Jihad the Musical

I'se selling discount package tours ter Scotland so we'uns can all go see Jihad, the Musical.

"JIHAD THE MUSICAL tells the story of a young Afghan peasant, Sayid. Coming from the desert, Sayid dreams of proving himself to his bossy sister Shazzia and to the world, by making it as a flower farmer. Enchanted by a mysterious veiled woman, he leaps at her offer to work for a company that ‘exports poppies’ to the West. Unfortunately, Sayid soon discovers that the woman is a terrorist, and the company a front for a jihadi cell seeking to blow up targets in the West, most particularly one known as the Unidentified, Very Prestigious Landmark."

(check it out here: http://www.jihad-the-musical.com/about/)

We'uns want a front row seat if the Scottish Theatre Wars spark up.....hee hee....

Partial lyrics from the signature song:

"I wanna be like Osama be...

I wanna bomb a path to fame across the earth,
I know people will abhor me,
but thank god they won't ignore me
when the CIA determines what I'm worth...

Please make me like Osama be,
I'll be Islamically renowned....

I wanna be like Osama....
If I hadn't been so rowdy,
they'd have let me stay in Saudi,
but I couldn't play the big leagues as a Prince...
So I'll make quick reminders,
that the yanks have yet to find us
though we're happy to attack them
on all ground...

Please make me
like Osama be
Islamically renowned.

And they will speak of me
throughout history,
Oh what bliss to be al Mansour!
Ill enact my plan,
be the bogy man
with a brand new holy waaaar!

I wanna wear designer clothes beneath my robe...
while my lackeys look like like vultures
I'll declare a clash of cultures
to civilians in the millions around the globe

grow a beard down to my navel
conquer U-Tube and get on cable
and be wealthier than any man I knoooow.
...with and Al jeezera shooooow!

"I wanna be like Osama" can be seen here:


she said...

wow! fatwah's for everyone! i guess there's no CAIR in scotland to shut them down, fine em and make em apologize and install footbaths in public spaces. i hope the playwright doesnt wake up dead with a note stuck to his heart with a dagger. no embassies have burned yet? i better go check. great lyrics. funny aunty!

Anonymous said...

you gotta
laugh at bigotry
and hypocracy in all forms

congratulations AMERICA on your recent $60bn arms deal with your good friends & allies in the middle east! including $20bn to osama bin laden's folks, the saudis!

some former beneficiaries of these 'arms deals for a better world' include IRAN, the TALIBAN in afghanistan, and of course, SADDAM of iraq (you'll want to add nuclear power PAKISTAN to this list soon -- wait for it)

don't bother looking for this story on US news networks -- they buried it -- you can check it out at BBC


this deal helps to insure future wars for america and friends with plenty of need for lots more lucrative arms deals!

so i guess y'all be receiving your dividend cheque in the mail any day now :)


Aunty Belle said...


doan assume, sugar, that this is a right/ left thang. Did ya by any chance read an earlier BACK Porch post (2-3) back) on Hellish Hegemony?

As fer Jihad, the Musical, it ain't bigoted. In fact, it is rather tame. The trouble is that it hits the truth about *jihad.* See? Not about Muslims, not about Arabs (though all Arabs are NOT Muslim--startin' wif Aunty who is part A-rab) We could do a "bigoted" musical on any and every
group, religion, political party. Why, doan ya see? Iffin' ya do satire on others and leave out a protected group, youse being even MORE bigoted in a way.

Jes' fer curiosity's sake, does ya any sympathy for the "bigoted" way
jihad has treated neutral Afghanis?
Kurds? Christian Iraqis?

she said...

that arms story appeared on the front page of the atlanta journal. and there was a political cartoon in the editorial as well. nobody asked us. it is insane. our friends...the saudis. NOT! and i also hate giving 90 million to palestine as well. oh the list be ever so long.....

you cant touch the bigotry exercised by islam all over this world. africa, indonesia...and to their own.

Anonymous said...


just saying
bigotry in all forms sucks

and there be plenty for all and comin' from all sides

BBC aired the story on world news -- ABC world news did not -- nor did CNN -- nor did canadian CBC or CTV (not that i know of & i was looking but might have missed it)

and i agree, auntie -- it sure as shit ain't about left or right or black or white or christian or muslim -- the people that benefit by this are not a or b (and they don't give a shit about you or me) -- they own everything and everyone -- they know only one god, money, and one loyalty, power -- and they maintain it all by keeping everyone else at one another's throats, lest we wake up and do something about the real problem


Aunty Belle said...

/t. said "and they maintain it all by keeping everyone else at one another's throats, lest we wake up and do something about the real problem"

Now youse a 'talkin! I hear ya, I hear ya!

I could not git through the foul language, but somebody suggested I watch Bulworth (movie) with Warren Beatty. (1990s). Plot is a greedy, cheating' fradulent Democrat Senator who is sick of the drill, puts a hit on hisself after takin' out a 10 million life insurance policy.

And, well--heck--since he is a gonna die anyway, why not tell the actual factual truth of thangs? So he does--it is hilarious.

He doan cut no slack for the lying thugs of his own party (To a black group he lays it out: If the dems cared why is you still poor and eatin' chitlin's 50 years later? To Jews in Hollywood he says they make schlock and push the Jewish agenda)

Or the sly manipulators of the Republicans....( health care) the movie gives too much of a pass to black drug dealers in LA, but for the most part, it lampoons every golden calf on both sides of the aisle.

