Act Like a Queen, Will ya'!

Savior siblings?

Rant of the week--will the Queen of England act like a Queen please?
Without the royal assent, the House of Commons bill known as the Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill cannot become the law of the Isle.

What is that you ask?

Why pets, it is nothin' less than cloning yourself a baby twin in order to cannibalize the poor thang it fer spare body parts to keep ya' young and healthy. Cheery idea ain't it?

Nicknamed "savior siblings" the bill is intended to fatten coffers of bio-tech firms whose advertisin' will be ghoulish Frankenstein offers to the rich and haughty.

Gives a whole new meanin' to consumer society, doan it?

Iffin' Elizabeth wants to go down in history as a queenly Queen, wants to restore some credibility to the idea of monarchy, then she must exercise wisdom over the idiocy of the House of very common Commons.

How ironic that the BBC made this 5 minute documentary:


Anonymous said...

Christianity is dying in Britain. Christians face arrest and beatings by police in Birmingham for preaching the gospel while the British (mis)government sends imams into schools to teach Islam to British kids. http://www.bnp.org.uk/2008/06/christian-preachers-face-arrest-in-birmingham/

Anonymous said...

We British have lost ourselves. We may no longer teach our history for colonialism is anathema to modern politicians. We may not teach Shakespeare, Milton and Scott. The Union Jack is not flown. Nor much loved.

The Troll said...

I didn't know she could prevent bills from being passed. As to Christianity dying in Britain...

Perhaps the great-grandchildren of those blessed to receive the Good News of the Gospel from the great 19th Century British Mission Field Evangelists will return the favor.

And start missions TO Great Britain that will plant Full-Gospel Bible-Believing Soul-Winning Churches there.

Aunty Belle said...

Troll -Man,
I'se hopin' youse right...but thinkin' actually that the obsession wif' secularism will jes' have to run its course.

'Fraid folks have bought the idea that a society free of moral codes based on the bible is a "modern" society. Another hundred years of horror may convince them that Godless systems such as Nazism, Communism, Socialism and Islamism are all false hopes. Only then will ears and hearts be opened to the Good News.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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