Food Security?

So while we got a conflagratgion in Israel an' folks is distracted wif war and rumors of war and fussin' and fumin' over terrorism and its pursuits, another silent war is being planned. A planetary food fight.

Been goin' on a bit...in obscure journals that ask,

"What kind of impact do you think the diplomatic build-up and disagreement over the war with Iraq will have on transatlantic food policy and food relations over the next few months?"

Or, "How will the accession of ten countries into E.U. contribute to global food wars?"

Back in 1996 the Yoo-nited nations gathered in Rome to produce their Rome Declaration on World Food Security. Uh-huh. The statemets in this doc prohibit use of starvation as a wea[pon against a people--Stalin being a ready-reference point. Then in Sept 2001 the UN's Food Summit (ter plan the use of food the world over) was cancelled due to the unfortunate skittishness of diplomats after 9-11. And prerhaps because the Romans did not want the UN in their city since hundreds of thousdands of protestors were set to derail the Summit---as they did previous summits. So the program festered and now we have a more insidious program than ever--crafted out of the public eye.

Of course, the premise is that everybody should git a plate o' supper every night...who would argue wif' that?

What we'uns need ter look at is HOW this utopian ideal will come about...uh huh--ya knows how. Food and water will soon enough be declared the "right" of the "people of the earth" and thus no one, no nation will have the right to the water in its borders or the food its people grow--no siree, pets, the UN is aimin' to "help" you be "fair" and "secure" by takin' on planetary food security and distribution--jes' think of it as a soviet style five year plan for a the earth's shiny new planned economy--but it will be permanent --not five years. Add to this is ecological adventures--in China this March they "discovered" that "reclaimaing" farmer's land for new forestation projects ovet the last decade meant a loss of 6 percent of arable land. So pets, we got us a fight over ecology for mother earth and food foor folks. Natcherly, all these here tensions create food shortages. Enter UN.

Oh they wrap it in fine high--toned rhetoric, like dissin' Mayanmar (Burma) fer starvin 300k victims of political oppression....but each time "food security" is invoked, why looky, the food police insist that conditions are such in much of the world that food police should control world food to "insure" fair distribution.

But then, who is gonna hold UN accountable--as when their own troops used the food raised by donor nations to control the masses in the world's hot spots? The scandal was so bad that the UN's own report suggested that HQ make issue reprimmands. Yep...the same old question, sweet puddin'--who is goin' ter guard the guardians??

Under the rubrics of "food ethics" and "sustainability" our food sources are also bein' narrowed--the beast of the story is Monsanto and its Terminator Technology --a diabolical creation that is beyond Frankenfoods to killer of good foods..genetically modified rice, beans and cotton introduced into poor nations first cause this stuff is deadly!

Oh yeah, chile, never would a thought it, but the seeds of the terminator species cross pollenate wif' yore own garden seeds--mebbe some squash seeds yore grandday gave ya...but the breeze blows over the seeds from Monsanto's killer seeds and thas' jes' what happens-it kills the seeds of yore own plant--so you lose the ability ter grow yer own. (www.etcgroup.org) And farmers will be sold these seeds--but they cain't regrow em' wifout buying new seed eah season--meaning of course that the price of seed will dwarf oil. 70 bucks per pound for wheat seed--or worse, make you a tennant farmer on yore own land.

This is but one misuse of science and gene technology ---hate ter think of what we doan even know is in them laboratory vials.

Agri-giants is plum thrilled of course, talk about control of the market! Worried about oil? Ain't seen nuthin', mah chicks, like what's a'commin' in the food fight of the planet.

In 2003 the world's 1st Global Forum on Sustainable Development was in gay Paree (PAris) whar ethicists, bio-diversity experts ans sustainability gurus asked each other if it would be ethical to prohibit the use of the "world's land" for "inefficient" food production methods?

Did'ja git that folks? The "world's lands" not your land, mah land or the land of our birth...oh no, but all land is now coopted ter feed the "world" and the land cain't be used, ya see, fer no stoopid non-terminator foods or fer traditional methods of agriculture--no sir-ree.

Or the "Ecology without Frontiers" folks...yep, another land-grab. So in the name of ecology yore ability to grow an orange tree is usurped, and youse a step closer to state-managed hunger.

Looky....along wif bullets, better store up some seeds of old fashioned sort(see www.seedsavers.org or www.primalseeds.org).


boneman said...

'Less they're genetically modified, I'm 'fraid most stored seed from folks t'home're goin t'be mouse food or, worse, nothin' but dust.
Takes an intellegent head t'keep seeds good.
But, that's a mighty fine start, friend, us keepin' a part t'grow next year, and, again the next and so on.
'Course, then folks is gonna have t'learn of the growing part, and how a farmer's life ain't so near easy as some professes it t'be.
And then there's he pestelences t'worry fer, and my! How folks'll be sprayin their pesticides about, filling the air, filling the plants, filling their snouts.
And then, what about the animals hat feed on he bugs? Shall we just stand idly by as poison after poison pulls them down?

