Atheists Explain it All

Ya'll knows we have some intense exchanges back heah---this one is carried over from

"C'mon in the back door, Sugar"

Ardlair is an avowed atheist and he was in search of a good tug-o-war so we be goin' at it for a day or two. Ya'll pipe up, weigh in, add yore own 2 bits worth.

His most recent post is copied heah with my responses preceeded by these here dots: ...... and my responses are in italics--jes' so ya'll will know who is a sayin' what.

Ardlair wrote:

Hey Aunty Belle!

Well thanks for taking the time to try to clarify your question.But I'm not sure you really have.

a) Nothing is something.Therefore the whole "why is there something rather than nothing" story just don't wash with me.

............oh, pshaw! "Nothing" ain't "somethin'"--check your dictionary. Youse got to be logical---if it is a somethin', it cain't be nothin'. Nothing is the absence of the something. And since the cosmos ain't empty, but is teeming with lots o' somethin's, you need to say what an atheist claims is the reason they's anything at all in existence. SO, Ardlair, the "story" stands--you need to supply us'uns an answer to why they's anything at all in this here cosmos, rather than nothing. That is, why did something (anything at all) come into being?

b) It is conceited of mankind to believe that what they know as something - themselves and that part of the universe they can see - must have been created for a reason.It doesn't need a reason. It just is.

..................conceited? Why, not necessarily. After all, from an atheist's POV the reason things was a created need not be "for" us'uns--it might o' been jes' an cosmic belch or experiment of the energy loose in the vastness. The fact that there is "something" not nothin' need not be purposeful, you see. But wait--why am I givin' you some answers to use--come up with yore own idea--but give us a look-see into the mind of an atheist--what do you say is the why of the somethings in this universe rather than a great void, a great nothing? Why?

c) And when we accept that it is, we can, as you've heard,

...........what is that we are suppose to accept? That the univese "just is" ? Ain't that silly. Of course it "just is"...I'd say it "just is" cause God wanted it, but you have not said why it "just is" in atheist speak. WHY Ardlair, why something, when it could have been nothin'?

all appreciate the beauty of what is around us.Whether or not we have a god.

...............Ardlair, what beauty would that be? Let's get real real basic, sugar pie--how do you know it is "beauty" that youse seein'? Why ain't it ugly? Couldn't a cosmic belch have thrown up ugliness all over the universe? Or did it, and we'uns jes' call it "beauty"?
..........a course, Aunty do say is it beautiful, too.
And that's because beauty is based on order---ah, yes, order again. Hmmn....this here is an ordered universe filled with lots o somethings that is ordered to and relating to all the other somethings. Scientists took note of that too, and they say order requires effort to maintain--know where that leads, don'tcha?

d) Have you noticed that as science advances, the places that "god" or "gods" are used to give an explanation recede?

................nope, sugar, I have not noticed that. I doan think that assertion will hold up.

In fact, polls and studies show that most scientists DO believe in somethin'....they's not always naming that something as "god" so they might say they detect a "prime intelligence" a "first cause", a "supreme being" or " an ordered energy" but very few scientists believe in nothing--ya' see, they cain't believe such a thang as that, since it is unscientific. Science demonstrates too much order and purpose (teleology) for an objective scientific mind to reject--so they' s jes' naming it somethin' besides "God." Ain't too many scientisits that say that the universe is one big nothin' of an accident.
Ya know--the famous whirlwind in the junkyard analogy---youse put all them parts and blots and screws and wires and such in a junk yard and you can have a million (billion!) whirlwinds whip through the junkyard, but no Boeing 747 is going to "accidently" be arranged ...and the human eye is more complicated than a 747. Wow.

It's stuff like that, Ardy, that gets to the logical scientist mind...so they says a "first cause" or a "prime mover." But they doan say its "nothin'."

For example, primitives used to speculate that the stars in the sky were in fact gods ; that the wind was a god; that day itself and nights were gods. But now we can understand these, by scientific explanation, so we don't need that god explanation no more. Some people, maybe including you though Aunty Belle, still use the "god" explanation when they come up something they can't explain. Seems like you theists are slowly, just slowly, getting boxed into a corner.

