Partition of Amerika:From the Congressional Record

NOTE: This post should be read after reading the preceding post.
Also, see maps of serfdom below.

Official testimony of Senator Hutchison of Texas
Congressional Record S13790,
Friday, September 30, 1994.




Mr. President, on August 5, 35 Senators signed a letter to the majority leader regarding consideration by the Senate of the Convention on BioDiversity. The letter requested that the Senate delay consideration of the treaty until our concerns were addressed. These concerns remain, but it appears that the majority leader intends to bring up the treaty before adjournment.

Under the treaty, a conference of parties will meet after the treaty is in force to negotiate the details of the treaty. We need to know how the Senate, in fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities to concur in treaties, can review the provisions of a treaty that will not be written until the meeting of the conference of parties. As Senators HELMS, PRESSLER, and COVERDELL stated in the committee report on this BioDiversity Treaty.

The financing mechanism, the degree to which intellectual property is protected, the definitions of developed and developing states, the voting weights and procedures for member states: all of these and other important matters are left undecided.

Moreover, the convention and resolution of ratification do not require that protocols or amendments developed by the conference of the parties that are signed by the President be submitted to the Senate for ratification. Protocols are being drafted for the November conference that we have not had a chance to review and will not have the opportunity to approve. We are sworn to uphold the Constitution. We cannot delegate that duty with a blank check to an international body, or to the President.

We need to know why the treaty prohibits countries from making reservations from agreeing to any of its provisions. Because the treaty is not subject to reservation, any congressional or executive statements saying we do not agree to be bound by a provision of the treaty will be ineffective after the treaty is in force. We will instead by bound by the conference's interpretations of the treaty.

I am especially concerned about the effect of the treaty on private property rights in my State and throughout America. Private property is constitutionally protected, yet one of the draft protocols to this treaty proposes "an increase in the area and connectivity of habitat." It envisions buffer zones and corridors connecting habitat areas where human use will be severely limited.

Are we going to agree to a treaty that will require the U.S. Government to condemn property for wildlife highways? Are we planning to pay for this property? One group, the Maine Conservation Rights Institute, has prepared maps of what this would mean. I do not know if they are accurate yet, but that is my point. Neither do the proponents of this treaty.

Article 10 of the treaty states that we must "protect and encourage customary use of biological resources***that are compatible with conservation or sustainable use requirements"--as set by the treaty. Whether our ranchers could continue to use public and private land for grazing could depend not just on the Secretary of the Interior's latest grazing rulemaking, but on whether grazing is considered a compatible use for conservation under the treaty. This bio-diversity treaty could preempt the decisions of local, State, and Federal lawmakers for use of our natural resources. The details that are left for negotiation could subject every wetlands permit, building permit, waste disposal permit, and incidental taking permit to international review.

We would be subjecting property owners to international review, which would be yet another step in the already egregious bureaucratic processes, just to have the very basic permits necessary for the use of their own private property.

I believe that arguments that the treaty should have been approved by August 30, 1994, in order to have a vote at the conference of parties in November 1994 are without merit. The administration is fully aware of the Senate's authority to approve treaties and the time necessary for approval. The administration would have left more time for consideration by the full Senate.

Here we are, in the last 10 days of the scheduled session, and we are being asked to consider a very important international treaty that is not very well known, and the consequences of which are even less well known.

I am well aware of some Senators' concerns about approving the treaty before the November conferences of parties so that we can be a participant. But we will qualify as an observer to the negotiations. The United States would be the largest donor to the Global Environmental Facility--the proposed financing mechanism--and certainly can expert the parties to pay close attention to our suggestions if they want us to contribute money.

Mr. President, I think the responsible approach here would be to let the November conference of parties come together before we have passed this treaty. Let us review what other parties propose at the negotiations. I think it would be better to pass the treaty later, after we know the details.

I do not feel comfortable, Mr. President, giving a blank check, passing a treaty which is very a important constitutional responsibility of this Senate, before we have fully negotiated the treaty and know what will be in it.

I think it is very, very important that we wait and get more information. We can ratify the treaty later. The important thing, Mr. President, is that we do not pass something that will bind this Congress and our Nation when we do not have enough information about what is going to be in the treaty.

We cannot approve a treaty on someone else's timetable. Unless we are given adequate time to fully debate the treaty and make reservations and understandings as are absolutely necessary, we should not act. We should have full and open debate on these issues. We should not rush this treaty at the last moment before the end of Congress.

