Comrade Barry Obama

Read it an' weep, sports fans. This is by Laura Hollis of Townhall:

I am tired of all the dancing around the subject with respect to Barack Obama’s political, social, and economic views. He’s not a “liberal,” or a “Democrat,” or a “progressive,” or even a “socialist.” Let’s call it what it is, shall we? It’s time to use the “C” word. His policies are communist, pure and simple.

(ya'll 'member how Aunty done said fer months that Obama is a Marxist--the whole Saul Alinsky thang? 'Member that?)

Even without the power of the Presidency, a filibuster-proof Senate, and U.S. Supreme Court appointments under his belt, Obama has already:

* called for a national citizen military force;

* sent government agents to intimidate American citizens who have said they don’t agree with him and will not vote for him;

* tried to use the offices of state Attorneys General to silence any opposition or dissent;

* offered questionable “support” for the Second Amendment “right to bear arms” – as long as it isn’t in self-defense;

* proposed his version of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need;” (plumbers – plumbers, for pity’s sake, should pay more taxes???)

* trained, funded and utilized organizations like ACORN that are notorious for voter registration fraud;

* consorted with and funded terrorists and anti-American radicals;

* attended a church led by a racist, black supremacist, anti-American bigot;

* been mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, who was apparently not only a Communist and a bigot, but also a pervert, and who warned Obama not to go off to college or fall for “equal opportunity and the American way and all that s***.”

Despite concerted efforts by the media to hide this information, Obama’s connections with the Communist Party have been unearthed by independent investigators, journalists and bloggers. And like clockwork, Obama apologists and handlers are trying to assuage the public’s concerns with assurances that Obama is “not that radical;” he knows that “socialism is dead;” he is a pragmatist, not an ideologue.

Uh-huh. Sure. Well, they got the “pragmatist” part right, anyway. Obama’s immersion in the philosophy of Saul Alinsky has made him a master of political pragmatism. Conservatives make another fundamental error when they wonder why Obama is heralding policies like higher taxes that have been proven, time and time again, to fail. Newsflash: You don’t get it. It’s not that Obama is ignorant, or misguided. He knows – as do his Red backers – that the policies he espouses will cause further economic trauma. This is deliberate. Because the worse things get, the more receptive the public will be to Obama’s & Co.’s honey-tongued assurances that the government will step in and “make it all better.” Look at Hurricane Katrina, and the recent financial crisis: how many people were clamoring for the government to “do something”? And that’s nothing compared to what we’re going to face when Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid collapse.

Obama’s colleagues are shrewd; they know that they have little chance of taking over all of private enterprise by force. Instead, they want the public to hand it over to them, bit by bit.

Even the briefest study of Communist Party ideology dating back to the 1930s reveals a concerted campaign to infiltrate and destroy the United States from within, by gaining control of the universities, of the media, of primary and secondary school, of the courts, and ultimately the entire government. Joseph McCarthy’s monumentally bad rap notwithstanding, dozens of former spies have come forward, as have the documents, attesting to the Party’s intentions. When the Soviet Union fell in 1989, those ideas pretty much went the way of the dodo in Russia, but they have been alive and well in this country for 80 years. People like William Ayers are proof. Continued...


Doom said...

Ah, a woman after my own heart. I have been beating that drum for a bit now. Add in terrorist. That last is not quite yet on the table by most, but Obama's associations make even that quite arguable. It amazes me.

What disturbs me is that so many Americans, and even Catholics, will be voting for him. Whether he wins or loses, that close to half of our voting population will be voting for a communist is a horror all by itself. And, that they are choosing him because he is black, communist, and fundamentally rooted in evil and death and that I think most of them know this on a fundamental level... I cannot explain depth of the feeling of betrayal I have for those Americans.

Have none of them heard of gulags, concentration camps, pogroms, world wars, indoctrination, forced sterilizations and abortions, and genocide based on age, health, race, religion, and creed? What is going on?

If this is too incendiary, dump it. I sometimes just say what I think, and I understand that for some, that is too much or too harsh.

iamnot said...

None of that matters Aunty.
We hate Bush.
Bush is evil.
McCain is Bush.
McCain is evil.
We must have hope and change.

Sheep to the slaughter.

Mark said...

Communism and socialism both require the elimination of private enterprise. Unless Obama advocates the elimination of private enterprise, he is not really a communist.

iamnot said...

I seriously doubt you'll find a "mainstream" politician openly advocating for the elimination of private enterprise.
That doesn't mean you won't find plenty of them that will happily and intentionally move us in that direction.

If I do murder in private, I think it's still ok to figure I'm a murderer.

Mark said...

Virtually every economy contains a mix of private and public ownership. They are all "mixed economies," with various degrees of government regulation of private enterprise.

"Direction" is one thing. "Goal" is another. All mixed economies exist at some point in the spectrum between the fatal terminuses of unregulated capitalism and true communism. Moving along the spectrum does not mean either terminus is the goal.

iamnot said...

I don't mean to be silly.
I know there is no pure anything.
My water isn't pure but I drink it. That doesn't mean I want someone taking a dump in a bottle and handing it to me.
I don't want Obama taking a dump in my government and handing that to me either.

