Rebel Yell

Hoooo-eeee! Wanna really get us a tangle goin'? Is anythang more temper rousin' than the topic of the Confederacy and the Rebel Flag? Lawdy...well, here we goes, chickens, here we go:

Last year or so, a fella who works at the local utilities came to work, parked his rig in the employee parkin' lot and happily went in to do his daily duty for the good citizens who needed they water shut off for non-payment. He looked jes' like you or me. He was in disguise, yer might say. For Lawdy mercy! The fella was a genyoowhine flag totin' unregenerate Rebel Boy.

On the bumper of his rig was the Confederate Battle Flag. Dixie blasted from his horn too, iffin' youse stoopid enuff to be scratchin' yore itch at a redlight in front o' him.

Natcher'ly some African Americans employees was alerted to this Rebel's appearance in the parking lot by a card-carryin' Gore bumper-sticker driver of a purple beetle painted wif daisies.

The so-fist-icated utilities brass demanded the Rebel strip his bumper or be bumped from his job...a fine display of free speech and tolerance. The Rebel rebelled and off to court they went. Yer can guess what the court said. The African Americans was "offended" by some stars and stipes, but nobody ever told the AA's that their own Black Power adorments was divisive to the common good. But it depends on what the definition of equality is, isn't that right?

Today Aunty Belle is barreling down the turnpike and Osceola Parkway with a bee under her bonnet listening to local radio yakkity-yak. Seems Jeb Bush and other cool-headed sorts is against lettin' Floridians have license tags wif a Conderate Flag on em'.

An' you thought "Choose Life" tags were a political hot- potatoe? Whoo-eeee!

Now, in Florida we got I doan know what all on our tags (Q, hep me--what else is they?) --manatees and cougars and evr'y uooniversity, and, yes, "Choose Life" tags. Along comes Johnny Reb an' the state goes beserk.

"It's insensitive" "It's divisive" "It's nothin' but a glorification of slavery" ...for 15 miles folks is a callin' in an' squallin' 'bout that flag. Some RR (real rednecks) tried to explain, but too many emoters gummed up the hour proving how "sensitive" they were to the ideals of "tolerance".

But that ain't what makes me get hot from head to toe, enuff to roll down mah stockin's...naw, it's the pure T idiocy of the "conservative" yakin' head who think he knows what the Confederacy was. The Confederacy warn't nothin' to do wif slavery, no suh. Slavery was nothin' but a clevery whittled peg for yankees (those curs-ed fools) to hang their self-righteous wigs on.
Ever heah of indentured servants?

North was full of they own kind of slaves(Ain't defendin' slavery by no means a' tall).
Slavery was dying out of its own accord (iffin you wanna check, jes' read Robert E. Lee before the unpleasant event) since the price of a male slave was prohibitive and the cotton gin was whistling along and makin' cotton production less labor dependent.

Naw...the point the Confederacy defended was State's Rights.

State's Rights. Thas' it, pups, State's Rights. As in Massa-chew-setts hooking together thangs that ever'body knows is unhookable. As in Oregon, whar you can getcha' self murdered by a doc for fee. These states is exercisin' they rights. Thas' what the Confederacy stood for--not youth-in-asia of course, but the right to self determination. See, it's whose self-determination we's talkin about ain't it? Oregon can have it but the South cannot?

Ya'll know what the after Roe v. Wade follow-up Casey decision akshully says?? How 'bout this insane provision: "right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe and the mystery of human life."

Well, mah gouty big toe! I guess I could define my meaning of human life as any life I doan like, I can jes' make into a slave? Why not? Shur bettern' killin' em, huh? Or, what if some freak's "concept of existence" is a harem of 8 yr old boys--we gonna say he has a right to give "meaning" to that by calling it "intergenerational sex"?

Here's the hated truth of thangs:

The machine worshipping Nor'Easterners were commies at heart--(Still are!) an' they wasted no time destroying land and families for the sake of their factories. But they knew to cripple the Confederate states by makin' shur the tarriffs fell mostly on the South. At the time of the War Between the States, the South paid 90 % of all tarrifs.

The South pointed out the original meaning for the Constitution was to strictly limit federal powers and to prove that economics was the cause of the war, note this: When South Carolina tole' that polecat Lincoln they were gonna secede from the Union he did not wail "What will happen to the Union?"

Nope, his caterwallin' was "What will happen to my tarriff??"

Today we'uns oughta sit up and take careful notice. State's Rights was the idea of Washington, Madison, Franklin and Calhoun....an' it's a very wise structure --otherwise the feds git they arse too big for they Armani britches.

Doan believe that? Check out the newest assault on yore freedom--the eminent domain ruling...oh yeah, you got a little piece of heaven yore granpappy left you? But now the urban metropolis is swallowing up ever'thang between you and its jaws....doan even think you can hold out cause the feds done give yore sweet grass to the metropolis iffin' it wants to give it to the developers for throwing more concrete into the sky and thus increasing the tax revenue for the metro....Aunty knows this fer a fact chickens, cause Uncle Aloysius parlayed those Pork Rinds into the development bidness and even he is sick, sick at what the metro can do iffin' he asks 'em for yore land.

