Election Apathy

Did ya nary a word about elections in the European Union?

Me neither.

Ain't only that the US media thinks nobody else on earth matters, but the Euros theyselves was
"ho-hum." Only 43% of the people in 27 member states bothered to show up to vote. So it warn't no "French" problem or "Portuguese" problem or a Greek problem--nope it is a EUROPE wide problem when the people jes' cain't be bothered to exercise their democratic rights.

But wait..WHY they doan give a fig is the big question. Reckon it has to do wif' the fact that no matter how they vote the pollyticians doan do what the people want? Ya know, like when France, Holland and Ireland turn down the Lisbon Treaty, so the pollyticians keep shoving the dang treaty back across the table--or like Tony Blair, refuse to even give folks the chance to vote via a referendum? Yep. Why bother is the prevalin' attitude now--jes why in the heck bother?

Harsh truth is that the EU paliamentarians is jes' monkeys on a chain--they dance to the tune of the European Commission--an UNelected bunch of bureau-thugs. The individual nations ain't ackshully free to reject the "directives" that Comission sends down to the parliament.

No wonder that Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky calls it the EUSSR!

Mah point is Europe is driftin' into a dangerous apathy. Makes the region vulnerable to tyrants.

An' it can happen here too. People no longer believe that their elected representatives respond to "the people." When millions faxed, called and emailed their reps about the hideous theft called a "bail -out" the cowards turned off their faxes.

Doan go to sleep at the wheel, folks--it's a dangerous time.


Doom said...

I know it is dangerous Aunty, but the electoral process is broken. I do not think that elections will do anything except put different liars who do the same thing in office. And more, I simply do not trust that votes are counted, counted correctly, or that the courts are worthy to make judgments of such. Politics, at this time, is like the economy. They are now completely dependent upon faith or belief. The problem is, there is no real good reason to believe. The options look stark, but they are all that is left.

I do not believe I can vote again. After voting for the Bushs, as I told a college thug, so as to support the socialist against the communist, I drew the line in the sand and refused to vote for McLeftistDolt! There are few Republicans or any or no party politicians I see on the horizon. Further, the party has a queer and black as the lead, driving the party right into the ground.

Falling asleep at the wheel? How about looking for a place to hide because nothing but a civil war, a hot one, has any chance of fixing things, here or in Europe. And with no real conservatives left to do such a thing, it will just as likely become a totalitarian thing as not. It is not worth fighting for what is, and probably not what will be, if just possibly what could be. It's a thin line.

Aunty Belle said...

I hear ya...an' have heard others wif' yore same take away point.

I has a strange observation:
Politics needs to be put back in its place.

I mean that politics is not meant as, never could be, anybody's savior. Folks need to look elsewhar' for somethin' to help them find satisfaction in life, to find meaning in life, to find a social group.

Politics is meant to address a LIMITED intersection of citizens who cede a few decision makin' powers to the corporate whole as represented by the politicians.

Until people take their own lives back, even a civil war will fail.

Doom said...


Actually, I know few other conservatives and believe not in government help but that the government has gone too far too fast. I see it as no less than a threat, one I cannot seem to oppose by voting, letter writing, or phone calls.

I think I understand what you are suggesting, that politics is not really important and that there is no real threat. And, that may be. For my part, I am looking for a place to not be one of the first places a government gone over the edge begins to look for people who disagree. I do hope you are right. I wish I could share your understanding.

It is in the Church, or some parts of it, where I find hope, faith, and charity. And, that is where I will be present when I find one that is still obedient to the word, the Magisterium, and the Word. It is where I will find fellowship. However, what I see happening in politics is so antithetical to my faith, and perhaps a threat to it, that even there the shadow falls. How soon before priests may not discuss abortion or any of the key issues of the Church?

Just saying.

chickory said...

what needs to happen is a massive refusal to participate. stop the flow of money to their coffers. thats voting -for real! by threat they tax and tax and plan still more taxes which they then use to further control us. nobody should pay JACK. thats the real revolution.

just tonight i was with 3 girlfriends and the conversation drifted to this kind of talk - one was saying "look, life is good i choose not to bother with this." well, with all due respect we do not have the luxury of time to lalalalalalalalalalalalalala our way through treachery. life is good -so good its worth standing against tyranny so it might also be go for the generations to follow.

Aunty Belle said...

Doom, no no--

I is NOT sayin' politics ain't a threat. Oh heck yeah--it is an ENORMOUS threat an' I'se very worriet
'bout it.

What I meant was that we done let pollyticks grab center stage in life--when CULTURE becomes dominated by pollyticks, we's toast.

