What BatMan and Bush have in Common

What Bush and BatMan have in common (read here) ...heh.

"....the appearance of righteousness", what does that mean fer you?

There is a lot to talk about on this--lemme know yore thoughts, Sweet Thangs


moi said...

Very interesting. I like that he says this: Leftists frequently complain that right-wing morality is simplistic. Morality is relative, they say; nuanced, complex. They're wrong, of course, even on their own terms.

I can't tell you how many times people have said to me, "Things are just not that black and white." Yes, I say, most things really are. Grey is for cashmere sweaters and Birkin handbag; not ethics.

Aunty Belle said...

Moi, yore fashion sense is as good as yore ethical impulse.

What I liked was that the author of that piece is a mystery writer--heh heh.

But on Bush--thang is, he might be wrong, but he thinks he is doin' the best thang and to heck wif what the chatterati think. He knows it doan matter none, that it will be history that will judge him, not Ariana, Dahlink.

Aunty Belle said...

An' I want mah Birkin in grey belly lizard. BTW, is you and me the onliest ones left on planet earth wdo uses the spelling "grey'?

moi said...

I have always spelled grey with an "e." I know it's wrong, "American English-wise," but it's an old habit and I'm sticking to it! But if you're searching eBay, you gotta do the "a." :o)

The Troll said...

I'm gonna march over to the library and get a book by this Klavan fellow who I'd never heard of before. Good writing!

The most pathetic movie review I ever read was one that described the "President" character in Independence Day as " Clintonesque, young and brave". While somehow the ALIENS were "conservatives".

In case you haven't seen it, the "President" character was a fighter-pilot who'd volunteered for the most dangerous missions.

Let's review, shall we? Movie character: Fighter Pilot. Clinton: Draft Dodger and coward.

The twisted logic that somehow made the Aliens into Christian Conservatives was even more ass-backwards.

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah, Pres. Moi, grey--the ENGLISH spelling.

Troll-Sugar, me too! I wanna read one of his mystery stories.

I wonder how many people peeked in here at te point of the post and slammed the back door going out--heh heh....

Bace Man said...

There's a song from a couple of years ago, cant think of the artists or the title...but there is a line that says "it's better to be hated for who you are, than loved for who you're not".

From my own perspective, I enjoy working with people more, when I know where they are coming from, and I dont have to guess what their positions are going to be....no hidden agendas. And I would guess in Washington, although Bushes positions infuriates the Dems, it is because they know exactly where he stands, not because they dont.

I spell it grey also...Earl Grey, Touch of Grey, etc. ;)

The Troll said...

Politics at TTR today.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey theah Bace Man!! Wow--so pleased ya' stopped by the Back Porch. An what ya say--too true. They doan like him cause he doan play the game.

Ain't givin' GW a pass on everything he done, but most--reason is, he did what needed doin' an stood his ground. An' I will say, social conservatives make less horror-filled decisions than even well -meanin' liberals cause libs mess with the order of nature.

Troll-Man, I'se on the way over to see what ya's up to.