Barcelona: "Bye- Bye Spain"

Them uppity Catallans is votin' today ter secede from their union wif Spain...

Do this make them Southerners at heart? See, they doan like the tax rape that Madrid puts on em'...and that were the complaint of the South too, ya see.

Catalans is the name of the folks that live in Catalonia, the North East province whar Barcelona kisses the sea.

Last year the Catalan parliament passed a statute givin' em more autonomy...they's all riled up seein' how they generate 20 % of Spain's economy, but doan think they get back enough in goodies. So now they's writin' a new Charter--they's on the own. The rulin' Spanish Socialists ain't really tryin' ter stop em...as long as they can keep some of the money Barcelona rakes in.

Well, folks, if this is successful, then Catalan will become a sort of state within Spain...with a tad less inde'pence than say..Andorra, that tiny nation which is next door to 'em.

Next the Basque provinces will try this again--they done tried it once, but now they may git it!

Then look fer Galicia, the North West Province of Spain ter follow along...last time Aunty Belle was in Galicia I done saw graffiti: "Galicia no es Espana'" (Galicia is not Spain)...Jes' as there is a Catalan and a Basque language, the Galicians have their own di'lect too.

And mebbe the middle of the Northern rim of Spain will declare inde'pence too...I is amused each time I drive into "The Principality of Asturias." Asturians is fine ancient folks.

Why's this of interest to the rst of us'uns? Well, I'se jes' thinkin that when the world is s'pposed ter be movin' toward unification by standardization of homogenation...that mebbe folks doan wanna be so dern unified, standardized and homogenized. When gubmint start passin' laws folks doan wanna live wif', why ya' gets the bye-bye letter. They likes theyselves as unique folks with unique customs and I gets that, I really does.

As fer here, why, mebbe the South can try onc't agin.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

right on aunty!

..."that mebbe folks doan wanna be so dern unified, standardized and homogenized....

and, they dont want some pinhead making desicions from some slab so far from their reality that it is a burden to the individuals. we talked about this once before what was that term? wendell barry wrote about it.....

reminds me of two great digs when somebody looks down their nose at our ignorant unsophisticated southern ways:

"delta is ready when you are" (lewis grizzard) and

"a southern man dont need you around anyhow" (lynard skynard) words spoken to mr neil young of which i am an admirer....neil once said in an interview how thrilled he was to have the boys from muscle shoals talkin' back, BTW.

nice post. how bout some more pix from espana?


Forest Light said...

Aunty Belle,
Looks like Ben has picked up my slack. I agree with your final assumption about the unification thing but your logic is faulty. You can't use a specific to prove a general theory. Back later. FL

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Pup!! Yep...oh yeah, the Catalans done it--they now control their own taxes, immigration and education policies and more---so this may be an intriguing new model fer some of us who figgur the feds is outa control round heah!

Love yore grizzard and skynard quotes. Amen!

Forst Lady Light?? Chile' whar on earth ya been? Didn'cha know we missed ya?

Ben huh? Sigh....mah heavens....is that Dawg right?? I mean, iffin' one puts a post up on other topics, folks still mostly wanna jaw 'bout the ultimate questions? Guess so.

Well. Well....OK...we kin get back to real soon. Stay tuned, Sugar Pie.

Ben, ya's checkin' in too, I'se hopin'...so save up some thoughts and we kin get some ideas laid out real soon on the Ultimate Questions.