The Troll said...

Ever notice how many Obama worshipping sheeplings in the media refute facts by saying:

"Obama clearly said he was not..."

If he SAYS something, it's true.

My favorite thing about the "Joe the Plumber" issue is Obama TWICE NOW comparing "Joe the Plumber" to WARREN THE OCTOGENERIAN BILLIONAIRE.

Since Warren Buffett wants to pay a higher INCOME tax, so should Joe The Plumber.

Aunty Belle said...

Hi Doom! (huh? happy to see Doom? Well not doom, but this Domm, sure!)

Well stated--an' nope, it ain't too harsh unles truth is too harh. Ain't the type to flinch from hard reality. Quickest fix is when ya know exactly what the natuire of the reality is. Heh.

Ya' said, "And, that they are choosing him because he is black, communist, and fundamentally rooted in evil and death and that I think most of them know this on a fundamental level... I cannot explain depth of the feeling of betrayal I have for those Americans."

This is IT! This is why many of us is so disgusted wif' the situation--that so Americans willingly choose their own noose. Gack! Why does they do it? Thas' the question. Aunty's hypothesis is that some folks want the world to be a certain way that they will ignore the worst truth starin' right at them in order to preserve a figment of they imagination.

Sorta like a fool man who buys gew-gaws for some bimbo who coos at him, rather than admit to hisself the truth that she doan care a fig for him-- jes' what he can give her.

But hey, his buddies is wishin' they had sucha dishy bimbo so he keeps up the pretense and acts like it is wonnerful.

An the idjit women who keep a deadbeat louse on the sofa while she works two jobs so he can keep up his two six pack a night habit, but hey! He can dance like the devil and he says all the right sweet nuthin's in her ear ...so she pretends to her girlfriends that she ackshully likes the drunk couch potatoes.

Some Americans wanna believe in a utopia of world peace an' when some charlatan promises them what they wanna hear, they REFUSE to look at the hoofprints he leaves in the sand.

IAMNOT! Hey Sugar. Looky, youse dead on. The excuse they choose is "we hate bush!" therefore they can excuse waltzing to the gulags wif' Lenin.

Howdy Mark and welcome to the Back Porch--please ya stopped in. Reckon I see that Obama does wish to stifle private enterprise--jes' cause he's on the 12 step plan doan mean he ain't got the communist goal in mind.

Mark, does ya have enough years to have heard or mebbe learned that Kruschev sneered at American and said the commies would SELL us the noose we would put 'round our own necks. Seems to me, thas' what we 's seein'.

Hey Troll--yeah! I noticed that bait and switch--equate Joe Plumber wif' billionaire Buffet. Nice feint, huh?

This is what it means to point out that Obama is an elitist: He doan trust the people none. He thinks he has vision of the true path and youse too unenlightened to to be told what's good fer ya' so he's gonna handle it all fer ya'. Iffin' you have freedom and especially economic freedom ya might choose a non-commie path you dolt. So Obama is gonna close off those pathways all while promisin' you the moon and the stars.

Lastly, some folks jes' plain like to flirt with the edge of danger--oooh! Wouldn't it be juicy to have a radical runnin the show??

K9 said...

he can unmask if he likes because too many americans do not appreciate their true heritage and do not realize the very warm water they are soaking in. he could say straight up tomorrow he is a communist and might still win. i am VERY discouraged aunty.

K9 said...

aunty: re: your reply to doom "why does they do it?"

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.
Albert Camus

Aunty Belle said...

excellent K9--Camus. Yeah...The Fall. Sophmore year we read it. Read again in 10 years--finally got it

moi said...

Well, it all boils down to this: too many of us willing to trade liberty for security (scary, isn't it, being responsible for one's own life?) That's the only weapon a tyrannt needs to wield initially, and we think it's because they care.Yeah, right. I'm sick to death of the lot of 'em. Leave Me. Alone.

Malinda777 said...

Marxist INDEED! All "us bloggers" been spouting this truth for a long time now.

BUT...a REAL LIVE REPORTER in Florida called 'em on the carpet for it! Joe Biden just about crapped his britches...Best thing I've seen on the news in AGES...

Of course, the Obamanots immediately have banned and forbidden any further contact with this Orlando TV station...figure that?


czar said...
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czar said...

Geez. I don't even know where to begin.

I am a white male, non-Kool-Aid-drinking, more or less well-versed, decently employed American. I have access to the same sources as everyone else and read both sides of them. I think for every negative mentioned here -- especially regarding personal associations -- an equally disturbing one can be offered for the Republican candidate. Regarding one's religion and religious affiliations, I'd suggest that people look more closely at the way that the candidates live their lives as opposed to who they are sitting next to in church or who is in the pulpit. And if the one questioning religion happens to be a Christian (which I am not), I'd suggest looking at which candidate's policies more reflect those of Jesus and not one of the human-created churches.

