UN takes hit in Lebanon

Mebbe ya'll have heard that Israel hit a UN office in Lebanon, and UN secretary general Kofi Annan is mad as a wet hen.

Well, well, ain't Kofi cute. I mean, looky folks,them blue helmented UN troops have been in Lebanon fer over 25 years--yep, thas' right, a quarter of a century--2000 of em'...

So now Kofi, that scandal ridden oil-for-food thief-- wants ter pose as indignant over the smash down of UN offices...I'se jes' a laughin.

The indignation is that 2000 troops under Kofi's control have NEVER attempted to prohibit the take over of Lebanon by Hez-bowl-ah. In fact, ole' Kofi has used those troops fer window dressin' as a sop to keep other's from demanding that Hez be routed...so now he wants to finger Israel...funny huh?

Israel said it was an accidental incident...doan know WHY Kofi has a problem wif that, since he done said he personally allowed the Hutus to slaughter Tutsi's in Rwanda, why do he want act like an accidental loss of two troops is an international crisis? Why Kofi himself has over a million deaths on his politically correct hands.

Iffin' Kofi is worried about his two folks he best get to worrying 'bout them nukes in Iran and git somethin' done rather than posture fer the NYTimes.


ThursdayNext said...

Miss Aunty Belle, I *love* your politics.

ThursdayNext said...

PS I love you, too, but your politics is also great!

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

yeah aunty, a million and counting.....


Darius said...

I think the reason the UN is such a joke is that the world, particularly the US, is unwillingly to take it seriously. The United Nations can never be an effective agent when the nations don't take it seriously or give it the power to enforce its decisions.

velvet acid tongue said...

i'm sorry i can't agree with any of you on this one ...

what does the 25-year occupation of 2000 UN troops have to do with a UN observer post/station being bombed by the israelis? how, in any way, are the 2 connected?

and why bring rawanda into this? another red herring. let's stick to the facts on this one, shall we?

the fact of the matter is that (A) 4 people who lost their lives - 1 canadian, 1 austrian, 1 chinese, and 1 finnish - in this 'accidental incident' (oh yeah - they accidentally misfired their precision guided missiles - right!), and (B) that public infrastructure is being damaged. that is the indignation.

that a little lebanese boy asks the BBC reporter why does the americans give $/weapons to the israelis to bomb them (those were the child's words, btw) is also an indignation.

can someone tell me what sort of threat to israeli security manifested themselves in the beirut airport and an electrical power plant, both of which israel bombed in the 'defence' ...?

yes ... it is sad how the UN seems ineffective now. i venture to state the unpopular, though obvious: UN is ineffective largely at the hands of dubya.

once again world wide opinion must be 'watered down' (to use china's words) to appease his almighty dubya. heaven forbid we should condemn israel for their atrocious agressive behaviour. no, that's right i forgot we are supposed to be busy fighting the 'terrorists' ...

lol ... whatever.

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy do, ThursdayNext, happy ter have ya stop by!! Polly-tiicks is a strange animal, huh??

Dawg, yep, Kofi is pilin' up the deaths...

Darius, welcome to the BAck Porch, real pleased ter see ya. lemme note that even if the USA were best buddies wif the UN like it ws under Clinton, the UN is still ineffective---ya'; heard of corporate downsizin'? Shur...well, the UN is mega bloated, and long since lost its ballance. I'se up t here real often, Darius, and knows good and ill folks associated wif the UN...but even Kofi welcomed John Bolton, ya see? Why? On account of Kofi hisself said the UN was heavy, pauncy, sick and unable to carry out its mission--the reason that nations doan respect it is that the UN is not respectable--it has the HIGHEST greed and graf, fraud and chicanery of any organization in the history on mankind!!

Why is dat? Well, fer starts, most nations do not buy into the pemise of the UN and instead use it to further their OWN nation's best interests, nit the best interest of peace for the world, ya see.

The idea of the UN was fine--a place fer nations to talk before they shoot at each other--the idea comin' outa the horrors of WWI and WWII. War weary folks hd hope that afore missles was launced, some jawin' might hep...no deal...each nations uses UN for own tactics and strategies, hencee, it ain't never been what it was designed ter be. sad.

Velvey....I'm hearin' ya frustration...share's it too. But first chile, a million deaths on Kofi's hands (his admission!) is not a red herring! Iffin' ya wanna worry about 4-6 lives at UN office in Lebanaon, how does you toss away a million other lives directly attributed to Kofi and UN under his tenure?

The purpose of pointin' out Kofi's own death dealing is to show that at the very top the UN is INCAPAPABLe of honest protection of victims.

