs been writ by Reds……………

They’re none of them like us you see?
We’ve seen the shinin’ light, ain’t we?
We’re lord’s folk, lord’s folk, lord’s folk.

Jesus doan' like no-one,
That ain’t like us you see?
We’se chosen folks in these here states,
We’re right, you’re wrong, make no mistake,
A fiery hell will be your fate,
Cos we ain’t bad, we’re good, you see?
We’re lord’s folk, lord’s folk.

Lord’s folk?

she said...

grrrerhahahaha! told ya aunty. logic and reason = hatred. grrrrherhahahaha

The Troll said...

Wow, that's a lot to digest. I'll have to refresh my knowledge-base on Alinsky, for one thing.

For now, I'll just re-state for the record that even when the "polls" said differently, I maintained that Obama was A FAR WEAKER general election candidate than the Hildebeest.

Obama's core supporters in the PRIMARY elections WILL vote STRAIGHT-TICKET democrat in the General Election when Hippo Hips gets the nomination. They will do so even if she names David Duke as her VEEP.

By contrast, many of the people who voted Hitlery will NOT vote for Obama in the General Election.

Unlike the boobs in the media, I say the powers-that-be VERY WELL MIGHT give the nod to Hitlery even if Obama wins the "popular vote" and/or a majority of the elected-delegates.

iamnot said...

Nice job Aunty.
I'm about 90% with you on content and 100% on conclusions.

Note to your Anon poster.

I just spoke to Jesus. He says that most of all he doesn't like cretins without the balls to post under even a made up internet name.
Next time, try contesting even a single idea.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I read this in two parts because I really wanted to digest it properly. I can say that after reading this I will most likely vote "Red" ... not that I would have voted the other way..... being an Independent (another word for Libertarian.) I have not voted for President in the last two elections.

Do you think your Anonymous poster is the same arse who visited me last week? I had to stop anonymous comments because of some ranty crap I got. I'm with Iamnot.

she said...

anonymous=ardliar. grrrherhahahahaha
its's good to see he's still alive and well enough to push back. grrrrherhahahahaaha

Aunty Belle said...

Hey SHE-pup--thanky!! Youse on the $$ Michelle O pulls 300 K, but she whines and mewls how she ain't happy, she ain't proud of America--an in 2004-2005 last year they made over 1.5 million, but their charitable contributions was paltry 10 k?? But hey! C'mon now, they have "deep concern" fer the poor --yeah,sure they do--a concern feigned for the camera so they can use the poor.

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy Troll-man--whoo-hoo! I'm hearin' ya on Hildebeast.

Saul Alinsky? Well puddin' he were a nasty peice of work. His hero was Lucifer.

"Rules for Radicals" says at the get-go: "From all our legends, mythology, and history the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer."

Alinsky admitted he lusted fer power: "My aim here is to suggest how to organize for power: how to get it and how to use it. ...even if all the low-income parts of our population were organized ... it would not be powerful enough to get significant, basic, needed changes."
SO, he taught his minions to aim at the middle class:

"Organization for action will now and in the decade ahead center upon America's white middle class. That is where the power is. ... Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values (Christian moral codes) and the way of life of the middle class. They have stigmatized it as materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, war-mongering, brutalized and corrupt. They are right; but we must begin from where we are if we are to build power for change, and the power and the people are in the middle class majority."

That, Dear Troll, is a good summation of the fiends philosophy.

Aunty Belle said...

IAMNOT, heh heh-- youse spekain' wif Jesus? I reckon so---since thas' fine advice!

Hey Anon Boxer!! Thanks for the close reading--an I does apologize fer the length. But I'se hearin' yore pain--ain't nobody GOOD ter vote fer. I isn't much taken wif McCain's policies nore ideas. He is a better man than Hil-Bama, but he ain't mah first or tenth pick--

irony is, I'd be so happy to pull a lever fer a fine Black guy--J.C. Watts, where is ya??

iamnot said...

I dig the wig.


Foreign Relations – “When we’re mad we’ll use our words. Then the rest of the world will play nice with us. And the only boom-booms will be in our pants.”

Tell me that's not at least as good as the Obama

boneman said...

the anonymous poem was somewhat oversimplified, but, it DOES hit the nail on the head, and I'm here to mention...
#1 I can hardly believe I've sent a young lady to this site that has as much hatred in her heart as you are developing, Aunty.
But, what is it that you don't understand about what you're inciting?

