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Folks, ya'll remember when a blogger reported that France made a new law saying ladies ain't ter fo ter the beach wif'out they tops on? (sorry fellas!) Well, now this from Britain:

A five-year-old (British) girl’s passport application was rejected because her photograph showed her bare shoulders.

Hannah Edwards’s mother, Jane, was told that the exposed skin might be considered offensive in a Muslim country.

The photograph was taken at a photo-booth at a local post office for a family trip to the south of France. Because of the way the camera was set up, the picture came out showing Hannah’s shoulders.

The family had it signed and presented it at a post office with the completed form but were told that it would not be accepted by the Passport Office. A woman behind the counter informed them that she was aware of at least two other cases where applications had been rejected because a person’s shoulders were not covered.

Mrs Edwards, a Sheffield GP, said: “I was incensed. I went back home and checked the form. Nowhere did it say anything about covering up shoulders. If it had, I would have done so, but it all seems so unnecessary.

“This is quite ridiculous, I followed the instructions on the passport form to the letter and it was still rejected. It is just officialdom pandering to political correctness.”

Well, folks--this family planned ter go ter France--maybe the French have caved so much now since the Paris Burning of Christmas 2005 that it is now a muslim country?


Hellpig said...

No it is a Dhimmi country along w/Germany and the UK and Denmark and the Netherlands...Ahhh isn't Liberalism great?

religion of pieces said...

All muslims try to emulate the great Prophet Mohammed. The sight of a five year old girl's shoulders would not be viewed as offensive but as provocatively erotic.

Jesus said "Suffer little children to come unto me"

Mohammed said "Suffer little children when I cum into you"

Pete Bogs said...

I've been to Pasco Co. nudist resorts, so I have no use for bare shoulders...

btw, I am back on the blog and have commented on your recent comments...

Aunty Belle said...

Dern it Hail Pig, them Frenchy folks is tickin' me off--is them frogs gonna let Islam tell 'em ter stop makin' chanpagne too? Whar's Charlemagne when ya need him?

Aunty is calling for Matamoros.

Religion of pieces, howdy do---ya comment frightens me, 'cause I worry ya's right. C'mon over when ya can...

Hey Bawgs, how's that wrist baby doll? Doan hep ya tennis game do it?
Looky, puddin' all joshin' aside, does ya find it worrisome that the Brits is sending spaghetti stped five year olds home to get a burka for passport photoss???

Hellpig said...

Belle they already turned all the toilets to face east in the UK prison system,all public school lunches are to be muslim food(cant remeber name)The word Terrorist is stricken from the public language..UK has lost

BTW they are coverting churches into mosques,2/3 hundred year old churches.....not sure how many a year but I know it is happening reguarly

Aunty Belle said...

Sweet Shoat--what??? Whar is we convertin' these 2-3 hundred year ole' churches? Heah in America????

Yeah, Europe jes' mystifies me--what in the heck does they imagine? All these concesssions merely emboldens the monster.

Well...not funny, but ironic--them dang Euros did not want to cover shoulders and bosoms to enter St. Peter's in ROme and criticized the Chrurch for lack of modern sennsibilities...uh huh...so now they make five year olds cover shoulders for a passport photo outa "respect" for Islam ??? It ain't respect--it is fear: F E A R!

butterflygirl said...


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

charlemagne? more like chamber-lame aint it?

What's your problem aunty? you hater! you bigot! how dare you speak of the capitulation of a western nation to islam as if it were a bad thing! you unenlightened dolt!! you bigot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


start diggin aunty.

why do i keep running that roll of fine french film where grown men stand on the streets of paris and weep as the nazis roll in?

*whimper* *hand wringing*

"but, but why do they hate us?"

*bites lip, gets misty*



Aunty Belle said...

Yep, Butterfly, sugar--can ya imagine--I knows ya got a five year old yoreself--imagine having to dress him to suit another culture.

Hey Dawg...shur I'se a bigot, ain't it clear?? We'uns laugh, but the dolt heads ignore London, the Frnch caves-ins, the actual words of Iislamic leaders--not --notice-- the man in the street, but Leaders!

what can Aunty Belle add--you wrapped it up wif a bow--black bow, I s'pect.

Anonymous said...

A Post Office spokesman said: "Our offices have a Passport Office template which says what the photograph should and shouldn't be.

"Bare shoulders don't come into that at all. We can't see any instruction to that effect so all we can do is apologise to Mrs Edwards. It was clearly a mistake made by the clerk at the post office.

"It is the first time we have heard of such a rejection and we will take it up with that particular office.

"We do around three million passport applications a year. It is one of our most popular services and it is normally extremely effective."

Source. Telegraph.co.uk

Aunty Belle said...

Anon, why thanky for this fine
follow-up. So, is it that a passport photo worker took on hisself to decide little Hannah was "offendin' muslims"?

Malinda777 said...

The cowardly French are going to be (already are) taken over for sure. I cracked up when I heard French troops were heading up part of the UN convoy to Lebanon.

Can't you just see them, lazing under trees saying "oui oui" and doing absolutely NOTHING.

Cute blog.

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy Malinda, real pleased terfind a new "face" on the Porch. Yep, these french folks is facing a islamic style french fry, I fear. Canadian sent me some photos that nver appear in US papers--the "peace" march in London whar' islamic frenzy vows EUROSTAN will begin in England--they(muuslims) is saying' Merrie Ole' Englond is the first to fall to sharia law.

C'mon back soon, sugar...I'll keep a chair fer ya.

religion of pieces said...

We all know that Mo married Aisha when she was six, spent a couple of years 'thighing' her ("Sit on my lap sweetheart and let's talk about the first thing that comes up") and then gave her a big surprise for her ninth birthday present.