Several of my colleagues and I have statements for the RECORD in opposition to consideration of the treaty at this time, and about the concerns that we would like to have addressed before or during the November meeting. The five of us, and many others of our colleagues, will oppose a motion of proceed to consideration of the treaty.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

(Note--fortunately, Sen. Hutchison prevailed. But, Bomama is in favor of this tyranny.)

In the map above --the "in progress" map--Florida is already on track to be purged of human life in all but the most urban segments. This is seen by Florida being nearly all red in the map--this year alone millions more Florida acreage was deeded to the state, paid for in part wif' Federal (yore taxpayer money) dollars. For NOW, the people livin' in these acres is allowed to remain, but the 20 year plan is to evict them all !

In this map below the green is for human habitation...what? Ya doan see much green? No joke. Reckon ya doan...here's why: The smaller the area in which humans are confined, the easier it will be for the globocops to keep y'all corralled and monitored. Of course, the pretense is that it is all fer biodiversity. Sounds so good, ya' see, cause ya cain't jes' say "Global Serfdom," without provokin' the natives.

Aunty appreciates folks who is vigilant fer they own liberty. I ain't so rich I can take time from work to write a whole dissertation on this topic but here is a good source that will hep y'all start yore own education--read it. It's short. From thar' ya can find more thangs to investigate...even see a CNN clip that talks about it...then let's meet up again an see who can say "conspiracy nuts" wif a straight face.

* * * * * *

TO put this whole thang in some perspective, take a look at the multitude of of pro-Wildlands organizations--like this one(click here) who are delighted to save the snail darter even iffin' it means you and yore babies gotta die in concrete pigeonholes built as "human habitats" in the approved zones.

Here is another newsletter from the human haters--oh yes, they want you to believe that it is all for preservation of nature--so they use those "useful idiots" like the national tree huggers to dress thangs up real purty fer ya-they even admit it:

"Wildlands Project Grows with a New Name
Ralph Waldo Emerson, U.S. essayist and poet once said, “We do what we must, and call it by the best names.” (See? Call it by the best name--yeah, call it "bio-diversity" cause' planetary peasant doan sound to good.) For 18 years, our conservation community, scientists and supporters have embraced the Wildlands Project name. Creating a vision, developing science and spreading the word about continental-scale conservation have become goals synonymous with our monicker."

-but look at what they plan:

Spine of the Continent Initiative Hosts Conservation Summit
The strategic plan for the Spine of the Continent Initiative will be honed during a landmark event, “The Western Conservation Summit” hosted by the Wildlands Project and its partners next January. Leading conservation scientists E.O. Wilson, Paul Ehrlich,(yep, the Population BOmb author who wants the eath's population dropped by 4/5ths! Yep, only one of 6 people will be left alive under his plan) and Michael Soulé, and representatives of major foundations and leading conservation organizations from around the globe will be attending...read more.


"It would seem that in the last decade or two, the environmental movement, which is diverse, has been infused by the energy of a disgruntled left that hold postmodernist attitudes about authority, power and social institutions. Environmentalism as I read it today is the bandwagon for a new social movement, which did not quite make it through the entry route of Marxism. Perhaps it now posits itself as the 'third-way' or a new form of anarchism. I think this is an interesting change, for fundamentally at the heart of this issue is social transformation and issues of governance."


"Beneath the rhetoric of survival, behind the Sierra Club calendars, beyond the movie-star appeals, lies a full-fledged ideology – an ideology every bit as powerful as Marxism and every bit as dangerous to individual freedom and human happiness. Like Marxism, it appeals to seemingly noble instincts: the longing for beauty, for harmony, for peace. It is the green road to serfdom."

—The Green Road to Serfdom, Virginia I. Postrel

How it works:

"In the 1930s, Ugandan leaders were persuaded by international conservationists that this area was threatened by loggers, miners, and other extractive interests. In response, three forest reserves were created?the Mgahinga, the Echuya, and the Bwindi?all of which overlapped with the Batwa's ancestral territory. For sixty years these reserves simply existed on paper, which kept them off-limits to extractors. And the Batwa stayed on, living as they had for generations, in reciprocity with the diverse biota that first drew conservationists to the region.