How is it that folks take up that banner of hate and go kill, mindlessly kill, hoping for genocide, hoping to annihlate a race of people?

What makes YOU any different than laden, huessien, or bush junior, for that matter?

Don't say because your hands are innocent of blood spilled, because as near as I can tell, all three of those chicken, yellow-bellied pigs also did no real wartime duty.
Just telling others to "go get 'em!"

'Course, now it's easy, ain't it?
Yopu're a "party girl" and I don't mean music, booze, and fun times.
I mean if your party says "jump!" You're in the air asking "how high?"

Dang. And I thought you knew better'n that.

I suppose that means you won't be going back to what you started as conversationals, eh?

Anonymous said...


Frankly, a hoot.

And of all the possible comments I could make............I choose just one.

I quote the Aunt herself, from this very post.

"Ya'll whose left readin' this, youse welcome to opine on either side of the matter --jes' please keep the language decent enough fer my granny to read. Ya' can have real strong sayin's, be sarcastic, ironic, strident, acerbic, even acid tongued...jes' not foul language, sugarplums"

Why the aversion to expletives, my dear old lady?

For some of your views,
which are, after all, just groupings of words,

are just as offensive,

just as gratuitous,

just as hate-filled





in the red, red raw.

Expletive views.
Lets call them Vexpletives.

And the fact that you, apparently, still don't appreciate that, makes me laugh.

Or cry.

Depending on just how my pity gauge is sitting.

So......Fare thee well my lovely.
I bid you well.

In what must be a


and lonely



PS if you want to talk,
you know how to find me.
I am full of forgiveness.

Aunty Belle said...

Boney...sigh...ain't no hatred in Aunty's heart for PERSONS, only for evil, dangerous, lying IDEAS that become public policy.

To A and Boney, and all others fail to address the content of the post:

Critical thinking is out of vogue--folks today substitute mushy sentiment and opinion and act like it is a thought. Thinking engages
a whole different set of processes.

Aunty knows ya doan like what I said--thas' fine-- then YOU REFUTE THE FACTS, IF YOU CAN.

Aunty's motivation, emotions, etc. is not the topic. OBAMA is the topic. Stick to the topic, fellas.

Anonymous said...

Belle, send the thickheads here


moi said...

Personally, I could give a flying flip about gay marriage, because I do not believe it is a political issue and therefore should not be within the gub'ment's purview to legislate. What do I care that two grown ups want to pledge their love, live together, gentrify their neighborhood and contribute to the tax base? No skin off Moi's nose.

What does chap my ass, however, is the inability of people to see that the core problem with the democrats and certain segments of the right wing is EMOTION over REASON.

E.g.: "Gee, it's a terrible thing that some people remain mired in poverty in this country, unable, for whatever reason, to do for themselves and make something of themselves."

That's an emotional viewpoint.

However, while it's perfectly valid to have an emotional viewpoint or reaction, the solution, to be truly effective, cannot be. Because in order to support an emotional solution – gub'ment handouts – you have to take from others who rightly earned what they have. And when those others are forced to give up their assets against their will, that's called stealing.

That being said, I see nothing wrong with private charities established to offer aid and assistance, charities to which I can contribute, if I so desire. But again, any other kind of assistance is based on force, backed by the barrel of a gun. That's called fascism.

Same with so-called socialized medicine. Only when our medical system is returned to a truly free market, in which the exchange of goods and services is a voluntary one, will people be able to afford health care. As it remains, prices are artificially high. Under a socialized system, quality of care suffers. And what about personal responsibility? I smoked for 20 years of my life. When the light bulb went off in my head that if I continued to do so, I would most likely suffer a host of ailments that would cause a burden not only to my own bank account, but to those of others, I stopped. Where is the idea of preventative medicine anywhere in Hillary or Obama's agenda?

Again: This is an issue of emotion over reason. Not hate over love. That's what separates not democrats from republicans, but those who think from those who don't.

boneman said...

Auntie, I truly believe
and if you'll think on it you'll see also...