.............heh, heh, yep--that corner is like the briarpatch, my kinsman. You know the story about Tar Baby?

Well, never mind--the point is ole Aunty is DE-lighted to be in that "corner" cause chile', I shur nuff ain't a'skeered of science or scientists. Primitives thought stars were gods, but yore modern minds--mebbe even youse own atheist mind--is too so-fist-icated to think the like primitives, so youse explains the the stars with science....very very so-fist-icated.

But, where did science come from? science did not invent itself or the laws of anture that it merely uncovers. Where did the laws of physics come from? No, sugar, we doan need "gods" to explain the stars, but you shur nuff need something to explain where science comes from.

e) And, just before I overstay my welcome,

.................youse not overstayin' yore welcome---this is fun for this ole' biddy!!

your last question "And what's it for?" Well that is, Aunty Belle, a question about the purpose and/or meaning of life.

.................naw,naw. Now I notice youse quick to make assumptions---it doan need to be a "meaning of life" question, doan assume that. Why, Ardy, it could be a purely utilitarian purpose, in the atheist POV.

Now I personally does think in terms of meaning of life, but I ain't sayin that an atheist has to impute "meaning of life" to the question of "what's it for"....nope, an atheist's theory of what it for could be devoid of "meaning of life" insight. But that's your contribution---tell me from the atheist's POV what is the things in the
universe --all those somethings that are not nothins'--what's they for?

And there was you telling me that we weren't talking about that! Maybe the late hour is just gettin you an eetsy weetsy bit confused!

.............no puddin', tain't confused--we ain't talkin' the meaning of life--we'uns only got to the WHAT of life. But, iffin' you WANT to to talk "meaning of life" we can shur do that too.

I agree with most of what Bluebolt says, except one thing.

Atheists are commonly portrayed as negative, empty, grey, dull.
But they don't believe in nothing. They believe in everything.
Except just one thing.......the supernatural world, including what you call as god.

...............well, that's a good clear point--you believe in everything, except the supernatural. That's fine. At least you do acknowledge that things exist.

You jes' need to get up some non-god theory for how and why the things you believe in exist. Ain't no good to say you jes' accept it--doan we all? The question is not iffin' you accept what you see exists--the question that the existence of things poses to every mind is how and why is there any thing in existence? How does exisitence happen?
Ever notice that you cain't jes' imagine a new house (car, boat, you-name-it) --you cain't jes' conjure it up in your mind and have it come into existence. The problem of the existence of things ain't explained by science...or atheism.

Nitey nite.

P.S. BTW, the "supernatural" is just the existence of things your eye ain't
so-fist-icated enough to "see" .......yet.


Anonymous said...

Ho! What have I stumbled onto here?
Grab Stephen Hawking and read up on the how and why of the universe.

Got any more photos of this porch?
What's it look like when there's been a shoot-out,huh?

Jack of no Trade

ardlair said...

Hey Aunty Belle

Well though I’m near puggled after a hard day a workin’, I’m thrilled.Real thrilled.
Me, lil’ ole Ardlair, the centenarian celt, even older than ole aunty belle herself ( not that I’m prying now ma’am) , featuring so prominently on the back porch!

It’s almost like you gone and put my picture up!

Maybe to throw darts at?

But before I start I think we got to remember the others who might pass by. They don’t want no heavy, word by word, line by line dissection Aunty Belle, they want it light n airy , relaxin’, something to get their juices goin after a hard day at the rock-breakin’.
And maybe a little light abuse to stir ‘em up a bit? Maybe you callin me “stoopid” or me callin you “backwards”? What you think? Just to keep them all interested Aunty Belle- stop ‘em getting’ bored?

Anyway, to your points.
Your swimming out real deep now Aunty, deeper than you been before, and the streams real fast, but ah won’t let you drown. Promise.

1. You still ask why is there something, and can’t accept that if nothing were there, it would make little difference to the argument, as each are the same, and we would need as much justification for nothing being there as something.

2. So how does the existence of god solve the problem of WHY there is something? If there is a god, why is there a god? God is something in itself – or at least I assume that is what you believe. So you can just move the whole argument back one step. Instead of why is there something, it becomes why is there a god. And that doesn’t really help either of us does it. And you can’t criticise the atheist for not answering the why is there something question, if you can’t answer the why is there a god? Why did god come into being aunty belle?

