Travel in Muslim Lands: Population Fables in Real Time

Folks, Aunty Belle done returned from a little foray into Europe--I'se tellin' ya what folks said--that is, other Europeans and US tourists: "Doan go to London, Holland, Sweden or Norway. Germany is gone and Austria is strugglin'."

What they mean is that the Muslim presence is so aggressive that a heap o' visitors doan feel comfortable.

Course, they ain't jes' ONE reason fer this--but, Aunty will make note of a truth: populations migrate whar' opportunities are. Plain truth, Europeans been abortin' theyselves so much over the past 40 years that they own populations is way below replacement. First Germany --after WWII--had killed off their menfolks, and permitted abortions so that soon they lacked enough workers to crank out them BMWs...so they invited Turkish "guest workers" to the Fatherland...and them Turks fathered plenty while the Germans declined to procreate.

Now, all over Europe, exceptin' Poland, the European birth rate is such that by 202o the average European stock citizen will have NO siblin's, and no aunt nor uncle.

In Italy this is an economic crisis (leave aside the moral crisis) that spurred the gubmint to support a "Family Day".

Meanwhile France is still burnin' in the suburbs from Muslim male teens on the rampage, and word from a few South Florida towns of wealth is that Europeans of means is movin' to Florida, buyin' fancy homes and movin' factories and bidnesses to Southeast Asia--

SO, ya'll gettin' that? Folks, when the rich pack up and move from inherited lands and bidnesses, somethin' real, real bad is loomin'.

Them Europeans who can get out, IS gettin' out--they know what the math says: in one generation Muslims will outnumber European kids in school. When enough Islamic customs and laws is imposed, European life will be a memory--or will survive in posh little towns in the USA where some Europeans settled.

See, some Europeans done said plain out loud "Our granddady's could not get themselves or their money out when war broke out, so we are going now. Soon nobody will want to buy European properties--we have to sell and move while there is still time, afore the sleepers wake to panic."

Now fer my liberal friends who will feign disgust over this here post--jes' stop fer a minute and thaink on this--ya'll libs is the FIRST one's who moan over "imperialism" and Western incursions into other cultures--oh ya'll all wants to "preserve" some other "indigenous" cultures...so apply that passion now to Europe. Europe has a right ter defend itself from Islamic colonization.

An' the time is for it is yesterday.


Hellpig said...

Well Aunty B I have been telling everybody just what you have described as the future of the EU..

I am glad you made it back in one piece...I have no pity for the EU they are reaping what they have sewn..

As for the libtards here in America they will never understand the world Islamicfestation,they will preach multiculturalism until America no longer has culture of its own..after all they are moderate Muslims of the "Religion of Peace" which BTW is an oxymoron

I think the only thing that will slow down the USA of going total dhimmi is the 60 million criminal invaders from Mexico all being Catholics that our treasonous government is allowing amnesty to.

Infinitesimal said...

this is an interesting post.

she said...

treason is the right word for it. on both points: refusal to acknowledge the stated goals of islam, and the invasion from the southern borders: a piece of legislation that rewards crime and is an abomination of the constitution and the stated ideals of the founding fathers. europe is the canary in the coal mine and he's laying on the papers already. very distressing time for 'merica.

Pete Bogs said...

immigration does not equal imperialism... people will always go where the opportunities are... the key is for the newcomers to assimilate into the existing culture, not t'other way round...

Anonymous said...

Yesh, Bawgs, youse right. Aunty is fer immigration in general. I think folks who want to try the American way--education and hard work and free movement among socio-economic-- brackets is one of strenghts.

I'se in favor of good folks comin' on in heah.

The Irish, the Poles, the Italians and most Spanish speaking people, the Vietnamese-- have desired to become Americans. And are proud to be Americans.

But the trouble is the Muslims do NOT assimilate. Their religion forbids it.

And the Atzlan minded Mexicans is in the same category--they doan want to be Americans. They want to
change waht America is.

Aunty (who cannot seem to make blogger recognize her)