MELTDOWN & The Census

  • Bruce Chapman is a former director of the Census Bureau. He says handing control of the Census over to the White House would compromise the integrity of the system and the population count so many people rely on.

    "The first consequence is that literally states could [gain] or lose congressional seats. There could be changes in the makeup of legislative bodies within states," he notes. "Millions, billions of dollars of money could be reallocated according to some sort of formula where the Census Bureau's hard numbers are adjusted by sampling techniques and computer Bruce Chapman (Discovery)modeling, which are not good science."

    Chapman says it is disingenuous for the Obama administration to continue talking about its respect for science while it is considering adjusting the count of experienced statisticians with "public opinion-style" sampling and computer models that will undermine the credibility of the Census numbers.

Thomas E. Woods Jr. goes where politicians and the media won't. Instead of skewering the free market, he traces back this economic boom-turned-bust to one of the most revered government institutions of all—the Federal Reserve System.

If you want to understand what caused the financial meltdown—and why none of the big-government solutions being tried today will work—Meltdown explains it all.


moi said...

It's already in my queue with Borders. But, damn, I'm getting tired . . .

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

I will go read Meltdown.

It will be so interesting to see how history records this time. So many people out there have ideas on what will and wont work, but in my opinion its all a crap shoot.

We are so connected with the world now that what we do is totally affected by what other countries do... In my opinion we need to be working more globally.

It disgusts me that the original bank bail out was so mishandled, but in truth, we had to act quickly to avoid a much larger problem. I am just hope that whatever we try doesnt cost us so much we have to sell our souls to the devil... even more than we have.

CHEF TROLL said...

People don't realize how important the US Census is. An inaccurate census manipulated by Soros and Rahm Emmanuel will do more long-term harm to the Nation than the current Pork Barrel Trillions Bill Obama will prolly sign Monday.

Virtually all the complaints I've heard by "Conservative" talking-heads has involved the Political/Electoral mess this will cause. And they're right. But they're missing something else. Namely:

1) A tiny group of people including Soros will know what the REAL NUMBERS are.

2) The financial value of being the ONLY people who know the real numbers is astoundingly large.

3) This isn't just a political power-play to gain democrats more seats in Congress and in State and Local Governments.

4) This will result in Crony-Capitalism of the most despicable kind.

5) Mark my words! A Soros crony WILL start a business that purports only to interpolate, extrapolate and analyze US Census data on behalf of clients.

6) In reality, they will have exclusive access to the REAL DATA that isn't in the falsified publicly available US Census.

7) Businesses, including mine, will have 2 choices. Use the free US Census data that's inaccurate or pay-through-the-nose to get the real numbers.

8) There are currently some companies that offer their expertise in evaluating the publicly available Census Data.

9) They will be driven to bankruptcy by the Soros goons.

Aunty Belle said...

THe census grab is is absolute MARXIST TYRANNY. Was that loud enough?

Expect a veri-chip in your hand next.

But, adventure lies ahead for the clever. We will soon be living inside a movie, folks. Red Dawn meets Blade Runner.

moi said...

Fuggedabout Moi in 2012. Troll.

fishy said...

If we are going to be the kids in Red Dawn can I be the shooter? I promise I won't hesitate a nano