Poem for Sir Percival ( He's lost that crusadin' feelin' )

Sir Percival, the "Romantic Dandy" bloggin' bard from NYPD, ain't happy wif Aunty Belle. He aims the arrow of sarcasm: "Arabs must be genetically flawed and Islam is a religion of pure hate".

An' this heah Florida Cracker woman, Aunty Belle, replies:

Forsooth! Percy, puddin', doth thou wallow yet in yon sarcastic mire,
whence cometh a legion of lame ligamented liberals
astride braying donkeys and lacking all manly fire?

Nay, confus/ed knight, comfort thy heart and lift thy chin,
'tis not as thou thinkest, when plainly seen.

Descend yore mountain, good sir, to looky whar the sun riseth east,
is it not still so?
An' day follows day, yet again, nigh the night's close,
another circuit the yellowy orb doth go.

Jes'so, Percy puddin'pie, will sons of Ishmael rise in anger nurse/ed
long millenina afore hapless George of note rode, (by chance acurs/ed)
along that ragged edge of history, where Isaac son of Abram encamp/ed.

For Ishamael hath smite his brother in hate; as ere the sun doth rise,
year follows year and centuries close to open new,
and again the Saracen's fury is unleash/ed--
t'was written so by yon poet prized:

"The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold,
And his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold;
And the sheen of their spears was like stars on the sea,
When the blue wave rolls nightly on deep Galilee."

Nay, Percy, say not "new' is yonder strife
that heal/ed t'were if Uncle's life
and blood and lucre be not spilled
o'er dunes of oil,his steeds of iron to fill.

Percy, lift thy visor and look beyond thy nose,
twist not knightly knickers and silken hose
to knots benamed for George or Condi
but Think ye! and hearest thou
that scourge, Abdel Rantisi

For lo! Percvial,Harken thou to wisdom's warning:
a thousand years have Moorish masters the
hunger of Arab babes been spurning

While filling caliphate bellies sashed in gold,
their lips dripp/ed pomegrante crimson, yet cold
hearts feasted on pistachioed sweets
rare tasted by sand dwelling beggars
who offered for Master's turban a peacock feather,
that beggar's child's death one night more might cheat.

Nay, confus/ed knight, forget not the potentate's oil riches,
Pasha's villas,planes and satin Versace britches
T'was luxurious living had he, 'twixt booze and lust,
yet spared he not for moaning hunger a trifling scrap, a moldy crust

N'er a riyal nor halala coin for Jeddah's blighted poor,
their plight and pain drown/ed in yon pusillanimous sewer

Yet plot and scheme did Ali's tribe
in councils gathered far and wide
beards they stroke/ed and in calm despise
did Mohamet's holy men point to western skies
"There is yore enemy, Habib, looketh not to us,
onto those foul men hurl yore enrag/ed disgust"

"Think ye not that our Caliphates,"
(quoth bloated goatish potentates,)
"are to blame for all yore trials,
See instead the horrid infidel!
His coarse and vulgar styles
His jean assed daughters'wiles
defiant wives and sons of liberty, by these
are Muslims piggishly defiled."

"Die you must, sand dwellers, and yore doe-eyed sons, too"
(soft, silken persuasion; Mullahs whisper the craven cure)
"Ye knoweth Habib, Mohammed commands this land be pure!
For Thee hath Allah seventy virgins suculent,on earth denied to you
by blood of such as Thee, Habib,is Caliphated power secure."

Ah Sir Percy, wilt Thou still not see,
that even t'were Israel thown into the roiling sea, Lo!
The faces of Fatima yet upturned in hunger'd be,
her nubile limbs bartered fer nought,no sou,nor fig,
a tidbit for Mustapha's tea.

Should she resist, and plead her case
for freedom's right instead,
ah, Percy, sickened art Thou when in yon arena,
they sever her pretty, veil/ed head

Though Israel perish in bloody wails and Uncle bullied, did withdraw,
Yet ne'r will the Arab dunescape be as quite Sir Percival saw

For true and honest men understand this well,
After a thousand years and some,
hath hist'ry reveal/ed Islam
a cruel, despicable hell.

And vassals all, be thou and me,
to Mohammed's brigands when Jews
in Canaan there'd no more be.

