Traitor's Tale brings no outrage?

Well now, folks...where's your ragin' anger for the Pulitzer traitor?? Huh?

Mary McCarthy (buddy o' valerie plame--anybody named valerie is suspect anyhow!) is a Democrat CIA stooge and she done give false info to WaPo's Dana Priest who then gits a Pulitzer for a fake story on supposed US "secret" prisons in other nations...all a lie. But Miss Priest of the Post knew it--but oh! the "story" was jes' too juicy, an wif CIA liar as "source" Miss Dana Priest thought she'd be safe...uhh huh....

Well, looky kids, what is really happening is that we'uns cain't make intelligent decisions when "news" is manufactured. Anybody ever read Dante's Inferno...notice whar the liars is put? Remember, it's the EU 's own anti-terrorism investigation that said there were no US secret prisons in Eastern Europe...and the EU would be oh-so-glad to find them if they could--but they ain't any. So this Democratic CIA stooge is goin' down river, I bet'cha.

What's wrong heah is that the WHOLE of the American public (red and blue) is at risk Together and they ain't no Muslim terrorists who'll devise a bomb jes' for one or t'other color of America. THis heah McCarthy woman is a liar and traitor and needs to be hung at noon along wif Miss Priest--no kiddin'. Why?

Cause they done put all of us at greater risk by fabricatin' a story sure to make terrorists madder, to unnerve our allies and all to advance their own version of the Bush Administration. Lyin' is bad enuf, but to lie jes' to sling crap on others that you dislike even if it puts 300 million people at risk?

Looky, what these two liars have done is jes' got one answer--the rope.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

right. on. aunty.

the 9th ring? the rope? probably not. maybe the cover of vanity fair. or the rolling stone. or an opportunity for george clooney to get his directors oscar for bringing the story of these courageous traitors to the screen.

rats in the grain silo -eating away under the cover of dark. following the classic script: great civilizations brought down from traitors within. we've seen it before but the rat killer was reinvented as a monster. ask joe mccarthy


McCarthy has links to general-turned-Rumsfeld-resignation-demander Anthony Zinni. And Sandy Berger. And, of course, Richard Clarke.

uh, make that sandy BURGLAR...(what's that you got stuffed in your pants, bro?"

Would you believe she was also on the NSC during the same period, and with the same portfolio (Africa), as... wait for it...................joe wilson.

aunty, i could cut and paste reams of damning connections, but instead i invite anyone who cares to to visit:

sometimes i think the ones with the america is doomed signs might be on to something. but not for the reasons they think.


Aunty Belle said...

Hey Dawg--why thanky so much for the new leads--ain't it so, the 9th circle of hell--an' thas' too good fer em'.

Yech! Looney clooney probably WILL shill for them and take an ocsar.

Saw mah senator this morning..shakin' his haid over it all...uh huh.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh, and I meant to say that Hail-pig has a psot on this heah outrage too.

Hellpig said...

yeah it just get's more and more pathetic the more I read about,I am not as articulate as you two ,I am more a cut and paste guy,with quik qwips from me......I have come to a new conclusion as of late I have been engaged in a anti-lib campaign and have visited way left blogs.....and the same conclusion keeps popping up


my new founded term

instead of anti-war I say pro-terrorism

I want to invite you to read a story about a high schooler who was tired of the left bias in his classes and the fight he engaged in against his teachers and students...long but very inspiring for such a young kid


Aunty Belle said...

OKay Hail-Pig, I am gonna go theah and check it out--already had a fine time reading the pigazatte!

Hellpig said...

ohhhh you found my secret L.L.L.L. site......shhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell bird

Bird said...

Hey there pig - are you trying to bait me? hahahbaha!

Yeah, i know - we totally disagree. but for the fun of rolling around inyour mud - what's the link?

Hellpig said...

about a kid standing up to his socialist teacher and speaking for truth instead of lies,and no I wasn't baiting you Bird,read it you will be able to identify

Hellpig said...

oh that link,,,sorry..... belle was on a new site of mine Pigazatte the link is on my Treason in America blog

Wadical said...

It's treason, no doubt. Hang 'em high! But they won't. I got my answer....click click. ---->

Aunty Belle said...

Well folks, I'm amzed that we'uns ain't seen a hoot nor holler from MSM on this --ain't it shame. A shame that we jes' lie here and take it?

No matter your persuasion, Looney Liberal, Paleo, Dem, Rep, Fasciist, Liberatian,Supine Parasite, whatever, doan ya'll at least feel USED??

Don't ya' see that the Pulitzer is a joke, that what yore fed by "news" is a daily one act play--not at all the truth, but some political playright's personal scheme? This heah is SERIOUS bidness, folks--

Hellpig said...

all the pukeitzers were won by libs it's ajoke award

Aunty Belle said...

Yep, Hail-Pig, it is a joke award. When will we wake up to the reality that we're being palyed fer suckers???