Hellish Hegemony: Global Forum on Reinventing Government

Look at these demons, suckin' you up into
their maws, then vomiting you and yours into the
bowels of hell. Very graphic imagery.

Well, chickens, that is what we need--a graphic image to illustrate a truth some doan seem to grasp any other way. The world grows darker when measured by human freedom--yep--each year fewer and fewer folks live in the freedoms enumerated in the US Bill of Rights.

Freedom House an' other agencies have noted that trend the world over. It is happening everywhar'--even here in the USA.

It ain't no secret that Europeans is being stripped of their sovereignty wif' a vicious "European Constitution" that is over 40 pages of chains and prohibitions...essentially, England will be to Brussels as Virginia is to Washington--a vassal state under the boot of a massive central government. Did ya' know that Brussels has offered to "punish" Poland iffin' Poland doan tow the Euro-party line? An' little Estonia--barely new democratic nation, has had its fanny caned by Brussels too? Nevermind the will of the people--the globalists, the globacrats control all the power points in Europe--a super-state the likes of which even Hitler and Stalin did not imagine.

An' today a very great evil rears its ugly head in Vienna:

THE 7th GLOBAL FORUM ON REINVENTING GOVERNMENT...brought to you by the Imperial troops of the United Nations. Hundreds of diplomats congregatin' to figger out how to govern your life.

What? Ya' didn't hear about this world gathering on CNN or from the New York Times? Ain't that odd?

Ya' think them dastardly CNN'ers is hiddin' somethin' from ya'? Sure they is. They doan want us ter know what's up...that the noose is tightening....CNN is the master of censorship by omission. Nope...they jes' wave Paris Hilton under ya' nose and youse thinkin' youse up ter date on the news.

One of the Global Forum's sessions is called, "Making Government More Responsive to the People."

Really? Would that be like Tony Blair, the traitor of Britain makin' a deal with the
Eurocrats arranging it so the folks of England is not allowed to vote on acceptin' the European Union's hideously enslaving new constitution--yeah, that same constitution that even the French and the Dutch rejected two years ago?

The Hon. David Cameron (Tory) said Mr Blair had "sanctioned the transfer of powers from Britain to Brussels without the permission of the British People. To loud Tory cheers, he added: "This will be remembered as one of the most flagrant breaches of any of the promises you have made."

(see http:// davidwarrenonline.com/index.php?id=746)

You're damn right. Blair, ya' see, will be movin on to become a top Eurocrat:
Blair moves on to become a roving global diplomat whose first mission is to stick his traitorous nose into the Palestinian mess--an' the United States, United Nations, European Union and Russia, set that up fer him. By the way, that plan fer global hegemony wha' Blair is taking his place was announced in the 1990s by Strobe Talbot, B-illary Clinton's friend. Lemme quote Mr. Talbot, ( a former US Undersecretary) so there cain't be no misunderstandin' what's at stake:
Nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. A phrase briefly fashionable in the mid-20th century--"citizen of the world"--will have assumed real meaning by the end of the 21st century... it has taken the events in our own wondrous and terrible to clinch the case for world government.
Ya'll git that? A SINGLE global authority to run the world gubmint?

While Ireland and Italy and Greece --all distinct nations--are subsumed into the European Union, on this continent we's quietly being subsumed into NAFTA ...and make no mistake about it:

The current immigration amnesty
is, at bottom, intended to blend nations and peoples into one hemispheric region --all the easier to swallow you, my dear. Under the slogan of "free trade" we are forced into a world hegemon , globalized humanity.
Looky, doan be fooled by that. Ya'll know that in 1200s Marco Polo was engaged in
"free trade?" It doan take no global gubmint to make free trade happen. Never did.

An' who is gonna run that world government show? Not free people.
The show is being set up as a stage starring the Imperial Globalists.
with you and me as Stepford wives-style citizens.

In some UN quarters these leaders is referred to as the WMWs ... "wise men of the world."

When the whole world is under one gubmint, whar could ya' go if you didn't like what was happening in your town, state, nation? Who could ya' appeal to when there 's a monopoly on gubmint? There won't be no other party or system of gubmint ...youse reduced to serfdom.

Your ancestors fled Europe or the Middle East or Vietnam because of oppression--whar' will you flee to when the whole world is run by a cabal of global henchmen?

