How to vote in 2008 (and why)

They ain't no good choices, folks.

Yore Cracker Aunty is sick over this election.

Both McCain and Obama is badly badly flawed men. Badly.

McCain is an ambitious hot head. He finished jes' 5 from the bottom at Annapolis out of a class of 899 candidates. He was a playboy an' a jerk. He left wife # 1 when she was in a car accident and left disfigured. He married $$ to finance his political dreams. So much fer "family values." McCain ain't religious, but will use the pro-life horse fer the first leg of the race. He is definitely an "elitist" who cain't remember how many houses he has. ("Ask my staff"). He is a "maverick" because he wants his own way--that is, the way that most showcases his ownself. He ain't a bi-partisan example at all, nope, jes' a pragmatic deal maker and if a Dem is part of the deal, well enough. He ain't held in high esteem by any true conservatives. Or Liberals. He ain't really fish nor fowl...jes ambitious to be remembered in the history books.

Obama was an affirmative action admission to Ivy League halls and has been proven to have plagerized liberally wherever need be. He hung wif campus radicals from the git-go. He has never had a real job, only "community" jobs as the foundation of a political career from day one. He has ZIP experience and is ignorant in early every crucial category of statecraft. After all, I think we at least oughta git ourselves a fella that knows how many states is in the Union. He as a fatal weakness fer terrorists and thugs. He doan love America or even what the Founders of America set up fer us. His African Muslim connections is indisputable. The Chicago constituents is WORSE off than afore he came to "save" them. He lined his pockets wif' money he channeled to Michelle's bosses, an' Rezko's (a Syrian) fundraisers. His hate-filled "pastor" is a Farakan intimate an' built his retirement multi- million $$ home in a white country club neighborhood. His own brother lives is abject poverty, but Obama doan hep him none. They is all laughing at us'uns fer being dupes.

So how does we choose from this miserable lot? Gag.

Ain't no use in tearing ourselves up over issues like abortion and taxes. Fergit it. We ain't gonna agree on it anyway.

How we make the choice is this: We is Americans first, and Donkey's or Elephants second. How can we keep makin' sure we's Americans, the main thang we's got in common?

Youse American smart or dull, rural or urban, rich or poor, blue grass or rap, latte or RC Cola, brie or cheez whiz...all that.

But Sweet Thangs, these two men is motivated differently, even though they's both snakes-in-the -grass.

One is motivated by personal ambition and glory, a place in history to top his Admiral Dad and Grandad. The other is motivated by ideology, a Marxist hatred for liberal freedom, and a violent need to fulfill his Marxist appointed calling to "change" things so that the world "unifies" under a Marxist vision of "equality."

Hold yore nose and pull the lever fer McCain. At least his idea of his place in history is only assured in a world where America still stands.

Obama's glory and "change" comes only when American as we know it is defeated.


SophieMae said...

I'm afraid I have to mostly agree. I hadn't thought of McCain quite that way, though not as idealistically as some. And much as I like Sarah Palin, I'm just old-fashioned enough to have serious qualms about a woman in that position. Still, in the end, just about anything would be better than Barack-ameleon. The notion of him sitting in the Oval Office scares the padoodles outa me. If only Fred had... oh, well, no use ifonlyin'

The Troll said...

Well, let's face it. Those that haven't made up their minds are mostly Centrists. People who don't want EITHER the 10% Hard-Right or the 10% Hard-Left of this Country to have too much power.

They should look forward, not backward, and consider this:

Even if McCain's "maverick" image is BS and he's secretly a Far-Right-Winger at-heart, there is NO WAY he can push through a Far-Right Agenda. There isn't a City, County or State in this Country that could be called Far-Right in it's Governance. It would be impossible to have a Far-Right Government at the Federal Level.

Obama, however, most definately could push through a Far-Left agenda. The left would control ALL aspects of the Federal Government. The legislature. The Bureaucracy. The Media. And the Judiciary.

So, one of things Centrists don't want to see is a practical impossibility. The other thing, Obama's thing, is not only possible, it's very likely.

George Soros isn't the type of guy to spend 13 Billion dollars and not get what he wants.

K9 said...

everywhere liberalism has been applied it has failed the people. the majority of poverty and crime and dependency live in blue state big cities...meanwhile the demoncrats put down small town america where self sufficency is king and god is not yet dead. here we have people that are pro choice-unless that choice involves wanting to take your child out of the state reeducation camp and into a private school. i could fill this comment box until sunday night with reason after reason to vote against obummer.

i dont vote on family values. i vote for who best represents the interests of the united states of america and who will do the least damage to the individual.

Aunty Belle said...

Sophiemae, Sugar Pie, I have the same fears...nightmares, in fact.

Troll-Man, excellent point. McC ain far right, dang, he is not akshully "right" at all. But Iffin' he were such, he could not ram it on us--but that left can. Youse smart fer a chile' yore age...oh wait, youse a GATOR, that 'splains it!

