The Obama File:Genocide

The best friend genocide ever had: Planned Parenthood

Notice that most PP clinics are in black and Hispanic neighborhoods--and all over Africa.

Ever wonder why in the first US census after 1900 that the Black population was 12% of the nation...and a hundred years later? Still only 12 % of the population. Ever read the foundress of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger?She explicitly targets "Negroes" as the goal of her eugenics programs.

Obama? Why only Planned Parenthood's dream candidate for president.



pamokc said...

You know, I have heard a theory -- if you consider that children usually adopt their parents' belief system, then the rise of the conservative movement might be attributed to the fact that liberals have aborted themselves into a minority. Hmmmmm. Of course, that was heard before Obama came on the scene and all the current polls...

Doom said...

Your post is part of why I call Obama an Uncle Tom. Though, with muslim "genes"... muslims hate blacks more than even women... he may not even consider himself black (or half or whatever). It depends on which Hussein we are talking about. Either way, he is about as good for "his own" as Hitler. And, he is close to including us into "his own". Bad.

TROLL said...

Was it Sanger who saw the role of the "dusky races" as nannies for white babies?

Anonymous said...

Shameless theft from IAMNOT's blog:

McCain Backs Colin Powell’s Obama Endorsement
by Scott Ott for ScrappleFace ·
(2008-10-22) — Sen. John McCain today shocked reporters aboard the ‘Straight Talk Express’ by backing former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s recent endorsement of his presidential rival, Barack Obama.
In a move a McCain aide called, “self-sacrificial, but the best long-term strategy for Republican dominance,” the Arizona senator said he decided to join his fellow Republican in supporting the liberal Democrat for the same reason Mr. Powell did — because Sen. Obama is pro-choice.
“If you can’t beat ‘em, help ‘em beat themselves,” said Sen. McCain, “Obama’s eager support of abortion, up to and beyond the moment of birth, will help to rapidly deplete the ranks of Democrats, while we Republicans continue to be fruitful and multiply.”
Sen. McCain noted that since black babies get aborted almost four times as often as white babies, and blacks are 10 times more likely to vote Democrat than Republican, “one of the best long-term strategies for reducing the Democrat electoral base is by attrition through abortion.”
In addition, about half of abortions are performed on lower income women, a group twice as likely to register Democrat as Republican.
“I’ve never been able to figure out these Democrats,” Sen. McCain added. “On the one hand, they give millions to ACORN to register voters. Then they turn around and pump millions more into Planned Parenthood to boost abortions among their core constituency. You’d called it genocide if they weren’t doing it to themselves, but since they are, I guess you call it democide.”

Pete Bogs said...

Planned Parenthood's primary mission is preventing pregnancy, not ending it... in Africa, where overpopulation and disease are rampant, it makes sense PP would set up shop...