Delta Dawn

Every onc't in  awhile, Aunty climbs aboard a flight, that last leg on the way home...tired, cranky, whimpering like a thumb-suckin' wee chile, wishin' I had a blankie -- or a glass of Pinot Grigio. 

What I got was Delta Dawn. Bless her! She was a pro: Her perfect balance of humor an' serious care for all them safety regs saved the day. It be a toy size connector plane, tight quarters sure to cramp the  legs an' tempers. Ever'body wuz jes' lookin' fer a fight. Delta Dawn, why, lemme tell y'all, she had a mouth full of hot grits charm. When a Snide Fella asked her what language she be speakin' Delta smiled an' quipped, "The same sweet talk we shared last night, Handsome."  He had the grace to chuckle. 

When Delta took aholt of her servin' cart, she whipped on her apron.  See it? covered wif' cupcakes???? It be too much fer Aunty. I jes' gotta  blog this, I thought. So, thinkin'  to snap a pic wif'out her haid, jes' to protect her privacy, I clicked it. But, she ain't havin' none of it. "Please text me yore photo Auntybelle"  and then she wrote her phone number n a napkin fer me....wif' a wink she said, "I cain't eat no sugar more, so now I jes' wear it."

By the time we'uns landed, Delta had us all happy an' BFF. 

Sometimes ya' meet a real winner when ya' least expect it.


foam said...

My goodness! What a sweetheart ..:-)

fishy said...

Now that is confidence and dedication.
Mebbe you will get lucky again on one of those little end of the journey commuters.

Jenny said...

Best thing I've read I a long time.

Jenny said...

In a long time

Doom said...

Ah, now I get it. Humbling... to meet such a one. Especially knowing it isn't through... special circumstances, but hard choices and a choice to be such a way. Glad you were treated to a little grace in your need.

pammy said...

Love this story, Aunty! I've been on some of those flights on the puddle jumpers, which are the exact planes that send me into a state of anxiety. This woman loves her role and has the perfect stage! Thanks for sharing!

Aunty Belle said...

Aw...y'all like her too?

We had a real good chat. She had been to a naturopath out of curiosity. Had her hair Chemically examined to determine her health at the cellular level ( anybody else done this?) an' said thas' when she learnt that she oughta drop the sugar.

Doom said...

Naturopath? Hmm, maybe she IS a bit tetched. The less you have to do with a doctor, more so a play or witch doctor, the better you will do.

As for sugar? Just don't eat a pound of it a day and it is just like anything other edible. It's by dose. Water is toxic at a certain dosage. Unless she has diabetes, but that's not something that would come out in such testing, if I had to guess. And, actually, if I don't eat sugar once in a while my diabetes will not stay in check (runs on the high side).

Actually, I am absolutely positive that what they are calling diabetes today is a group of diseases that are: not fixable in the same way; don't involve the same organs; don't even involve the same insulin problems; and that they really don't understand any particular one of them. Trial and error, they have no clue and quite often their methods fail, which they simply blame on the person with "diabetes". Bleh.

Avoid doctors, and more so those that aren't even that "good". Spend money? Go to a casino, plus free drinks. Want to hear what you want to hear? Go to a psychic or tarot card reader. :p I tried to bite my tongue, but...

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

Like Czar on the front porch. My first thought was Hillary in a clown outfit. A truly scary vision. It's good to read I was mistaken. And in fact, she is a nice person, unlike my previous assumption.

She seems to be one who both performs well and enjoys what she does. Good for her and you.

As for sugar goes, too much is a bad thing. If it's not real sugar it's worse. Fructose corn syrup is not natural sugar, yet that's what most people get in their diet. I truly believe it's a big part of the problem. If you need to make something sweet. Use honey or natural brown sugar.

moi said...

Well, now, she sounds like fun!

I avoid puddle jumpers if at all possible. Last time I was in one, it was Houston to Baton Rouge. In a thunderstorm.

No booze, no cute boys. No good.