K9, Puppy Thang, yep....keep it in the least damage column and we'll take it from thar.

Bunny said...

This is an awful election choice for all, whether you normally fall in the red or the blue column. I generally consider myself a Dem (I know, I know, so weird in this crowd) and will hold my nose and vote for Barry. I just wish we had better options. I can't still can't believe enough Dems thought Barry would be a better Pres than HRC. A lot of people don't like her, but even my HRC-hating die-hard Republican daddy would rather have her than Scary Barry. WTF were Dems in states that actually got to vote (mine - Michigan - didn't) thinking?

The Troll said...


If you go inside the numbers, you'll have your answer. Reasonably sane somewhat moderate non-politician democrats have LIVES outside of politics and don't participate in Caucuses. Soros-Fueled haters and welfare-freaks with no jobs DO participate in Caucuses.

That's the difference. Obama won BIG in those places that had caucuses.

moi said...

Brilliant. I don't need to write a political post. I'll just point my readers here. Very astute observation from Troll – people have a much harder time swallowing a far right wing agenda than they do a far left, which has always had "touchy-feely" on their side. Hadn't thought of it that way, thanks.

I'm with K9, who is going to BEST leave me alone? But all I can say is: Ron Paul in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Auntie, but explain how so many Americans are fooled into voting for a man that changes his name from Barry to the deliberate Muslim name of Barack. Sorry, but the people on the AMRight have to admit that their country is itching to go socialist.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I'm collecting posts/comments regarding the election and this is one I'm keeping close to me.

Having not voted for President in the last two elections (I voted locally, not nationally) I truly want to vote this year and feel good about it. I don't.

Put me in the Ron Paul category too.

Bace Man said...

Good message. I'll echo what K9 said. I typically vote by 1) seeing how the candidates positions line up with my own ideals and 2) who I think will do the least amount of damage.

iamnot said...

I have no doubts as to the motivations of either man.
For all of McCain's flaws (I dreaded his running from the beginning) I don't doubt his love for this country.

I doubt Barry even likes the place.

I'm happy to vote for McCain now because I'm hoping Palin on the ticket signals a better direction for the party. The torch has to pass and there are some good conservatives out there waiting. McCain/Palin in '08 could become Palin/Jindal in '12.

Oh, Boxer and Moi. I love you both dearly...but please, no Ron Paul nonsense. That's just Kool-Aid of a different color.

Aunty Belle said...

huh? Well...now...well...I Palin/ Jindal 2012 makes thangs mighty interestin'...Jindal seem capable--he will have his big test if Ike hit him.


Okay, I hear ya', but hep me see WHY youse holdin' yore nose then pullin fer Barry/BArack? Hep me understand yore angle of view.

Sweet pea, thanky....let me know what other really interestin' post ya collect. I'se interested, truly.

well, you might be right, er, correct. But we STILL have to fight the good fight!

Youse still mah write in candidate of choice!!

Baceman, hey theah!
Yep, the dawg is generally sensible. LEAST damage is the key!

I'se disturbed that Obama went to a celebrity shindig in Switzerland wif Clooney and cabal--see? Sorta makes ya think that this ain't his nation of choice.

The Troll said...

Agree with Iamnot on all points.

moi said...

Iamnot, I'd welcome any discussion of why you think Ron Paul is Kool-aide. In fact, we have four years to hash this out :o)

Anonymous said...


LMAO said...

Sarah and Todd Palin represent two themes that the leftists thought they had reduced to a museum piece: Unrepentant white people, and white people making lots of babies. White women were to have been turned into Sex and the City clones with 1.2 kids and a chihuahua. White men were to have been turned into guilt-ridden beta boys.

The vision of Sarah and Todd, confident, unrepentant, independent, and making lots of babies who will follow in kind, is highly unsettling to leftists such as Mallick. The problem of the left in America has always been trying to overthrow a market-dominant majority. When they talk of "progress" and "we still have a long way to go" and we're not there yet", they are talking about overthrowing the dominion of white people in America and white western civilization in the world.

The key to the leftist project is seperating white women from this market dominant majority and convincing them to feel and act like one of the minority victim groups. The intent is to isolate white men as the bourgoise and create a marxist revolution. That's why the polls showing a huge shift in support from white women to McCain/Palin has them in a state of panic. The sight of White Woman standing shoulder to shoulder with White Man, together and confident as one tribe, represents the end of the leftist project. It might give white women around the country funny ideas that they should identify and support their husbands, fathers, brothers and sons and not collaborate with the socialist Brazil society that people like Mallick and her left-wing comrades Soros/Sulzbegrer/CBC, et al., have been pushing for 50 years.

The frog has decided it does not wish to be boiled, slowly or otherwise.

William Myers
Irvine, California, USA

Dave Davis said...

One thing about this election: it sure has encouraged the kooks and the mentally ill to come out of the woodwork, including Mr. William Myers