"An equitable global governance structure" in yore future?

Ain't ya jes' delighted?

Does y'all know who jes' said that? Who laid out his organization's plan fer ya' in the good ole New Yawk Times? On Sunday, Oct 25th, in case ya missed the news last weekend.

Now, ain't that got a nice ring to it?

"An equitable global governance structure."

Say it a few times til ya git comfortable wif' it--
cause they is so sure it's comin' --that they have the power and the compliance-- so they now say so right out loud in the Grey Hag.

Ain't y'all all been waitin' fer an equitable global government, cause, folks, "structure" means a sittin' government. An, ya know, to keep it equitable, thar' has to be a form of , ah, en
forcement, right? only natural, ain't it? Wif' police and soldiers and the monitorin' of yore daily intake an' outputs.

Uh huh, Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations
invited ya to become a part of those whose vision of a peaceable eco-happy planet is an "equitable global governance structure."

The idea is decades old:

In their paper "The First Global Revolution" published by the Club of Rome, ya' can read their plan:

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.... All these dangers are caused by human intervention... The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."

Richard Haas, ( past pres of the Council on Foreign Relations) wrote:

"State sovereignty must be altered in globalized era," that a system of world government must be created and sovereignty eliminated in order to fight global warming, as well as terrorism. "Moreover, states must be prepared to cede some sovereignty to world bodies if the international system is to function," says Haass. "Globalization thus implies that sovereignty is not only becoming weaker in reality, but that it needs to become weaker. States would be wise to weaken sovereignty in order to protect themselves..."

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Of course, it is all over the news now wif' the climate change confab comin' in Copenhagen whar' the words global governMENT is actually in the draft--an' some of y'all might be tempted to dismiss it

Yore own Aunty was present a the UN meetin' on "global governance" fer the millennium ecstatic shudder as George Soros presented his own vision fer the "new world at the threshold of the third millennium." (member Soros? Yeah, the man tha gave AlGore 25 million fer his failed buyout of the White House...uh-huh, the same man who finances Moveon.org. The man who keeps the Obamatron on a diamond leash.

Aunty, pen poised, asked Soros an uncomfortable question and the microphone suddenly jerked upward an flew across the room to a Soros shill. The question he dodged?

"Sir, given your outline for a global governance system, how would the average citizen distinguish your plan from the one world government that some US Senators have described as a means to subordinate national sovereignty to the International Criminal Court and the World Trade Organization? "

Soros, who despises, an' seeks to destroy, the capitalist system that he done rode to multi-billion pinnacle, is a vicious anti-American thug. He masquerades as founder of the global "Open Society" brigade of financed/subsidized non-governmental organizations who all have top access at the UN.

(translation" the UN bows to Soros among other billionaires who detest freedom and free markets--like Maurice Strong, the architect of the UN's "Agenda 21 ":

"...current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class - involving high meat intake use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing - are not sustainable. A shift is necessary. which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system, including the United Nations..." Maurice Strong , opening speech at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development)

I make this point so y'all can see that the current comments of Ban Ki-moon in the NYT ain't nuthin' new--oh they's been workin' fer this for decades. Folks like TedTurner, also anti-American, have been a burrowin' away at the UN (Ted Turned financed the UN Foundation with a billion--yes with a B, billion) as the vehicle most likely to become the default global government structure.

Turner an' his band of global thugs pay off journalists to write glowing reports of the UN projects* --despite former Sec Gen Kofi Annan's admitted refusal to send military aid to prevent the Rwandan genocide, and his utter failure to prohibit rape by UN "peacekeepers." I ain't surprised--I meself was present at the Hague when the Blue Helmets beat the stuffin' out of a student journalist who wrote somethin' they din't like--so much fer free speech in the global government.

The UN's Millennium Goals were paraded on tablets through the concourses of the UN in an eerie parody of the ten commandments. Then copies were added to the ark that houses the Earth Charter--yep, an ark on poles jes' like on the Old Testament. (see photo to left)

“The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments.”

An' part of the "Earth Charter" ideology is returning much of the globe to its "natural" state, whar' animals ain't bothered by pesky humans. This is the public reason behind the "Wildlands Project" that will shoot to kill any human that violates a buffer zone between human habitats an the reclaimed animal habitats. Note that the red is the human" no-go" go zones--see them itty bitty green splotches? Thas' all thar'll be allocated fer humans.