Deserved so, Sir Percy, deserved so,
for when men disdain what their fathers sav/ed
with every wound and pain and death, though honorably behav/ed,
toward that enemy that would NOT cease nor desist
from rape and pillage and theft-filled fists,

Yea, Sir Percy, disdain for sacrifce of forefathers brave
by whose crusader struggles our civilization t'was saved
inheritance now of soft-raised sons, ne'r by armour shield/ed
Wearing nought but fashionable illusion
How drawest thou any other conclusion?
But that unworthy will they be, Percy mine,
to live and love under the light of liberty's shine.


Stogie said...

Sir Percival, the "Romantic Dandy" bloggin' bard from NYPD, ain't happy wif Aunty Belle. He aims the arrow of sarcasm: "Arabs must be genetically flawed and Islam is a religion of pure hate".

Sir Percival ain't far wrong on the "pure hate" argument, but the "genetically flawed" is just the usual liberal "racism" charge, in disguised form, that they resort to when they are losing an argument.

Most Muslims are not Arabs so Sir Percival's connection is not even valid. But whether Filipino, Indonesian, Iranian or Saudi, many Muslims are violent. It is because their religion and its Qur'an, Haddith and traditions are very violent. In a nutshell, the major dictum of Islam is violent jihad, world conquest, forcible institution of Sharia law over all of mankind.

Islam is as evil as Fascism or Communism ever was and has killed literally many millions of non-Muslims over the centuries. And it is coming soon to a theater near you, Sir Percival! So get your head outta yer ass. Time is short.

Aunty Belle said...

Thanky Stogie...mayhap soon ya can get'cah some Cuban Ceegars!!

Percival said...

Stogie and Aunty Belle:

I'm aware that Muslims and Arabs aren't identical, but find people who are against either group don't generally make distinctions.

I'm not "losing an argument" because my points, which nobody's responded to, are incontrovertible.

Here they are, in nonsarcastic form, since it's clear my sarcasm wasn't being picked up on by at least one commentator in the thread to Belle's prior post.

Any large group of people contains huge variation. You can't reasonably condemn an entire group - a race, ethnic group, major world religion, or nation.

Islam, as a matter of historical fact, is of the Judeo Christian tradition. If you read the Quran, you get bored because you miss the poetry of the orginal language; while the content is extremely familiar to any Jew or Christian. Mohammed was thoroughly familiar with the Bible and it directly inspired his writing of the Quran. You might read, say, Huston Smith's Religions of Man or any other overview of world religions. Or try reading the Quran. It's short.

Muslim extemists don't speak for Islam - ask any normal Muslim or reputable Islamic scholar/cleric. Not any more so than Christians who gun down doctors who perform abortions speak for Christianity.

Notice that to say that there's always been violence in the Mideast and therefore Muslims are inherently violent, confuses Arabs and Muslims - right, Stogie? I mean, Mohammed didn't come along until about 500 years after the start of Christianity. Mohammed actually helped to diminish the violence among the warring factions of his time.

My main point is that you can't judge an entire people by what's going on with it culturally/sociologically at any particular period of time.

Example: for thousands of years, China had a major civilization while Caucasians and Africans were living in the forests and jungles. So for thousands of years, it would have made sense, going on the same sort of basis as your condemnation of Muslims, to condemn whites and blacks as mentally inferior to the Chinese - just as you're now condemning Muslims as morally inferior.

It's nonsense. If it makes you feel good to hate, you might want to start asking yourself why; and if this really helps distinguish you from the nastier folks in the Islamic world. There are hateful people all around the world. Hateful words can lead to hateful actions. Actions, of course, are much worse; but it begins with words.

The truth is that we just don't know why stuff like civilization, long periods of peace, or war, or technology, or not thinking up technology, happen at different historical times and places. The factors are too complicated for us to sort out just how they interact. They undoubtedly include things like geography, terrain, abundance of water, even randomness - the "butterfly effect" that even makes it impossible to make accurate long range weather forecasts, let alone understand history.

The industrial revolution started in England. So should we consider the English "the Master Race??" During the Middle Ages, Christians carried out crusades and inquisitions. Did that make Christians as a group nothing but a bunch of moral imbeciles and violent hypocrites?

Maybe people like to hate other people because it's simple and it feels good. But it's also wrong - both in terms of factuality and ethics. We're all human. Islam is one of the great world religions notwithstanding that there are some violent persons who perpetrate horrible acts in its name.

The Nazis used Christianity in the same way. That doesn't make Christianity a religion of hatred either.

ThursdayNext said...

Congratulations everyone - and I mean everyone.

