Snatching Small Farms via Bank Accounts

Pity the small farmer.  The gubmint's all out war on local farmin' has declared farmers "criminals".

Please people--grow somethin'.  Buy all that ya' can from yore local farms.


moi said...

Here at least is one victory for small family farms: http://www.chron.com/business/article/Labor-Department-backs-off-child-labor-update-3517164.php

Can you imagine? Making it illegal for children to help their own families? To learn a skill, self-discipline, and self-worth? Madness! What kind of people are we becoming?!?

Aunty Belle said...

Moi, thanks fer the link--ya know, the do-gooders is gonna do us in!

Fergit the labor--iffin' them child labor activists need a REAL cause git them to every major city an' do somethin' about chile prostitution (boys an' girls), chile porn, an' chillen from other countries sent here fer "jobs" that turn out to be chile prostitution. Sickening.

Doom said...

The only good thing? I do believe, if this becomes more widely known, this admin will be in even more serious trouble. It isn't just farmers. I know many people who do this. I didn't realize it was illegal (if it isn't an issue for me). This will simply scare people, that the "government" can simply take your money, money you legally make and pay taxes on, for no more than avoiding more "government" paperwork.

I don't know if those people can ever recoup those loses, but one can hope. That's just evil.

SophieMae said...