Only problem is, to accomplish this American farm and ranchlands are to be confiscated, an' the US Forestry Dept tuned into bounty hunters. In the name of animal habitats, Americans will effectively be herded into urban and suburban "corridors"--all the better to monitor ya' ya see? Already the law requiring every DOMESTIC animal to have a RF chip has been proposed--meanin' no chicken or pig can be owned fer food wif' out gubmint say so.

Why would humans go along wif' such enslavement?

Because the UN promises universal sexual license. When the "authorities" unleash libidos people think they are "liberated," an' turn a blind eye to the erosion of true freedom. The UN, under the auspices of their Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), defends prostitution as legitimate "sex work" and proposes state/ global control of bordellos so that "workers" are medically examined for STDs an' have insurance an' pension benefits. Ain't that jes' ducky? Current estimates are that up to 4 million women worldwide are ensnared in prostitution.

Former pimps is now called "sextrepaneurs" an several countries rely on "sex tourism" to keep the state coffers filled--
Australia done legalized its brothels in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Victoria. The rate of abuse and child prostituion has grown alarmingly, an' yet folks is told that the young girls is happy at this "profession." Mebbe yore daughter can be next, cause the UN is good wif' such "values" as worthy of global immitation. **

Already the UN has moved to lower the age of consent for children--meaning the UN has proposed that children as young as 13 be made bait for perverted predators. At the same time it decries "human trafficking" with a straight face. The distinction is "choice"--if youse kidnapped fer traffickin' it's a crime, but if a 50 year ole man offers a 14 year ole chile a pair of $200 nikes it is the child's "choice." Get it?

Wif' mah own eyes I seen at a major UN conference a giant painting of an African woman, bare knees drawn up, giving birth to a baby an' medical workers standin' at the ready with razors to decapitate the baby as it emerges--this is presented as " gender liberation" since pregnancy an birth is the doorway to poverty to third world women. The painting was part of a push for the universal "right" to abort at will. But the real goal is population control, as the UN estimates that the animals and plants of the earth would be better off is 5 billion people could be misted wif' DDT like human vermin...oh wait, DDT is denied to Africa in the name of the environment--how cleveah, since it insures that millions of Africans will die from malaria and other mosquito borne diseases.

But Peru doan have so many mosquitoes, an' fer that nation the UN "workers" shot women full of time released norplant so they cain't have no more Indian babies. The UN admits to this genocide, folks--it ain't anti-UN speech, it is an admission. Yep, an admission jes' like the Food fer Oil Scandal, whar' former Sec Gen of the UN Kofi Annan made a million bucks personally, his son another million--an nobody goes to jail--

these are the folks that Soros, and Strong and yep, Obama want to give control of the world. Obama favors all UN treaties. He want Americans tried in the International Criminal Court--and the ICC doan acknowledge yore Bill of Rights. Obama an his puppeteers think .07% of the wolrd's GDP must be paid to the UN so that they can maitain a vast army (yeah, like the ones that raped the Rwandan women an chillen's) .

A recap: The UN will have an multi-ethnic army, a world court, a world trade regulation board, has asked for control of the WWW, insists on population control, an will corral you in "urban zones", put radio chips in the ears of yore animals, an force nations to use only GMO seeds...in short, they will control every imaginable move you make, but what they will grant ya' is a "universal right to sexual pleasure."


Yep, sportsfans, the UN akshully entertained a "right" to sexual pleasure as one of their enforced "universal rights" until a doctor at the negotiated session pointed out that there was no known means to measure what was pleasure for one vs. pain to another...so the measure was tabled until science of pleasure can be perfected.

These goons openly acknowledge that the opiate of post modern man is sex. Give the world sex an' the world will follow ya anywhar', even into global serfdom.

The "developed " world is divided into two main camps--the remains of the Judeo-Christian worldview, an' the dominate tribe of the new age -gnostics who use totalitarian means to being about their vision of an earthly utopia. Whatever yore religious belief--or none--be afraid of the new gnostics who control world events--they are convinced the "age of aquarius" favors their efforts to re-create the world in their image..even if they have to exterminate 5 billion people and enslave 950 million others to serve the remaining 50 million( as mimions or fer farmed body parts) who will enjoy the utopia they are building.

