Global Currency

Unless youse daid, ya' heered how the Chinese suggest that a global currency will solve the financial troubles of the world? Yep, read that on the plane comin' home ---


Now folks---really. A global currency means a global government.

Why does I smell a rat thas' been eatin' Limburger?

Reckon the recession was engineered so that folks of the world would be "forced" to accept one currency for the whole planet?


Ardlair said...

The answer is no.
You are uber-paranoid if you believe that.

But anyway didn't it just fill you up with waves of nostalgia to see our three iconic avatars nestling so closely together on your last post?

Modest little me sandwiched between the naughty big black dog and the catalonian inquisitrix?

Just like the good old days!

I didn't know which way to turn............


Aunty Belle said...

Heh. Sugar Pie, the Q is rhetorical even if the Chinese suggestion ain't. Ever the opportunists, Beijing plants a rotten seed--for all that they's late to it--the UN done already laid plans fer the UNicurrency.

Nostalgia is it? I'se charmed to be an inquistrix though I thought the Castillians more fierce than the refined Catalans. No matter, mah heart belongs to the Galicians though I do dally in the more remote Basque villages(Aspetia, Roncesvalles,Burgette) when I can git thar'. Separatists, of course, as befits a true Southern Belle.

K9 said...


Doom said...

Well, sure, but won't it be a capitalist, democratic, and constitutional government Aunty? I mean, what, with China behind it, what else could it be?

Cynicism has a unique odor. Sometimes sweet, this time not.

Oh, and howdy.