11 million hits??

So, a black female rapper gits herself 11 million youtube hits in a two day news cycle--wanna guess what drew so many viewers?

Her lyrics include all the words an' attitudes that the reverends Sharpton an' Jackson deplore...unless of course a black person uses terms like "nappy headed hoe" or "nigga monkey"--and, no, in case a liberal is reading this, those terms are not in the rap lyrics as part of a take down of so-called racism perpetrated by White-folks. The lyrics present themselves as part of the intra -culture standard of black youth.

Worse than the use of degrading terms for black women is the repetition of four letter sewage, an' the sickening jeers about sucking body parts--oh, yes, this from an "artist" who has been featured on the morning talk shows--in short, by main-lame media.

Callin' Michelle Obama : Woman (no, y'ain't no lady), fergit yore crusade against junk food--do somethin' about the junk food of the soul black teens consume mindlessly. If yore family doan speak out against this leprosy within the black culture, nuthin' ya' ever say about "discrimination" will have a scintilla of merit. Nuthin'.


BlazngScarlet said...

But if you ask these same teens, they will tell you that they're the only ones who SHOULD call each other "nappy-headed ho's" because THEY understand the TRUE meaning behind such phrases.
I know, I've asked.

It makes no sense to me.
But I agree, the Obamas don't have the backbone to address the ever diminishing black culture.
Very sad ....

Aunty Belle said...

Ya' know, I'se been told the same by a young black professional women--that "nappy headed ho" is a term of endearment (only when said by another black person). When pressed, however, she agreed that it reinforced a pejorative view of black-ness an' is a real poor example.

Bill Cosby should be hailed as a hero , but instead he is the subject of unconscionable put downs.

moi said...

Maybe she should team up with Anne Wortham.

Aunty Belle said...

Wortham gits mah vote jes' 'cause she is anti-Bobo. amen sistah!

moi said...

Well, she does brilliantly point out the trick of racial politics now, doesn't she? On the one hand, if a minority wants the perks of being a majority, it has to assimilate into the society and culture of the majority, which, at this point in human history, right or wrong, is White, Male, and Western. If one insists, however, on wearing the mantle of one's ethnicity, not as a means of honoring or celebrating the past, but as a way to move forward into the future, things get tricky.

But it's especially tricky for the American Blacks. Unlike, say, someone from Morocco or Iceland, they don't really have an ethic identity. They are NOT African; they were torn from Africa, many cannot trace their ancestry back to a particular region or tribe and even if they could, all ties were severed so long ago that what "culture" there was of Africa is now gone. They can't hijack it. So their heritage is one of horror and subjugation. And the ancestors of those who did the enslaving, our heritage is guilt. And while I think it's certainly time for everyone to quit being enslaved by the memory and create a new paradigm, I'm not sure it can be done. This is the black mark on this country, the burden we carry for what is otherwise a place of freedom and peace.

Aunty Belle said...

I see part of your explanation, Moi. Reckon I'se persuaded that we's all had enough time to move on from the guilty and the subjugated to a position that is aware of the past but engaged in the now--victim status doan bring progress for the many, jes' the exploiters who see that perpetrating the victimhood is thier person ticket to ride--on the backs of their brother--should we be silent while the Sharptons and the Jacksons and Obamas re-subjugate American blacks?

Anonymous said...

Oh Aunty B, Aunty B, when o when o when are you gonna change the record??

It really is rather amusing - to an outsider - to hear a deep southern, ultra-right wing, ( i guess you call it christian conservative) recent ex-oppressor of the ethnic group in question, suggesting that they stop using the pejorative terms that you invented!

Move on.
Your mind deserves it!


troll said...

The Obamanation has that sort of stuff (ludacris) on his I-Pod. He bragged about it while adding the caveat that he doesn't want HIS younger spawn to listen to it.

One could argue Ludacris's stuff is worse because he's an adult and adds the advocacy of violence to the mix.

Scout said...

I can't even think about whatching the video. Gross. She can say "nigga", while I am tormented by not being 100% sure of what the acceptable term of the day is for a white person to use. Especially a white person in Atlanta. When I was in the 8th grade I just referred to a girl as "colored" and almost lost my teeth. I meant no disrespect, honest. Also, my Grandfather was a Dutch South African, so I feel more African American than any of my darker human counterparts living in America. Damn confusing. And so very sad.