A friend of my wife's grew up a liberal and is now strongly anti-Obama and pro-Republican (she is Jewish and supported Huckabee, which I predicted -- even though fundamentalists' "love of Israel" is actually predicated on their need to have Israel exist so that it can ultimately be destroyed; not exactly a pro-Israel stance in the long run). From the dozens of emails they have traded this year that have come perilously close to destroying a friendship of 40 years, the friend's stance seems to be based almost entirely on a late-developing racism and the talking points of Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz, etc. She is a salesperson, and spends a lot of time in the car. I think the words "Stockholm Syndrome" apply here. When you say that Bush's biggest mistake is that he pandered to the UN, that's just stubborn. And she says that her support of McCain is because she's "a rebel." Oh, come now.

I hope that all these folks who are all so virulently anti-Obama are just as virulently anti-McCain and will go in a vote for a third-party candidate, because if you're afraid of Obama's totalitarian tendencies, I hope you're also afraid of any remnant of a continuation of the policies of the last 8 years, which have done quite a lot to destroy constitutional protections and freedom in this country and abroad. Pro-life does not end at birth.

I see that Doom mentions Catholics. Most American Catholics don't agree with the pope, and Ratzinger's own actions under JPII should horrify any freedom-lover.

I have wracked my brain trying to figure out what freedoms I would lose under socialism (not communism; I know better). I would pay more in taxes? What concerns me more is where my tax money goes, and where it's going these days is pretty disgusting to me. Would I much rather have a redistribution of wealth that benefited the truly needy and improved health care and education for all and improved the infrastructure of this country than fund the military against the threats of straw men that we ourselves have created? In the words of Sarah Palin, you betcha.

What grinds my guts more is that Congress' approval rating is in the toilet, and more than 90 percent of incumbents will be re-elected this year. Frankly, when it comes right down to it, people say that Americans vote in their own best interests. I guess this proves the point. So who's got much of a right to complain?

I think the current ills are not so much the problem of a government that has done too much, as much as the result of a government that has let the unbridled greed of corporations and individuals run amok. Even Greenspan said it (paraphrasing): I never took into account that corporations operating in a free and unregulated market wouldn't be operating in the interests of the masses, but would merely be trying to pad their own wallets.

Who can try to create a system that ignores human nature? I've said it elsewhere: communism's problem is that it ignores human nature, and capitalism's problem is that it embraces it.

And this country will continue to go down the tubes if all the oxygen in the discourse is taken up with demonizing the opponent.

Have I made some internally inconsistent statements here? Probably. But I'm human. It would be nice if everyone else could admit we all are.

czar said...

Sorry for double-dipping, Aunty.

Malinda777: I just watched the video. I'm not sure we saw the same thing. Biden answered each question very well, and hardly withered under the tough questioning. Drudge has a way of making things sound far worse than they are, which is a way of driving interest in his website. I wonder how Palin would have answered similarly aggressive policy questions? If the first "executive" decision of either presidential candidate is the VP pick, it would be hard to do worse than Palin, as even many hardcore Republicans (such as Peggy Noonan among many others) have admitted. There must be 100 Republican women better qualified to be (vice) president than Gov. Palin, but McCain went for the beauty queen. Even though Camille Paglia says that her pick was a good thing for feminists, I'm not so sure.

Malinda777 said...

In the hopes that Aunty welcomes some debate here...

Czar: Conservatives are well aware that our party contains wolves in sheep's clothing too.

HERE IS what a lot of Republicans think of Peggy Noonan. She isn't a good example of someone "we" put out there as a stellar citizen of Conservatism...

czar said...

Malinda777: Thanks. I'm sure Aunty welcomes alternative viewpoints. I wish everyone did -- and would entertain actually considering them themselves. Somewhere in the middle of what we all think are some of the correct answers, not out at the edges.

Who is the "we" you are referring to? Who are you speaking for? I long for the days when the Republican Party had liberal and conservative wings, not just what seem to be conservative and, well, more conservative.

I was in the Northeast a few weeks ago, and actually met some of what appeared to be liberal Republicans who hadn't yet been hounded into seclusion. They are wealthy capitalists who will be voting Obama this year, but I guarantee that if the Republican Party ever moves back toward the center, they'll be proudly in the Republican camp again.

Then again, religion is not a defining element as much as in the Southeast, where I live, and so much of the Republican discourse of the last 28 years seems to have been defined by narrow religious viewpoints and cultural outlooks. As with political parties, I think it's best when religions allow latitude within denominations as well. People should be able to disagree and get along, rather than split into more and more groups -- and consider evil and hell-bound everyone who doesn't agree with them. We seem to have devolved as a nation and within the nation into a situation where creating enemies is more of the default mode than trying to build alliances. And that is unfortunate. Characterizing other people as evil, especially without having ever done any serious research into both sides (that is, getting off the Internet and TV once in a while), is really a step in the wrong direction.

Thankfully, liberal Republicans still exist up in the Northeast. There are certainly conservative Democrats wherever I go. Yes, there are Bible-reading, 2nd-Amendment-loving Democrats. I know many of them.

And where I live, many of the most fervent Obama supporters are white, southern, churchgoing men and women in their 60s and 70s. These are not, as Doom and many others seem to think, people looking to advance some radical leftist evil black agenda. I think part of the problem is people getting all their information only from sources with which they already agree. The metaphor that comes to mind is babies changing each others' dirty britches.

Thanks again.