Take it from Howard Stern

Okay, this is too weird. A crew goes into into Harlem to ask who folks is votin' fer....they play this on Howard Stern's radio show. (See clip below)

All of 'em be's fer Obama. Surprise, surpise.

The interviewer got funky and tole these Obama fans that O was in favor of a whole list of policies that was ackshully McCain's stated public policies. Folks was tole a McCain policy, then was asked "Is this policy why youse fer Obama?"

Reckon what they all said? "Oh yeah, man," they said. Heh.

“So which of Obama’s policies do you support more: his pro-life beliefs or wanting to stay in Iraq until the job is done.”

Most of these nitwits said“both”.

Ya kiddin me???

Obama is PRO ABORT UP TO AN INCLUDING A BORN ALIVE CHILD IN A BOTCHED ABORTION. Does ya see? I mean these people doan even KNOW that Obama is pro-abort? They totally bought McCain's policies! Clearly these zwoon-dweebs should not be allowed to vote! They have no clue who is for what--an' worse--they doan care.

I mean FOLKS, c'mon! These Harlem-ites is not votin' fer a policy, a platform, an idea of right or wrong. THEY DO NOT CARE. THey do not care what happens to the country.

Exasperated, the reporter tried this whopper: “Do you like Obama’s pick of Sarah Palin to be his vice-presidential running mate? What do you think of her?”

Ya'int surprised is ya' to hear they all thought it was an inspired choice--Obama bein' so forward thinkin' an all. Yeah.

'Member, I done mentioned Obama is a MARXIST pure an' simple. Watch the move to shut down all oppostition speeches and writn' a la Stalin.


Anonymous said...

We need Poll tests in this Country.
They probably agreed with McCain's stance on HERITAGE SEEDS too. Whatever that is.


moi said...

In the words of Howard's People: Oy. Vey.

Anonymous said...

Dat troll be's a nag as well as a troll.

A.B. said...

I heard this yesterday and my first thought... it really just proves how stupid people are. They should ask the next graduating class to locate Iraq on a map.

Anyone wanna bet? Yeah, I didn't think so.

K9 said...

yeah i listened to this yesterday at No Quarter. its just

*insert running buffalo*