There ain't no way they can afford to do as you say (with or without references) because someone (and I won't mention junior's name so folks won't be upset) but, someone done put us into a deep, deep hole, no way to extricate ourselves safely from it, and at a time when the world is going to stop requesting United States cooperation (as well as a few other extremely dirty nations) and demand it.
Now comes an interesting impasse.
The nations that want our cooperation (and the same of China, Germany, Japan, Brazil, parts of Africa, and India) are not powerful enough to attack any of us. They are only small nations with very little actual armies.
Meanwhile, as the North pole keeps becoming water, driving the wild animals further South where they will inevitably become entangled with mankind (and guess who's going to win THAT battle?) which will also be on the run because raw materials are becoming rarer, harder to find.
Some nations have begun massive evolving movements. Canada has finally found a way to squeeze the oil out of sand in the western regions, still battling corporations that want to just rape the northlands for whatever resources can be had, even Brazil can brag about how they have diminished their petroleum usage. They now have way more E85 stations (I guess that's what they are. The news always seems to dance around some of the real details so that the slant in their stories goes the way they want it to...) than any other nation in the world (is that a "trick" brag?) so, all they have to do now is figure out which means more to them...corn in the gas pumps or corn on the plates.

Whoever wins the upcoming election is going to be a figurehead for whatever party they serve. Sadly, neither McCain or Clinton will change anything other than time. And THAT was going to change, anyway.

If McCain wins, girl, you still aren't going to be able to keep your precious war. If junior got another hair up his buttt and declared himself emperor, HE won't be able to keep his precious war!


I don't care to hear about how some of y'all are getting checks in the mail, soon.
That ain't it.

just that simple.

Heck, for all it matters, we might as well vote in Ralph Nader.

Now, THAT WOULD be something!

Aunty Belle said...

Amen MOI!! Eggs-actly: Emotion vs. Reason. I"se said it til I'se blue---THINK, don't EMOTE.

(As fer pledgin' love--ain't got no problem wif that either--jes that all pledged love ain't marriage.)

Boney, on bein' broke--heh, I can fix that. Stop all foreign aid, stop all welfare. Go to flat tax. Presto, money in the banko.

News flash fer ya Boneman--Hillary will not stop no war, puddin'.

Now ya'll who maons over the war, here is Aunty's take on it:

Doan NEVER git in no war lessen you mean to throttle ALL THE WAY FORWARD.

War is a de-facto Last Resort. But iffn' ya does go to war, git it DONE. GWB ain't wrong to go to war in Iraq--he is wrong not to have nailed it with everything we got short of nukes.

git out yore map and look it over real good. See China? See Russia? See India? See Iraq in that context?

Hillary sees that too.

Obama will let Russia have it.

Anonymous said...

Auntie, whoever your Threnody commenter is, tell him to check this from the Koran:

If Allah permits us, oh Nation of Mohammed,

Even the stone will say, “Oh Muslim,

A Jew is hiding behind me, come and cut off his head.

And we shall cut off his head!

By Allah, we shall cut it off! Oh, Jews!

The Troll said...

For MOI,

There is a purely rationalist reason to oppose "gay" marriage. At the National Level, it would cost taxpayers approximately 340 Billion yearly. So would Obama's "civil unions" proposal.

Obama also wants to force all 50 States, all local Governments, and all busineses to recognize "gays" as a protected class. Thus making firing someone who claims to be "gay" a nightmare of expense of bureaucracy.

ThursdayNext said...

Aunty, what are your thoughts on Nader?

CONNELL said...

(then stop firing people for what they want to do in the privacy of their own homes)

I said (i think, and I'll be glad to go back and look,) but yes, even Hillary can't stop the war.
Obama can't stop the war.
We should.

Do you understand what I'm saying here?

We SHOULD all get on a plane (all 100000+ soldiers) fly them to Afghanistan and finish what the grand poobah ran away from.

THAT will be the ONLY WAY to end the war, but, none of the tree of them have enough brains between them to know that.
IF we only leave, that would be a great improvem,ent over what we're doing now.



The Troll said...

I'm guessing everyone but Connell has the good sense to realize I was referring to people being fired RIGHTLY for poor job performance, chronic tardiness, thievery or some other valid reason.

Contrary to what libs who've never had a job seem to believe, most employers who wish to remain productive don't fire GOOD employees for spurious reasons.

Aunty Belle said...

Anon...heh, yep. The Qur'an says it all. I oughta write my own threnody for that other Anon--mebbe I will.

