Population War--humans lose

In response to MOI who thinks environmentalists doan do enough to curb human population:

Shall I take me gloves off? Okay okay, I'll play sweet, 'cause I loves ya' so, but on this youse, ah, er, mistaken. Badly Mistaken.

Moi, Cherie??? C'mon...GROAN.

First, the facts: the world is DEpopulatin' so fast that it is causin' serious social (and economic) upheaval. Japan 's median age will be 60 in just 15 years! Their women carry around baby dolls fer pete's sake! Do you see what that means? Japan will be extinct in jes' a bit more'n hundred years. A few stragglers will exist in other places like USA, but Japan as a landmass wif' indigenous Japanese will disappear.

An', enviro wackos DO PLENTY about human population--whar' ya been? The damned (yes I said damned!) UNFPA has been conductin' genocide (yes, genocide!) against selected populations for 25 years. Uganda turned back a shipment of condoms (color coded for flavors!) sent by the UN because they were perforated--meanin' that AIDS would result--because the AIDS virus is smaller than sperm, an' gets through the condom--so, no babies are born to Uganda, but the adults still lget AIDS an die. Ugandan diplomats thought it was deliberate--an' why not? Kofi Anan deliberately permitted the Hutus to slaughter Tutsi peoples as part of his idea of depopulatin' the Aftrican continent.

Yeesh, Moi, the USA sends billions in "aid" to third world in the form of contraceptives and abotion funds-- Regan stopped the "Mexico city policy" but Obama reinstated it--it means you, Moi, are paying for abortions in Africa.

Or this:

Clinton sent hand held "evacuators" to Croatian and Serbian refugee camps--translation: Refugees should not have babies so abort yoreself, you accursed unfortunate displaced woman.

THE UNFAPA admitted shooting 5 year timed released norplant into the arms of poor Peruvian women who came to the "free clinics" that UNFPA ran for Indians...yeah...genocide strikes again. The real horror is, the women were not told that the "inoculations" would render them sterile. AN' this is jes a few news eleases--the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Ted Tuner gave UNFPA ONE BILLION dollars to abort women in Africa and Asia. The Bill and Linda Gates foundation gave another billion--

As fer the poor taste little ditty about Catholics --what a giant joke. The lowest birth rates in Europe are in CATHOLIC Spain, followed by CATHOLIC Italy.

THe Italian gubmint PAYS women to have a second chile--an some villages add another stipend. But Italian women want more Missoni's not more babies. Right now the average Italian 5 year old has no siblings and no cousins--because his own parents are from one child families. How utterly lonely. When this kid's parents die, what will he have? Two Ferarris?

Secular France and Germany are only .2 points above them--Britain is nearly dead...only Poland and the Czech peoples may live on as "Europeans" in 2oo years.

Russia? Hemorrhaging. Dying. The Russians are in the worst depopulation death spiral on earth. (Next is Japan) They cannot recover. When the majority of child-bearin' women elect to have just one child, then the pool of women for the next generation is reduced by half, the next generation by mathematical reality reduces yet again by half, such that the third generation cannot recoup in 300 years even if ALL women return to two babies per woman.

Add to this the selective abortions world-wide against baby girls --especially China and India.

The number of women is shrinkin' an does ya ever hear a single "feminist" voice say as much as "ahem"?

The world has 6 billion people--and get this, Brazil produces enough to feed EVERY MOUTH.

Harvard Center for Population Studies reported that the world's current agricultural resources is plenty for decent diet for *eight times* the world's current population!

Looky, here's the real deal:

People have more babies when they babies die off from disease and famine. When developin' nations git to whar it doan take 6 kids to git one up to adulthood, families natcherly limit they babies. The solution is not draconian population measures, but to teahc oppressive nations and tribal tyrants and Warrnen Buffet (PPFA) and Rockefellers to stop abusin' the local people, let them build families and bidnesses and stop rapin' and pillagin' resources such that famine occurs. When people have chillen that live to adulthood, the population levels out.