However, when the reserves were formally designated as national parks in 1991 and a bureaucracy was created and funded by the World Bank's Global Environment Facility to manage them, a rumor was in circulation that the Batwa were hunting and eating silverback gorillas, which by that time were widely recognized as a threatened species and also, increasingly, as a featured attraction for ecotourists from Europe and America. Gorillas were being disturbed and even poached, the Batwa admitted, but by Bahutu, Batutsi, Bantu, and other tribes who invaded the forest from outside villages. The Batwa, who felt a strong kinship with the great apes, adamantly denied killing them. Nonetheless, under pressure from traditional Western conservationists, who had come to believe that wilderness and human community were incompatible, the Batwa were forcibly expelled from their homeland....read more.

Here's the last thang I'se gonna put in this post. The folks behind all this is Marxists. They's the World Wildlife Federation and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)--the latter run by secretive billionaire Canadian Maurice Strong (who owns thousands of acres in the US Southwest, including a ranch wif' a ziggurat on it whar' he an his New Age weird-wired-whacked buddies go to commune wif Gaia--I is NOT makin' this up, in mah real life I has yakked wif his henchmam--[no that is not a typo].) Thar's a whole gaggle of 'em..iffin' ya git the list of the folks who serve on the boards of all these global "conservation" or "ecology" or "resource defense funds" an' compare it to the deep pockets who hang out at Davos each year, well what do ya know? huh? Seems the economic honchos pullin' the world's financial strings is all tree huggers too--ain't that cozy?

Of course, across the world in that bastion opf freedom, China, thar was the World Urban Forum, jes' another service brought to you by the UN. One endearin' seminar was on slum mapping and monitoring--from space:

"Slum mapping with space imagery
- Room: EH 101
International Institute for Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation (ITC) and the Ministry of Housing, Planning and Environment, The Netherlands
This session brings together experts in slum mapping to share their experiences with the wider WUF community. It will explain how information on slums can be extracted from very high resolution remote sensing images, for basic slum mapping, planning and monitoring purposes. It also provides insight into participatory approaches to slum mapping involving NGOs and CBOs. Examples of slum mapping from cities around the world are given, demonstrating the diversity of contexts and implications for slum mapping processes. "

Got that, Folks? Other seminars focused on keepin' the peace once these urabn horrors are "mapped."

Ever wonder how can a global crisis hurt every nation? Ever think about that?

When yore neighbor across the street loses his job, invests unwisely , etc. does yore life come apart? If nations were truly sovereign, our economy might git a bump, but not a crisis when some OTHER country defaulted--it's cause we's allowed the "globall market" to dictate to us--thas' all the Davos crowd--dictate terms that make it possible for the interconnections to structure all markets like pearls on a string...so a plunging stock market in Tokyo smacks London too. Figger what that TRULY means? NO country can escape the global banking cabal's ' power! With no economy, yore "sovereignty" is a joke.

Lemme see now...if evolutionary advancement means only the most sinister survive and thrive, if technology is so advanced now that easy livin' can be had wif'out a battalition of laundresses and scullery maids, then all the elite need to live like Cosmic Poobahs is a few robo-maids per plantation, the only problem left is how to git the masses off mah plantation lawn....I needs a plan.

Well, if I an' mah buddies control the currencies --especially in a "crisis" whar' I can hand out billions of bailout bucks to mah comrades-- and the planet's land is controlled by eco-treaties, an' Eurocrats at the UN is about to install a "Global peace force" under control of the Blue Helmets, an' finally, finally! we have PEBO--a Marxist-- an Monsanto will take care of food control, and water control is quietly seeping forward....

ah, well...y'all can connect the dots. I have another deadline to git to...sigh.


K9 said...

very nice aunty. will comment later. still at work and will be until.........it's finished. check yore email.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Pup...thanky. More to come.

Meanwhile, ever'body, iffin' ya wnat a good fiction account of how this global economic cabal works--or started, read the fiction of Taylor Caldwell. Her Dynasty of Death is about munitions merchants, Captains and Kings is a fictionalized account of the attempt to nationalize US banks in the 1800s.

Now, they have.

fishy said...

left you a comment on previous post.
Scares me aplenty!

TROLL said...

Ugly stuff. Fishy's first-hand account was ugly too. I would have buried that Canuck in an environmentally friendly manner.

Aunty Belle said...

Roger that, K9. Good luck.

Fishy, fear is appropriate. Yore story on the previous post is proff of the "trickle down" of UN dictates to "sovereign nations".