During times of war and conflict, what gave hope was the creativity and artistry and civility of those willing to remember that they are above inhumane actions and thoughts.

While I leave this comment on Aunty's blog, it is directed towards everyone who has been arguing with condescending tones and cheap barbs over the course of the past few days on various blogs.

You are all fools to fall into the trap of allowing hatred spread onto your creative and artistically important spaces. I am sorry to say, you are all victims of terrorism. I, myself, shall never fall into such a trap.

Divide and conquer is the oldest war tactic ever...how are all of you so narrowminded?

I shall return only when you all remember yourselves.

Whose side am I on? An ARTIST, POET, AND CREATIVE MAN named...

John Lennon.

Stogie said...

Percival, your thoughts on Islam and the Koran are just wrong. You obviously have never read a single book on the beliefs, history and traditions of Islam or the life and career of its prophet. I've read about ten, so I actually know what I'm taking about. I also have a copy of the Koran, though it is largely unreadable due to being devoid of chronology or context.

However, the Koran is shot through with calls to violence; it is not a peaceful book by any means. Its major premise is world conquest and imposition of Sharia throughout the world by violent jihad. Jihad is required, it isn't just a suggestion.

Islam is not born of Christianity or Judaism, it was invented by Muhammad and his sock puppet Allah. Though Muhammad quoted a lot of Christian and Jewish scriptures in the Koran, he largely got them wrong or changed them.

Islam is not "just a religion," it is a totalitarian ideology. The argument is not about whether there are moderate Muslim; there are. But there is no moderate Islam. Those Muslims who choose not to do violence on behalf of Islam do so in spite of their religion, not because of it.

"Good" Muslims are terrorists because they are actually following the teachings and traditions of Muhammad.

We can indeed condemn this totaliatarian ideology, and just because it has been packaged as a religion is no reason not to. I'm sure there were moderate Fascists and Communists too, but their ideology was still rotten to the core.

I don't where you get all of your warm feelings about Islam, but they do not derive from actual facts, history or Islamic scripture. There are merely wishful thinking on your part and born largely of your own lack of reading on the subject.

My suggestion: be aware that you are mired in a leftist, pacifist ideology that won't work nor will it permit you to see the truth. A belief system can be like a mental strait jacket and you must try to escape yours.

READ A BOOK on Islam. I highly recommend "Onward Muslim Soldiers" by Robert Spencer as a start. You can also go to the website "Prophet of Doom" and download the book of the same name.

Finally, Serge Trifkovic's latest book on Jihad is excellent and his prior book "Sword of the Prophet" will help you learn what Muslims actually believe.

Wishful thinking will get you killed. For the survival of Western Civilization, you owe to yourself to lose your illusions and become informed. You can't solve the problem until and unless the problem has been accurately defined.

Stogie said...

Percival, you make so many points it's hard to keep up. You need a good fisking to show the error in your logic, assumptions and conclusions.

1. Your points are "incontravertible." Nonsense, almost all of them are dead wrong and easily refuted.

2. Any group contains large variation. True, but its the ideology that does not vary; it is set and considered the revealed word of God by the Muslims. Since it is an idelogy exhorting violence and conquest, it will always be a danger to manking because there will always be those who actually follow its teachings.

3. Your aversion to "hatred" is just a liberal feel-good feint and a cop out. Do I hate people who kill 300 school children as in Beslan, Russa? Hell yes I do. Do I hate people who fly planes into sksscrapers, bomb trains, and fire rockets into Israel? I hate their guts. Not hating them is an act of moral cowardice. You seem to think you have some kind of moral superiority or enlightenment due to the fact that you don't hate anyone. That's a formula for national sucide and also a cop out; you refuse to distinguish between good and evil so that you won't be morally obligated to oppose the evil.

4. Islam is not of the Judeo-Christian religion in any way, shape or form. Muhammad claimed it was to give his phony prophethood a false aura of legitimacy. He lied.

5. Muhammad was an illiterate who didn't know beans about the Bible and was certainly no scholar on the subject. He questioned Jews and Christians to find out what they believed. He borrowed a lot from paganism, Judaism and Christianity, but he by no means understood them. You tell me how an illiterate camel driver came to be a brilliant biblical scholar, Percival. It didn't happen.

6. Try reading the Quran? Like you have, right? Try reading Prophet of Doom, it covers about 90% of the Quran and the Haddiths (have any clue as to what those are Percival?)

