Human Rights--Whata Horror

In Canada there has a been the most grievous violation of human rights. Naw, nobody was poison gassed, and nobody was beheaded, nobody raped, nobody was stoned ter death nor no daddy slaughtered his baby girls fer dishonorin' daddy....naw, naw, them's minor cirmes ya know...I'se talkin' about a B I G HORROR! The horror of --you guessed it--free speech.

A fella wrote an article in which he said Islam was set to win the mind bendin' war on the West. Can ya'll imagine such a horrific thang to say? What was Mark Steyn thinkin' to write what ever'body worries about: “The Future Belongs to Islam.”

Fer Pete's sake, how dense can a fella be? Din't he know the media will bludgeon ya speakin' this truth:

Let's start with demography, because everything does:

If your school has 200 guys and you're playing a school with 2,000 pupils, it doesn't mean your baseball team is definitely going to lose but it certainly gives the other fellows a big starting advantage. Likewise, if you want to launch a revolution, it's not very likely if you've only got seven revolutionaries. And they're all over 80. But, if you've got two million and seven revolutionaries and they're all under 30 you're in business.

For example, I wonder how many pontificators on the "Middle East peace process" ever run this number:

The median age in the Gaza Strip is 15.8 years.

Once you know that, all the rest is details. If you were a "moderate Palestinian" leader, would you want to try to persuade a nation -- or pseudo-nation -- of unemployed poorly educated teenage boys raised in a UN-supervised European-funded death cult to see sense? Any analysis of the "Palestinian problem" that doesn't take into account the most important determinant on the ground is a waste of time.

But doan worry none--why the Canadians is nuthin' if not efficient when it comes to squelching free speech-- see, they's now conductin' a "human rights" trial--no no, not in defense of Mark Steyn's free speech, but in defense of the Islamic whiners who pretend to be offended by the fact that somebody wrote how much ground they's gained.

Canada has a sneaky grenade in its law--article 13 of the human rights law says nobody can say or write thangs wif' the "potential" of causin' hatred toward another group.

SO-- ya'll is thinkin' that when the mullahs say to kill Americans that the Canadians hit them wif' Article 13? Whas' wrong wif ya'? That would be logical.

Nope the article 13 Human Rights moneky trial is against the Canadian who only said the obvious. Now the court wants to determine the "potential" of the harm of what he wrote. (I likned it above--read it an' see if ya think that article is worth a Human Rights trial!!)

Who can measure social potential? Ain't no dang way fer no judge to make a decision on "potential". When law is applied on supposition not actual happenings we's all in deep donkey dung. Even so, some Canadian lawmakers are EMBARRASSED about the idiocy of this "human rights" court that has run amok.

Anyhoo...ya' can read all about it --how the nation of Canada is a self-hating self-conscious appeaser nation on the skids. (wif' sincere apologies and sympathy to the three REAL Canadians left)


Anonymous said...


At last, somebody with guts!

God speed Aunty Belle!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Comments soon--I didn't know of this. I just wanted to let you know I'm around and shall visit.

The Troll said...

This is probably your best post ever, Aunty. I hope lots of folks read it and the linked articles.

moi said...

It's the suede denim hippie police,
And they've come for your uncool neice.
Oh Canada, über alles.

Most excellent articles, Aunty, thanks for passing them along. Which I am now doing.

she said...

yep. mark steyn is the best! i think we're (North AMerica) are going to go the hard way. its too bad too.
good post aunty.

did you hear that speech by the czech PM? i bet you did.

Anonymous said...

Hey all!!

EOR, so happy to see ya around the block--hopin' youse feelin' more up to snuff these days. Lemme know what ya think if ya have a chance to read the Canada thang--worrisome.

Troll-Man, thanky. We need to help folks see this information. No body I tells it to ever beleives me? I gotta credibility gap--reckon it's mah accent?

Heh-oh MOI, youse on it! Pass it on--shout from the roof tops. I mean, folks in polka dots jes' toss back another brew and laugh on. I'se worriet.

She Puppy, Mercy, chile'! Save me a spot in your upstate hideaway.

But I heered Mark Steyn was DElighted this trial was underway--thinks it show the Human Rights Commission to be a sham. AN' it does.