These folks honestly think that homo sapien can be "improved" if properly weeded out. Some are self professed Theosophists, others are part of the "transformational" movement. They say plainly (in meetings official, an' off record) that when a "citizen" has sufficient personal pleasure, food, shelter an' entertainment, then the word will be "peaceful." Thus the goal is to insure that "citizens" (not drones and serfs) have all that they need to be "peaceful."

Those who move nations and organizations, armies and multinational conglomerates to serve this agenda will earn their citizenship. But thousands more work to bring this agenda to fruition, thinkin' only that they's doin' good fer humanity. They's poor dupes, but they is very very dangerous cause' they's emotionally wedded to the idea of "the environment" .

Be afraid, be very afraid. The December Climate Change confab is comin' up in Copenhagen whar' the Obamatron done promised to sign over another chunk of yore sovereignty.

All this is movin' closer, ya see...so it warn't no risk fer Ban Ki-moon to make it plain in te NYT that an "equitable global governance structure" is comin' soon to a street corner near ya own house.


IN A MAJOR VICTORY, NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO HAS REPRIMANDED ITS U.N. REPORTER, LINDA Fasulo, for taking money from the pro-U.N. lobby, including Ted Turner's U.N. Foundation.

** Prostitution is ontologically a form of violence. It feeds on violence and in turn amplifies it. Abduction, rape, submission - there are submission camps in a number of European countries, not only in the Balkans and in Central Europe, but also in Italy, where submission is called "schooling" - terror and murder are still the midwives and outriders of this industry ; they are essentially not only for market development, but also for the "manufacture" of the "goods" as they contribute to making prostituted people "functional" - this industry demands total availability of the body. A study of street prostituted people in England established that 87% of them had been victims of violence during the past 12 months ; 43% were suffering the consequences of serious physical abuse. (4) A research study in Chicago showed that 21.4% of women working as escorts and exotic dancers had been raped more than 10 times. An American study in Minneapolis showed that 78% of prostituted people had been victims of rape by pimps and customers, on average, 49 times a year. 49% had been the victims of abduction and had been transported from one state to another and 27% had been mutilated. (5) I could multiply the data generated by field studies.

What I want to emphasize here is that the women and children who are the objects of trafficking for the purpose of prostitution as well as the vast majority of prostituted people, have very often been subjected to violence. A large number of them are supplied to the market on a "turnkey" basis : "Any woman can be broken in 10 days and turned into a prostitute", in the words of the Bulgarian manager of a rehabilitation centre (6). Their abduction by traffickers of all kinds, who become their owners, their "commodification" - human beings metamorphosed into "goods" that are sold on the sex market -, their depersonalization, and then their consumption demand the rape of their humanity and require violence. The violence to which prostituted people are subjected is multiple and often unspeakable, indescribable. Violence is intrinsic to prostitution : the commodification and merchandising are aimed at forcing the sexes to submit to the satisfaction of the sexual pleasure of others. The second is also inherent : a person becomes prostituted as a result of sexual, physical, psychic (in 90% of cases, according to a range of studies), social and economic violence. The third is linked to the expansion of prostitution and to the ensuing deterioration of the conditions to which prostituted people are subjected : "The customer has no further hesitation about being increasingly violent towards the prostitute and today she must be extremely vigilant", claims Chant, of the Bus des Femmes, an association established in Paris over a decade ago by former prostituted people. (7)


Ardlair said...

yes you are right.
let's keep everything in the world exactly as it is now
we have reached a zenith
why tamper with perfection?
any change is a bad change.


Aunty Belle said...

Arlair, y'ain't foolin' us none--ya doan want no global gubmint either. Think of the fun you'd miss if they imposed a global gubmint--all that perfection would be a leeetle hard to take wouldn't it?

Doom said...

There is so much to comment on. One can hope this is just another dreary went dream of billionaires, but the threat remains. Speaking of Ted Turner, do you realize he has purchased most beef ranches in the US? He offered far more than market price. There is something going on there. If I had access to a chemistry lab and the know how, I would be checking beef closely. Something is really wrong in all their heads. And hearts, they are evil.