7. Extremist Muslims do speak for Islam, all the time. Imams in mosques all over the world preach violence and hatred, because it's what their religion teaches. They are simply being true to that religion.

8. There is extreme violence in the Middle East because of Islam's presence there. Over the centuries a violent culture has become more violent, with a violent ideology as a root cause. No one has claimed that Arabs are inherently violent, but their culture is very violent. It is a shame culture that calls for revenge and blood. Truth is truth, whether you want to face up to it or not.

9. "Mohammed diminished the violence"? You've got to be kidding. The 700 - 800 Jews he slaughtered by beheading them after they surrendered to his army might take umbrance at that. The tribal leaders and poets and others he had assassinated might disagree. And his invasion and conquest of Arabia might cast doubt on your premise as well. You throw out "factoids" that have no basis in fact. You really need to exchange your attitude for actual knowledge.

9. "My main point is that you can't judge an entire people by what's going on with it culturally/sociologically at any particular period of time."

Don't look now, Percival, but jihad and Muslim conquests have been going on for 14 centuries now. So what's your point? Because there are moderate Muslims we can't take steps to protect ourselves from the violent ones, especially since its the violent variety who are in charge of Iran and Syria?

By your reasoning, we shouldn't have fought the Nazis because not all Germans were bad people. Your point is no argument at all. The goal is for us to (1) stay alive and (2) retain our freedoms and our Western Civilization. Squishy, formless arguments like yours above prove nothing and don't ameliorate the problem of Islamic violence.

Islam is a very hateful religion. Ever hear of the Armenian genocide? Do you know what dhimmitude is? How do you stand on women's rights? Genital mutilation? Capital punishment for gays, atheists, and apostates? Honor killings? Rape of women captured in war? Slavery?

All of those are aspects of Islam.

Stogie said...

Thursdaynext said:

"You are all fools to fall into the trap of allowing hatred spread onto your creative and artistically important spaces. I am sorry to say, you are all victims of terrorism. I, myself, shall never fall into such a trap.

Divide and conquer is the oldest war tactic ever...how are all of you so narrowminded?"

A better question, Thursday, is why are you such an airhead?

And will you still feel so morally enlightened and superior in a burqa after they've cut off your labia and clitoris?

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

i have read aunty's poem twice. and not only is it clever and a bang up literary poem, i really do not hear one personal dig at percy in it....aunty writes what she thinks about the liberal take on this subject, the braying donkey (lib symbolism), and her personal definition of what is manly.

so there is a little edge guilding this call to see ..it is a stylized approach. i think it really has a sweetness of calling to it. i do! my assessment is that the comment by percival on the previous thread is far far more hostile than this post. but you have to read this for real to know that.

the greatest sin of all is to not tow the line of PC.
isnt it interesting that aunty is rarely afforded the understanding and tolerance that are readily given to the ones who have revealed themselves in their own words as the opponents of western ideals.

stogie: that dig on miss jane eyre is seriously out of place. and way counter-productive. too harsh man!
thats lady jane to me. and she is no airhead.

helly: ya dont write, ya dont call.......


Anonymous said...

Stogie!! OHMIGOODNESS! does ya read Serge Trifkovic too??? Oh...I'se nearly faint with relief, excitement, wonderment---how marvelous.

One of these days I'se akshully gonna make it to a Rockford seminar..Mebbe youse 'll be theah too. Hoo whee!

Ok, now, true confessions, Stogie, does read M.E.Bradford?, Richard Weaver? Russel Kirk? Edmund Burke? Clyde Wilson? Lord Acton??? St. George Tucker? Allen Tate?

As fer ya response ter Percival, a herty "ditto".

Sir Percival, Aunty Belle is respectin' yore effort heah--truly, sugar, I is. Iffin' ya been readin' closely, ya knows Aunty gits to NYC fer UN bidness a few times a year...and I'se tempted ter invite ya fer lemonade and ter sit eyeball ter eyeball wif ya, fer I think youse a well meaning fella. I resepect yore effort to be / do right---but it is possible ter be well intentioned but mistaken on some key elements of the debate.

Stogie made mah main points of rebuttal to ya, Percy, but they's a few clarifications I needs ter add.

First is that youse on the right trail about Islam being an echo of the Judeo Christian teaching/worldview.... but this is the haard fact:

Islam is a synthesis of heresies from both Judaism and Christianty. This is how it can resemble in some respects the two great monotheistic faiths, but be a deadly perversion at the same time.