Next, sugar, leavin' dubya outa the equation, go on back to billy-boy clinton and ya will find that the UN was coddled by the Billy's US influence and bucks...but UN still charged wif troops that killed, pilllaged raped and slaughtered folks the troops didn't care fer...see, the thang that we'uns cain't escape is that UN troops is first troops from they own nations or ethinic grousps--Kofi is Ghanan, he doan care fer segments of Rawanda, and that inbred hatred became part of his own attitude ter the folks he was s'ppose to hep while he was head of "peacekeepping" at the UN when Rwandan massacre occured. Now we got the same situation wif local hezbowl-ahs and UN.

Now, honey, fer the shocking truth...that observer post of the UN in Lebanon shares office space wif Hezbollah. Has fer years. In fact, UN justified that in 1990s (billy-boy at helm) by claimin' they (UN observers) hired from the local population...and that Hezbollah was part of the local scence...

oh , I see, if terrorists are part of the local neighborhood, hire them to protect the people they hate??? THat's the UN fer ya....

And that was under billy boy, not dubya, so no chance of white washin' the UN disrepute as comin' from Bush. Nope, truth is that UN is disrespected because of its own gross missues of its mission. HAs been for years--despite Clinton efforts to shore it up.

It is rotten to the marrow--we westerners hate to know this since we love the ideal of the UN--and it is a good ideal--but the reality ain't nuthin' like what we hoped it would be. Wish it weren't so, Velvy, but I gits to the UN regular-like and sees it inside out.

As fer the little boy--his comments reflect a child's understanding. It really ain't so simple.

Now, fer starts, I ain't defending ever'thang Isael done , ya know? --keep in mind that Aunty Belle is part Lebanese--but the situation is not simple.

A neighbor is also Lebanese, now US citizen, heartsick at recent events--but he (heavy equipment importer) fled Beruit because of Hezbolla takin' over and terrorizing his city....how ya gonna
weed out terrorits who infiltrate the UN headquarters honey?

One trouble we got aroubnd heah is that folks is blinded by dubya-hate, so much so that they cain't look at
thangs as they are. This situation in Lebanon has been brewin' fer years and years and it ain't the credit or fault of NO US pres, left or right, donkey or elephant. it is an ancient hatred that rears up every hundred years or so....the history of palestine/israel is NEVER peaceful, ain't never been so...iffin we (USA) thinks we's a gonna make it so, we's arrogrant.

Condi is posturing to put a good face on US hope fer truce...but ever'body knows that there ain't goin' be no peace in that land as long a one Jew and One Muslim is left standing in the sand. Remember democrat Jimmy Cater's Camap David Accords ..well, see? Nuthin' came of it and nuthin' could come of it..western minds and western philosophy doan have nuthin' ter offer these folks--they doan think like we do, doan want ter think like we do, don't value what we value...we cain't solve this fer them.

Whar's that leave us? Well. We can je's let 'em kill each other, or we can appoint ourselves policmen fer the region. I doan like those options--but that's it. When they make Aunty B dictator of the world, I'se leavin' em be...'course, I will prvent Iran 'Syrai /Russia from sending in supplies /troops/ etc...but I won't send no US supplies, troops either..we let these two play pen pals fight to the death. remove the sympathestic, or graft and greed international audience...and mebbe they will figure out how ter live side by side.

Percival said...

Madame, I beg your pardon. I serve as chief consultant for the UN's hand-wringing division; and we are most effectual in that capacity.

velvet acid tongue said...

er ... um .... are we talkin' about rawanda? clinton? or the middle east? i did have a pulse and a brain wave in the 1990s so i remember all that stuff about rawanda etc. that IS NOT the issue, however, regardless of what an atrocity it was.i am quite sure the families of those 4 individuals that got killed by bomb-happy israel really don't give a shit about millions of people in rawanda.

why is it ... we need to introduce something totally non sequitor and unrelated to political discussions? is that supposed to be some sort of distraction technique? lol.

yeah, clinton was no prize but dubya is absolute NO statesmen, that for sure. let us not forget iraq and the flip flops that moron has done. however, THAT is NOT the issue either.

you can find all the excuses you want to elevate dubya and his little jewish friends a little, but that does not change the facts. its time that someone on the world stage grews some effing balls and did what needs to be done. REEL in that bully called israel!

the west's manipulation of the middle east for decades and decades, coupled with religious fanaticism and inbred hatred, have created this situation. condi, or dubya or blair ain't ever gonna fix it. and that's the sad reality.

and let's remember ... reality is rarely as simplistic as these discussions make them out to be.

velvet acid tongue said...

in defense of the UN ...

have you seen, first hand, or do you know someone who has? i don't mean on TV. i mean in the real. likely not. well ... i do.