These folks think national sovereignty is a joke, --an' borders an even greater joke. Their elitist
smugness rejects the likes of you and me--proles who "don't get it" so they will simply rule over us'uns who is jes' too duck dumb to grasp the brilliance of their hegmonic vision. Why you might even rebel against being a robot in their global vision--- So they gussie it up in subversive lyrics like "Imagine." They simper at you from the Academy Awards, "Visualize world peace." (I prefer whirled peas, myself). Of course, they doan name it world gubmint--they call it world federalism--doan be fooled.

They make you utopian promises while tightening the noose on yore neck until they ain't no place to hide, no escape.

How is that done? Simple: Collectivization (yeah--Communism). Power all over the world is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. Even in democracies--especially in democracies! The difference is that they are selling ya' yore own rope, pets.

They turn you into a consumer addict demanding cheap toys and cars and free health care...how is that to be achieved? Git ya' on the "rights" whine....ya' know; I have a "right" to an education, a "right" to health care, a "right" to tax mah neighbor to death so I can have all the goodies I want with no risk, no inventiveness, no gut-bustin' work.... an' I doan have to take no responsibility fer myself..nope--let the government do it. Let the government take care of gramps, gimme free day-care, free drugs...the beat goes on.

Of course, ter make it palatable, to insure you'll swallow this scheme, they massage ya' wif all sorts of new "rights" they's gonna insure fer ya'.

In yore wildest dreams ya never figgered some gubmint would insure yore "right" to kill others --but they does now--startin' wif' abortion and euthanasia and now stem cells...but the precedent fer "mercy" killin' will be set so soon it could be you iffin' youse inconvenient....mebbe your diabetes is a drag on the regional free health care services and the merciful thing is not ter cost your neighbors so much.

Then there's all the sexual "rights"....ya'll know that according to Interpol (Euro police) the age of "consent" in some European states is 12 years old!!!! Or, note all the blather from th UN on the "Convention on the Rights of the Child" and when ya read the print on the thang ya' see that the child has a right to condoms, abortions, sex toys and material, rights to private medical treatment for STDs without informing the parents...why does a child need so many UN guaranteed "rights" that are concerned with sex? (Unless the child is the target but the UN covers that up by calling it "rights" )....yet the UN consistently refuses to sanction nations in SouthEast Asia where child sex is "safe sex" for Europeans on group sex tours...ain't makin' this up folks.

This ain't no hyperbole, either--in 1999 the UN akshully entertained a document that said ever'body had a "right" to "sexual pleasure." Now that is one way to buy votes for world government--promise folks all the sexual license and fantasy their deranged mind can dream up.....

Er..wait...could be problematical, noted on UN physician-expert-sexologist. Who was going to guarantee this ? Would we have to build state sponsored brothels (well--now we do in
Germany) whar' even the poor git their fair share of pleasure? What if your pleasure is wif' little babies like Kinsey? Let's jes' legalize prostitution ("sex employment"...see Germany) and homosexuality and hold off on a legal treaty with the phrase "right to sexual pleasure," said the doc.

But ya' can begin ter see what's up...a people so engrossed in their personal rights to utter debauchery--with all moral restraints removed, since religion is outlawed--these people will never notice the loss of true freedoms--they'll be too addicted to free goodies and social license to even look up from their, ah, navels.

But the price? Oh the price sweet thangs is yore freedom. The only gubmint big enough to be yore big sugar daddy is a gubmint big enough ter control every facet of yore life. (Jes' looky at Europe with its massive welfare state that cain't be borne no more by the Europeans, hence muslim guest workers who now are pushin' the host culture to the brink of civil war. )

Another Global Forum session
is quaintly titled, "Electoral Dispute Mechanisms "...a euphemism that means "how to officially overturn election results the globalists don't like."

Naturally this applies only to "free" people--free enough to have elections...so heads, the globalists win, and tails you lose--cause they will seek to overturn your choices. Aunty knows this fer shure...done heard delegates at the UN say this right out loud...yep...think back on how they shrieked when Italy elected Berlesconi...an' talked about how to overturn that election. Same wif' Austria's right-winged winner...an' of course no leftist election is ever threatened.