3. We both wonder about why there is a cosmos etc etc etc. You happen to resort to a supernatural explanation. Maybe it makes you sleep better at night. I don’t need that. And I sleep fine.

4. Your comments about beauty are confused and confusing. The fact that any matter is ordered does not imply that it was created by a supernatural force. And additionally, just as beauty may be a human construct, so too may order. It may not actually be there, we just say it is to make it fit into our current scientific theories – which will , as they have always done, and will always do, develop and evolve.

5. The 747 analogy ………….. read about DNA. Or maybe that doesn’t exist? Did your god make everything from the junkyard, as it is right now? Or did he put some of the bits in place, and make DNA, which really does work to let things evolve form the bits.? Can’t be both. So which?

6. I assume your briarpatch comments means you accept the point. And that you believe that your god created science, just like everything else in one fell swoop. SHAZZAM. 6 days then a rest. But who made god aunty belle, who made god.? Why is there a god instead of no god aunty belle? Why ? Any further on?

7. And now a test Aunty B. What’s a knife for?

8. The question of why things exist isn’t explained by a god. As I’ve said all that does is move the whole question back a stop to why is there a god?

Anyways………………………maybe you should tell us something else about your views before the neighbours complain about the ruckus!
Maybe about morals?

Nitey Nitey Aunty Belle……….and watch out for the spirits!!!

Aunty Belle said...

I"m DE-lighted to feature the topic on the Back Porch--jes' delighted. Won't be throwin' any darts, unless youse plannin' on chunkin' the first one.

I ain' worried about anybody being bored by us...this here is a wide wide blogworld and they can find sompin' to keep em entertained iffin' they doan like this jawing.

Now youse amusin' me, kinsman. You jes' keep slidin' away from the issue refusing to answer the question of why there is anything at all in existence--cause ya cain't answer that. Youse faced with reality that things IS in existence and they didn't make themselves.

But you think you can "step one step back" and ask the same of God? Who made God? Why is they a God?

Ok, here we got somethin'--God was not made, He always was and is and will be. Your mind cain't hold that thought too comfortably--or mine either-- because we is finite, but let's not be so conceited as to think that our wee lobes can hold the whole of the universe.

Youse let us down when you be trying to equate somethin' to nothin'. But it won't work. The question of God would not be the same if there was nothin', because if there was nothin--includin' this blog and you and me--then they'd be nothin to contemplate the nothin'-ness, nothin' to ask the question ..jes' a great silent void--

But we ain't got nothin', we gots a whole lot of somethin' and rational folks contemplate the somethin', think about how and why there is somethin.'

Now about the 747, no, sugar, you didn't make the proper connection there--the 747 from the junkyard is meant to illustrate that the mere existence of pieces doan equal order. Order takes a design with function in mind, otherwise it jes' stays pieces. When you go in the junkyard and see all the pieces you doan see no boeing 747....it takes the designer to put it together for you to see how them pieces is somethin' as grand as the 747.

The DNA is a great example of God at work, settin' pieces in order to bring about a live somethin'

Now with all due respect, what kind of gobbledy-gook is this :

"The fact that any matter is ordered does not imply that it was created by a supernatural force. And additionally, just as beauty may be a human construct, so too may order. It may not actually be there,"

Brother! Yes it do, honey--the fact that matter is ordered absolutely does imply a surernatural source--that is the point of the 747.

I ain't sayin' you gots to think that source is "God" but you shur look funny trying to squiggle away from saying that order exists--an' it ain't a human construct to see order where there IS order, it is simple recognition of the given-ness of the universe. How ya' gonna hide from that? We doan hafta *make* order to be able to observe it.

You didn't make that goat on the hill, but you observe that they's a goat on the hill, and not its parts, but an ordered being that with its parts properly organized is walking and bleating and eatin' and growin'. Cain't do those functions iffin' its parts ain't ordered properly.

So here we are: Order is a message from God about His existence and His love for you and me and all(despite pig-headedness on our part).

When you walk on a deserted beach and see footprints in the sand, you doan see one here, then one 1/2 km away and the one turned backwards
--you see them in the order in which they were made and know they mean somebody has been there.