my father in law worked his entire professional career as an agricultural economist for the FAO of UN. Botswana, Algeria, Libya, Senegal, Somalia, Ethiopia, Greece ... to name a few. these are just the field operations that my husband saw in action, while his dad was on assignment.

thousands saved from starvation ... all heath care provided ... all telecommunications that work ... food shipped into these countries ... funding-education infrastructure ... basic infrastructure (roads, water reservoirs) ... WHO DO YOU THINK FUNDS THESE VENTURES? the UN does. and this is just a small sample of all GOOD the UN does for the world.

yeah yeah there are some fat cats. its top heavy. like most any government is ... that said, there are also many dedicated workers and ventures. SO ... MY MESSAGE IN ALL THIS? DON'T THROW OUT THE BABY WITH THE BATH WATER ... !

Aunty Belle said...

Sir Percival, why forsooth, I'se forgittin' that UN is excellent hand-ringers! Youse a fair knight fer shur, iffin' I'se partial ter tthat Dawg, it doan mean Mayden Fair shouldn't take a fella as well as a dawg fer her affetions.

Velvy, sugar, looky at what ya wrote and what Aunty wrote--see? We's in agreement in some key aspects:

1. Condi and Blair and Bush ain't gonna solve the problem of Israel it's neighbors.

2. the problem ain't simplisitc--thas' fer dern shur.

Now to yore specific question--does the families of the slain care about the millions in Africa (also slain)? Well, not right now they doan, but they should when they are past the first grief--why, chile? Cause the PROCESS that killed them millions is the same process that snagged their own loved ones. Thas' why. Learn to combat that evil process of expect ter lose more folks to it.

Why does Aunty "introduce something totally non sequitor and unrelated to political discussions? is that supposed to be some sort of distraction technique? lol."

It ain't no attempt ter change the subject, Velevy...one thang around heah is gonna be straight talk. It ain't no distraction, it is connecting the dots...we learn from seeing what the process, what the connections are since these acts of political violence doan never happen in a vacuum. The point is not the slain, the point is the UN--so ter examine the UN 's methods of operatin' is ter understand that the
slain youse concern wif were victims of the same UN.

But fer the sake of yore desire to throw out the political landscape afore the current event--even if we look at the situation as a free standing isolated event, the fact remains: the UN and Hez-bowl-ah share space and employees in Lebanon. Thus ya git a UN outspost whupped on the haid ....they been knowin' it was comin', chile, and
the UN office in Lebanon is lawless, more or less-on account of it serving as mask fer Hez-bowl-ah.

Iffin you'd been at that office last monnth you's seen the UN blue flag cheek ter jowl wif' Hez' flag--flying over the same building honey--this is fact. So.....doan it seem ter ya ' that the UN folks might ought have known a rocket would be aimed at that HeZ flag? Realpoitik, sweet potato.

Whar's yore ire over Hez locating themselves alongside a UN peacekeepin' mission?

Now, about the UN, please re-read what I done already worte ter ya on this...Aunty agrees no baby ought be tossed wif bath water..I done said that the IDEA of the UN was pretty fair plan, but that it is now so corrupted, baby doLl, that it is more harmful than good-full.

And fer the record, Aunty's vision of UN is eye-ball ter eye-ball, puddin'. I'se often there (inside wif' them folks) fer bidness (talk about PORK!)

Thang is, Velvy, FAO is OK...done some good work, and WHO too. (let's note, though, that the UN got $$ fer that from USA, we pays 27-29 % of the budget, wif' additional extra funding fer massive "humanitarian" efforts under the UN banner.)

But they's poison pills in the center of even them organizations.
FAO..well, read up on Front Porch about food weaponry and know that FAO is soon ter take orders from UN
freaks who will use food against the local farmers in every land. Too long fer blog world to explore, but the data is there fer an objective researcher.

Now here is mah question fer UN lovers or other devotess of the "international community". Ya'll is adamant against the US "empire" , right? Doan want Bush and cohorts ter be spreading the bald eagle wings over half the globe, right? Good, me neither.

But folks,, why then is ya'll got fire in yore britches ter install the UN empire over the face of the planet??

Aunty will hold herself up as a sage on this point: Local is ALWAYS better. Doan sell out yore local sovereignty fer a mess of "international" porridge. Become locally as self sufficient as possible, be good neighbors to each other. Hep your own neighborhood and community become the best place on this heah earth. When ya does that, ya' will see that local folks can solve they own troubles accordin' ter the best interests of the LOCAL folks--from inside...doan need no outside interference.

They's exceptions--why doan I know from living in hurricane alley that we all needs the hep of others when major unforseen calamities happen? ..shur...but fer most part, Velvy, no national or international group (chariitable or militant) can hep you as well as yore own family and neighbors....

More on local love comin' soon to Front Porch.