It is very ungly out there an' about to git jes' plain hideous.
This is because folks is still stunned, but when they come to, they's gonna be such civil unrest--why looky at Iceland, voted "the happiest palce on earth in May--yep, jes' 6 months ago those frozen folks thought they had the best deal on the globe. Now, they's got riot police cordons around every bank and public bldg. Happy happy!

Anonymous said...

Oh Auntie Dear, did you hear?
1100 cars burned in Paris on New Year's Eve.

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
Today my local paper published an editorial from the Augusta, Ga Chronicle. No date or author were referenced. The title of the editorial is "Mega-region concept worth listening to" Since I can't direct you to a website for this, I am retyping it here:

"Will local communities put aside their parochial economic interests in order to participate in huge regional economic development plans that could involve up to six states?

Night-time satellite photos clearly show how clusters of cities are growing toward each other to form what academics are calling "mega-regions".

One such "mega-region" in the works involves, among other cities, Birmingham,Al, Atlanta, GA,
and Charlotte,NC and is now spreading to include Athens,Augusta and Savannah.

Catherine Ross, director of the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development @ Georgia Tech says that by cooperatively employing plans that capitalize on the strengths of each part of the region-from banking centers in Birmingham and Charlotte to the transportation centers in Atlanta and Savannah-the whole region will maximize its economic potential.

Planning would include, but not be limited to, prioritizing communities' strengths in transportation projects, water usage and economic development plans.

These advocates fully understand that there will be a lot of opposition to such large-scale public planning - not just among communities but also states.

Smaller communities don't like the idea of Big Brother coming in and telling them how to plan their economic future.

This is why any such "mega-region" planning project as Ross is pushing must be done entirely on a voluntary basis. This means that she and other mega-region advocates have a huge selling job on their hands.

But perhaps the strongest thing they have going is to demonstrate that when neighboring communities don't cooperate-or worse, try to steal market share from one another - they Balkanize their economies. When that happens, businesses that might have been willing to locate in their neck of the woods decide to go somewhere else - maybe even abroad - where the business climate is more cooperative and friendly.

We're not prepared to endorse the mega-region concept, but we-and hopefully others-will listen to its proponents with an open mind."


After I read about the "mega-regions" I turned the page to see an article entitled,
"A Call to Action". A whole damn page to tell about that
"National Action Network" started by Al Sharpton was a coming here to hold one of their "justice" ralleys and form up a new chapter.
The fit that followed nearly gave Blowfish a heart stop.

K9 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
banana stealing mole said...

the point was made tonight - it is intellectual laziness to discount these plans as conspiracy. if there is even 1% chance it was real, wouldnt you want to know?

K9 said...

like fishy says anybody that doesnt go along with ever increasing controls is a hater of one stripe or another. dont like random road checks? you must be for drunk drivers! dont like how obama and gun control advocates describe our second amendment right as a privilege? you must be for violence! dont like the state telling you what you can do with your property? you must hate the earth! dont want to pay shake down taxes? you are contributing to global warming. what is all this little by little intrusions into our lives training us to accept?

on and on and on. federal income tax. tax on car tags. tax on dog tags. property tax. gas tax. cigarette tax. food tax. state sales tax. permits.on an on and on.

these are strategies towards what aunty calls serfdom. and correctly, i think.

looks to me like the plan is to remove people from any ability to be independent to the state. everytime in history where people were enslaved food was at the core. auntys links should be clicked ..read it for yourself and if you have the constitution, start diggin up the UN's global plans for management. youll see.

great post!!!!

durandal said...

take heed


Anonymous said...

From National Geographic:

Doomsday Seed Vault


Aunty Belle said...

Thanky Anon--good link.

More fodder ...

"Crops that produce our food
With this Treaty, crops that produce our food - our breads, our curries, our tortillas, our couscous, and our pasta - are put into a common pool. The treaty facilitates access to those crops, makes them available free of charge for certain uses to researchers who agree to share any future commercial benefits from their use in modern plant breeding or biotechnology."

From the UN's International Treaty on Plant Genetics Resources, part of the 2000 Millennium Development Goals.

Folks, Aunty sees the whole situation like fire.

New technologies can be fabulous for mankind. Or breed horrors.

Fire is not good or bad, it can cook your food an' keep ya' warm--or it can burn yore house down.

It is the care and use we put fire to that makes the difference.

The bio-weaponized Monsanto "business model" indicates how those who control thangs is takin' new technologies.

