Gun Control leads to Rock Control

Blimey! U.K. Crime Stats Show Outlawing Weapons Useless
Recent crime statistics in the United Kingdom suggest that when knives are outlawed only outlaws will have knives.
More than 8,000 criminals a year are being let off with a "caution" for carrying a knife, according to British press accounts. In the last six years, the annual total of cautions has grown by 3,000.
Draconian gun-control laws in the U.K. - that only law-abiding citizens adhere to - have not created the safe, secure, violence-free island of St. Thomas More's Utopia that was promised by the gun grabbers.
Having an "article with a blade or point" in a public place might be the only way for a person to defend himself and his loved ones.
The government says the police are acting proactively to send clear notice that they are trying to make the streets safer. Blimey! How can the streets not be safe since guns were outlawed? Why are robbery and violence escalating - and in some areas, skyrocketing?
The Brits haven't learned that inanimate objects do not cause crime. Guns and knives do not rob, rape or murder. Criminals will use whatever means possible to prey on the innocent; potential victims will use whatever means possible to defend themselves.
And when Big Brother then grabs every fork, spoon and toothpick in Britain, will anyone, no matter how trustworthy, be allowed to hold a rock?

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Ya'll, think now. Thar' warn't no guns or knives when Cain bludgeoned Abel wif' a rock. Murder is in the heart--not the instrument.

Taking personal weapons from decent folks only turns decent folks into bait for psychopaths.


Anonymous said...

"Decent Folks"


I think I can guess your definition of those.



Aunty Belle said...

Ain't no need to guess, I'll tell ya' straight: Decent folks in this context is folks wif' no felony records, no history of violence.

Gun control laws is only observed by law-abidin' folks...them criminals ain't gonna obey that law--so then, why would we set up a society where the law abidin' citizens is sittin' ducks? Soon enough the lawless are running amok, unchecked violence is a plague.

How've ya' been prickly friend?

X. Dell said...

It's difficult to compare murder rates head to head between the US and UK because the federal governments compile their statistics differently. Still, according to The Guardian, Scotland has a murder rate of 2.3 per 100,000 people, while England and Wales have a combined murder rate of .07 per 100,000 as of 2005. We'll see how much this changes, but even Scotland would have to step it up to meet the US's rate of 5.5 per 100,000.

Anonymous said...

despite having enjoyed firing arms at times (a year or so ago i posted a cropped picture of myself firing a clint eastwood 'make my day' type of gun..what kind of gun was that again?) i can't make myself want to own a gun no matter what statistics say.

Aunty Belle said...

I hears ya' Foamy LAdy...ain't no need to have a gun iffin' ya doan want one. yet we cain't be takin' guns from decent folks who knows when and how they are ter be used. Onliest thang that would do would be ter insure MORE violence agaisnt innocents.