Now--try not to get offended by this--for yore sole concern ought to be the pursuit of truth, whar'ever truth takes ya' even if it is to disabuse ya of some dearly held concepts.

(let me hasten to note that Autny Belle does agree wif' yore point that condemning an entire group of folks as a mass based on race or ethnicity is wrong and inaccurate. But it remains so that millions can an' does follow evil *philosophies* and thus as a group are dangerous and are in fact our enemies.)

Here's the brief sketch:

Arius (330s) was a renegade and heretical CHristian priest who insisted that Jesus was not divine, only "good". Arius was a persuasive fella and had numerous followers who formed a large colony in the Arabian peninsula after Arius was given the boot by the likes of St. Athanasius.
The Nicene Creed came about to refute the hertical propositions of Arius whose semi-Gnostic belief was promoted as a "third way" , meaning , not quite God, not only man but something bewteen. Purely Heretical, since Jesus was either who he said he was--God Almighty--or he was a fruitcake who thought he was God.

So the Arians reassebled themselves in Arabia where a substantial community of Jews also lived (not all Jews whet on to Canaan after Egypt--some hung out in Arabia, and prospered.

So at the time of Mohammed there were essentialyl three groups on the Arabian penisula--the Jews, the Arians and the tribal semitic group that was pagan (worshiped many gods)in the manner of many of the ehtnicities of the area at that time.

What the thief/caravan pirate Mohammed noticed was that the Jews and the Arians who had one God and were prosperous had in common was a commitment to GOd who was judge and master --this meant that they behaved intnernally (more or less) rather than from policing. tribal warfare among them was nil, since these communities had a higher standard--God.

Mohammed recognized that a religious faith had the effect of moderating human passions and channeled folks efforts into more good than evil. So ...thought he..a distinctly tribal form of faith could be crafted with all the trappings of these Christians and Jews...

they's a whole lot more to it PErcy, but as yoa note, the Qur'an has elements of the bible--indeed, but they are cribbed and bent to suit MOhammed.

Here is an example that reflects Mohammed's plagerism from the heretic Arius: "God neither begets, nor is He begotten" (Qur'an 112). Thus, Islam teaches Jesus was a prophet , but not God.

Do you see? Arius was dismissed from the CHristian COmmunity for persisting in teaching that Jesus was not divine and GOd was not his father--and so now after Mohammeds cribbing, the Arian heresey codified in the Qur'an.

So yes, parts of trhe Qur'an are reminicient of the Bible, but twisted and tre-formulated to suit Mohammeds POLITICAL ambitions--he was familiar with the bible allright--he cribbed from it and studied it fer ways to use some of it woo his tribal folks into his lair. To take warrior tribes and bind them togehr under "Allah" as a god who gave them their own book to rival the local Jews and Christians---then to use those warrior tribes to attack others for the sake of "Allah" and oh, BTW, to advance Mohammeds personal dreams of power.

Do not confuse Jewish and Christian thought with Islam. Islam is not a great religion--it is a synthesis of heresies, the vain ambition of a mastermind bent on war and conquest...all dolled up with angels and other religious verbiage.

it is still so..and no, honey chile', it is not accurate ter say that Mohammed helped to "diminsh" fighting factions of his time--this is a strange characterization of abject tyranny--oh sure, if the kids on the block is squabblin' and along comes the worst bully of the century and squashes the two local bullies but is a worst bully by far--is THAT "diminshing" violence? It is making violence the prime method of keeping everyone in line.

Stogie has a good plan--yore Huston Smith is not a sufficient study of religion--especially Islam. You need a specialist--try Spencer, and Bernard Lewis and even the moderate view of KAren Armstrong--and read the new books out from Muslim women, or eve n the novel Kite Runner. Note that long before our escalation, that other cultures have warned about Islam---

What needs ter be decided in yore own heart Sir Percy is whether you seek truth on the matter ...or if holding onto yore idea that all philosophies are equally worthy of respect is the most important thang ter ya'--

Aunty doan think (notice--*think* is not same as the mercurial "feel")
that all philosophies is due respect. Some are pernicious. Islam is exhibit A.

Looky--note well that Aunty ain't saying Arabs or Perisans or any ethnic group is bad. It is a belief that is bad- Islam is dangerous and evil--those who follow it faithfully
will necessarily begin to reflect it.