No, I'de say, and I don't mean no disrespect, that the idea of growing and hoardin is a bit simplistic.
More to the cause would be a better society that can stand on its farmin' in such a way as t'share with others when the time comes the things we each do best (some farm, some ranch, some build...) but, in any case, GOD be wityh us all, large and small, strong and weak, good and bad.

Aunty Belle said...

Why Boneman, youse a wise man fer shur.

I doan mean to hoard seed or food, or to minimize the ardor of farmin'...no, I'se in steady agreement wif' ya that the best solution is to build a better society--the true task of free men.

Nor does Aunty mean to subsitute home growin' fer actual farmin'...but I does mean to save--as in keep alive---some of the fine seeds tghat commercial growers doan want to fool wif'. And, I does mean to say that we'uns should grow a bit fer our own delight and to keep the seeds fer the next groowin' season--as ya said.

ANd thanky fer that fine blessin'...youse right on, sir.

velvet acid tongue said...

who guards the guardians? lol ... NO ONE. and that's the eternal problem ...

all this talk of genetically modified food makes me think me think of margaret atwood book 'oryx and crake' ... a post apocalyptic book about genetic engineering gone awry.

i think, at the rate this world is going ... it really doesn't matter much. by the time those idiots who call themselves world leaders have taken their heads outta their asses ... large fertile parts of the world will just be pillaged and plundered.

and if these turkeys don't destroy the world with their friggin stupid wars than they will with their blatant destruction of the world's environment.

i wonder ... tho this is off topic ... would it not be inefficient to stick some friggin wall in the middle of a one burgeoning olive grove? hmmmm ... guess not many thought about that one did they?

re: farming ... uh huh ... its one of the hardest and most thankless jobs out there. yes - way harder than it looks.

Bird said...

not sure what to make of all this....

but the concept of "world" lands - here's the dig - we as in the US, use up most of the resources and our companies and corporations run amok in foreign lands - gobbling up farming land for our own purposes - with no regard to the locals. we, the us, allow our corporations to behave this way.

i think that's behind the world lands concept - the desire to protect against that sort of US sponsored corporate behavior.

though we aren't the only ones that allow our corporations to behave that way.

of course, if you take that concept of global lands too far left - it turns into facism. and meets up with the right that has gone equally too far.

a conundrum.

i hope to plant a fall lettuce crop on my balcony. container gardening. now whose gonna take that away from me?


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

nice one aunty. a subject dear to mah heart.

from the yoo nited nations:

"Land...cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes. The provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable...."

nice and scary aint it? lets see.....you think it will be handled as well as say, rwanda???

tell 'em about the corn blight aunty.

i am doing a little riff off this post if blogger will take my darn pictures!!!! grrrrrrr!

Aunty Belle said...

Hey ya'll.....yep, this here is a growing worry--

Bird, it ain't the corporations unltimately--USA or otherwise--who are driving he move toward "world's lands".

It is those who call themselves
"globalists" and known to conspiracy theorists as "One worlders" --folks like Ted Turner and Bill Clinton and George Soros--all on record as sayin' that national borders and sovereginty is an obstacle to their worldview.

Now, I'se not sayin' I buy the whole New World Order conspiracy--though some parts is obvious fer any thinkin'man/woman ter see real plain.

But as Dawg done laid out fer us, this is the UN's plan--to take ALL private land ownership--and jes' as bad, to make it so *only* hybrid , engineered seeds will grow--and as I said in the post, that makes food weapon number one over all the people of the earth--see?

They will take land and even the ability to grow lettuce on yore balcony Bird....cause the seeds will cost ya so much and ya won;t be able to save some fer ya next crop--they's sterile.

I'se pleadin' wif ya'll, doan try to fit this reality of the UN/globalists into an anti- Uncle Sam harrangue. Thang is there is a heap o' folks in USA battlin' this--including lawmakers and policy analysts.

Yeak Velvy, honey, farmin' is hard work--I ain't suggestin' we all return to farms...no, mah point is simpler:

git'cha some heritage seeds and grow somemthin' fer yoreself. EVR'body can manage to do this--plant a fruit bearing tree, grow herbs in your flower beds, a few raspberry vines on yer fence, a pot of patio tomatoes and lettuce...

Looky, I been ter the store--the apples is from chile, the peaches from Argentina, the melons from honduras...all this demand to have these fruits outa season in yore homeplace is what drives massive use of oil (to ship and refrigerate) and massive use of pesticides too..

Looky, Aunty Belle doan buy no foods grown in SOuth America--cause they gubmint let's 'em use poisonous chemicals to grow their food--stuff we ain't allowed ter use heah.

I'm sayin' we'uns can grow locally what we need and SHOULD. Support local porduce--and increase demand fer it.

Then when the market sees that imported fruit rots on the shelf on account of you and me not buying it, then we won't be importin' so much and we save oil as well as local jobs...it's a long lay-out to map this whole chain fer ya...but main ppoint is to let ya'll know that food is becoming a weapon and ya' gotta hep stop it.

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