For the first time in world history, 60 % of the world lives as a part of the middle class--oh yes, I know, thar's middle class American, and Middle class Ubangy, but when middle class is defined as families with disposable income left after paying for housing and food --that is, money for education and health care and even for building a business--that is middle class for the culture.

60% of the world is now middle class--meaning we do have the resources to support our 6 billion. But, doan worry too much, in just 25 years from today we's gonna be at precipitous fall rates globally. AN keep in mind what that looks like--it doan mean normal societies wif' all age groups--no,no--it will mean the RARE young person an' even RARER baby. Youse gonna see a gray headed world.

Oh, but thar' is a bright note: The Muslims have the highest birth rate in the world.

Malthus was WRONG, Moi. So was that idjit, Paul Erhlich who was a insectologist fer pete's sake.

Looky, y'all. Think fer a minute. The BEST resource any nation or people or culture has is educated citizens. Human capital is what is needed to build a better world--not repressive coercive anti-human models of "progress."

Nations that doan have babies have no future--an they become a bunch of narcicisstic blubbering adult babies bored wif they own navel gazin'. Yuk!!!


Gnomeself Be True said...

Don't worry Aunty. Muslims are reproducing quickly enough to fill the void.

moi said...

Well, I'm always up for a bit of hearty debate, especially with someone as articulate and knowledgeable as you are, Aunty.

First of all, I don't have an opinion on whether or not the earth is overpopulated with humans. Nor am I anti-human – I believe that humans are, in fact, NOT a blight on the earth and are as natural a part of it as anything else in the environment. I'm the last person anyone would lump in with Al Gore and his ilk.

My point with the post was to first of all ponder why the environmentalist movement remains so mum on the subject of human population when the simple fact is, we humans are 6 billion strong and predicted to hit 12 billion in 50 years. These folks, so wrapped around the axle about every little thing that could possibly affect the earth's "delicate" balance, nonetheless do not ask an essential question concerning human survival: how in the heck are we going to provide a First World lifestyle to all of these people? I think it is a question that needs to be addressed, because the ultimate environmental concern is not the survival of the polar bear, but the survival of the human species, given an increasing number of folks vying for a finite set of resources. That doesn't make me anti-human. Far from it.

The point of the skit – whether you think it's in bad taste or very pointed satire – is to bring to light the fact that fundamentalist religious groups providing assistance in Third World nations la, la, la, la, la themselves when it comes to the verboten subject of birth control. I was RAISED catholic so I know whereof I speak. The Church's position today remains the same as it ever was: abstinence or the highway. And I think that works against the ultimate survival of the human species.

Anonymous said...

Moi...oh no! Aint sayin youse rude--the skit
Is satire but rude too as it is ignorant
Of what the Church teaches and how much it does
For orphans or AIDS victims---I mean the
Church is the largest organ of education and humanitarian
Aid in the world...but the skit intends not just satire but
Acrimony...sorry if I'se testy but the media
And libs portray thangs such that you' dhave
To be a dedic*ted researcher to get at the truth.

Yeah Gnomeself....thask the irony of it!

NYD said...

I can't comment upon all of the statements you made here Aunty, but I do know something about Japan and I can assure you that Japan will be here in another hundred yeas unless Kim Jong Ill decides to launch his atomic arsenal.

Eventhough there is an ever increasing older population, there are plenty of babies being born. There are women who carry dolls, but they are far from the norm, very far. In eighteen years of living here I have only seen one and she was in her fifties and a complete whack job.


Doom said...

Wow, I knew things were bad I just did not know more than about European and American genocide. Oh, I suppose I had heard some of what they do (and don't do, regarding aboriginals (just a few years before my brother and I were born, here in the US, because of tribal insistance, us the mothers of us breeds were given nearly the cost of a new Mustang to abort us, before abortion began generally 'legal').

What is odd is, if you told a pro-abort that you were going to pull a calf out of the womb to obtain tender meat, they would be outraged (or, some other animal anyway, what with their anti-beef thing too... make that a rabbit, squirrel, or doe). But yank a human baby out, and not only is that "not a bad thing, it's a good thing".