Last thing--read up on the Crusades. THey was mostly good---the 4th ws a group of brigands excommunicated for their violation of Christian principles--but the Crusades were first begun to LIBERATE oppressed Christians in they OWN lands of the east---never forget that early Christians were the native ethnic groups of Palestine/Canaan. Mohammed overran them after the Persians (Chroses II)had weakened them in war
(600s). AND fer ya edification, puddin', the Christians first tried
negotiation (150 years) , then appeasement--and nothin' worked so eventually the Crusades were begun.

As fer the inquisition--youse a victim of anti-Christian and anti-Catholic sentiment--the WORST inquisitions were not in Spain at all, but in northern Europe and was Protestants against withces.

In spain the government was basically comprised of Catholics once the moors were vanquished. To serve in high gubmint office one had to be Catholic--so lots of Jews and Moors "converted" to acheive political gain and power--they also subverted the gubmint so of course the gubmint retaliated by rooting out the dang traitors---and the gubmint ran most of the inquisitions, not the Church--in fact, victims ASKED for the Church to judge them, rather than face the state.

Now the reality is that fewer folks was put to death under the Spanish Inquisition than any other nation---and the "history" books that claim otherwise are considered laughable today since the claim waas often that more died than EXISTED in the countnry at the time!

Now here is the mind blower some of ya'll is not going ter appreciate:

Evil is real. It is not a philosophy nor a religion. It is Satan, a rebellious sprit who inspires evil philosophies and relgions.

Final point: Love ain't a soft fuzzy feelin'--it is tough and truthful, anything short of truth is a lack of courage and love. Love overcomes the evil influence of Satan, but it begins with --as Stogie noted,a commitment to truth, not wishful thinkin'

Hey lovely Lady Jane of THursday Next. I'se hearin' ya sweet potato....but in case ya's thinking AUnty Belle is spreadin' hate, please reexamine these posts--not hate, honey, but hard realities. Ain;
't "hatin'" any *people*--I does "hate" that any folks is in bondage to islam.

People can become instuments of evil. We cannot pretend otherwise--if you see a man beatinng his child, does ya say, "well, that's his philosophy and as long as he doan hot MAH chile' I'll let it go?" Cause that is what is happening via Islam.

ANd fer the politically minded who cst Israel as the bad-guy.
THis ain't no defense of Israel, but get a grip--Israel is so small as to not matter geopolitically EXCEPT that Islam can use it as a stick to beat Jews wif---Muslims have VAST territories--and VAST money from oil to take care of any Palestinians that need a pillow--but they wont't on account of the fact that they need the "Palestinian issue" to keep hate alive among the sand dwelling oppressed poor of Islam.

They DEFLECT Muslim anger and frustration ONTO the Jews (and USA) in order to keep these poor and ignorant masses in war mode---a crazed and insatiatiable hatred toward and "enemy" is the number one control mode of Islam--as it was in the days of Mohammed. THink about how insignificantly small that strip of land is--there is more to it than that patch of turf, folks.

Hellpig said...

John Lennon was a communist

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy Pup.. 'tis a surprise ter see ya over heah as your own yard is real busy!!

Thanks fer ya thoughts on mah poem ter Percy. I does take yer compliment as a feather fer me bonnet.

About toleration, Dawg...yeah, well, notice that the folks who preach "toleration" is so intolerant of those they deem intolerant.

Ain't that funny? Looky, ya'll liberals, iffin' ya wanna prove how tolerant and understandin ya is, start wif yer fella Americans in them red states.

YA can feel all tolerant fer ISlam and Muslims , as long as the big ole mean republicans keep them offa yore necks.

What is never understood by liberals is that the Muslims hate ya--thas' right, they think youse weak and stooopid fer being debauched pigs that is gullible ter islamic propaganda.

If fer no othr reason ya'll libs oughta oppose Islam's spread because they will crush Boneman's pot smokin' gay playing life ter dust. But ya defned Islam and aopogize fer it cause ya think it makes you seem enlightened? Golly folks--this is pure T criminal negligence.

Wanna be truly tolerant? Then be kind and tolerant to the religious folks next door, to the republican down the street...when ya can do that, then somebody might believe ya practice waht ya preach.

Dawg, Stogie...I'se really appreciatin' yore hep round heah.

Take Boneman on yer own site--he worries about the "oppesssion" of gays in USA as example of oppression no different from Islam, jes' wif different clothes...oh really? Boneman doan mean ter be intolerant,mebbe, but he shur nuff is ungrateful--he ought git on over to Iran and see how they handles gay-folks.