You know those footprints signify sometin'. All that exists is ordered in a way to signify to us that God has set the universe before us for our contemplation and joy.

Now I get that youse ready to move on to some other topic--you suggest morals? OK-let's go there. Which particular moral point do you wanna'
toss up?

WHy doan you tell us what "moral" is in refernece to? Moral as compared to what? who decides what is moral and what is immoral? What is the criteria for decidin' that?

I'll go make us another pitcher of libations.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

mr bench. if you were invited into the
"mile high club?"
There is a God.


ardlair said...

Aunty Belle.

Jeez, I'm worn out today and sure could do with layin' my weary head down on a nice soft downy southern pillow.But I know there's always a right warm welcome for me here Aunty Belle, no matter what stink there is elsewhere, so here I am!

As I said yesterday, our something and nothing debate ain't really gettin nowhere. You see I think something is the natural state of things, and don't see why anyone has to invent any reason to explain why there is something.
But if there were nothing.......now that would be unnatural wouldn't it Aunty Belle?
There's nowhere we go, nowhere we know where there is nothing. And if there were then we'd all have to work mighty hard to think of an explanation of why there wasn't something, and why there was nothing.
Get my drift?
Why look for an explanation, especially a supernatural one, for something that is just the way things is?

But anyway.......about morals.
Let's think of something we can both agree is definitely bad.
Definitely immoral.
How about rape?
That's immoral. That's bad in my book.

Who do you think defined it as such Aunty Belle?
Humans, or God?

Ta Ta fur noooooo!!!!!!!!

Aunty Belle said...

Ardlair, youse always got a soft pillow here--even iffin its a hard head youse a layin' down on that pillow!!

Shur nuff, rape is evil. Did man declare it evil? A' course he did--in the same way the man knows other things is "naturally" wrong, because it is out of order. It violates natural order (natural law). THis here proves mah point--man can see God's footprints everywhere he looks on account of order---and rape is out of order.

ardlair said...

Hey Aunty Belle!!!!!!

Glad to see that you made it back safely from your visit to my place.....all that rambling you were doing must have made you right dizzy!!!

Anyhows, I'm back from my work at the gay-atheist european-single mother-proabortion-righttodie support centre. Don't suppose we'll get you visiting there though!!

So, about morals. That's great. We're agreed. Man doesn't need a god to define what is or isn't immoral.
Just that some believers seem to think that unbelievers don't have no morals. But I see your not one of them.
I misjudged you!!!

Cheeeeery Beeeeery!!!!!!!!

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy, Kinsman. Happy you could hop by agin'.

Oh? You seen I been by your place...well...I get a bit o' wanderlust onc't awhile. Jes' droppin' a kernel of reality here and there...Johnny Appleseed style.

Now about atheists and morals--see, here is the thang: atheists live in the universe that God made, and eve iffin' they doan acknowldge Him, they's still living in his cosmos...they's still living according to the given-ness of how thigs is created.

IT's like this: Gravity is an equal opportunity reality--it works on atheists, druids, Whirling Dervishes, Wiccans, whatever...cause it is in the order of The Creation.

They ain't got no separate cosmos for unbeleivers, non-believers or believers in training. We'uns all live in the same universe. And we all can observe the effect of gravity--made by God. An because we
can all observe this reality of the cosmos, we give it its due in our our own life--not jumping off the Eiffel tower or nuthin'.

Same way for moral laws--they's part of the natural order--made by God--but recognized by all as part of nature, proper to man's intellect to observe that oder. Order is God's
symbol, puddin'

ardlair said...

Heyyyyyyyyy Aunty Belle!
Ah sure ah'm glad you're alright after all.

But is that a little change of mind there? A drift to uncertainty?

Maybe I picked you up wrong but I thought you said man decided what was immoral? Not god? Now you seem to be saying that god decides what is immoral? Tells us. Like in them ten commandments you keep on reciting before you go off to beddy bye byes. Stealin and covetin and all that stuff.

Maybe I'm just tired Aunty Belle, like you must be, but I sure would appreciate some clarification.

Cheeeeeeeeeeerio the Noooooooooo!!!

