What's Wrong wif' the World??

Folks, Aunty Belle
done been off a gallivantin' again. I wuz in a mid-Atlantic state jawin' fer mah supper and had two experiences that illustrate Whats-Wrong-with-the -World.

First, in that state they's a heap o' deer eatin' up flowers and vegetable gardens. Them bucks come ter the edge of the road at night. They's a plague. From the airport, late at night, driving out ter the venue thar' was a Kenyan cab driver. One o' them bucks ran alongside the cab....the Kenyan said, "There are not enough lions in this country."


The other thang wrong wif' this world is that women-folk doan know they place in the world.

When feminaziism reared its ugly head, may Mama done said "Why on earth would I want to be equal to a man? I prefer to remain superior."


Truth be told, when lady folks doan do they real job, the world wobbles outa balance....and people try ter git a footing, but they's jes' a staggerin' all around with the world wobblin' under 'em. Ain't that right?

What is a Lady's REAL job, youse askin'? Well, she can be CEO of a Fortune 500, an' thas' good, I reckon, but she can do better.

Here is her REAL deal;

"The shortest way of summarizing the position is to say that woman stands for the idea of Sanity; that intellectual home to which the mind must return after every excursion on extravagance. The mind that finds its way to wild places is the poet's; but the mind that never finds its way back is the lunatic's. There must in every machine be a part that moves and a part that stands still; there must be in everything that changes a part that is unchangeable. And many of the phenomena which moderns hastily condemn are really parts of this position of the woman as the center and pillar of health. Much of what is called her subservience, and even her pliability, is merely the subservience and pliability of a universal remedy; she varies as medicines vary, with the disease. She has to be an optimist to the morbid husband, a salutary pessimist to the happy-go-lucky husband. She has to prevent the Quixote from being put upon, and the bully from putting upon others. The French King wrote--

"Toujours femme varie
Bien fol qui s'y fie,"

ut the truth is that woman always varies, and that is exactly why we always trust her. To every adventure and extravagance with its antidote in common-sense is not (as the moderns seem to think) to be in the position of a spy or a slave.

It is to be in the position of Aristotle or (at the lowest) Herbert Spencer, to be a universal morality, a complete system of thought. The slave flatters; the complete moralist rebukes. It is, in short, to be a Trimmer in the true sense of that honorable term; which for some reason or other is always used in a sense exactly opposite to its own. It seems really to be supposed that a Trimmer means a cowardly person who always goes over to the stronger side.

It really means a highly chivalrous person who always goes over to the weaker side; like one who trims a boat by sitting where there are few people seated. Woman is a trimmer; and it is a generous, dangerous and romantic trade."

---GK CHESTERTON, What's Wrong With the World.


she said...

"a generous, dangerous and romantic trade."
what an excellent call to arms aunty!

a recipe
fer how to be:

a tender bad-ass with a heat of gold
solid as a rock either quiet and bold
and when you are certain the work has been done
you gotta be the one who brings him all the fun.

she said...

er, that would be "heart of gold" but heat of gold might work just as well grrherhaha

Aunty Belle said...

Uh-huh, She-pup..yore Freudian slip is showin'?

Mah very favorite than in the whole world is a "tender bad-ass."

( Aunty doan like to use no unseemly language, but a "tender bad-fanny" jes' loses somethin' in the translation)

she said...

aunty i did live thru marilyn manson. my ears are bleeding but i on the whole i have emerged from the experience relatively in tact.

however, you may want to skip my photo essay from the show i will be posting tomorrow. it is R-rated.

foam said...

First I thought: what! belle is not writing in the vernacular?
Then I asked myself: Who is this guy and why haven’t I heard of him?"
So I googled GK Chesterton.
Seems like a highly prolific, interesting fellow who wrote on many subject matters. And he studied art too. Thanks for introducing him to me.

ps: i think i like your mama...lol.

Aunty Belle said...

Foamy Lady, you shure would love my Mama, she is somethin' else--sorta like yore won Mama, I'd bet'cha.

GK Chesterton is a scream---and wiser that nearly everyone else you'll read. He wrote essays, detective mysteries and biographies. He truly has a mind equal to Shakespeare. His tender understanding of human nature is as endearing as it is insightful.

She-Pup, I'se real real miffed wif' ya over this slayer thang---ain't interested in a wee Pup exposin' herself to such as that. Doan lemme hear no more of youse roamin' in such places or Aunty mayhap have ter come electrify yore fence.

X. Dell said...

Hmmm. I don't know if it's really my place to say anything about this, but I do want you to know that I'm reading.

Take care.

LADY LUXIE said...

Wow Aunty!..My goodness..what a beautiful beautiful powerful description of what a woman truly is.

I wasn't supposed to be here..I mean, I was hitting for the front porch but landed here...uuuuuuh'..with what's been going on in my head..no wonder I was led here...:>

Aunty Belle said...

X.dell--darlin', why not? 'Course youse welcome to comment....

Luxie!!!! Hey HEy...so, uh, the angle on yore shoulder hit the other key and youse on the BACL ourch? Well, ya'jes never know does ya?

Yep, thanky , it is a great description of a lady, ain't it?

So glad ter see ya Luxious thang!

dr.alistair said...

could a man not benifit from knowing that there are women who understand that feminism, as it acts in society, is sociopathic?

it is a great gift to be able to know where to sit in a boat so as to trim it.

balance is the key.

civilian-at-arms said...

Here's a radical thought: did feminism emerge out of necessity? Unlike in times past when women weren't quite so "liberated" the typical middle class family could be sustained on a single income--that is no longer the case. Nowadays, moms and pops are both forced to work just to make ends meet--this in the wealthiest nation in the world. And I don't mean feminism in terms of equal rights under the law for women but the radical realignment of women's priorities, the (oftentimes snide) denial of the importance of womanhood and motherhood, the clarion (Clairol?) call to enter the workplace, to have a career, to consume, to open up new markets for exploitation...are those who heed the feminist call helping to mask a failing economic system and the disappearance of the middle class?

Aunty Belle said...

Dr. Al, knowing how ter trim is indeed a gift.....

Civilian hero, aha! Youse very insightful. Uncle Aloysius (Aunty's other half) has said fer years that puttin' women ter work outside they homes is the hidden tax, the cheap labor force and the bought votes.

Mom and Dad used to could decently raise Bud and Sis on Dad's pay. As ya' note, not so today. Why is that? Not fer nuthin' real--only fer the appearance of "equality" and the myriad of thangs Madison Ave herds us'uns into thinkin' we "need."

AN' fer those of us whose a tad cynical, it were done to insure that some day it "takes a village" not a family. The Nanny State first requires detached families, new priorities for women, and, dare I say it? A debauched culture, focused on "liberation".

Fer all them "freedoms" and "liberation" why is this a culture less content than in 1957?

Infinitesimal said...

not enough lions in this country. HAR HAR!! that's a knee slapper.

I like this post, and will come back to you later with how i came to understand why women are not traditionally allowed to speak in church.

and where/how they do speak.

Interestingly enough, it was said to me that in the Bible, it never says that a woman has to love her husband, but it is mandated that she respect him, however, it DOES say that a man must love his wife.

Think on that for a minute...K?