Gov snatched your computer--did ya know?

hope none of y'all fell fer the clunker thang--cause mebbe youse now a victim of the government snoopin' in yore life---unbelievable.



Anonymous said...

I saw this broadcast and I thought 'What on Earth happened to real journalism.?'

This horror should be on the front page of every newspaper in America and certainly be every news broadcasts opening story!

I believe the intent here is to bombard America into a stupor from overload and just complete the takeover!

How I pray for some good solid Independent to rise to the fore and tell the masses what is happening to them. I actually think it is going to take an Independent to bust Obamanation our of power and before that, out of acceptance.

Elmo said...

You people crack me up. When you are done "projecting" you might want to realize that you had no problem with Bush snooping and torturing and rendering and all...WTF?

Doom said...

I finally bought a headsets, in part because I really wanted to see this video clip and... they took it down! Does anyone have another address for it? If not, I will watch the next clip.

*gets downcast look*

*kicks rock*

*rambles on*

Anonymous said...

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