Troll-Man, there are dozens of secular reasons for leaving marriage alone. First, at no time in history has a nation that failed to support marriage ever survived.

Marriage predates all gubmints, and is a service to gumbints on account of providin' and rasin' the next crop of citizens fer gubmint to guborn.

Thursday!! Hey hey...happy to see ya'. I reckon I like some of Nader's positions on matters--but on others, not. Fer instance, he is all about the big industry issues, (and that needs a hard
look!) but not much to offer on a core philosophy of what the nation is.

Aunty thinks a candidate needs to say right plain that Americans have to rediscover that pioneering spirit--to take responsibility for our own families, neighborhoods, and communities. I'se fer VERY limited gubmint.

Connell (boney) looky, ah gracious... did you LOOK AT THE MAP???? Idea: Get aholt of a book called THE GREAT GAME. 'Bout Russia and England and the Middle East

Troll--agreed. Employers don't care what the private lives of their employees contain. They just want competent, reliable, honest personnel.

moi said...

Troll: You wrote: Obama also wants to force all 50 States, all local Governments, and all busineses to recognize "gays" as a protected class. Thus making firing someone who claims to be "gay" a nightmare of expense of bureaucracy.

I am totally opposed to legislation of this kind any where, any place, for anybody. We're all "protected classes" – under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Anything above and beyond that is unnecessary, racist, and sexist. Besides, private industry has the right to hire and fire whomever they wish, whether we think it's "fair" or not. They own the business.

As for gay marriages and civil unions, I'm curious, how would they cost tax payers? I'd say, that's money in the coffers for local and state gub'ments on officiating alone. As for employers having to recognize these partners and provide them with health care insurance, well, that's a dysfunction of the health care system, not the idea of a union.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I too would like to know how/why gay marriage is going to cost tax payers more money.
I have a gay brother, he's "married" and as far as I can tell, the only difference between his marriage and MINE is the cost of the license. He pays his taxes, takes care of his house and probably has the best union in our family.

CONNELL said...

(already toss them gloves away, didja?
I worked for a good man who once laid off two employees for not getting haircuts.
Construction work....
Oh yeah, I remember now. I guess I was the only one speaking to civility)

OK, I lookesd again and I was a typing so fast I didn't get her face in there, but, there ain't any way anybody is going to be able to stop the war.

Now you're happy?

And, yes, I think you have been selling genocide, gal.
That may sound harsh, but here, let me make it easier for you to see.

Does troll think genocide would do nicely now? Assumming that he sticks with all he has said, is that a possible goal? troll?

When I asked for your agenda, what was it you said?

As for Obama, well, at least he's willing to let us think we can control the government while junior flat out tells us it ain't none of our concern, he'll do as he pleases.

Now, about that "map" business.
If you're putting that much impetus behind the geography of it, let's consider the map.

Iraq and Afghanistan sandwich Iran.
Afghanistan and India sanwich Pakistan and the mountains where junior is letting bin laden live comfortably.
Do you suppose Russia is backing Iran like we backed bin laden in Afghanistan? When Reagan made such good friends with that clown, laden just to bring the defense budget so high that they ended up breaking up?
("...budget so high they ended up breaking up..." is the key phrase here) (you HAVE heard about how bad the budget is, right? Voting "red" may mean more than party choice now that we're already IN THE RED....

as it were.

Now, here's a fact.
I hate trying to debate anything with an unmovable object. Some people think that change is a bad thing, despite that all nature does it constantly.
That, I believe is the true difference of the parties, is it not?
One is willing to embrace change while the other is totally intolerant of it at all?

Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous Boxer said...

Not as far as the legal system looks at it. And I'd like to keep it that way. Less government interaction in my personal life, please. Not more.

and that includes my Company too. (Because no one knows I once fired a guy because he was arrested for beating his wife. I live in a State that lets me fire at will. And I did.)

Aunty Belle said...

Moi, I'se wif' ya on that true statement: "Besides, private industry has the right to hire and fire whomever they wish, whether we think it's "fair" or not. They own the business."

Let's iron out somethin', can we? Iffin' youse willin' to risk yore time, capital and reputation to try to build a bidness, then ya' oughta run it the way you think will best befit the bidness.