The feds is long since overstepped the idea of balance of fed power and state's rights for the thangs that are good for communites. In it's own OZ land the feds let you have yore lusty freedoms, but it is sneaking yore land out from under ye while youse tryin' out fer the mile high club. Nossiree, yore free speech is not allowed if it speaks to freedom from federal gubmint tyranny.

That's what that idiot radio yakker never did say--that the Rebel Flag is about the true freedom
guaranteed by State's Rights. An' afore you fire off some notion that Black folks weren't free in the 1860s, check the history books--those that went North mostly all came on home after a spell, they knew a pig in a poke when they saw it. A 'course, the feds doan want yo to remember that your grandpappy used to be self-determining. That Flag has got to go lest you remember what it means to be free.

Ya'll knows I ain't gonna put no Confederate tag on mah buggy...nope I have a policy of no public display on wheels...but I admit I am mighty tempted to get that bumper sticker that says:

"Visualize Whirled Peas."


Rastaman said...

Reminds me of the Shakespeare play:
Much ado about nothing. Black people view the rebel flag as racist whether it is or not. Black people seem to view a lot of things as racist. Whether they are or not.

All state governments are political. If the majority of white people stood up for the rebel flag on rear plates and threatened to vote Jeb out, there would be rebel flag plates. But if the white majority could care less and the blacks would vote against Jeb for allowing the plates, then we all know what happens to the plates. And that's what happened to the plates. You still have states rights in Florida, my hell sakes, any non-felon or ex-mental case can get a permit to carry concealed weapons all over their body in Florida, with just a 2 hour class first. You can't do that in other states that I know of.
All states still have huge autonomy. It's not the Feds that limit it, it's the local politicians.

Hellpig said...

I veiw the rebel flag as a loser of the civil war,nothing more,not racism,not slavery,just LOSERS.

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy rastaman, guns in Florida for felons? Stars!! Yikes...not a good idea.

Hail-pig, well, now you surprise me--
much was more than flag rights was lost when the losers lost---you ain;t worried about eminnent doamin issues now that the SCOTUS is done slid down one major slope??

Rastaman said...

No no. NON-felon. I said NON- felon. Felons can't legally own weapons anywhere except islamic countries.

I agree with Hellpig, the rebel flag is just a symbol of the losing side. I remind those who might be forgetting, it was the South that opted to secede from the Union and THAT was the cause of the war, Aunty, not all that economic stuff.
No doubt money played a big part and I know slavery was not the biggest issue. However, I do know that it WAS an issue and it was the large plantation owners who controlled the economy and their state governments and already had all the self-reproducing slaves they needed to run the farms. Having to free all those workers would have wrecked not just the economy of the South, it would have taken away the aristocratic way of life. It was that latter that upset those in power more than anything else.
Before the war, the single largest slave owner in the South was a black woman. I forget the numbers now but I think she had over 500 slaves. Being a slave to a good owner was a decent life. You were well fed and properly clothed. So many blacks sold themselves into slavery as the price was high and the money went to their families to start businesses, buy homes and so forth. Slavery wasn't all good but it wasn't all bad either.

AFTER the war, the aristocratic way of life was destroyed anyway as the war was lost, and the economy was wrecked as well.

So if all those Southern states had held their mud and negotiated a peaceful solution, the rebel flag would never have come into being and this blog post would never have happened, so I guess it's a damn good thing all those people killed themselves or we would have had a lot less to talk about.

Hey, can I get a reciprocal link to http://www.islamanazi.com ? The Evil Pig will vouch for me I betcha.

Hellpig said...

Rastaman is a good soul.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

as an aside to this post, it is interesting to note what awaited the newly freed slaves in the glorious northern factories. You don't even have to read anything you could just look over the paintings of jacob lawrence.

and to rastamans comment, that group of africans who sold themselves into slavery bought a freedom for their descendants that their brethren back on the continent would weep for.

eminent domain: a scenario where spoiled rich libs can get farmers and other rural people put off their land so their vacation home views are unobstructed.

i dont put any "statements" on my car. i dont want to get egged.


Hellpig said...

K9 Said ,i dont put any "statements" on my car. i dont want to get egged.

I live in a very blew state a land where Gov. elections are stolen,land is stolen,taxes are among the highest in the country and every lib owns a suburu with a Kerry/Edwards bumber sticker or impeach Bush sticker.

Bird said...

i merely came by to inquire if aunty belle had seen our infini vanille of late - she seems to be missing in action.

i will avoid this discussion like the plague as it distresses me greatly. i can only shake my head, sigh, and bite my tongue.

but where is vanille? do you know aunty belle?

Wadical said...