At the 7th Global Forum, budding world hegemonists can attend workshops at the United Nations' Governance Centre. Here the starry eyed tyrants in training can brush up on
an Orwellian "World Alliance for Citizen Participation"...doan that jes' warm yore toes?

But they is plenty of citizens who ain't welcome ter participate in that "World Alliance." But you guessed already huh?

Yep, Christians ain't welcome. Last week Cardinal Pell was told he's have to undergo an Australian parliamentary investigation because he insisted on teaching that marriage was between a man and a woman.

An' in Canada, a Protestant pastor faced jail for reading bible passages
in his own church building because it did not meet the the homosexual agenda's definition of tolerance. Oh--I git it; ya have freedom ter parade nekkid down a city street, and to proclaim Toronto as a "gay city" because that promotes freedom and democracy, but ya' cain't read a bible passage inside a church building because that is an overextended use of democracy?

Like in Atlanta-- where the city council declared a tax-payer supported park as a "Constitution Free Zone" so that homosexuals could refuse others their first amendment rights. This happened folks--this weekend no one whose message was "incongruent" with homosexual practices was permitted to pass out information or even speak to people in the park....so uh, what do you think the chances are that a local PTA could use that precedent --the "Constitution free zone" to set up a school where homosexual messages where prohibited as being incongruent with parental values? What chance do parents have at the same freedom the liberal leftists globalist hegemony crowd have abrogated to themselves?

Nope, civic participation for Christians is being frozen out. In that Euro Constitution, there is no place for Euopean cultural heritage predicated on the Judeo -Christian culture that built Europe. French school children cannot wear crosses.

The foundation of Western Civilization is being erased from memory....globalists make no room for people who refuse to make
THE STATE their god. World government is a jealous god indeed and will not share authority with God--a Constitution that acknowledges "inalienable rights" jes' sticks in the craw of a world hegemony that seeks to be the ONLY source of "rights". So they style themsleves as Human Rights Councils...and put thugs on the council. Ain't ya'll all comforted knowin' that Cuba and Libya is monitorin' your rights?

Meanwhile, the biggest single religious group at the 7th Global Forum on Reinventing Government is Islam. Right. Dubai, Iran, Pakistan , Egypt and Saudi are there in force. No one needs reminding that when t he UN Security Council uses sanctions against an Islamic nation, all of Islam howls in laughter. They ignore UN directives against themselves, but work to use the system against us!

Doan fergit now, last September, before Ahmadinejad addressed the United Nations' General Assembly in New York, he done told his followers that the "Hidden Imam drenched the place in a sweet light." He credits that light for his warm welcome by UN flunkies and camp followers. Today he claims the Hidden Imam charged him wif' provoking a "clash of civilisations" so that the Islamic jihad can crush the "infidel" West.

Well, now....doan think them Chinese folks will be our allies in this struggle fergit, folks that China is dependent on Islamic Oil nations ....and so a Chinese UN security veto of any sanction against Iran is a dern sure thang.

The thang is that the Global Imperialists will be pleased to let Islamic Jihad do the work of cowering the West. Ya'll know the UN now has its International Criminal Court--and that thugs of jihad have seats on it?

AN did ya' pay attention when a few voices tried to inform the world that at Mexico City the UN tried to institute a byte tax on every computer, on yore emails ...and then tried to levy a tax on every financial transaction that crossed borders--all meant to give the UN a multi-trillion dollar yearly budget? (http://www.caslon.com.au/taxationguide2.htm)

Victor Davis Hanson wrote:

"A civilization that has lost confidence in itself cannot confront the Islamists.

What would a beleaguered Socrates, a Galileo, a Descartes, or Locke believe, for example, of the moral paralysis in Europe? Was all their bold and courageous thinking — won at such a great personal cost — to allow their successors a cheap surrender to religious fanaticism and the megaphones of state-sponsored fascism?