Anon Boxer, jes' a wee tease here, but there is one other difference --Yore marriage can
make babies : )

DEEP SIGH, Boney, fergit fer a moment that ya think yore best shot is to be the devil's advocate on this post. Jes' fer a moment, think abut what ya wrote in it's objective meaning; "Embrace change."

Aunty wonders if in yore town every change is a marvelous development? An incredible step forward? Is there a town whar "change" is
de facto synonymous wif' goodness and plenty and the milk of human kindness and well being?

Cause I need the address of that town right now.

Wait, there it is--I see it!! Two comets and an asteroid past Jupiter, then on a zillion light years --to the left.

OK, I'se funnin' wif' ya, but... ya see?

Change is no dang good about 50 % of the time. Here is the backporch version of "progress." When mankind retains the wisdom of his collective history, sifts out the "best practices" from the processes or values that don't support a healthy society--in short, keep (conserve) the good, change the bad.

An' this has to be done with a clear -eyed understanding of the nature of man.

Know why there are policemen, or "kingsmen" in every culture? Because there are ALWAYS
some jokers who think it is OK to be lazy or violent or thieving or lying jerks.

In no place, at no time, in no ethnicity, in no religion or lack of religion, in no system of government or system of economics--in none of these has there ever been recorded a successful Kumbaya state.

The nature of Man is THE factor when thinking about how to structure a family, a club, a village, a nation.

Any change that pretends that once the "right" system or party or person or taxes or laws will make possible a "great Society" is a lie.

Under Obama, those most in need of help and "fairness" will suffer even more. Those at the bottom of the ladder have no cards to play that interest a Marxist. He is a MARXIST. He will enact policies that shrink yore freedoms.

Change is often nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing, Boney. And Obama is the poster wolf in sheep's clothing.

As fer yore charge of me being in favor of genocide--Aunty is so mild wif' ya that I wonder iffin' I'se off my feed. I reckon I need to tighten up my laxity heah.

Boney, did'ja ever think it is yore way that is the cause of genocide? "Peaceful" is mostly a cover fer weak-kneed appeasement.

Aunty wants peace jes' like other folk. But I knowed it doan never happen whar' weakness is displayed.

Truth is, ya'll appeasers jes' stand by and let thousands of innocents go to their deaths. You'd let Hitler and Stalin go unopposed.

Appeasement kills.

Appeasement emboldens the radical elements.

When you appease the evil that is loose in the world, others pay the price, and youse an accomplice to evil.

Islam is evil. Note that I did not say Muslims are evil. The nickel analogy is that Nazism is evil, but all Germans are not evil.

Aunty categorically opposes Islam. (See prior three posts on Backporch)

That is not the same as genocide, Boney. I seek to eradicate an evil system of political and military oppression. I do not seek to eradicate any group of people.


Aunty Belle said...

I interrupt this com-box to bring you a great blog: The Lair of the Catholic Cavemen

Here is a selection:

"The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental.

A few points to ponder;

1. Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he'll just kill you.

2. If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.

3. I carry a gun cause a cop is too heavy.

And these fellas even note that St. Gabriel Possenti is the Patron of Gun Owners. Check them out--Moi AB and She, these fellas is dog lovers too.

The Troll said...


The 340 Billion YEARLY estimate comes from the CATO institute and is an extrapolation of FACTUAL DATA
from those Jurisdictions that currently sanction "civil unions".

And, as you surmised, about 75% of that figure is health-insurance related.

The figure is on the low side, as they did not factor in fraud.

I.E. Bruce has a paper-pushing job that pays modestly with the Bureau of Redundancy. BUT, he has a platinum taxpayer-funded Health plan. His CASUAL friend Bryce is an Interior Designer who makes big bucks BUT has to shell out 7700 per year for Health Insurance.

Bryce pays Bruce 5 grand per year to be covered as Bruce's "spouse". A win-win for Bruce-Bryce but not for taxpayers.

How much fraud IS there really and what's done about it at the Federal Level?

In 2004, the GAO estimated that there were 33,000 THIRTY-THREE THOUSAND inelgible "dependents" on Federal taxpayer-funded health plans. Spouses that were no longer spouses or never were. Children that were no longer eligible or never were. Etc...

A whopping 193 (probably the dumbest of the dumb) were "investigated". Ooooooooh.....Scary huh?

Of the 193 "investigated" a whopping 70 faced "disciplinary action".

NONE. ZERO. NONE were fired.