I'm southern. I am a 7th generation Floridian. Although I've never owned or displayed a rebel flag, I'm tempted to buy and fly one simply because they want to deny me the right to do so.

The flag don't mean a tinkers damn to me. The right to display one most definitely does.

Aunty Belle said...

Naw, rataman, Hold up a moment.

Youse cain't look at the civil war as startin'wif secession--what prompted secession is the point--now, keep in mind Aunty ain't no apologist for slavery --ain't havin' none o' that.

The pull back long view is the war of the agrarian philosphy vs. the ultilitarian machine philosophy.

It has its full playout in what we now live with--a non communitarian culture where the "common good" ain't nuthin' but a hee-haw to those whose god is career and $$. We'uns now measure folks by their contribution to the bottom line...not what they are as PEOPLE.

We'uns now dance wif' the devil iffin' it increases our bottom line---see? That's the unilitarian machine minded culture.

$$ buys ANYthang--used to be time, sugar pie, when it didn't matter if youse the owner of three counties, you would not be welcome at the table of the modest man rich in principle and honest to his fellow man. That day is lost--the IDEA is lost.

Note how often the devil-dancin' bargain is justified wif this floppy excuse: "well, it's bidness."

The War between the States has deep deep philosophy behind it--sure wishin' I get folks to read deeply, then they might get a window on how we arrived at this culture of death --it began when we made short term choices that did long term harm--

But Lemme note this--youse got a good mind an' Aunty likes to spar wif ya!!

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Wadical,
DElighted to see you heah abouts...yeah, Aunty doan want no Rebel flag on her buggy, but the right to have it if she chooses--well, so much for the "Choice" crowd.

But heah's the big thang:
They's a double standard--we cain't say one group can have free speech but the other group is wearing a cork for a mouth.

Dawg, youse right--Aunty been in New Yawk city where a black cabbie tole me he most of all despise them "uppity niggers" (his own words) from Africa who come to the UN and treat USA black-folk like dirt...one cabbie tole me that he put one African outa his car after telling him that he (cabbie ) was damn glad his own pappy was a slave cause now his great-grand kids was pissin' in toilet while Africa's kids was pissin on they selves.

Now that cabbie understood realities not pompous pretense.

The point heah is NOTHIN' about Black people.

The point is that there were/are IMPORTANT things that were lost, and not jes' the right to secede. How's a union a union iffin' part of it doan want to belong--youse know what the thrid world calls that?


Aunty Belle said...

Bird lovely spprite...did I see Infini at Dawgs yard this morning??

Bird said...

Aunty Belle,
Please drop back by at my Justin Berry post - I have left a somewhat lengthy response to your comment.

Mr Q said...

Aunty, you called and here I come. late but here. The Rebel plate is an equal to the choose life plate, and from experience, I have requested certaing personalized tags at my own freaking county office and asked:
"What does this mean sir"
"You need to tell us becuase no hate messages yara, yara yara"
The stupid office puts the clerks upfront to decide with their bias, what is right or wrong. I just wanted a reference to cigars or my own freaking name and both were inappropiate, so what gives?
Write the law clear, or just write it.
The RR should not use public or corporate property for his personal agenda, nobody should, but that is only in a perfect world. I could point at the "crap" that people complaint about and find out that most of it is their own incompetencies. The civil war, what was it about. I don't know. I was not there. All I can say is respect America, fucking respect it becuase your ass is here as mine is and if you don't like it then do something to change it damn it!. I work every stinking day and try to do it, will I succeed? it depends on much of an effort I put on it. There you go. I'm done. For now.

Aunty Belle said...

I'm hearing you Q...work to make the changes, quit carpin' and whinin'.
Come around when yer can.

Bartow County History said...

I'm interested in anything to do with the Civil War and with Cassville, Georgia. Your blog is interesting.


A Cassville Heritage Association member, Cassville, Georgia
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Stogie said...

Aunty, I have a full size Confederate infantry battle flag, sewn from cotton to the original specifications of the Confederate army. I love that flag. I am a life member of Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Hellpig, I am disappointed you would call the South "losers," as if getting invaded and conquered by a hostile foreign power was a thing of shame. If that be the case, then the millions of Christians and Jews now living as Dhimmis under Islam (which conquered them in centuries past) are all losers too. So is Poland for being conquered by Nazis, the South Vietnamese for being conquered by Commies, etc etc. You get the picture.

Allatoona Pass said...

Interesting blog...a good read.

A Cassville Heritage Association member, Cassville, Georgia
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SCV Member said...

Interesting blog. I'm always interested in anything to do with the civil war, especially in the area of Bartow County, Georgia. I'm an active member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV).

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Johnny Reb said...

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Stilesboro said...

I'm interested in anything to do with the Civil War and with Cassville, Georgia. Your blog is interesting.


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SCV Member said...

A good read. I'm looking for info on the civil war and anything related to it.


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SCV Member said...

A good read. I'm looking for info on the civil war and anything related to it.


SCV member