Just imagine in our present year, 2006: plan an opera in today's Germany, and then shut it down. Again, this surrender was not done last month by the Nazis, the Communists, or kings, but by the producers themselves in simple fear of Islamic fanatics who objected to purported bad taste. Or write a novel deemed unflattering to the Prophet Mohammed. That is what did Salman Rushdie did, and for his daring, he faced years of solitude, ostracism, and death threats — and in the heart of Europe no less. Or compose a documentary film, as did the often obnoxious Theo Van Gogh, and you may well have your throat cut in "liberal" Holland. Or better yet, sketch a simple cartoon in postmodern Denmark of legendary easy tolerance, and then go into hiding to save yourself from the gruesome fate of a Van Gogh. Or quote an ancient treatise, as did Pope Benedict, and then learn that all of Christendom may come under assault, and even the magnificent stones of the Vatican may offer no refuge — although their costumed Swiss Guard would prove a better bulwark than the European police. Or write a book critical of Islam, and then go into hiding in fear of your life, as did French philosophy teacher Robert Redeker.

And we need not only speak of threats to free speech, but also the tangible rewards from a terrified West to the agents of such repression. Note the recent honorary degree given to former Iranian President, Mohammad Khatami, whose regime has killed and silenced so many, and who himself is under investigation by the Argentine government for his role in sponsoring Hezbollah killers to murder dozens of Jewish innocents in Buenos Aires."

What more need be said?

Is the demise of the West a sure thang? Hardly.

Yes, we got some who still have survivor instincts...and the other secrets CNN and others won't tell ya is that while Europe is at suicidal birth rates, Iran ain't far behind.

Thas' right. Iran is down to 2 babies per child bearin' age woman, with Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco.and that means the United States now has a higher fertility rate than Iran (2.2 babies).

The Islamic ideology is losing its educated elite--they are fleeing to Christianity and or Western liberalism. Islam ain't monolithic...but more important is us'uns, folks. We are the key to our own survival.

Iffin' we resist forcefully this onslaught, we can stop the monster. It begins wif oursleves. We'uns gotta git offa the dole--become personally responsible an' doan expect the dern gubmint to do what ya' oughta do yoreself.

Ya'll is tired of readin' all this....so write your own thoughts--bring it up all over the blogosphere....nvestigate it yoreself, kick up some dust on this ---and prepare to be self reliant, uphold standards of social behavior that serve freedom, not license.

So this week while them imperial globalists congratulate each other in Vienna for how well their scheme against you is progressin' ask yourselves this question: Is a preview of life under the UN Federated World Government found in Darfur? The oil-for-food scandal? The admission of Kofi Annan that he permitted UN troops to murder, rape and pillage while UN peacekeeping" missions? Could that be your town in 2012?

Do you care?

Ed. Note: Some of these here images I jes' lifted right offa another blog...and didn't bookmark it, so I am remiss to tell ya' whar' I got them...but kudos to some great blogger out there who had these graphic images fer me to pirate.


Mayden' s Voyage said...

I read through this- and I need to read it again...but I wanted you to know I was here-

Be back soon. Wish you could sit with me on the beach and chat for a few hours next week. I really do.

Malinda777 said...

Oh Aunty Belle... I've not been postin' much lately either. The damn country is goin to hell in a hand basket. The moon bats are takin over.

We're all so busy...it's a lot of work to maintain day to day in some sort of normalcy, and try to fight off the moon bats too :)

Mark my words here and now... It won't be today or tomorrow... but an uprisin' is surely coming. I feel it in my soul. There's coming a point...folks are brewing and spewing...the people...the real people are just about now really getting tired of the bullshit. I'm afraid it has been a little too little too late... therefore, the uprising is coming.

But...we will all be together in mind and spirit. Good does win over evil, and things will get better. Just got to kick a little moon bat butt that's all :)

Anonymous said...

"Power all over the world is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands"

like, was it ever any other way?

"essentially, England will be to Brussels as Virginia is to Washington--a vassal state under the boot of a massive central government"

if that's so, why are they the only ones still insistent on keeping their own currency? doesn't sound like sovereignty stripping to me ...

the pressure to join the EU is fiduciary/financial .... even for switzerland. however i don't see either of those 2 countries sacrificing their currency anytime soon.

"...Imperial troops of the United Nations"

haha! imperial? the UN has trouble running itself - tho, let's admit it has done a great deal of good thru out the world (esp. the developing world) - let alone running some mythical global government. its an interesting aldous huxley-like thought though.