So, unless homosexuals are universally more honest than heterosexual Federal Bureaucrats, the 340 Billion figure is a LOW estimate.

moi said...

Well, Aunty, I said it before, and I'll say it again: that's a failure of gub'ment, not human beings.

But anyway. We can agree to disagree on this point, can't we? 'Cause I do so love the Catholic Cavemen.

"Why do you carry a 45?"

The Ranger responded, "Because they don't make a 46."


moi said...

Oh, and something else I'd love your opinion on, not to hijack this post, but for one of your future posts.

The following is taken from the excellent article "Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party" by Edward L. Hudgins:

We expect shifting political fortunes whenever a party has been in power for a while. Yet the problems for the GOP are more than just temporary eddies in the political stream. That's because its decades-old Cold War coalition of libertarians and traditional conservatives has broken down, and is being supplanted by a seemingly odd alliance of neoconservatives and social conservatives who explicitly reject the Goldwater-Reagan, pro-individualist, limited-government of America.

If the Republican Party continues to move in this direction, what's left of its intellectual foundations will collapse, along with its political fortunes. What it needs urgently is a firm philosophical foundation based explicitly on the moral right of individuals to live for their own sakes - the principle that is the implicit ethical bedrock of the United States.

Aunty Belle said...


I'se gettin' confusled

You wrote:

"Well, Aunty, I said it before, and I'll say it again: that's a failure of gub'ment, not human beings.

But anyway. We can agree to disagree on this point, can't we? "

*WHAT* is a "failure of gub'ment, not human beings"?

This comment is in reference to what point that Aunty offered?

Moi, youse so DEAR to Aunty--you and ANON BOXER, that OF COURSE we can agree to disagree--but mebbe we're not--what is it that I'se missed?

moi said...

Whoopsie, that was actually TROLL coming at me with those figures of fraud on federal, tax-payer-funded health care plans. SO SORRY, Aunty!

So, Troll, you and I will just have to disagree here, because again, the problem is with how health care is administered in this country. I.e. via these health care "plans". Get rid of the plans, return medical care to the free market, where value for value is exchanged between giver and receiver, and the only reason you'd need "insurance" is for catastrophic care – and that's always purchased on an individual basis anyway.

The Troll said...


We don't really disagree. I just don't see the type of Health Care Reform you and I advocate ever happening.

boneman said...

...did you really say 50% of change isn't called for? No, close. You said 50% is no danged good.
So, you FEAR change?....What? don't like the idea that we whooped them British out'a here, eh?
Well, in your own words, watch out because your true patriotism is showing.

Aunty wonders if in yore town every change is a marvelous development?
You just had to return this, didn't you?
I don't blame you, sort'a. But, I don't hang my hat on extremism at all. Not all change is good.


(I used big letters for you to be able to cut to the phrase easier.
I ain't yellin')

A good example of stagnant government would be Russia prior to Breshnev, China under Mao. You understand that part, don't you?

Of course you do.
And I'm sorry you're getting more afraid as you grow older, but, rest easy, gal. If you're on the right side of the CREATOR then you'll do just fine, and, gee, while I'm on that...
Never once did any Jesus say to take your plows and turn them into weapons.

Now, without change, we all have to kowtow to the generation before us.
(Horse and buggies would still be the major form of travel for individuals)

Follow me on this one lil idea, OK?

If change is not existant in our culture then not only will we go stagnant, but we will also be trapped within a tyranny from history.

FOLKS ain't smart enough to have all the answers.
Some folks think that for a person to love another of the same sex is pure gross out material. Runnin' around the house playing hide the sausage or something...
That's about as odd a thought as saying that men aren't supposed to be kissing on women's privates, when both the gals I tied to do that with absolutely LOVED it....even though I had no experience doing it, and in fact, it wasn't till long after my last divorce that I found an article on the web about HOW to do just that.

Likewise the girls aren't really supposed to be doing that to the man, but, gal, I'm tellin' ya, it drive a man nuts (frame of mind, not body arts) and then to end up doing it in the sack afterwords, well....mmmm mmm mmmmm mm mmmm!

Now, what are we to make of this?
Marraige? Heck, if you take away the tax credit married couples get and whatever benefits married couples get, then why would they still want to get married?

