Battle of Lepanto --Greatest Sea Battle with Oars commanded by a 25 year old kid!!

Ok, chillen's this heah is an important day in the history of the West. The biggest sea battle of all wif oars--very drameatic. October 7, 1571 is the day that Christians finally got up some dern gumption and started pushin' them Moslems BACK off the edges of Europe. The Christians was led by that handsome lady killer, Don Juan--jes' 25 years old at the time, hoo-whee!

I wanted ter tell ya'll all about it today, but I'se too lazy today, so here is an excerpt or two that tells it better'n I would. This is excitin' readin' even iffin' ya doan like history much:

"Autumn had come to the Mediterranean, and more than a hint of the blustery winter to come was in the air, as two formidable armadas gathered for battle near Corinth. By far the larger force was the fleet commanded by Ali Pasha, servant of Ottoman Turkey's Sultan Selim II. From the deck of his fearsome flagship Sultana, Ali directed 270 war galleys and a massive collection of lighter craft. The fleet, appropriately, was deployed in a huge crescent stretching from the rocky shores of Albania in the north to the coast of Peloponnesus in the south.

From the Sultana's mast flew a green banner into which the name of Allah had been stitched in gold nearly 30,000 times. "The flag was one of the treasures of Mecca," comments British historian Jack Beeching in The Galleys at Lepanto. "Over the centuries, when the Moslems had carried its green and gold into battle, they invariably gained the day." Throughout the Turkish fleet, the soldiers of The Prophet, confident of victory, disported themselves by belly-dancing to the music of the tambor and the flute.
Across the straits from the Turks, a smaller but no less resolute force was arrayed, its ships deployed in the shape of the cross. This navy represented the Christian League, an ad-hoc coalition of Catholic monarchies, ducal kingdoms, and Italian republics under the command of 25-year-old Don John of Austria. While the Turks made merry, the League soldiers, with quiet fortitude, grimly prepared for battle. Boarding nets were rigged, arquebuses prepared to fire, and swords were put to the whetstone. Armourers struck the fetters from galley slaves (except for captured Muslim fighters), each of whom was given a sword or pike. As Beeching observes, the impending battle "would be won or lost in the hand-to-hand fighting. What counted that morning above all else was the spirit of the men."

As the time for battle approached, Don John debarked from his flagship Royal to tour the fleet. As the youthful commander dressed the line of battle, he sought to rally his men: "My children, we are here to conquer or die,"

Wanna read more of this one? See http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-98576858.html


Clash of Civilizations...
The Ottoman Turks had attacked and captured Christian strongholds throughout the Mediterranean. Their strategy was to control the sea, the trade routes, and thus crush European navies and commerce. In 1522, the Knights of St. John were driven from Rhodes by the Moslems. The year 1529 saw an attack on Vienna. By 1570 Cyprus was under siege. According to historian H.W. Crocker III, the Turks skinned the commander of Cyprus while the officer was still alive. More than 12,000 Christians were enslaved on Moslem galleys, lashed to the oars of Turkish ships that then threatened Europe. Feared as "invincible," the Moslem fleet terrorized cities along the coasts of Italy and Greece.

The Turkish fleet, under the command of Ali Pasha, gathered at Lepanto (Gulf of Corinth). They were reinforced with lawless Corsairs under the command of the ferocious Moslem pirate, Uluch Ali.

Europe's Holy League was an allied fleet of the Knights of Malta, Spanish, Venetian and Papal ships assembled by Pope Pius the V. The famous Don Juan of Austria, assisted by equally famous Andrea Doria, led the Holy League. Maritime historians note that the Battle of Lepanto was the last of the great sea battles between oared vessels, and the largest battle since the Battle of Actium in 30 B.C.

An estimated 50,000 seamen and another 30,000 fighting men fought for Europe against a stronger, better armed Ottoman force of 330 ships. Ottoman ships flew flags emblazoned with verses from the Quran. Christian galleys were named "Resurrected Christ," "Christ of Venice," "Angel of Venice," "St. Euphemia" and "Our Lady of Venice."

As the day dawned over Lepanto, in Rome Pius V called the faithful to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. There he led the people to pray, asking God for a Christian victory. Throughout the morning the prayers of the people continued until, it is said, the pope had a vision of the victory and shouted, "Our great task at present is to thank God for the victory which He has just given us."

fer more on this see http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52338

Well, sugar pies, jes' remember, that this heah fight wif Islam is an old fight--the stakes is jes' higher now wif' Iran gettin' a nuke...we'uns need ter know that Islam doan plan to play fair, so buckle up, pets.

Oh, an' one more thang...ya'll, on this day in 1571, the Pope asked the folks to ask the Mother of God to pray for them, and they give her the credit for interceding on behalf of the Chrisitian fleet--so still today they mark this day, October 7, as the Feast of the Rosary.
Never hurts to get Mama to ask sweetly on yore behalf, even when youse not been so good yoreself.


Republidan said...