What you do not mention is who is still breeding. Muslims are the only group breeding without bounds (or interference from international sources). Though the Chinese and Indian populations do grow, as you mentioned, they are both increasing in such a way that in 20 years or less, they will have 20-35 million bachelors with no means of finding a wife (hence my projection that a mass land war will happen, simply to rectify the population problem, being that the most destabalizing demographic is single males with no hope of marriage, of course that will rid the world of another 40 to 70 million if they war right to the line, but could run far higher if one of them finds they are winning and doesn't want to stop).

Yeah, and about Russia. The problem with their population implosion is that the nuclear technology they have... will go to muslims. The only breeding population in existence now.

As for debating it, that isn't possible. Either people have hope and understand family and the goods from that, or they do not. Russians are going to die because they have no understanding of family and no means of recreating that in the sterile environment of socialism/modernism/secularism. Only a few nations have shared understanding of the importance of family or any reckoning of how to develop such.

You real have to hate yourself, and so vicariously your fellow man, to believe we should be handing the world over to muslims. Talk about living for the moment. Then again, that is what feminism and the other isms are about.

As for first world existence, actually there are two things. First, it is highly overrated. How much junk does the average person have that they never use and never will. Clean water, basic good medical, good food, housing, and efficient energy sources, sure. Beyond those things, we could really cut back and for the better. Second, what most environmentalists do not understand is that the more we do and use, oddly, the more there is available. We haven't even scratched the resources here on earth, let alone the moon and the rest. If we allowed the whole world to learn to create wealth (a bit of a fiction, but if believed, it works to a degree), we wouldn't need to help anybody. They would help themselves. Wealth, and the means creating it (to include minor consumerism), is what is needed, not socialism, genocide, or such.

Well, that's my notion on the things anyway.

moi said...

Again, my original point was: why do so-called environmentalists not deal with the issue of so-called human overpopulation? And while I agree that the family unit is central to the preservation of the human species, I do not believe that its advocacy as the primary "natural" unit of human society by political and religious groups has this preservation in mind but, rather, control of said human population.

As for the expanding population of Muslims: I am not happy about the expansion of any fundamentalist ideology. Currently, the most dangerous fundamentalist ideology on the planet, the one that has the greatest potential to halt human liberty and progress in its tracks, is Islam. So then, the question becomes, would any of you support birth control sanctions against Muslims?

Aunty Belle said...


I thought I had said sometin on Muslims--but I cut an' pasted from Moi's to heah, an may have omitted that very salient point. Youse absolutely correct, Gnomey, even the Muslims say so--that they will overtakle Europewif'out the bneed fer terrorist conquest--they will simple out breed the Euros.

Moi, Dahlin',

I'se sorry fer glumin' up this topic--ugh. An' OF COURSE AUNTY DOAN THINK YOUSE ANTI-HUMAN!!

We's all victims of media myth--the whole Paul Erhlich Population Bomb thang. As of 2008, 60% of the world is middle class--that is an astoundin' achievement. of course, in some parts of the world middle class doan mean Harvard diplomas an' SUVs. What it does mean is discretionary income after basic food and shelter needs is met.

In short, middle class is a relative term to the culture --middle compared to the low an' high of yore society. So, while "First world" is not achieved , decent basic livin' is. This is thanks to the spread of democracy and some form of capitalism. (India's phenomenal progress since 1970 is case in point.)

Major determinant of poverty is lack of self determination--that is, life under communism or other organized despotism.

Hence, raw numbers of bodies is not the ackshull problem, but how much freedom them bodies is allowed to exercise on their own behalf. As I think I said somehwar', Brazil alone can feed the whole planet wif' leftovers fer the next half billion to come.

While we's still growing in raw numbers, the rate is reversed an' the population of the world in two generations will be less than it is now. If the trend continues, we will be in a free fall of low-fertility.

(insert conspiracy nut talk: some point to declassified documents that indicate a deliberate strategy of de-population on the part of US and Europeans durin' the 1970s, wif billioniares of the day providin' the funds. Today Warren Buffett and Ted Turner are the largest donors to International Planned Parenthood Federation, and the UN's UNFPA-population fund)


oh dear...ain't intendin' insult, but sympathy fer Japan. Japan's fertilty rate is 1.4, it takes 2.12
to replace a population from generation to generation. When the number of girls born is cut by a third, the following generation cannot "Catch up" to status quo unless every one of child bearin' age has double the replacement rate-- 4+ babies.

