Intervention & Political Correctness--or why I'se conservative

"Political correctness paralyzed a moral obligation."

Hey ya'll. Apologies to the few who check in heah onc't in awhile. Ain't really had time to put up somepin' new until now.

I'se home...again. Mayhap I'll git a few weeks o' work in afore jauntin' off agin.

But when I slogged through all the email and personal life stuff, I seen that it is near about time fer mah "regular" book club to meet. The book fer June is
Don't Let us Go to the Dogs Tonight.

It's a memoir of Alexandra Fuller who grew up in Rhodesia (South Africa).

While war rages, so does her own household, wif' Mama battlin' manic depression and Dad battlin' the land, the war and Mama's illness.

Fuller done sat down wif' an interviewer and tole things like they is on war in Africa. This excerpt below speaks tersely to the point of political correctness and the whole point of government intervention--it speaks to race too, iffin' anybody cares to go read the full interview at the link posted.


As fer Aunty Belle, lemme jes' note one thang: to be a conservative means that somethin' is worth conservin'. An' somethin' is. That would be the truth.

As in THE truth--not "my truth" and "your truth" or any other relativity vocab. Conserve truth even when it inconveniences ya' ...or aggravates ya'...or upturns yore cherished wishes and hopes....in the long run, it is the only thang that makes any sense. Truth works. Falsity doan work--and when it doan, it only means more untruth has to be foisted on us to cover up the reality that is showin' through the fabric of the first politically correct lie.

Political correctness ain't concerned wif' truth. It is concerned wif' makin' up a wishful story and then forcin' other folks to play along wif ya'. That ain't right--an' it ain't a good thang fer nobody.

Well, read now what Alexandra Fuller said an' lemme hear yore own thoughts.

"There are some brilliant Zimbabweans in exile, just waiting to go back. I think the quicker Mugabe leaves power the better, and I do think that for there to be no war as a result of this there needs to be some kind of free and fair election. I just don't know if it's possible anymore. Had there been some kind of international intervention four years ago, there could have been hope for a peaceful reconciliation, but the West was duped for a long time by Mugabe's ridiculous assertion that everything that was wrong had to do with the whites. Political correctness paralyzed a moral obligation. Instead of seeing what was going on on the ground? Political correctness has its place, but it can be a paralyzing force; it can be quite dangerous because it scares people into behaving in ways that just aren't reasonable given what's going on on the ground."


Aunty Belle said...

What? Ain't nobody out theah? Goody...I can say anything I've a mind to...jes' thinkin' up somethin' really outlandish.

Aunty Belle said...

Ya mean youse talkin' to yoreself, now Ms. Belle?

I reckon so. An' this here is what I'se sayin:

Folks is out there tryin' to forge a Future of Man by falsifying the past. Yep. Rewritin' history is the worst form of tyranny.

she said...

aunty this post is a good one but requires more brain power than i can muster right now. but the new UN guy said darfur was a result of global warming. never mind about the arab muslims wiping out the african muslims, as well as the christians and animists. and never mind also about the driving off their farms the GROWERS of food for rotties sake! i mean, couldnt that have a little biyy tiny bit to do with it?


read it here:

Aunty Belle said...

Well, She-Pup, lemme say this;

Iffin' ole' Ban Ki-Moon (UN sec gen)is crying over Yassir Arafat's grave, he doan seem much like the sort who would defend the true victims of any conflict.

Here is a good place to make note that today the US House did one decent thang--refused to fund the UN's new Human Right's Council.

Even the dems see it fer a lying cabal.