Ba! Humbug

TO all merchants an purveyors of services an' goods, to all public servants an' community organizers, the NEA an' public policy wonks:

Beware of killin' the goose that lays yore golden eggs.

Ya wanna be politically correct an' not use the word CHRISTMAS in yore "holiday" merchandizin' extravaganza?

Reap what ya sow.

"After unceremoniously removing all of its Christmas trees in the middle of the night last year, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport this season will dispense with any religious symbols and just celebrate "winter."

(ABNews: Seattle most SAD city in USA, reports American Psychological Association in survey of of Seasonal Affective Disorder)

"Costco has 520 stores nationwide. But you will not find "Christmas" in a single store. That's because Costco says it will not use the term "Christmas" on its website or in its stores."

(ABNews: Costco sales plummet below even recession plagued levels)

"A school choir was forced to withdraw from a Christmas event because organisers branded its carols 'too religious'.Around 60 children aged between seven and 11 had spent six weeks practising favourites including Once In Royal David's City and Silent Night for the Corringham Winter Festival.But they were let down at the last minute when their headteacher was informed their programme did not 'dovetail' with the festival's theme."

(ABNews: Winter festival attendance sag third straight year. Organizers admit massive deficit, scrap plans for 2009 )

" The Associated Press is reporting that the ACLU has threatened the city of Pontchatula that if they put Christmas lights on a cross near Ponchatoula's downtown locomotive they will be dragged into court."

(ABNews: City of Pontchatula suspends Christmas bonuses and turns off all public lights in December in budget cutting measure.)

"The annual battle for Christmas has begun early this year, with the announcement that the internationally known fireworks company, Grucci, has pulled out of an annual Christmas event on Long Island.Grucci made the decision in protest against the town of Patchogue's decision to break with its 15-year tradition of holding a Christmas Boat Parade and instead to rename the event the Patchogue Holiday Boat Parade. "

(ABNews: Town of Patchogue flooded, new town built above river bank to be christened St. Nicholasville)

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was almost grounded at Murrayville Elementary School this week after a parent complained about the classic Christmas song's inclusion in her daughter's upcoming kindergarten concert.The objecting parent was upset about the words "Christmas" and "Santa" in the song, feeling that they carried religious overtones.That prompted the song to be pulled from the upcoming holiday concert..."

(ABNews: Protesting parent found stomped to death in Murrayville school playground. Police pursue deer tracks from the body to nearby woods.)

"No Christmas trees this year at the two main libraries at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.The News and Observer of Raleigh reports trees have been in the lobby of the Wilson and Davis libraries for years.Associate provost Sarah Michalak decided against the trees. Michalak said she eliminated the displays after getting questions and complaints from employees and library users about the Christian display. "

(ABNews: A venerable university has been renamed Scrapple Hill in protest over the religious connotation of 'chapel'. New name reflects North Carolina's proud porcine heritage.)

...ya git the idea. Looky, Christmas is a federal holiday. Iffin' the majority of America doan want to have it be a federal holiday, change the law. Until such time, let Christmas be what it is meant to be--a time when folks recall that Somebody ask us to be "men of good will."


NYD said...

I have always wondered how the gov't justified Christmas as a federal holiday. Isn't there something about the seperation of church and state.

Now don't get your panties in a bunch quite yet. I appreciate the time off from work or in my case the double overtime I used to get for working a holiday that had nothing to do with me. I just disliked the response I got from bosses when I explained to them that I needed time off to pay respects to my god and my religion.

It seems unteneble, but if you are going to claim to be a just society then you will have to dispense justice fairly and without preference.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey NYD, ya make good observations.

Christmas is a federal holiday--but I do not particularly support it as that. My point is that BECAUSE it is, then others ought not act as if it is a burden for them. They are free to change the law, they are free to ignore the holiday, they are free to use the day as they see fit--even to work if they prefer. In a just society, you cannot penalize one group because they take off and celebrate a day that the gubmint has declared is a "free day."

On the otherhand if we were to change the law, then NO specific cultural god-referent day can be used. We should simply offer employees 2 days per year, dates of their choosin', that they can have fer religious observances. Keeps if fair fer all. Private enterprises can set whatever days they want or do not want. I mean, a muslim owned bidness is free to shut down in ramadan, or a Jewish owned is free to give employees Yon Kippur off.

But really, when ya's thinkin' on it, they way ya stated yore premise means that no culutre except ours is "just". Doan reckon
Asian cultures or Muslim cultures or African cultures or whowever else is gonna care about yore religious days when ya live in their countries. They jes doan care, an' they ain't worried about justice in the matter. AN I think thas' jes fine--fine.


Cause I'se persuaded that religious freedom is a right no matter whar' ya is or live. But religious FAVOR is not yore right in a culture whar's youse the minority. So, iffin' I move to Bomaby, NYD, I will want to quietly take off Christmas. But I ain't thinkin' the Indians is unjust iffin' they doan make a day fer my minority needs. AN I ain't got no right to make a stink over the Hindu festivities on the Hindu big days.

Folks who act like the majority of Americans is criminal cause the celebrate Christmas is off base. It began as a Christian nation/culture. The whole separation of church an' state is a massive PR coup. THEY AIN'T NO SUCH THANG IN THE CONSTITUTION.

It says there will not be an established state religion. It does not mentionseparatin the state from people of religious beleif--hardly.

Keep in mind that they's sick of England bein' both church and state, as it was since Henry VIII's time. The founders was tryin to make sure the state did not constrain the churches.

That phrase, "separation of churhc ans state" is in a private letter of Jefferson's--it ain't in NO US Founding document.

Boxer said...

Very, very interesting - NYD and your Comment included. It's going to sound funny, but until now I've never truly realized that Christmas is a federal holiday.

People say Christmas has become too commercialized and that's WHY very few people are truly happy during the Holidays... maybe it's also because Christmas has been stripped of everything that MAKES it Christmas. I will NOT say Happy Holidays to vendors, customers, etc. On Friday, As I opened the door to let a vendor out, I held up my hand and said “Don’t do it. Don’t say it. Let me help you. MERRY CHRISTMAS” and then I shut the door.

Now that SAD statistic for Seattle... it truly rains here all of the time. It’s not because of the tree hugging liberals that allowed an atheists display at our Capitol, it's because of the R A I N. Honestly, it never stops.

Good Post, Aunty.

Gnomeself Be True said...

At some point someone changed "Freedom OF" to "Freedom FROM."
It does not make me happy.

K9 said...

i love cause and effect.

Merry Christmas!

TROLL said...

Bit off-topic but there's no place where the divide between a State's great patriotic majority and the administrations of it's institutions of higher-learning is greater.

North Carolina has a lot of negros who VOTE democrat reflexively. And a fair number of whites who often VOTE democrat. But it has VERY VERY few hard-left knee-jerk Anti-American Anti-Christian Anti-Capitalist fanatics

But the Faculty and Administrations of Duke, UNC, NC State, Wake Forest, Davidson etc...
are now 95% treasonous hate-fueled far left fanatics.