Pete Bogs said...

I lean agnostic, if you have to put a label on it... I doubt there's a supreme being, but I'd feel closed-minded to say there is absolutely NO chance... I pretty much adhere to humanist principles; I find the "spiritual" ones are often misguided and nonsensical... oh, and uptight!

ardlair said...

Back again aunty b........

just to say.......

don't let me get you irritated
it ain't worth it
i sense that happenin over at my place

and i'm invited here

so i'll steer clear from now on

nighty nighty again

Aunty Belle said...

Ardy, mah kinsman, youse not irritatin' me either here or at your own lair...the word I used was weary--all that presumin' youse doin' is wearying--causes me to backtrack, and set the presumptions aside--as I said, lovey, I'm a real straight shooter--I tells you precisely what I think--no need to assume or presume--jes' ask and I will tell...

but I see yore tactic--you do that instead of answering the points--now now....
I admire a man o' debate, but you got to get in here a debate it, not throw out some lame presumptions and dodging the points...doan lemme down now, when I'm lookin for high octane exchange.

Now to yore request for clarification. Sure man knows what is immoral--and he "decides" what is immoral according to his human nature. But that very nature is God's design...so man sees no contradiction with the ten commandments--settin' aside the first three for the sake of the atheists (or agnostic, Pete)...the remainder is logical, and universal throughout cultures and time. THey's an aberration or two, but the long course of human history show that the logic of doan steal, doan lie, doan covet, doan comit adultery, doan murder...is accepted by most nearly all folks.

So man proximately makes the decison but God is the author of man's nature. See? it all works together pretty neatly.

Bawgs, darlin' I'm pleased to have you set a spell. Agnostic, huh? Well, I do admire that--it is more open and more logical, since you cannot DISprove the existence of the Supreme being, it's only logical to keep an open mind on the matter.

What's the definition of "up tight,"
honey? I doan knows if I understand what you mean--is it mostly applied to matters of sexual morality, or do you mean partying styles? Fashion? personalities?

An--shock--I agree wif you that some spritual stuff is nonsensical and misguided.

eyesallaround said...

I love the way you talk. That southern drawl is too cute! I'm going to return just to try to learn it, although I agree with your content also:>)

Aunty Belle said...

HEy theah Eyes, I'm so pleased to have you visit!

We'uns get into a tangle back heah, more lighthearted fare on front porch--be DElighted to have you join us for some lemonade and pork rinds...cehwin' de fat, ya see?

infinitesimal said...

Howdy Y'all,
Came in to lay some change on the table regarding my viewpoints to this post and the subsequent comments:

God is to us as we are to the ants or the microbes or the mitochondrea <-----spelling?

It is part of a greater collective that we cannot imagine.

We have free will.

God wanted a partner. The good souls who choose to go are allowed to marry God as the Bride of Christ.

The bride of Christ is the definition of paradise. A collective that is equal to God.

These are some of the main points of Christianity.
I have studied up.

Rape is demonic, cut and dried.

Ardlair said:
"Just that some believers seem to think that unbelievers don't have no morals. But I see your not one of them.
I misjudged you!!!"

Those people are called Fundimentalists...or Fundies... and they are not us. Misjudging a person can make sure you lose the chance to be their friend.

Belle said:
"IT's like this: Gravity is an equal opportunity reality--it works on atheists, druids, Whirling Dervishes, Wiccans, whatever...cause it is in the order of The Creation."

Belle, I get you. I have a post in the head regarding gravity, Hawkings and Einstein (who loved God).

In my life I have been trained as a Wiccan Buddhist Agnostic and as an adult I chose to agree to Christ and ask for the mantle.

It gives me the shivers which is a wave of joy that passes through my spine. And for me personally, that is the proof of my own spirit, and how it is being fed.

Prior to this choice however, most everything about the church made me angry, spitting mad and hot under the collar. I remember. So I know I cannot expect to change anyone's mind in any way other than by example.

And surprisingly, I have yet to encounter a major point in the belief system of one,that is not supported by all three (Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan)

So, I think that if one agrees that there is a spirit within them, and that they need to feed it. I am happy with that.
Maybe they will want to eat fast food, or take the time to cook for themselves, or maybe eat my own cooking. I dunno, but I am calm and happy this way and that is good for me personally, to feed my spirit.