"when the whole world is run by a cabal of global henchmen"

when? like ... isn't that NOW? er-i think that's already happening ...

free trade?

oh, is that what yer callin it when all the mfg jobs go to mexico, canadian exported softwood lumber gets slapped with tarifs, and and the borders get tighter? is that what y'all r callin' free trade? that's a friggin joke! it ain't nuthin free about it. just free bullshit!

free speech?

how free is any speech if it's hateful toward any group ~ gays, neo-cons, leftists, tree-huggers, gun-toting weirdos that like to kill things for sport. none its its free if it promotes hatred against ANY group by ANY group. and so it should be.


health, education -- those seem like reasonable rights to me. necessary, even. remember, life expectancies of societies which provide health and education as basic rights to all citizens have the best standards of living, highest life expectancies, etc. now, the right to bear arms. now, that's indirectly contributing to the deaths of many, if ya ask me.

"the age of "consent" in some European states is 12 years old!!!!"

which ones?

regarding supressing the message.

its happening here ~ why doesn't every american know who rachel corrie is? and why was a play based on her life, scheduled to take place in NYC a year or two ago, cancelled? oh ... because a certain jewish community felt uncomfortable with rachel's story coming out. of course they could, given that the israelis ran over her with a bulldozer. no kidding, i am not making this up.

great post. so much here. so much you've forced us to think of. i don't always agree with you. but say it sistah ... say anything that will wake the comfortably numb stepford wives we've become out of this downward spiral. perhaps now we will wake up, now that mother earth has decided to wreak her revenge for our gross mistreatment of her forest, lands, and oceans ~ mud slides ... fish stocks depleted ... etc.

or perhaps we will keep killing ourselves with pleasures and excesses.

i wonder ... when will we stop the gluttonous drive to consume? and when will we stop the twisted need to sell every friggin thing out there (even DQ ice cream? pullleasse) with sex?

grrrrr. its almost amusing. ALMOST.

~roxanne/red mantissa

Aunty Belle said...

Hey ya'll...
Mayden, sugar, I'se headed to NC fer the week of the 4th...wish't I could git to ya, and we'd git us a goood chat. Or ya' can come on back down heah....

Malinda--yep...youse seein' thangs too. Left a message on your doorstep. Ya' say "workin' ter maintain some sort of normalcy" Exactly...even note how it takes TWO slaries fer the average mom, dad and two sprites to live decent? That is a form of inflation that nobody mentions--an' we works os hard we got scant time to notice the rug being slipped out from under us.

Hey RED!! Well, baby doll....we'uns agree more'n ya might expect.

First, lemme note the world hegemonists doan come in familiar category of left/right/ or lib/conservative. They are like the devil: he doan care if he gits ya from the right or the left, jes' so he gits ya'.

The political/economic/ military power is being concentrated in fewer hands like NO TIME EVER BEFORE In history, Red. Even the Roman Empire had ter deal with Attila, ya know?

THese thugs I'se outlinin' are taking care to arrange thangs so that no Attilla can git space enough to rise up.

THis is partly due to technology which makes it possible to put surveillance on ever' gnat that moves.
Ya think we gots henchmen now, Red? Wwell, ya' ain't seen nuthin' darlin'...hate to say how bad it is gonna be--this heah year will be a very fond memory.

No time now to take yore points one by one, but on free speech, Sugar, it ain't hateful to point out whar' an idea is wrong jes' because a few folks hold t hat idea. The issue of homosexuality is a case in point: it is a destructive idea. It doan hep no person or society what ever tried to make it OK ...sayin' so is not hateful, only truthful.

AN sayin' so is not sayin' anything about the worth of the homosexual person his/herself. We all gotta respect every person --treat them fairly, with the same respect we accord others--but that does not mean approvin' of homosexual behavior. Distinction is between the person and a specific act.

This post is not about sexual preferences--but it is about how global thugs will use the promise of libidinous license to distract us from the loss of other more important freedoms. SO, youse dead right Red Lady, that we's sellin even ice cream wif sex--repulsive.

Looky, mankind has always done evil thangs...the difference today is that some would now make evil a "right". See? We's bein' encouraged to be animals...times past, (in the WEST) we were not unaware of the tendency to do bad stuff, and lots did....but we were encouraged to strive fer a more noble life, to develop virtues, self reliance, self discipline....now the "let it all hang out" philosophy is eatin' society alive. We's grown soft and putrid wif' whining about what we awnt the gubmint to do fer us ..