Culture should reflect our understandin' of life--reason why we ain't got much culture left is that we gave too much heft to pollyticks, nit enough to livin' as we ought.

Youse dead on, Doom, 'bout the Magisterium. An' I also worries that priests woan be able to preach truth, or even to move about freely to celebrate mass. I will huddle wif' YOU, mah friend.


AMEN, sistah! Stop payin'
taxes--make the jerks sweat. Remove their power.

I does know of a goodly number of military types who say there is a army in the army--ya know?

Doom said...


I am sooo jealous. You have three girlfriends!?!? *chuckles* And, yeah, that is what I (mistakenly) thought Aunty was saying, about the lalalalal (etc).


Okay, I think I understanding what you are saying, finally. Though I am still a little confused. My confusion stems from what to do. Is the mistake a big thing which we have no choice in now, or is there something personal to do to decrease our need to be so politically oriented?

I mean, are you saying our whole culture went astray and we are now stuck worry about politics, daily it seems, or are you saying as individuals we have become too stuck in our positions, or both?

(If I didn't trust you, I wouldn't have asked. You seem to have a good way of saying things, and a pretty good head on your shoulders, if ever so often I go cross-eyed figuring it all out. I didn't say I had a good head on my shoulders. *smirk* )

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Doom,

youse got a fine haid on yore shoulders, no doubt about that.

Reckon I'se tryin' to say that the culture needs to be preeminent, not politics, but we's upside down. We done give too much power to the political element of our lives--literal power over us, an' the power of influence as well.

A good example is how too many Americans think that cause the gubmint makes somethin' legal that we all gotta say OK? No we doan. Or that if gubmint wants it it must be good? no it ain't.

National healthcare is a BAD idea. We can say so and should refuse it.

The states that tried to give the TARP $$ back is sayin' the right thang--we doan want this, we doan want you in our lives.

Culturally, we should go to movies wif' somethin' good to say, listen to music tht is good, read reliable histories, good novels--doan fill our brain wif' pap. Doan send kids to universities that i filled wif' PC trash. Serve on citizen's boards--like a school advisory board and object to texts that dumb down America.

Wear attractive clothing,
( no fanny cracks, no see through blouses) use good manners, decent speech--be honest. Save money, buy less on credit. Grow a garden, buy heritage seeds and share them. Support community enhancing projects like a local history museum or a Fourth of July picnic.

RESIST the culture of corruption. Dress up, not down, talk up not down, seek out beauty not crassness, vulgarity. GO to a symphony, support decent artists. Volunteer to help a good organization, speak out against the ACORNs of this world. Have gatherings with friends to discuss important matters--promote what is a good venue or event in yore town.

In other words, despite the gubmint tryin' to dumb us down an usin' power politics to do it, resist it. Live the resistance a the cultural level.

It might not turn our tide, Doom. But we need to try. We need to try.

Iffin' cultural resistance is insuffcient, well, our ForeFathers gave us an example of what to do when tyranny comes callin'.

Doom said...

Ahhhh! You mean, live like I think we should and why I get so angry when I leave my door and face what has become reality. Why didn't you just say so? :p *grins*


Oh, and seriously, thank you for taking your time helping me to understand. Though, too, I think what you said was so good that I am glad others see it. I didn't mean to press you though, I really just couldn't quite get a grasp on it all. You deserve an ice cream cone, (sugar) Coca~Cola, or a real slow roasted barbecue meal or something.

Aunty Belle said...

oooh! Doom, I'll take both! I mean, when was the last time ya had a Coke Float??? Hoo-whee! Paired wif' BBQ?? Yum!!

Akshully, I doan drink Co-Cola much anymore--love the stuff, but had to save it fer the special occasions. But to this day I think it cures a mild headache.

Hellpig said...

hiya B...reason you didnt hear about the EU elections is yes they are mostly puppets but more important is that all but 3 or 4 went from left to right leaning..with the individual countries to vote in new leaders soon most will be right leaning and you will not hear a peep outta the Comrade Obama media machine

2010 will be a telling point for the direction the future of the GOP is going,we either capitalize on the Comrade Obama effect or we will see a 2 term marxist as POTUS

8 years of Comrade Obama will be the death of America that we grew up in....hope you all bought stock in the firearms market..it aint booming for no reason

Aunty Belle said...


MY goodness Sugar, youse a sight fer sore yes!!

As usual, youse right on the money--the elections of MP's went RIGHT. Heh. Now ya'll see the EURO Zone wail about right wing extremists.

2010 is a pivot year--which direction will we go?

Yep, I agrees wif ya'--do not think America will survive 8 years of obamanation.
Come see us often Sweet Shoat.