But Belle:
Maybe being gay is a sign of the planet getting too full up Aunty? And how can we have so many gay folks runnin around if gay people do not have hetro sex? Seems logical that we's all jes' a little bit gay and maybe the meter swings over to the other side and someone is born with the wrong set of equipment.

Doan be treatin' the gays the way the crackers treated the negros in the ole'days Aunty.... listen to what they's sayin'.

Nighty night, that is jes my two cents.

eyesallaround said...

Infinitesimal, "The bride of Christ is the definition of paradise. A collective that is equal to God."

Equal to God? Interesting. I can hardly wait to see the collective build a universe! LOL!

The bride of Christ, according to the Bible, are the believers. The believers are a rag-tag bunch of miscreants who have chosen to believe and follow (obey) God, as revealed through His word. (Obviously there are many reasons to believe, and the field of such study is called "Apologetics")

At any rate, we definitely are not "equal to God" and never will be. IMHO the "key" is turning away from self and looking for and toward God.

infinitesimal said...

I do not really think there is anything worth reading in the old testiment.

The bride as I understand it is the collection of avowed souls who have alligned with God in life and who in death, are in eternal life as YES the EQUAL to GOD; as a collective, after the Armegeddon.

This is where the dissidence among the angels came from...."HEY!" they said, "we have to shelter these puny things so they can grow up and become our Mistress, Lady of the house, Miss Ma'm???"

I doan think so! and some of them split.

And so we have spirits of evil who whisper in our ear ideas of doubt and rape and such. To dirty us.

That is my own personal understanding of the BIBLE.
Don't go all fundy and preachy on me little dog.
I jes calls it like I sees it.

eyesallaround said...

infintesimal, Actually I will go fundy and preachy if I so desire. Ain't freedom of speech wonderful? Or are you really a fundy Mooooslim?

If you don't believe in the OT, then there is no point even discussing this with you, since it covers the part where an arrogant angel thought he too could be God's equal.

But you will win the argument after you have created a universe. I look forward to viewing your handiwork! lmao!

ardlair said...

Aunty Belle

I tippy toed back in ...through the front porch first and now in here.
To see how y'all were thinking.

And I saw, in that front porch, the importance of your beliefs to you and your kin.

And that's why it just ain't right for us to jawbone out here 'bout it all.
It's a precious thing to you ; part of your life blood.

So no-one can challenge that.
Front or back.
You don't really need 'em too.

Live the life Aunty Belle.
But look kindly on the others.
All the others.

Aunty Belle said...

LAwdy, I go tend to the garden for a day or so and looky here--I been neglectin' my hostess duties, but ya'll is doing right fine!!

So pleased so see a bit of passion ---means we'uns is alive fer shur.

Contessa, sweet baby, so delighted to learn your thoughts on these spritual matters. I see where you'n view is headed--love for one another and respect for all belisfs, more particular, respect for the spiritual nature. I'm agreeable with that.

But I gots a bit of divergence in that I cain't find it logical to think all beliefs are equal--that is, all folks is equally *entitled* to have and express they belief an' all, but if we have free will, ain't we supposed to use it to discover what is true?

The thang is, here's where I got confused: you said, "And surprisingly, I have yet to encounter a major point in the belief system of one,that is not supported by all three (Christian, Buddhist, Wiccan)

I thought a major point in Christian theology is that Jesus is the Son of God--emphasis on the (as in single, only one) and that He is himself God, and He is both fully God and fully man (hypostatic union). I am not aware that this is a tenet of Wicca or Buddhist--is it? (not being facetious, jes' wonderin' if some synthesis is posited in Buddihist thought?)

An' on the idea of a sort of spiritual collective, this is that idea of some 1930s theologians of the noospshere, ain't it? (Aunt Cecicly used to warn me of this--but I doan rightly know why she was so stern--mebbe I best check up on it.)

But Contessa Infinitessima, I think youse onto somethin' with that first angelic rebellion--they did't wanna serve no humans fer shur--rebel spritis would not stoop to serve nothin' dat gots a icky ole' *body* fer pete's sake. Dem spirits couln't stand no corporeality, thas' a fact.