If ya want to peek further into Japan an' fertility, here is a link:

Aunty Belle said...

youse made so many impotant points!

The destabilizin' of demographics is exactly what's afoot--an' the point on Muslims inheritin' Russian nuke techno--yep!

And that China and India are breeding defacto eunuchs who will be angry men on the march--that is a nightmare growing before our eyes!

I agrees wif' your final idea--that wealth creation ain't a zero sum game, we ain't half discovered what all we can do and make an' problems solved is jes' another human brain away. Human resource is THE resource that matters most.

would I support birth control fer Muslims?


Wish I could, but that'd make me bigoted. The problem isn't their birth numbers, per se, but the ideology they teach their people. We need to teach / preach a better way to them (an' BTW, practice it ourselves--the better way, I mean.)

Moi, I agrees wif' ya that control of families and populations is not about preservation of species (human species!) but about political control. But that is by gubmints-not religions. Though I see a case to be made that religion and gubmint are the same in some Islamic regimes.

Here's mah worries:

1) freaky people like OctoMom are used to promote anti-natal sentiments, when in truth most families are providing society with a vast, incomparable service: bearing and rearing the next generation of citizens who in turn carry on the culture.

2) junk science like "population bomb" is as junky as "global warming" and creates hysteria and opens us to political control of our resources.

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...


One note about what the Catholic teaching on birth control is (Aunty's paraphrase):

Practicing artificial birth control is sexual bulimia.

The Church teaches that sex and procreation are one coin, two sides. Every intimate act is not required to come up heads (babies). But to rig the game by defacing the coin is to disrespect the coin.

There is somethin' inherently anti-woman about shutting off the natural working of the female form an' reducin her to a toy. She is a whole entity, an' to deface her (or him when we's talikn' vastectomies) to an instrument of momentary gratification is beyond sad--no wonder there is such despair between the sexes--we's reduced the relationship to mutual use and abuse society.

Like the bulimic who gorges then vomits, the contraceptive mentality invited sex gorging then vomit out the results. The eater who gorges is already abusin' the intent and pleasure of food. The vomiting is yet another abuse to rid oneself of the consequences of the first abuse. The poor victim of bulimia is now addicted to the cycle of gorge and purge. Food, a good thing that is both life giving but also pleasurable is now
deformed by the abuse of both the life sustainin' purpose and devoid of any true pleasure since that pleasure will be followed by the necessity to purge. The self hated then can escalate such that we see many bulimics who pierce and slash their bodies...the while thang jes' got away from them.

We have the same paradigm in our culture wif' sex: it is life giving and pleasurable, but abuse one for the other and the thang is defaced in it's totality.

The Church calls us to remember that bodies are holy. The people in the body has a soul. Using the body fer the wrong purpose harms the soul. Harmed souls seek redress in a multitude of hurtful ways.

The Church does NOT teach that you have to have a zillion kids. It teaches that marriages where the couple cannot conceive are EQUALLY as sacred. It is not the children or the number of children that matter, it is the integrity for the total human person that counts. Bodies and the people in them are made to love and be loved within the context of trust and permanent commitment. Such commitment does not reduce one or the other of the persons to a shell emptied of its natural fertility. It does respect fertility, an' can legitimately abstain from sex to space births--and SHOULD do so when there are compellin' reasons, such as health, or difficult economics, etc.

The difference is similar ( in a flippant way) to a bulimic and a dieter. The first takes the pleasure of satiation but then abuses the body with vomiting. The latter works WITH the body's own methods to achieve the right weight by foregoing some pleasures temporarily.

The contraceptive mentality says "I can use your body and my body to have pleasure all I want with no consequences." But to do that it necessarily defaces human physiology --and mebbe worse, human emotions. It simply turns the Other into an instrument of my need rather than as a whole person, complete with life giving potential, an' the emotional need to be loved as a whole, not just as an instrument.