I'se re-readin' Brave New World...and it i jes' as current as it were 40 years ago.

ArtfulSub said...

Great post and good debate. Regarding this delusional idea that Arab lands belong to the mudslimes.

1) Luke was an Arab and wrote the Gospel of Luke and ACTS some 700 years before the perverted warlord mohammed converted the moon god "alar" into a monotheistic "allah".

2) There were thriving Christian Communities in Arab Lands before mohammed. Virtually everything that Arabs have contributed to Science came from those Christians. Astronomy. Algebra. Advanced ship-building and navigation. Etc...

3) The ONLY brain-based Economy and Republican form of Government the Arab World has ever had was Lebanon. Back when it had a Christian Majority.

I say God Bless brave Arab Christians. The only hope for the entire region is Christian Revival and Conversion.

Aunty Belle said...

Dang!! Artful Slub--whar' ya' been all my cyber-life?? ?

Welcome, welcome....I'se oneof those Lebanese Christians, so of course what yiuse sayin' warms me heart.

But yore other points is dead on--in fact Islam is a synthesis of Jewish and Christian heresies--I did an earlier post on this--but in essence,the area around MEcca was a thrivin' commercial center whar' plenty of Jewish traders had settled, and after the Council of Nicea when the Early Church Fathers tossed out the Arians, those heretics went off to Mecca (300s AD)

SO, ole Mohammad in early 600s jes' brewed up a stew of tribal supersitions, Jewish and Christian heresies and seasoned it with his own lust fer power, and SHAZAM! Instant Political / military ideology cast as a religion.

Thanks fer yore visit--stop in
again real soon.

Anonymous said...


No doubt as the third anniversary approaches, the MSM will use all the old terminology - 'separatists', 'hostage-takers' , 'activists', 'freedom-fighters', 'youths' etc. No mention of the I-word nor the M-word. Al-Beeb didn't even call them terrorists. It was just a little local dispute between neighbours. Nothing to do with the Religion of Peace.

However, according to Wikipedia [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beslan_school_hostage_crisis ] our Saudi friends and allies may not have been unaware of this razzia:

"Arab and alleged al-Qaeda involvement
Shortly after September 3, 2004, official Russian sources stated that the attackers were part of an international group led by Shamil Basayev that included a number of Arabs with connections to al-Qaeda, and said they picked up phone calls in Arabic from the Beslan school to Saudi Arabia and another undisclosed Middle Eastern country.[44]

At least two English/Algerians are among the identified terrorists partaking actively in the attack: Osman Larussi and Yacine Benalia. A third, UK citizen Kamel Rabat Bouralha, arrested while trying to leave Russia immediately following the attack, is suspected to be a key organizer. All three were linked to the Finsbury Park Mosque of north London.[45][46] Russia also claimed that alleged al-Qaeda agent Abu Omar al-Saif was responsible for financing the attack."

More info:

"The media in the United States have been oddly fastidious in failing to report one aspect of last week’s horror in Beslan: that several Russian girls were raped by Muslim terrorists in front of their parents and classmates. ..... The behavior of Chechen terrorists in Beslan, disgusting in every gory detail by the standards of civilized humanity, was justified by the tenets of Islam and by the personal example of the cult’s inventor, Muhammad. "

From http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1214617/posts

see also

"THE full horror of the Russian school atrocity began to emerge yesterday as traumatised children told horrific tales of stabbed babies and brutal rapes. "

From http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/003119.php

As well as being raped, the children were also forced to drink their own urine. These are classic Islamic practices of 'humiliating' the Kuffar till they 'feel themselves subdued' as demanded by the Koran (Sura 9:29).

The blogosphere needs to set the record straight on this atrocity. The petrodollar-bribed MSM never will. And there isn't a snowball's chance in Mohammed's final abode that anyone would even consider whether schools in America and Europe might be at risk from a repeat performance. That would be just too Separatistophobic.

ArtfulSub said...

Well, thank YOU, Aunty Belle. You've summed up the birth of "islam" nicely. It's amazing and disturbing how many Americans STILL know absolutely nothing factual about the warlord mohammed and his "religion".

Heck, the Koran isn't a difficult read. The average reader can digest the whole putrid mess in 2 hours.

Laziness, I guess. Or cowardice.

Aunty Belle said...

Anon--dern, shure wish't you'd left a footprint or somepin'...but well done!! Yep, the jihadi inhumanity is beyond belief--to children fer mercy's sake.

I'se real glad you outlined the Beslan horror--we jes' cain't fergit what we'uns is dealing wif.'

Artful, sweetpea, I'se thinkin' youse right--COWARDICE.

Infinitesimal said...

Let's just make a quick rectification here in herstory.

So this mohammed guy, he had an idea to be a capitan or general, right? and he also had one "Kadija", his girlfriend, who actually incepted Islam and muttered the foundations for it in his ear.

She was the brains behind his brawn.
She invented the concept of jihad.

PS: it'ain't the A-rabs what's to do us in... it's actually jellyfish, the gelatinous menace.

They's movin' in on us Belle, and I ain't funnin'.

Aunty Belle said...

Contessa, honey chile', I knows it--they shure is--nuthin' funnin' 'bout it.