And EyesAllAround is right on this too, in my thought, since that Old Liar wanted to be God, since in his mind God messed up by even creatin' anything mortal.

One last thought I wanna toss on out on the table--in one sense, that analogy is sorta true: that we are to microbes as God is to humans
...but in another way it won't hold. See, we doan love microbes, and are not likely to give our own life to save the microbes--and GOd does love us, however mortal and inferior we are as creatures to the creator.

I always think the Pinocchio story is a close analogy---God wanted us to be real, not jes' His puppets, so He gave us free will, and we can (and do!) misuse it, but in the end, some use it to chose the good--the ultimate good, that is, God.

Ardlair...I so tickled you visted the Front Porch!! You looked at all those photos?? And no need to tip -toe back heah--c'mon back into the thick of it iffin' you wanna add to the fray--thas' what jawboning is!!
Ya'll is wonderful...I'm gonna make us some juleps--stand by.

infinitesimal said...

CRIPES! Aunty,

I came over here to answer you, and that little pipsqueak dog who thinks it is all feirce and all started nippin' at my ankles.

I have met dogs like this before Aunty and I did you a favor.
They's always jes focused on the nippin and yappity yappin and they not eatin' the proper food.
So they react like dumb animals and annoy people on purpose... picking fights and making personal attacks.

I kicked that little runt as far as I could, and I kept on kicking it until I found a spot where all the eye could see was these little spotty yapping dogs.

Theys vicious beasts Aunty. Closed little brains and wee little hearts. No room for littly runty dogs next to ME on the porch.


right, eyes all around?

So anyways Aunt, I read your well formed points and i DO want to get back to you.

Right now I need to return to the chaos and wash the blood from my ankles.

~Contessa V. Infinitesima~

eyesallaround said...

Infinitesimal, Dang I can see why you get head aches with all that bottled up anger!

Aunty Belle said...

Contessa, I'm a waitin' to read yore thoughts. Sorry for the nippin-- I guess back heah on this rear porch, I jes' let folks fend for they selves--and I see that you did!

Eyesallaround,yer heah to gives a shake or two? Well...heh heh...that's what a back porch is for, I reckon. Jes' be on the look out for a kick from a boot or a birkenstock. Lawdy!!

eyesallaround said...

:>) You too :>)

Aunty Belle said...

Eyesallaround whoa! I didn't mean ole Aunty B would be kickin' nobody, chile'--I jes' mean some *other* visitors to the back porch might be short tempered--thas' all.

Ole Aunty B is more likely to make sure they's drinks enough for all.

Not to worry--we gots all sorts a dawgs round heah--that big ole' Rotweiler and his white wolf friend, Freya...so join on in ...

Anonymous said...

Still at it? There must be a bookstore even in crackertown, read up on string theory and Q physics to take your debate to the next level.

Jack of no Trade

infinitesimal said...

String Theory and Quantum physics (the gravity of black holes, and Hawking radiation) I have a half assed post on that in my book right now, but I am too dumb to construct it completely.

But they are all linked, yep it is obvious to me.

Belle, I will come back on the weekend, I promise. I have not been saying my prayers every single morning as i used to. The cursory blessing quick like is not a reflection or a real prayer. Being busy is no excuse.

I do not wear birkinstocks EVER! I prefer thick heeled boots.

Sorry I had to resort to cuelty to animals, but you know how it is when a dumb animal does not even speak your same language... And they attack... Well, you need to show them who the bigger person is.

And little spotty dog. I kicked you so hard because you are refusing to engage me, I would never come out and attack you, I may look into your words and point out a fallicy or contradiction, or cite scripture if that is your thing.

But I would not compare you to Satan. Christ little dog, you go for the jugular!
And the weak spot...migraines, not not nice to pick on someone's weak spot. But I just guess that is the type of dog you are.

It will be good, won't it? to lose the self in the end, and maybe we will bump into one another then, in the hereafter, and giggle together at our humanity...

For the moment, understand... Little yappy dogs are in the satchel of irritation for me right now cause they wake me up with their constant barking.