All these bloggers--all ya'll, who jab at the USA outa fidelity to the liberal party line--youse criminally negligent. THere is NO moral equivalency between USA and Islam--NUTHIN' done heah is systematically as hidepus as ISlam does every day afore breakfst.

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah! Hail Pig, mah sweet shoat!! Lennon was a commie and nerd ter boot.

Aunty Belle said...

Sweet Shoat, whar's ya blog site gone? I cain't find ya....

ThursdayNext said...

Stogie ~

You and I do not know each other at all, therefore please do not make assumptions about me. A few things you can know: I am 100%Armenian, and both sets of my grandparents survived the Genocide. I am a Zionist. I am an English Teacher with an Master's Degree in Literature (do they give those to airheads?). My best friend of twenty years is a Jew, and my landlord who has given me a beautiful home is Muslim. (He married a Hindu woman by the way; so much for his concern with the Koran.) My best friend is serving in Iraq right now in the United States Army, and I support him every waking second of my life right now via emails, IM's packages, etc. I am a New Yorker and an urbanite, but I don't feel I need to justify what I went through on 9/11 to the likes of you.

Unlike you, I take each individual into account when I judge. Cease and desist your prejudicial personal attacks on me, sir. I am sorry if my moral high ground has offended you; I guess it means that there is truth in it, isnt there? Thanks for confirming that.

I sincerely wish you peace.


Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Contessa--stand by honey, as per yer request, Aunty will upload a post on Islam/reading suggestions /Koran /etc...give me a day, pet. Gotta tend ter kin today---

D. T. Devareaux said...

Amy enjoys hope, creativity, and artistry. As disciple of John Lennon, Amy feels that all you really need is love and that if we only imagine no countries and no heaven then all the world will live in peace—unfortunately no amount of imagining saved John Lennon from being gunned down by one of his greatest fans. Amy’s superficial pontificating from her “high moral ground” sounds less like words of wisdom and more like a loser liberal’s personal ad.

Was that condescending and cheap enough for you Amy?

Amy considers herself “a Zionist.” I’d pay good money to see Lady Tolerance her introduce herself as such to anyone in the Arab and Muslim world; hell, introduce herself as such at any pro-Palestinian or pro-Hizb’Allah rally in Berkeley or Boston—maybe she can imagine herself home in one piece and a little less spat upon. Such are the dangers of being so wide-minded, I suppose.

Hellpig said...

Aunty I deleted my sites,I am in Alaska on the Bering Sea until October,have a few chances a week to go online if weather allows it...sorry I have not posted as much....cya soon

Aunty Belle said...

Hey DT!! Sugar, you are correct about Amy LAdy Jane THursday Next--mah granny says some folks is so open minded all they brains fell out into the gutter.

But, Aunty Belle is soft on her--she is young. She means well..'course, ya knows I'se a fan of Flannery O'Connor who said compassion is what kills ya. Right to the bone.

(Iffin' ya ain't read her, THursday LAdy, do so poste haste--ya'll love her writin')

DT, Amy and others is full of senitmentality--a sop fer those who doan wanna THINK, but jes' rather "feel" they way thru life. Save us from them sentimenal types!

Aunty Belle said...

Oh Sweet Shoat! In Alasky?? wow...wow. Must be beautiful right now--was theah in August of 2002. Aunty will be prayin' fer ya safety, darlin'. Drop us a note when ya can, Helly.

Percival said...

Stogie: You seem to have a lot you want to say to me.

I'm pretty sure my reply would look a lot like the reply I posted on my blog in response to Aunty Belle.

Surely conducting readings in anti Islamic propaganda doesn't make you a scholar of Islam.

I have an MA in religious studies from the University of Chicago. It's one of the leading divinity schools in the US. If you check out required reading lists there or at any respected div school you'll see plenty on Islam. And it won't match your reading list.

But you don't need to be a scholar to follow the reasoning I outlined on my blog in response to Belle.

I have a second MA in counseling. You might want to look at your need to distort and bias your thoughts/readings in the service of hate. Hatred is a "feel good" feeling that doesn't finally leave anyone at peace with themselves; and that, by dehumanizing others, causes unnecessary suffering in the world century after century.

But I know I can't change the world. People who externalize and demonize do it for a reason. They rarely end up asking themselves the hard questions about - themselves.

Anonymous said...

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