Because the bedroom is so into the heads of those against homosexuality that they can't see themselves get excited when they see a good specimen of the same sex. Do you let Uncle taste your business?
And now you see that, wait a minute, boneman has something there bacause, #1 it ain't none of his business what you and uncle do, and #2 It ain't got a thing to do with why you're married.
(right or wrong?)

No mam, the talk about same sex stuff is a conversation for you folks who think that the Bible was written by the hand of God, and it wasn't.
Been torn up, changed, twisted, dang....

Let's not get too into that just right off.
I'm trying to stay on the Obamarama train you've started

All fifty states, huh?
C'mon, gal. You have heard a chicken in every pot before, I'm sure, even if you are just a young thing.
Truman proposed to eliminate government apathy. Eisenhaur called to stop the military industrial companies prowling around raising the fears of folks, Kennedy talked about getting our butts into the twentieth century before it was over, Johnson set his goals on the Great Society, Nixon thought he could eliminate crime and open up new markets in the world, Ford just wanted to keep it all together till he could get out, Carter thougt he could help us by decriminalizing pot and getting our attention off the gay issue, Reagan, well, he sold soap. And worse, he sold bad soap. His promises were broken twice, smaller government, accountability, make countries aware that we won't take an attack on our people, less government intrusion in our lives and finally lower taxes. HA! From spending an incredible 9-12 billion dollars on keeping lil Johnny from growing and smoking pot behind the barn, all the way to apologizing (?DANG HIS CHICKEN BUTT FOR ALL TIME!) to the Chinese when THEY shot down our airliner. The deficit he left behind was so big, Bush senior couldn't get it tied together, the arm sales he did with drugs sales (why do YOU think Noriega went to jail?) and, the ultimate treason against mankind, arming, supplying and training bin laden.
Bush senior rode the wave into office, but, he couldn't keep hold of it, could he. The deficit had gotten so bad, that's what the main point of Clinton's was. Get the nation back on course....
(Too bad he used a cigar)
While he did get the deficit knocked way down, and yes, with taxes on businesses and rich folks, that didn't wash for what was brewing in the back rooms, eh? Gore was going to peddle getting together with the globe. Bush junior just made promises that couldn't be kept, and I dare say that had there not been a 911, he wouldn't have won a second term. He flat out demands total power, takes all choices away from the citizens of this country, and without any oversite, I might add.

Too bad, eh?
Every man has something he wants to do big.
But, from the movie Dune comes the voice of Leto....

"All men make mistakes. All rulers are but men."

So, evidently you're pushing for a McCain win, eh?
He doesn't have anything for anybody.
He's a party man, not a mankind man. He doesn't care how bad we look to the rest of the world as long as we have some danged fine cruise missiles.
And that's too bad, y'know.
Before that clown that's in right now got in. his agenda was great!
Now? He's just dancing to their tune because there's money in it for him and al;so, he's so old, he thinks he doesn't have to pay for anything.

I've gone too far, I'm sure.

I gotta stop coming over to your politacal comments, gal.
First off, like I said, I have a streak when it includes what I fought for, even if I didn't fight for freedom (Viet Nam was for oil, too. I thopught I was doing the right thing, but, bush junior seems to think that yellowbellying out of duty is the way to go...)
Second off, it doesn't matter whet any of us do.
We lost.
The politicians won.

We're here to serve them and there's not a darned thing we can do about it short of another revolutuion.

Anonymous said...

Aunty ain't scared of much, puddin'...dang little in fact. Scared of ignorance takin' itself seriously.

Hitler was what the Germans got in their demand for "change". Lenin was a "Change" and so was Mao.

Now skip past the topic of Aunty--
and deal wif' the actual post topic: answer the charges against Obama--a MARXIST (yes, I is YELLIN')

Aunty (from another copmputer)

boneman said...


"poli" meaning from many
"tics" that be bloodsuckers

aptly named career if y'ask me.

boneman said...

...and hat's every blessed one of 'em!

(Hitler was to get back to the "good ol' days" girl. Thaty history book I got may lean right but, I got others. His idea was to somehow take away from a group to get what the Germans needed then
The deficit there was enormous (like ours?) and there was lack of a single ideology driving the country (sound familiar again?) and then there was another thing.
I ain't saying. Your focused hate against Islam is blinding you, though the blinded are the last ones to know.