I come here to the porch wearing leather heels with spikes around the ankles nowadays, and i am PISSED yes, at all the little yappy dogs that came before you.

So rise above it, or leave me alone, I am sick of pointless yappy dogs.

This porch is for making points...

Too much coffee apparently.

I Love You , Belle!

Aunty Belle said...

Welcome Jack (whatever yore trade or none!). I met a scientist on a hopper flight from Madrid to northern Spain onc't. He was a goin' to give a talk on string theory to the univeristy
...he tried to explaian it to me but I cain't for the life of Aunt Cecily tell it like he did.

Mebbe you can hep me out, Jack?

Contess, sugar baby, Ole' Aunty did not mean to imply youse shod in birkenstocks--it's jes' a manner of speaking--to say any an' all types is welcome here on the back porch--where things is allowed to get heated up some--jawbonin' ya' see? I'm hearin' you chile' on the boots thang.

EyesAllAround, one thang is fer shur, I done read up on migraines and they's a feature of intelligent folks--if sensitive too. But youse welcome to toss out a bone fer us to chew--

Folks, "yappy" or howling dogs is part o' the fun round' heah--I jes' wanna be sure all visitors knows Aunty ain't no referee--so ya'll can go at it tooth and nail--with a remembrance that Aunty B's ears is tender--high decible is OK, but really foul words is a trial for this ole' biddy--an' besides, creative sorts is able to make they self plain enough, right?

A good tussle or two is the whole point of this heah back porch!

maccusgermanis said...

I don't know where the hell your "crackertown" is, but your characture of southern dialect is as annoying as fresh cornbread made from a notorious blue box. This statement being from a bona-fide redneck from 'dega.

WayneDawg said...

It's imposible to be an athiest. See my blog post titled 'Infinite knowledge in a juicy brain' Part one and two to solve this problem.

Aunty Belle said...

Well hey theah Mr. Maccusgermanis, sorry youse offended. Sugar, yer blue-tick hound die tonight? What got'cha so wound up?

Crackertown is cyber speak for Central Florida on the edge of ranchlands. Been heah more decades than I like to recollect.

'Course, now, jes' cause' you think 'dega (or even bama) makes you more redneck, why, I'll concede that
--yore manners is shur nuff more redneck than Southern....and that's from a Mississippi born Aunty Belle, whose Florida cracker pedigree dates from grade school and is reinforced by a L-O-N-G marriage to the real thang.

Delighted, Macc, if youse itchin' to stay, but if mah speech offends you,
jes' remember that this here bloggin' ain't nothin' but funnin'...c'mon and play along....

'course now, if yore THAT offended, then they's plenty o' other venues for rednecks of a more serious stripe.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh...and Macc..it's caricature, in case yore spellimn' is as bad as mah typin' often is.

Hey Waynedawg!! Pleased to meet'cha...seems a fair number of canines find they way over to this porch. I'll be stoppin' by your own place to see your ideas on atheists....see you soon. Please come again.

maccusgermanis said...

caricature You are correct.

Your caricature of Southern dialect is annoying, not offensive. I don't hate anyone for making sorry cornbread, nor persons immersed in a Floridian culture that seems to prove the earth is round. Yankees all. Just look at what ya'll have the nerve to call barbeque. Sonny's is vile.

Bluetick? I was not born to such privledge.

maccusgermanis said...

er.. privilege

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

hey mac. NoFla is the redneck capital of the universe. ask easy rider.


WayneDawg said...

Aunty Belle -

Would you be refering to a certain website in jasper as the path we may have crossed before?


Aunty Belle said...

Mornin' Macc....I'm wif you babe on the yankee thang--And I ani't even a tad likely to hit a Sonny's...youse on the $ 'bout that.

WayneDawg!, no-o-o- not the jasper website...throw the "net" wider!

Hey K-9, pup....been lookin' at yore Thursday studio, but Lawdy, I am missin the meaning of the car talk in the comments---I gots to git me some younger friends and learn the lingo.

Hellpig said...

new topic please

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah, Hail-pig, I'm hearing you--new jawing is overdue. I'm cogitatin' on it. Stand by, honey, it'll be a hum (not bird) dinger.

SUSAN said...

aunty bella im loving you. and will visit you daily.