As fer the age of consent:
III. Other forms of child sex abuse

Article 244 of the Penal Code

'A person who, with a person who is under the age of twelve (12) performs acts comprising or including sexual penetration of the body is liable to a term of imprisonment of not more than twelve years or a fine of the fifth category.'

Age of consent in Canada is 14...so, ah, this means you promise a poor kid an IPOD and he "consents" and you sodomize him?

We's on same page wif' the free trade issue.

she said...

*standing ovation*

right on aunty. outstanding post. you should podcast this one dear aunty.

of course W, the traitor, is lubeing up for his visit with islamic leaders in the US today *ptui* these dirty bastards get on board because they imagine themselves safe and secure from the wrath of us proles on the other side of the wall.

self-reliance is key and you have stated why. as my sidebar features the great words of thomas jefferson:

"Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have."

people who demand their "rights", no, not just rights, but MEDALS for every bullshit aborrant behavior you can name are a bunch of punks. suck it up babies....choose a path and roll with the consequenses.

people are too afraid to buck it. but the tide might be turning.

excellent post. i'll be back again to re-read it.

and YES excellent horror art. good job.

groaning bubble said...

ditto what mayden said...
all of it..

civilian-at-arms said...

Aunty Belle,

There's so much to comment on here but I think I can sum it all up in seven words: Learn to shoot with both hands.

Aunty Belle said...

Civilian, Sweet Puddin'
ya' can bet on that!

I like what ya said at SOR,--that it we'uns need new people too---not jes' leaders.

I ain't a conspiracy buff, but the confluence of event and technologies makes the opportunities to delectable fer the dastardly types to resist.

Aunty Belle said...

SHE-Pup, why thanky!! Thas' high praise from the master of steamers (hee hee) .

But all seriousness--I'se worriet that self-reliance is bred out of the folks...too few care. It takes too much gumption ter care, so they jes' dumb civic responsibility down to whar they is babies lookin' fer mama bird ter drop the worm in they mouths.

Aunty Belle said...

Why Hidy Do Grownin' Bubble...real pleased ya came by fer a spell....come again and let us know what's on yore mind.

MAyden mayhap could organize us s a beach party blogger summit....

civilian-at-arms said...

I ain't a conspiracy buff, but the confluence of event and technologies makes the opportunities to delectable fer the dastardly types to resist.

T.S. Elliot had something interesting to say about that in The Abolition of Man; essentially, the more we ("we" as in a small technocratic elite) learn to command and control Nature (through technology and propaganda) the more we ("we" as in the cattle upon which the former "we" feeds) become the slaves to Nature.

And it's not a conspiracy if it's not only out in the open for all to see.

Aunty Belle said...

Civy at Arms...? I did not know Eliot wrote a book on that topic--C.S. Lewis has an Abolition of Man, too. ANd it is good.

Eliot was a smart pessimist --I mean smart enough to see what was comin' and say so , as in "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

On conspiracy--youse right--it is out there for all us'uns ter see....and as I noted, they have sold it to us--we (society) are chooosing enslavement , step by step.

By any chance, does ya' ead Flannery O' Connor? Cormac McCarthy?

So happy ter see you stop by.

boneman said...

...ain't been t'the back porch in a while. Since that spat with "percival" I reckon.

Then again, I think long and hard on things, and of late, I'll tell ya what may just be a worse "hell" fer "bad souls" than the hell-fire and brimstone we hears about from some churches.

Everybody gets t'heaven.
Yup. Absolutely everybody!
From Dubya and cheney to hitler and nietche.
clintons (the pair of 'em) rather, reagan, and nixon included.

All , save two, that is. They are pretty much stated for the lake of fire at the end....not eternal damnation, but rather, the end. A much better thing 'cause that way we can still have a loving, kind CREATOR what doesn't thrill in the pain and misery of others.

Why would I figure this way?
I mean, really....hitler? dubya?
even with all the people they've murdered?

Well, it's that thing about what Jesus says about (in a parable) getting the dues one works fer, and that one shouldn't ask for more made me realize that the opposite was also true enough. Those who work long to a righteous end WILL get their dues....only, not more than those who just plain woke up late.

Oh, I'm sure y'all can find fault with this here, but, then again...
I don't put trust in Jesus and the CREATOR t'get t'heaven.
I do it because it feels right to me.

Have a happier fourth weekend, and many more t'come, gal.

Anonymous said...


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