The man is an American, not a Muslim, and if he WASD a Muslim, who in the name of Heaven are you to say that's enough to RASNT about?
YOU got all the answers?
What are they?
How about them poor, how can we keep them from starving? where will the money come from?
No mam, your answer before was terribly hitleresque, too, I might add.
The Jewish people didn't have enough money to drive the war on to a successful conclusion, and ain't that something?
Obama says to LEAVE the war.
Sounds GOOD!
(thats yellin')
But listen to you, would ya?
Ain't gonna kowtow to no purple?
Do you think it's only RUMOR about junior taking control of the government?
That's what junior has in mind to wear for himself.

Aunty Belle said...

I said Obama is a Marxist.

Aunty Belle said...

Hitler was not "to get back to the good ole days"--that is gar-bahge Boney.

What Hitler promised was to get the germans get them "what they deserved"--same rhetoric Obama uses.

These pied pipers play you like a fiddle--make ya feel sorry for yaself, make ya hate "the other" make ya feel cheated, then when youse whipped into a frenzy of self pity, they promise to "restore" what is "fair" , promise to deliver what ya "deserve"....all of it is a lie.

It is simply what Obama says to get in power. He doan give a flying rat's weenie about no poor--he made millions in 2 years an' donates only 10 grand to charity. Some "care" for the poor.

His "pastor" (Marxist tutor) is retiring to a 1.8 million house--care for the poor huh?

Oh, an that house that "pastor" Wright is movin' into? Why doan ya know, it is in a --hang on--WHITE neighborhood.

Does ya get it, Boney? These two freaks are hypocrites of the first magnitude. You deserve 'em, iffin' you swallow that swill. But the rest of us don't.

And as for war? War is the human condition, it ain't goin' away....and some of us understand that since wars WILL happen, we prefer to be the better prepared.

Last thang-- yore focused hate of truth and reason, yore preference fer fairy tales and wishful thinking is blinding ya so that ya cain't even make a simple distinction between hating Islam but not the Muslim people.

Anonymous said...

You say it Aunty!

Some support from the Los Angeles Times:

" 'Fitna' is certainly provocative, yet it has good reason to provoke. A cancer of violence, bigotry and cruelty is metastasizing within the Islamic world.

It's fine for Muslim moderates to say they aren't part of the cancer; and that some have, in response to the film, is a positive sign. But more often, diagnosing or even observing this cancer -- in film, book or cartoon -- is dubbed "intolerant" while calls for violence, censorship and even murder are treated as understandable, if regrettable, expressions of well-deserved anger."

uriel said...

From England (March 2008)

Imam: “It is not what Imam Hamza said nor is there a question of my agreeing with him or not. It is in Quran thus those are Allah’s orders.”

N.W.: “But why would Allah tell muslims to kill and rape innocent non muslims?”

Imam: “Because Non-muslims are never innocent, they are guilty of denying Allah and his prophet.

boneman said...

...I don't feel no self pity, girl.
I AM sad that we've lost what I thought was a good Christian.

But, you can get back to that in your own time, eh?

Anonymous said...

Boney, Tsk Tsk....now ya's judgin' another--whoa, thas' the BIG liberal sin.

boneman said...

judges judging others.
Gosh, ain't THAT a whistle in the wind...

boneman said...

quick lesson on how to judge whether the CREATOR's love is in the heart or hatred from the pit:
Get a clean sheet of paper, draw a line vertically down the center;
On the left top write "good, love" and on the right side write " bad, hate"
Read whatever you are reading and every time a word, phrase, or sentence declares one or the other, put a mark down on that side of the paper.

Very accurate, this method.

Good luck, eh?

Anonymous said...

Stick to Obama--'k?

Anonymous said...

If mount Everest was called mount selfrighteous aunty would be first up.

Anonymous said...

if self-righteousness is the currency of heaven aunty is a trillionaire

Anonymous said...

Well, I reckon thas' keepin' it to Obama, alright.

she said...

angela davis for president! for cri yi if were gonna go marxist can we at least get someone with some street cred?? i cant roll with Mo's marlo thomas that girl 50's flip. noam saying?

if i vote obama will i at last be absolved of being white? i caint hep it i was born that way! please extend to me the same courtesy afforded gays...they caint hep it either.

if i vote obama can i marry trout? our love is as deep and pure and true as the sea! who are you to judge me.

obama fofama eeekeelokamama!!!!

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