Hey, evidently warfare hasn't changed so much in the age requirements throughout the ages. It's just that young'uns like myself have to enlist and fight as privates or 2nd Leuitants instead of getting our own fleet.

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Aunty Belle said...

OH sugar pie, the young'uns always is the fightin' forces...but to git yore own fleet, yore daddy had to have paind fer the boats--Don Juan was the illegitimate son of Charles V of Austria, half brother of Pillip II of Spain.

Army recruite-man once tole Aunty Belle that pilots of them war birds had ter be young men wif' hot blood--they had ter be young enough to think they's immorrtal...cause after theys 30 or so, they looked down and thought, "Holy *#!% I could git kilt up heah! "

But honey chile' Aunty is proud ter know youse out theah fer us...bless, you darlin'.

Anonymous said...

Muslims seek revenge for this loss. And for loss of Vienna, Sept 11, 1683 when after 300 years the Turks were expelled from Europe.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

yo, anon. wiki dont vet!!!

aunty i will be back to read this when im not so lazy.
just dropped by to ask: whats wrong with "auntie like"?

ate any dried up beans lately?


Mayden's Voyage said...

I'm a little off topic- thinking mostly about the prayers of the people...and my daughter (almost 11) and I discussing nuclear war, and North Korea, and China...and what happened in Japan in WWII.

We prayed for wisdom for the worlds leadership in the car on the way to school.

This was a good post- and I learned quite a bit about Don Juan- I was surprised by what I read :)
Thank you :)

suzisword said...

Psalm 68v11&12"The lord gives the Word of power! The women who publish the news are a great host! The kings of the enemies armies, they flee they flee! She who tarries at home divides the spoil left behind! (amplified bible)

Aunty Belle said...

Hey all ya'll....luv readin' yore thoughts..
Pup, did ya' read it all yet? Wiki is off limits? Why doa nya' start a good version of it?

Anon, I did read that wiki entry, uh huh, another leader (king of Poland) done took the bull of Islam by them horns!!Whoo-whee.

Mayden youse not off topic--war alwasys has some of the same characteristics, doan it? AND ole Don Juan was more than most folks know, rite?

Shure enjoyed yore NYC blog.

Hey Suzi...good point there, baby.

Ronbo said...

Did you see the opinion piece by CAIR this morning in the Sentinel?

My response:


In regards to Sabiha Khan's article ("Orlando CAIR leader: Build bridges of understanding," THE Orlando Sentinel, October 11, 2006) on Islamic lovingkindness towards mankind and non-violent nature, I think perhaps the gentleman has confused Islam with Christianity, because the Koran that I keep on my library shelf lists 164 Jihad verses from Mohammad, the founder of the Muslim religion, that tells the Believer that he or she has a duty to make war on "Infidels" and kill them unless they convert to Islam or become a slave of the Muslims.

Typical of the Jihad (Sword verses) are this one:

"And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers."

The problem is not Islamic extremism. The problem is Islam. The root cause of Islamic violence is the Quran, the Hadith (traditions) and the Sunna (the examples set by Muhammad). There can be no moderation in Islam. Islam is a religion spread by violence and forced conversions. Moderate Islam is not Islam. Moderate Muslims can easily become extremists. Countries that have had long traditions of tolerance and moderation have become extremists overnight. It is hard to imagine that Arabs prior to Islam were among the most tolerant people of the world.

Sabiha Khan fails to mention another important fact: CAIR (pronounced "Care") has founded by Hamas, the Islamic terrorist organization that recently won the elections in Palestine and calls for the destruction of Israel, and is most certainly not a "Muslim NAACP" that concerns itself with civil rights for Muslims, but rather with the financial support of various Islamic terrorist groups and the spreading of lies and propganda about the true intentions of Muslims in America.

The end goal of CAIR, and the Muslin in America, is creation of the United Islamic States of America by all means fair or foul. Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), ina rare burst CAIR honesty said in the "San Ramon Valley Herald" in July 1998:

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur'an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth"

I'm afraid The Orlando Sentinel has become the yet another victim of the secret rule called "taqqiya" in Islam. The rule of "taqqiya" is:- Allah will not punish a muslim if he tells lies or "pretends" as an enemy of islam, as long as that action is for the good of islam or to the protection of muslims, So they can cheat the non muslims, by pretending to be angry at the suicide bombers, or the bombings of london,or the Sept.11th.,and issie "fathwa" against their acctions. Many of the CAIR's' statements of sympathy, and regrets for the atrocities done by islamic terrorists come under the catagory of this "TAQQIYA."

"Oh you who believe ! Do not take the Jews and Christians for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors of one another. And he amongst you that turns to them for friendship is one of them. Verily Allah guideds not a people unjust" Koran (5:51)

Sincerely, Ronald Barbour, Orlando

I doubt they will print it!

Anonymous said...

Mrr. Barbour
I'm in florida, and can say that your paper is a ChicagoTribune subsidiary--what do you expect?

Aunty Belle, this is my first visit and I am glad I stumbled in here. Try Free Republic .com for infomed discussion of this topic.

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