National Extinction

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From Russian dissident and author,
Nathan Sharansky

Sharansky takes to task utopian secular thinking, which claims that peace requires the extinction of all passionate attachments, national, religious or whatever. His antagonist is "post-identity" theory, for example, the head of the Modern Language Association who said, "Cosmopolites not only or even principally owe an allegiance to their place of birth but also to a broader, more worldly, supra and transnational world view," as opposed to the "negative consequences of resurgent nationalism, ethnic separatism,

and religious fundamentalism".

Europe may have succeeded in eliminating nationalism, or rather, nationalism burnt itself out in two hideously destructive World Wars. As a result children no longer are born to the Europeans. The problem is self-liquidating.

On the other hand, the two countries considered most suspect for their nationalism by the supposedly enlightened Europeans, the United States and Israel, are the only ones in the entire industrial world to reproduce at above replacement level. Sharansky is beating if not a dead horse, then a sterile one. All that secular enlightenment can say to humanity is what that exemplar of the enlightenment, Frederick the Great of Prussia, barked at his fleeing soldiers during the 1757 Battle of Kolin: Hunde, wollt ihr ewig leben? (Dogs, do you want to live forever?).

Countries subject to communist rule, the most atheistic and internationalist, also show by far the lowest birth rates.

Projected population in formerly communist countries
2005 2050 % Change
Ukraine 46918 25514 -46%
Georgia 4473 2575 -42%
Belarus 9795 5746 -41%
Moldova 3877 2330 -40%
Source: United Nations

Russia itself is not far behind Belarus and Moldova in the race to national extinction.

From a French "fisherman":

The carps are telling me that nothing will prevent the fall of Europe – the people who could have changed this outcome have waited too long. And the salmon too cannot make out a precise course to follow in order to traverse the next decades head held high. It will be a tempest – rivers will leave their beds, winds will blow in all directions and it will be the instinctive and intuitive decisions, more so than strategies, politicians and ideologies that will save, or not, the people caught in the storm.

And so I advise those willing to listen to look within themselves, and to prepare to use more often and more intensely their conscience and their courage. And the only concrete action, the only culture that seems to me worthy of promoting, is that of encouraging people to love one another, to have children, to love them, to resolve to fix as a primordial goal that of giving your children a better chance than what we give them today.


TROLL said...

I'm wondering if that's actually bad news for Israel if you look inside the Statistics.

I.E. Muslibs are having tons of babies and the Jews and Christians very few.

Pretty sure Lebanese Christians have fewer babies than their muslib counterparts, as well.

Anonymous said...

You called it Aunty. Take a look

Jeff the Watcher

Anonymous said...

Greetings COMRADES!!!!!

You too are now part of the commy world so you can say bye bye to
a) babies
b) popes
c) blogging

in the very near future!!!

But don't worry.
57 million can't be wrong?

Well they were the last time!!!


Malinda777 said...

Wow Aunty, you can sure dig deep when you need too...almost deep enough to be over my head :) Cool post.

Don't ya love the Anonymous folks?

Brings up a whole 'nother thing we need to all be talkin' about ASAP!

Anonymous who thinks we are part of the new commy world...says... BYE to BABIES!...well I'm not having any more, I'm an empty nester, BUT THEY AREN'T GOING AWAY...I got grandkids to have yet! AMERICA will ALWAYS love the babies!

I'm not a Catholic (love 'em all though)...I'm just a Baptist by nature, so since you are now like me and a commy and we have to say bye to Popes...didn't spark me much... exceptin' that Catholics were pretty much the FIRST religion on our new earth (and a Christian one at that)...how do ya end up with no POPE! THAT'S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN...

But bloggers...I'm greatly in fear (and already we can see it happen just a few mere days since the big O got the chair)... Folks not agreeing with O get offed!

Not in the literal sense, but the LITERAL SENSE! Seems he and THEY want to SILENCE us all! The media folks were all up in arms BEFORE the election about the crash of the stock market...being the "apprehension" that if Obama doesn't win...we'll see this trend continue...

