Dressed to Kill

I admit I chuckled---but it really ain't funny. The thang is, the folks who are self described "tolerant" and "compassionate" liberals is kiddin' theyselves...trouble is, these appeaser weasels give the killers the image of our collective weakness...which in turn invites the killers to attack, more lives lost.

Then there's "transformative" political fashion:

These cartoons shamelessly lifted from Michael Ramirez @


the.red.mantissa said...

"...give the killers the image of our collective weakness..."

your fearless leader appears to be doing a good job of that all by himself ... i don't really think he needs help from the so-called appeaser weasels. y'know ~ dubya is an appeaser weasel, too. just, he doesn't strut around wearing che guevera (sp?) over it.

i do hope you guys can get with the program next year and vote in a president worthy of the office/position.

Aunty Belle said...

Who'uns is worthy, Red?

IMHO, ain't even one decent candidate has surfaced yet...and come to think of it, that is a rather significant weakness. I'se weary of em' all--need new blood.

Ms. Place said...

Fabulous! Thanks for posting these. They're terrifying and hilarious at the same time.

ArtfulSub said...

Clever stuff. I'd have given the mile-wide inch-deep hollyweird "appeaser weasel" an Arafat head-dress too. They love the palestains, for some reason. Even the hollyweird ethnic jews do.

Here's a bit of what some might call "irony". Over the last 20 plus years, Daniel Ortega has:

1) Moderated most of his positions.

2) Agreed to work within the framework of a Constitutional Republic.

3) Supported the right of his predecessor to govern, and even worked WITH her on some issues.

4) Publicly acknowledged that the brief reign of the "Sandinistas" was marked by INTERNAL chaos, mismanagement, incompetence, and that they tried to carry out a RADICAL agenda that NEVER had the support of the majority of Nicaraguans. And, of course, he acknowledges that the Sandinistas weren't ELECTED to do anything.

5) Apologized for Sandinista elements conducting brutal attacks on towns in peaceful neighboring Costa Rica.

6) Learned that illiterate teen-aged guerilla fighters don't necessarily make good Cabinet Officers.

And yet the hollyweird goons and the media maggotry STILL claim that evil Ronald Reagan "staged a coup against a popular competent peace-loving elected Sandinista Government".

And THEIR positions on matters political haven't matured or moderated. THEY'VE become more Juvenile in their chanting of leftist slogans.

Aunty Belle said...

Thanky MsPlace and Artfulsub fer ya' cogitations. One good thang about us'uns, we can still laugh at the predicament---on the hand, I'm dern well shure that baring an asteroid hitting both conventions, we ain't gonna git nuthin' decent fer 2008-12. At this point, it's all damage control