GLobal Tax Commission

Obama sponsored a nasty piece of legislation back in February that ships off yore money the the UN. It din't pass, but he said as president he would shove it through--a sop to George Soros and the internationalist cabal that financed his campaign--its all about gettin' into the britches of the US Treasury.

The plan is to rape the U.S. of 0.7 percent of our gross national product fer UN determined
" foreign aid" . Now ya'll this means we would spend ANOTHER $845 billion on top of what Americans already send to other nations fer aid.

Get it? Thar's a "redistribution of wealth" racket for the whole globe...now ask yoreself, why is this? Since when does the UN have rights to yore pocket? WHO determines who gits our aid? The UN???? AN' guess who Obama wants to give a hunk of them billions to? Russia--it's int he Congressional record folks. Think on that fer a minute.

See what is happenin' afore yore very eyes? This is a global establishment of socialism-- any wonder the cabal worked so hard to git their boy in the White House?

What ya reckon that thang is?--look!--see? over thar.....that huge thang on the horizon....yeah that. What'cha reckon that is, folks?


K9 said...

but but aunty! its not fair that all peoples dont live equally. i think it is worth every dime for a harmonious loving world.

i wonder why obamabots never seem to worry much about him voting for FISA. and dont expect any repeal of the patriot act either. like biden said, somethings gonna "go down" and you gotta "TRUST" and maybe it will appear bad at first but O will have to make some "hard" choices for the safety of the nation.

oh, well, then if its obama, then its all right. just like the public campaign financing. we saw how fast that lofty ideal went out the window.

i love hopey changey! i mean 31 former clintonites and HRC as SOS in the O admin is change we can believe in.

Soros: destroyer of nations.


TROLL said...

Joe (Joe from Scranton) Biden said the Global Tax plan might have to be delayed. That was right before Soros slapped the muzzle on him.

The Patriot Act won't be repealed it will be re-formulated and re-targeted to become what the screeching left always falsely claimed it was.

A means to intimidate legitimate domestic opposition with no ties to foreign terror groups.

Anonymous said...

here's a plan for you. Infiltrate the muzzie groups so you will have immunity from the Big O. From that vantage point, run your pattern. See what I mean?

Anonymous said...

So what? Its time for evolution to move us to the ultimate order,get over it.

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

See what is happenin' afore yore very eyes? This is a global establishment of socialism-- any wonder the cabal worked so hard to git their boy in the White House?

It all seems so surreal. I keep contemplating how this has happened seemingly so fast and yet I know it has been creeping in for a long time. It's like living in the twilight zone watching it unfold. In your last post the writer pointed out something I think is extremely key: These strengths had been fading for some time, mainly due to poorly controlled mass immigration and to the march of political correctness. They had also been weakened by the failure of America’s conservative party – the Republicans – to fight on the cultural and moral fronts.

I don’t pretend to be educated about all the in's and out's of politics but I’ve got some common sense. We’ve been headed down this ugly path for a while and like you said it looks like the Dems' boy is going to shove us into the deep black hole of it very rapidly.

[BTW, I’ve posted the cranes that came to visit me. I have a back porch of sorts, too. It’s the place where two of my kids (both a lot smarter than their mom) and I talk about whatever we want to, whenever we want to.]
It’s not connected to my front porch at Hoe and Shovel. I’d say it isn’t for the weak willed or the heathen (unless, of course, they’re looking for some answers-- the way we see life). LOL