Anonymous said...

The country with the highest decrease in the natural birth rate is Ukraine, with a natural decrease of 0.8% each year. Ukraine is expected to lose 28% of their population between now and 2050 (from 46.8 million now to 33.4 million in 2050).

Russia and Belarus follow close behind at a 0.6% natural decrease and Russia will lose 22% of their population by 2050 – that is a loss of more than 30 million people (from 142.3 million today to 110.3 million in 2050).

Japan is the only non-European country in the list and it has a 0% natural birth increase and is expected to lose 21% of its population by 2050 (shrinking from 127.8 million to a mere 100.6 million in 2050). The streets of Tokyo won’t be as crowded in a few decades as they are today!

Here's the list of the countries with negative natural increase or zero negative increase in population...

Ukraine: 0.8% natural decrease annually; 28% total population decrease by 2050
Russia: -0.6%; -22%
Belarus -0.6%; -12%
Bulgaria -0.5%; -34%
Latvia -0.5%; -23%
Lithuania -0.4%; -15%
Hungary -0.3%; -11%
Romania -0.2%; -29%
Estonia -0.2%; -23%
Moldova -0.2%; -21%
Croatia -0.2%; -14%
Germany -0.2%; -9%
Czech Republic -0.1%; -8%
Japan 0%; -21%
Poland 0%; -17%
Slovakia 0%; -12%
Austria 0%; 8% increase
Italy 0%; -5%
Slovenia 0%; -5%
Greece 0%; -4%
europe dies, china and india move into european land mass

Doom said...


I, as well, would not suggest genocide against muslims be advanced. Evil is evil, and killing unborn people is murder, interfering with the natural status of men and women in relationships is also an evil, though I think Aunty covered that far better than I could have.

What I would propose is that these populations' governments be forced to allow access to truth. At this time, in many of those nations, Christians may not legally offer the good news. Communists are allowed to, so long as they are islamic (as a fact, that is what most of their governance is, islamic communism).

That won't happen, however, as our government at best is secular (look up the term, I doubt if you truly understand the depth of it, secular that is). At this time, it is actively anti-Christian. The fraud in chief went to a "church" that is more like islam than Christianity (and shares the communist/socialist link as well). And, I would guess, anyone he installs will have to be just as anti-Christian, though there may be some variance within that.

As for muslims, they will only be dealt with if Europe and the US change our ways, and produce a population which is large enough to defend itself and push back against their push. The reason muslims are always at war has less to do with religion than it does their corruption of marriage. While a man, with means and religious connections, can marry 4 wives, most others cannot obtain a wife, there simply aren't enough women. As with China and India, the problem is that there are too many men. The only thing left to them is to make war to try and steal women, literally.


The problem with your stats, at least in America and probably in other nations, is that they ignore a huge problem. Any child born in the US is a citizen, regardless of the status of their parents at the time of birth. Add to the fact that Mexicans, and other Latinos, are considered white for the books, and you realize Caucasian births are WAY down. I would guess many nations who allow foreigners in, whether legal or illegally, they are playing with numbers in just the same way.

The studies, whether developed by academia or the government, at this point, can just about be thrown out if they involve race. It almost seems as if our government has decided that the majority in the world is not white, so we might as well give up. And, while giving up, we might as well encourage the end of our civilization, culture, and such, and they are doing everything they can to end it, and us. Believe what you will.

NYD said...

Aunty, you didn't insult neither is there any need for sympathy.
You have provided some very interesting statistics, but have failed to mention that birth rates are not fixed, but rather quite flexible and varying from generation to generation. In fact, in developed nations they are dependant upon many social and economic factors. Again, I can only speak for Japan, which had a baby boom in the fifties and sixties which accounted for creating incredible population density and elevating land prices. Thes factors lead to a trend where people just couldn't afford to have ad many children as they wanted. See, that's social responsibility in action. I feel certain that once the ecoomy once again settles and Japan's international policies catch up to the modern world there will be another boom which ought to provide people with enough lucre to not only afford the good times, but the happy smiling babies that come some months later.