I had not read until now, as I simply have not had the mind to be able to take in such a big chunk.

I do have a question... is it yet dangerous to openly question someone like Soros? You know he had you investigated, I have no doubts. No, I do not mean people shouldn't, I am merely asking how much risk there is at this time, personally?

I think for America to ever fall to such a thing, they would have to take our guns. They would also have to kill the majority of men over, say, 30 to 35 up to 60 or so. I am very grateful to have been a party to the purchase of so many firearms and so much ammunition. Though, I do not think our military would go along with that (if I also have reason to fear that Quota Boy is only keeping them there as nuclear targets). Eliminate the military and he and his would have a much stronger chance at gaining control. Everyone else can be, in theory, divided and conquered. Though if the police are not on our side, I think most sheriffs are.

The threat, as you so well describe, is real. But the mechanisms are not yet in place, not fully. And, yes, I do worry. Oh, but they cannot get me by selling me sex. I love it, but I am purely procreative. Well, once that begins (if it begins) perhaps that door will open just a wee. *grins*

I did not know that prostitutes were so victimized. That too, was an eye-opener. These elite truly are evil, in every way imaginable. I suppose if one doesn't believe in God, as I have suggested to other atheists, then we really can only be seen as mere animals. That notion has shaken enough of them up and badly enough, that they completely shake what I said from their minds.

In any case, there is probably a war coming. It will start here and spread to the world. If we don't finish it, like terrorism, islam, and communism, it will keep appearing. I do believe that it is Soros and his ilk which maintain nations such as NK, for the sole purpose of experimenting. I have always felt that even the U.S.S.R. and China were just such devices.

That is my take. Thanks for the post. Sorry it took so long to respond.

Floridacracker said...

I think, just for basic participation in any organization, you have to agree to some rules and that is in effect a form of submission.
It's that whole "There is no I in team" thang.
Clever us ... we made sure that the US and the other WW2 powers were a little more equal than than the other members when the UN was formed.
Now the other countries have "grown up" and aren't accepting that. I think that bugs a lot of us... even if it's right according to American values of equality.
We like it our way.

The new problem is the UN members values are not always the same as ours, so then like any club, you reconsider your membership.
Maybe we should drop out for awhile and reconsider our club membership ... see what happens, heehee.

Prostitution and trafficing in women - no debate. The Nevada model may be the exception. May be.

Big difference of opinion on the wildlife conservation corridors. Having worked in the field in the enforcement of wildlife regulations.
We don't and never will use deadly force to protect wildlife. Only to preserve human life. As a Ranger, I could shoot the bad guy who was immediately threatening you or me, but not the arshole who shot an endangered species.
If you look carefully at the wildlife corridors on the map, they correspond (mostly) to existing parks, preserves, state and national forests.
Wildlife corridors that allow instinctive traditional movement patterns are essential for species preservation and most of that network already exists.

If you rule out seasonal nesting areas, and a few, very few areas where a critically endangered species is trying to hang on, there are almost no human exclusion areas in our conservation system. Our strictest wilderness zones still allow us to go,but we have to leave behind our machines.
That's what wilderness is.

In summary:
World government - bad.
Prostitution - bad.
Wildlife conservation - not bad, and not draconian and we all suffer when it gets politicized.

I know, why didn't he just do his summary instead of a term paper comment.

Nice to drop in on the back porch, even though I more of a front stoop kinda guy.


Aunty Belle said...

responses coming--jes' got way too many duties at the moment.

Doom said...

I have heard too many people in too many professions say, "Oh, that would never happen here!", only to have it happen right cherre. I do not know how high up you were, but even at the top they are being surprised by this admin.

I know Rangers now have at least one special ops unit, and I also know they have pushed or tried to push people (who legally owned the land) out of the interiors of places. I don't know if they have murdered anyone yet, but I simply don't trust any of it currently and haven't for a while. I have read more than one time the Spec Ops were brought in on peaceably families, where they reckoned their buildings, activities, and such, staying just off the owned property, with full autos and other gear. I can only imagine what would happen for people who are less peaceable (and damn rightly).

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