Get yore own seed vaults. Purchase open pollinatin' or heirloom seeds.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Dawg! Youse out from under yore deadline? Hooray!!

Yep, as usual, ya lay it out wif a zinger,

"looks to me like the plan is to remove people from any ability to be independent to the state. everytime in history where people were enslaved food was at the core."

Looky Pup, folks is wakin' up some--keep preachin'.

Fishy-Icthy! WOw--I knowed the regional "aggregate resources and conservation management" policy was out thar as part of the UN's "Global Commons" plan, but I reckon I thought it was gathrin' dust in places like Alabama.

Keep hollerin'--mainly at city hall, county boards, citizen's meetin's an' the like.

Banana Eatin' Mole (hee hee --thas' hilarious)

Is it conspiracy when they say it theyselves, an show out 70% of their plans--

I doan think it is no conspiracy at a'tall. I think it is a difference in philosophy an' world view cloaked in "polite" terms so ya woan bolt.

I think of it like this--iffin' a Nazi came into your city council an proposed Hitlerian policies against the citizens, you'd bolt or throw a net over him. So he jes' ssmiles big an rephrases thangs so it sounds alturistic, like how the trains will all run on time an ' life will be orderly and hyper-organized an' youse never gonna have to fear fer bein' late to serfdom jobs.

Me? I know freedom is messy. Some folks is careless, or daydreamin', an the trains of life might be late or even derailed onc't in awhile, but we's free and we know perfection cannot be had if men have freedom to follow their notions.

"perfection" means robotic precision. Apply that to a human bein' an' ya have not jes' serfdom, but the theft of yore very mind an' thoughts.

Welcome Durandal. WIll check yore link.

Anon # 1 PAris is burinin' again?

moi said...


As someone born and raised and still living in rural America, it always galls me that most so called "environmentalists" have never spent much time out in the actual environment. They've never fished a mountain stream. They've never rappelled through a slot canyon. They've never roamed on horseback through the Great American Short Grass Plains or even swam in a lake. It's like Wayne Pacelle, director of the Humane Society of the United States, freely admitting he didn't grow up around animals and actually feels no natural affinity for them.

The other thing that bothers me about environmentalists is that none of them take into consideration the human being factor. Are WE not animals? Did we not also evolve for a purpose? Why are WE the odd men out and not the cockroaches? Do we not have a right to exist? To raise families? To enjoy the fruits of our labors?

Do they KNOW how freakin' large this planet is? I read somewhere once that Texas is so vast, you could take the entire world's population and put them all in Texas. And everyone would have a half acre of land to live on. Not that we'd actually want to do that, but my point is, just how endangered is our open space anyway?

Finally, as S.B. often says: We can't save everything. Is it a tragedy that the dinosaurs were wiped out? How about all the animals that went extinct even before we started "messing" with the natural order of things. What IS natural order anyway? How can we be so arrogant as to think we know what that is?

That being said, I'm all for certain "conservation" efforts. For keeping our own backyards clean, for leaving no trace when we're out in the wilderness, for doing what we can to preserve our resources for future use.

But these wackos? Puhleeze. They're not about conservation. They're fascists who hate the human race.

K9 said...

exactly moi. i read that same thing about texas -each person would have 100 square feet and some change. mind boggling isnt it. its just and excuse to control. as usual.

Bird said...

AB, these two post present two very polarized, extremist sides here - yet there are far more than just two sides to this issue.

To echo K9, but with a different slant: speak out against the Iraq War, decry the controls of the Patriot Act, the wiretapping, etc., the brutality of Guantonomo (sp?) - you're a traitor to the U.S.

Not seeing a conspiracy - intellectual laziness? How about just being a doubting Thomas?

Interpretation of the evidence is the key. I think we all of us jump to conclusions based very little on the evidence at hand, but more on our assumptions and proclivities. Takes a lot of doing to pull back and see things clearly - and we never quite reach the full clarity we need. Still worth trying though.

I can see both benefits and disadvantages to this mega-region stuff but framing the argument with a region vs. local, world vs. the US, environmentalists vs. humans, us vs. them provides a false dichotomy. It's not black and white - it's not all this or all that. Too many shades of grey.

Of course, I'd want my community and "region" to have as much local control as possible - but with an eye toward understanding how one community and region affects the other. Can't build up your own house at the expense of your neighbor, whether your neighbor be the fellow next door, the wildlands five miles away, the city down the road, the state or country at your borders, or the nation hundreds of miles away.