But apparently even a six-year-old was a bit too mature for the Old Pervert. When he tired of Aisha, according to http://www.islamreview.com/articles/sexinislam.htm , he tranferred his lusts to a baby girl too young to walk.

"In the Sirat Rasul, we read the incredible story that Muhammad, himself, wanted to marry a crawling baby girl a few years before his death"

And yet in their Incestuously Induced Islamic Insanity, the idiotically inbred cousin-fu*****s believe that Mohammed is Allah's example of the Perfect Man.

Makes you wonder who the HELL is Allah?

Aunty Belle said...

Religion of Pieces,
the thang that gits ter me is how the histroy of Islam/Mohammed is suppressed. Mohammed was a caravan pirate--robbed caravans fer a livin' afore he had his vision.

Knew of poor Alisha. Written of by Mohammed's contemporaries. But never did hear of the crawling baby--will have ter check sources since this is so heinous Aunty's mind balks...hope it ain't true.

As fer who is Allah, well, thas' easy: a synthesis of heresies drawn from apostate Jews and hertical Arians (of the famous Arian heresy).
Stay tuned--workin' on a post about the distiction between Islam and the other two monotheistic faiths.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

aunty aunty aunty...you workin on a post of distinctions? for who? i hope you have an anvil dropping out of the sky as a plan "b".


Aunty Belle said...

Pup...ya' may be right--and I doan know why I'se doin the distinction ---mayhap it is swan song? I'ce feelin' in the dumps today.

Mr Q said...

Aunty, in a way, they probably never left Lascaux.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Q...youse right--I tried onc't to git into Altamira, but the wait was so dern long, and is now closed to us'un regular folks.So back in France, I fell in love wif' Rocamadour! Nearby is La Mouthe, not as famous as Lascaux but does show whar' them Frogs holed up fer a few millenia. Neanderthal thinkers..or is it Cro-mag?

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

yeah, thats the "unscholarly" Q there!!! grrherehrhaha
aunty? you blue? go git one of dem babies.


religion of pieces said...


On the second reading of the lnk about Islamic sexuality I realised why most Muslims are forced to marry their cousins in arranged marriages.

The reason is that marriage in Islam is a financial transaction. You have to BUY your wife (in actual fact you don't buy your wife as a person, you buy a screwable c**t - see below - that's why in some cases a goat will do just as well as a woman.)
So to keep the money in the family, the brothers agree to sell their daughters to one another to be screwed by their sons so they can produce yet more loony inbred psychopathic terrorists. In Islam, c**t is a commodity. If they had to buy c**t from non-relatives their welfare benefits would be squandered outside the family.

From http://www.islamreview.com/articles/sexinislam.htm ...
"In Islamic parlance, this compensation for sexual service is known as mahr or dower. All Muslim men must agree to pay an amount of money before marrying a woman. This payment can be immediate or it can be deferred to a future date. Now you know what a mahr is. No Islamic marriage is valid without the agreement for a dower. In reality, however, this dower is nothing but the payment for the possession of a female body for sexual gratification by the male. Full dower is the payment for the delivery of woman’s person, Booza, meaning Genitalia arvum Mulieris."

From http://www.mukto-mona.com/Articles/kasem/islamic_womens_day.htm
"Malik’s Muwatta The bride–price is the money that you pay to have sex with your woman; the bride-price is obligatory…28.4.12
Sunaan Abu Dawud If you marry a pregnant woman then her vagina is lawful if you pay the dowry, after she gives birth, flog her; the child becomes your slave...11.2126
Hedaya Full dower is the payment for the delivery of woman’s person. Booza meaning Genitalia arvum Mulieris--- (p.44) "

I always thought Booza meant 'Public House', but apparently not...

'Genitalia arvum Mulieris' is of course a Latin term rather than an Arabic one. The prudish Victorian Indian lawyers who had to interpret Islamic marriage law realised that there is no 'polite' translation into English of 'Booza' that would be acceptable to the Queen, so they rendered the term into Latin so it could not be understood by the ignorant vulgar multitude. (For the small proportion of visitors to this blog who may be ignorant, vulgar and devoid of a classical education, 'Genitalia arvum Mulieris' literally means 'A cunt ready for fucking' )

Fuckable cunt for sale! What CAN you do with these people?

Aunty Belle said...

Well, Dawg, I'se got a tiny friend or two...but on account of them I'se sorta blue--they will have to deal wif what we ain't done. Doan want mah wee ones ter end up in burkhas, ay know--frankly pup, I'se encountered too many "nice" people who refuses ter deal wif the reality we face.

Jes' today a real sweet professor lady done said she was "alarmed" by the "flagrant bigotry" of Americans at our local international airport.

Know what the "bigots" did? They, wearing slacks and shirts, asked each other how come the burkka clad "inspector" at the airport had them frisked for the TSA, while letting a a muslim woman go --the latter in a burkha too---the bigoted remark? "Why check us when no one knows what that woman has under her burkha?"

Reasonabloe question, I'd say...but no no---it is "bigoted" rather than logical.

Ya see? "nice" ladies is so stooooooopid that I'se fearin' the future.

Hey Religion of pieces....gag---Aunty is stunned. Seems ter me that muslim women would welcome a cahnge of pace--however "infidel" freedom seems.

Aunty Belle said...

Religion of Pieces, honey, I'se like that queen ya mentioned: a itty bitty li'l note...sorry ter say, but Aunty is tender- eared...iffin' ya can make note of these horrible realities wif' out using them really shockin' words, I shure would be obliged--sorry 'bout this, chillen', I'se jes' an ole biddy from another age, I guess. Ain't got a problem acknowledging the truth of the situation--just requesting a brake to them rough words. I do thanky so much.

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