The market's fallen another 800 points AFTER he's WON, and NOBODY sees it as "proof in the pudding" that we see what's coming...just "now" we are leaving election and now worrying about recession!

He didn't EVEN HAVE his WIFE & CHILDREN up on stage for his speech, he DIDN'T have his VP and HIS FAMILY up on stage for the acceptance speech...AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT DOESN'T REMEMBER EVERY PRESIDENT IN OUR HISTORY have the people WITH HIM, or FOR HIM NOT ON STAGE when the big "I'm IN" speech? Creepy to me!

In this bad economy, my advertising people are offering up some sweet deals! It's like the ONE DAY sale at Nordstroms or Macy's and I don't shop at either :)

BIG NO CANCELLATION policy built in though...and while I WANT to buy...I asked my "guy" IF...(since my BIGGEST BANG FOR MY BUCK) radio station in advertising is a freaking local AM...hear me Aunty...AM STATION in a county of 500,000 people...has the #1 ratings and the audience that brings ME THE MOST business...I wanted to know this...

I asked my "rep" (not the talk show hosts obviously) since we only have ONE local...(has talked about it and so have the others)...but Rush, Hannity, Savage (bit out there...but still he brings in profit), Levin...and our local Bill Manders...

"Mr. Rep...I see a no cancellation policy in your offer. Might I accept said offer with an exception in my contract that gives me the right to CANCEL my advertising through April 2009 IF THE FAIR DOCTRINE ACT should be passed?"

The guy listened to me as if I had two heads! WHAT? he asked? I said...talk to your anchors. IF it passes...you might be out of a job, and THIS STATION might cease to exist!

They had a meeting tonight and he PROMISED me he would check into it. I cannot wait to hear from him soon :)

We're in for a big ride Aunty, just glad folks like you and I can see beyond yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We'll all make it fine...we just GOT A LOT OF HARD LESSONS TO TEACH A LOT OF FOLK!

Keep writing!

Aunty Belle said...

Hey all ya'll!

yep, bad news fer Jews because that need to have more chillens. Lebanese Christians moved heah--like mah own Lebanese folks did in 1890s. (yep, I make a mean tabouli, kibbe, etc.)

Anon/ Jeff
Whoa--great link. Thanky.


Socialists always hate babies, until, Like Russia of today, they figger out it is the end of the state slaves.

When thay ain't no Pope, it'll be because The Second Coming has come.

Poor Radio Rep--naive folks is soon to git a fast edoocation. Keep us posted on what them radio honchos do--an' boy howdy, is you one smart cookie fer thinkin' to check!! I'se impressed.

TROLL said...


You commented upon Zarkova before I had a chance to add the text. Come on back! You'll like it.

Aunty Belle said...

A hallmark of socialist, dying nations, ya'll, is the lack of baby-making. When folks turn to more an' more of they own amusements, they vote fer permissive gubmints, so they can continue they personal dalliances wif no responsibilities rather than a desire to share the world wif' the next generation, that nation dies.

Every nation in western Europe is in negative population growth. Thas' why in the 60s they invited in "guest workers" to run they factories.

Americans need to avoid this--and havin' young'uns is more likely to make ya care about the future of the nation--a vote accordingly.

frizzy scissorhands said...

no babies? [a nytime article]

an interview with sharansky

so, it looks like our friend Vlad the Impaler will return, does it? the more things change the more they stay the same.

wrt to the president-elect making his acceptance speech ~ i, too, noticed that. however, i saw the symbolism of him standing there alone, behind and between the bullet-proof barriers.

he (O) is removed from us all now ~ and that includes his closest followers and even his immediate family. besides, its him they all voted for, isn't it?

Aunty Belle said...

Frizzy (Red?) howdy do, puddin'...
the symbolism, yeah.

frizzy scissorhands said...

yes ... frizzy = red. i'm doin AB. :^D