Got to be a reasonable way to address local issues while still considering the regional, got to be a way to address the "global" connections - while still protecting our national interests.

Bird said...

AB, these two post present two very polarized, extremist sides here - yet there are far more than just two sides to this issue.

To echo K9, but with a different slant: speak out against the Iraq War, decry the controls of the Patriot Act, the wiretapping, etc., the brutality of Guantonomo (sp?) - you're a traitor to the U.S.

Not seeing a conspiracy - intellectual laziness? How about just being a doubting Thomas?

Interpretation of the evidence is the key. I think we all of us jump to conclusions based very little on the evidence at hand, but more on our assumptions and proclivities. Takes a lot of doing to pull back and see things clearly - and we never quite reach the full clarity we need. Still worth trying though.

I can see both benefits and disadvantages to this mega-region stuff but framing the argument with a region vs. local, world vs. the US, environmentalists vs. humans, us vs. them provides a false dichotomy. It's not black and white - it's not all this or all that. Too many shades of grey.

Of course, I'd want my community and "region" to have as much local control as possible - but with an eye toward understanding how one community and region affects the other. Can't build up your own house at the expense of your neighbor, whether your neighbor be the fellow next door, the wildlands five miles away, the city down the road, the state or country at your borders, or the nation hundreds of miles away.

Got to be a reasonable way to address local issues while still considering the regional, got to be a way to address the "global" connections - while still protecting our national interests.

Aunty Belle said...

Wow!! Excellent comments.

Bird Beauty! Always happy ter see ya flap on over heah (Hey--ya know I'd visit more often in yore nest but some of those words make mah mind jitter--jes' sayin')

I see yore point. Yore IDEA is fine--to look at data from several angles of view--no harm in that.

Here's that thang that prickles mah hackles, Birdy--we seen this pattern afore in history. IT always has the same endin'. Tyranny.

Looky, let's usuns admit somethin' straight up--no tyranny is gonna call a press conference to announce:

"We's done wif' this democracy crap, so here's the new memo: We's in control now, ya dupes, you planetary peons. Deal wif' it on yore own, ain't gonna be no gubmint paid grief counselin'"

Naw, Birdy, they ain't gonna admit until it is too late to keep the fairy tale goin'..

Ever read how them heinous Sandanistas, Miguel d'Escoto, and Ernesto Cardenal laughed at the stupid Germans when the former went to Germany on a fund raisin' jaunt? How they bragged that the Germans ONCE AGAIN, fell fer the lie that they was gonna turn Nicaragua into a democrativc nation, jes' as sooon as they had control, they would drop all they Marxist thuggery--thuggery bein' the temporary tactic to gain control of the nation--oh! and THEN when all Marxists were at the the helm, why, boys and girls, then the Tooth Fairy goanna brang ya some democracy.

Birdy, we have seen this pattern afore, the endin' is THE ENDIN'!

Aunty Belle said...



We's part of "nature".

On tyranny-lite, that first stage of pretense, it's always fer some GOOD soundin' cause--like the environment. I'se here to tell any an all who will listen: At Rio (Earth Summit 1992) thar' was NO idea of care for man, only how to wrest control and money from nations.

Aunty Belle said...

Dawgy Pup,

what worries me most now?

Our whole judicial and political infrastructure will be bent to perpetuate a lie.

Anonymous said...

MORE land grab, Auntie.
"WASHINGTON – In a rare Sunday session, the Senate advanced legislation that would set aside more than 2 million acres in nine states as wilderness. Majority Democrats assembled more than enough votes to overcome GOP stalling tactics in an early showdown for the new Congress."

K9 said...

meanwhile a super lib like ted turner got his kajillion prisitne acres. cause hes alot better than us. all libs are. the rules are always for us not them.

bird i agree. its a damn shame obama voted for patriot 1, 2 and FISA. and the bailout. and hired into his cabinet the architects of dismantling the glass stegall act and kept Gates, the invader.

no matter how you slice it this cake is dry and it tastes real real bad.

Anonymous said...

hell, the cake's been around since 1789 and the mold spores infected the Western World

moi said...

Until I see Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio, etc. riding the bus to and from work, moving to a five flight walk up in the middle of the Bronx, and forgoing plane travel in favor of Amtrak, they can talk to Moi's hand on environmental issues . . .

Anonymous said...

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