Work on the Roam

Mebbe it's jes' spring time, but a lot of folks got they foot in the road...the wanderin' spirit is upon them. Itchin' to be in yore boots and off ter see what there is to see in this big ole world. And to understand it.

In a few weeks Aunty will be off on a jaunt, too.

But looky, this is what I talk wif ya'll about: Bein' "free agents". More 'n more folks work at home or on the road...they doan need no tether, ya' see.

I was miffed when I read a snotty Big Media journalist, Pam Constable, who put down web-based reporters. She wrote that the web was home to an "eager kid with a laptop and an Arabic phrase book in her backpack." Uh -huh. Read the handwritin' on the wall, Missy Pam--this is the future.

Of course, it ain't jes in journalism that free agents is growin'

A heap of folks work from home, the beach, a cabin in the woods. About 16 % of US work force is self employed or contact employees--25 million souls who roam around in their nightgowns at home, but workin', (thas' Aunty fer ya'!) or roam around in the world, but workin'.

I mean, jiminy cricket, if we are OK with a with a doc in Bombay India readin' our CAT scans, what' have we got against the marketing agent, writer, artist, analyst etc working from a laptop
on the river bank in Mozambique?


Malinda777 said...

Oh Aunty...If I could I surely would. My hat's off to anyone that can live their lives (really live), travel the world, and still earn a living in the process. Those folks have figured it all out :)

Hellpig said...

hiya Aunty B

how's ya doin?

foam said...

hey, that's the ticket. i'm gonna start teaching my classes from places far away and exotic. my students can just log in onto their computers and see my demonstrations online. i know it's already happening anyway..

she said...

haha that makes you a member of the nightgown media. put that together with the pajamas media and you've got a journalism sleep over!