No, It Ain't

As iffin' I ain't got enough to worry about when I goes to put mah haid on the pillow, heah comes' Ole Ben Williams wif' his high- brow quarterly to "share" an article wif' me on why /how capitalism is circling the drain.

"Belle, I know Uncle be's asleep already, so I'se jes' gonna hand ya this to read, No--I ain't comin' in. I'll be round tomorry to see what ya think."

I watched him amble back down the walkway, shoulders hunched forward against a light drizzle. He hopped in his buggy an was gone afore I got mah glasses on to see what was it that seemed so important.

The piece is a froth of lather-- all them Euro-Marxists is fallin' all over theyselves tell us how finally capitalism is daid.

No it ain't.

Looky, thangs is bad. BAD. The Poark Rind bidness is in a slough of slop. So I knows it is bad fer a whole lot of folks.

The economy is so bad that segments of it may die, should die (?). But "the economy" and capitalism ain't the same thang.

Thought experiment: If youse a uber -capitalist, does that mean youse in favor of monopolies? Prolly. But uber in this case is only achieved via the force of gubmint, not the market. When puppet masters pull the gubmint force arm down on ya,' that is tyranny, not capitalism.

Capitalism ain't daid. I ain't sure we's "hit bottom" since the trouble ain't yet as bad as 1983 (fer those too young to recall it) and even the Depression of 1929 din't "Kill" Capitalism.

SO I ain't worriet that Capitalism is daid.

What I is worriet might happen is that capitalism will migrate out of heah to a more felicitous spot on the globe...or two or ten. The Obamanation and puppet masters is tryin' to insure our Serfdom by controllin' who owns what an' taxin' ever'thang to death.

Back in 1991 a real smart fella who had lived under Marxism wrote:

“In our time, in particular,there exists another form of ownership which is becoming no less important than land: the possession of know-how, technology and skill. The wealth of the industrialized nations is based much more on this kind of ownership than on natural resources."
# 32


Doan be surprised if a brain drain begins....those wif' know-how will find a means of migratin' to whar' capitalism can thrive, or they will invent a samizat economy right under the nose of the Obamadroids. Entrepreneurs, creative folks and savvy peddlers all will figger out how to make somethin' happen.

I doan know--mebbe the current difficulty is a good thang--sendin' those of us who is a mite lazy back to the realm of self sufficiency and thrift. More important, those who thought a little immorality would be okeekeedokey has learnt somethin'--dishonesty in the market place kills the golden goose.

Capitalism depends on trust. It depends on laws that are impartial. Cronyism is a parasite on true capitalism. THose who abused capitalistic freedom now see that it opens the door to tryanny Looky pets, heah's the easy crib version of it:

Ya cain't make out no true economy based on a false understandin' of what mankind is. There will be competition. Some will lose, some wil gain. Some will work, some will smoke dope. Some will study some will wing it. The State as God equals tyranny. No state can "decree" an economy or a society fer long--it cain't enforce a false version of equality based on wishful thinkin' Thar' ain';t no such a thang as "outcome based economies". To achieve its dreams such, a state has to use brutal force.

Anyhoo, I'se ready to see Americans git a gut full of this clown an' vomit out the whole crew when the moment comes.


Stogie said...

It has often been said that the only way America will be destroyed if it destroys itself. We are well on the way.

Socialism is a philosophy of something-for-nothing and favored by losers and layabouts everywhere; people vote for it out of the worst impulses of human nature: to get something "free," to take wealth away from someone else in a legal form of robbery.

People are generally too damned dumb to realize that socialism costs them much more than it gives them -- in reduced products and services, in lost opportunities for self-improvement. Socialism is the God of poverty and despair.

Aunty Belle said...

I luvs ya' !

moi said...

Wait a minute. There are conservatives in the Bay Area? There's hope for America yet :o)

Seriously, though, you two couldn't have said it better. Trouble is, most folks aren't LISTENING.

Doom said...


Capitalism, along with Christianity, are just not going away. They are, for various reasons, two peas in a pod. The Dark Ages, Communism (going back to as early as 1003 B.C., the first mention of communards was by a pope in Rome and about the people of Italy at the time who was endangered in Rome by them, to my knowledge), Socialism, and islam have been trying to stomp both out.

I think they both operate within the principles that God created for the world so that they can never be erased by foolish men (and I mean foolish in the biblical sense). They are both based on creation, creativity, and being sucessful people.

If you really believe in God, do not worry about the follies of men. If your faith is good and your heart and mind are strong, lay this in God's hands. As for me, even though I am not fully satisfied with that (I want goodness, justice, and rightness to reign, and now!), I can and must live with it. And, I know, God has already won. We are just finishing the card game for legitimacy and for historic purposes.

Oh, as far as "capitalists" who create monopolies, those are not capitalists. If they have a monopoly, it is through government interference, as has been noted. If it prevents creation through that intermediary, than it is not capitalism, but a form of socialism. Do not let the left, the very ones who support and create such cronyism, to recast terms to lay their sins at our feet. Lay that demon low and give it back to those who call on it.

Hellpig said...

Have no fear 2010 is almost here

Followed by 2012 with a running platforms of

"End the Marxist regimes occupation of the WH"

"I will overturn everything Obama has done"

"Conservatives the party of the "American Dream"

anybody/anybody 2012

I dont think it will matter who runs against Comrade Obama

those 3 platforms will get America back on track

TROLL Y2K said...

Had to look up samizat/samidzat. You might have stretched a bit using it in that context.

Anyhay, I ain't as optimist as you or Hellpig. It's pretty sad when something called Hellpig eclipses you in the cheerfulness department!