Why so serious? Civitaplasty or Fiducioplasty



Great Nations are made of great people --or at least good people who rise to great deeds .

But how does folks rise to such feats of self sacrifice?

This ain't somethin' thas' done from a core of whiny self pity, or spoiled self absorption.

We's a people who need to git back to a good core of self discipline. We'uns need to stop flinching from the idea that there are virtues in the world that we must attain.

That means to let go of vices that drag us down so low that the idea of a virtue is cause to sneer.

I know folks who peek in here at the Back Porch ain't all on the same religious page.


But whatever moves ya to some higher sense of obligation toward what serves Truth is the place to begin. Ever'body can do much to create a better community around them.

Ever think how odd that ya weep if ya hit a pupppy on the highway, but never think of the worms an' 'skeeters, an' bugs and micro life forms ya hit with every rotation of the tire? Why is that?

Cause life has a hierarchy. Dawgs is jes' higher on the chart than a gnat.

Same is so of morals. Thar' is a moral hierarchy that we's recently got tumbled upside down. No wonder that so many folks is lost and confused as they rushed over the threshold of the third millennium. While care for the snail darter is some display of care for the environment, it ain't high in the hierarchy of thangs we MOST need to pay attention to--nope, we owe more care and respect to the very thangs that make it possible fer us to pay attention to the blue tailed tadpole.

Doan even try to say nuthin' to me about pollution and how workin' to stop it is moral--no it ain't. First--the hierarchy-- we gotta unpollute our LIVEs. *Dang people, doan ya know that the physical pollution is jes' an outward sign of the pollution of we's made of our personal lives?

We owe respect to, and have an obligation to defend our "right to do right."

Liberty ain't license. Liberty is freedom to do the right (moral) thang. Moral here is defined as an act ordered to the common good of humanity. That are some who confuse personal license wif liberty.

Take care all y'all who would put a "right" to smoke dope (license) as equal to the right to free speech (liberty). License is indulgin' yore own proclivities, good or ill to the detriment of yore actual freedoms.

Free speech serves the common good, while stoned people cain't serve nuthin'.

Some would have us swallow the theory that thar ain't no truth, jes YORE truth and MAH truth.

Oh hawgwash!

Ya know that ya know that ya know what the heck is wrong. Folks so indulgent in their vices that they cain't find the gumption to do right no more is how nations and cultures is lost.

Iffin' yore lifestyle an' yore habits is all about makin' ya feel good, or for getting to a place economically or politically to hep ya do yore ill thangs an indulge fer a minute, an hour, a day....youse not jes' a problem to yoreself but to all those around ya.

I doan care iffin' ya volunteer at PETA or donate to Greenspeace. That doan add up to nuthin' about right livin' personally. Ya cain't cover over yore gump like that. Our piled up gump is makin' us'uns a weak sick people. That personal gump is why some cain't be bothered to tell the city commissioners to control crime in the city--they's PART of the crime an' they know it.

Local lawyer arrested fer DUI tried to buy off the young patrolman who arrested him fer rammin' is Land Cruiser into a storefront. Local judge let lawyer boy go--cause lawyer boy got judge's drop out rapper son off a drug runnin' charge. Judges is corrupt, auto mechanics fix yore radiator but punch hole in oil pan so ya have to come back in a week, the frauds... we choose a president pervert, we smirk over teachers seducin' kids, unions kill industries over pay for not workin'...the beat goes on.

America, ya cannot sustain fraudent lives. It easts ya from the guts out. Stop cheatin' yore fellow man cause in the end ya cheat even yoreself out of a decent place to live. Ya turn the cities into jungles of cheat and be cheated, use and be used...cut it out. The sewer is so large now is we all used to the stench?

Heck yeah, I'm preachin'. Askin' everybody to think on HOW we became a nation addicted to easy credit fer junk we cain't afford and greed for stuff we sure as heck doan need.
How we became a nation of road rage drivers, or raunchy rappers, cheatin' atheletes, thieving stockbrokers and lying politicians, sleazy "housewives" service dates in bathrooms while 50 million TV voyeurs twitter --no respect for June Cleaver, but the world falls at the feet of Madonna --
ain't no wonder we dress chillens like cheap barbie dolls and junior hooker fashion is standard fer 9 year olds, 11 year ole boys cain't do a long division problem but they can cuss out a sailor

and old geezers gettin' iphones so they can have instant porn wherever they hang out. Yeah.

The reason our culture is corrupt is we ourselves is immoral --such that we gave rise from our own innards to the public filth and fraud that defines modern America.

When some idgit tries to seduce ya' wif a "yes we can"

tell 'em, So what? Any fool can, but wise people know they ought not."

( I can have a dolphinplasty but it doan make me a dolphin--cf South Park)

The rush to "do your own thang" is a euphemistic way of sayin' youse gonna do the wrong thang, but ya' doan give fig leaf cause ya have a right to be wrong even if it ruins yore city your nation.

SO now we's a nation in searh of "cosmetic solutions that we might call civitaplasty, turning a terrorist gang into a state; fiducioplasty, making a bunch of bankrupt institutions look like functioning banks; creditoplasty, making government seizure of private property look like a corporate reorganization; matrimonioplasty, making same-sex cohabitation look like a marriage; and interfecioplasty, making murder look like a surgical procedure."


I looks like an overripe melon about to hit the wall.



fishy said...

Well now Belle, I usually like it when you step up onto the pork rind boxes and let fly.
You ask some good questions and make some fine points. Seems to me if we are going to have a nation with freedom of religion then we best be paying close attention to the common denominators of what is or is not an acceptable 'norm'.
We must not become a nation where folks practice selfish evils and call it their 'right of religion, or speech'.

I might be ready for that over ripe melon to hit the wall.
I say that thinking folks who think as you do, or as I do are still the majority . But there is creeping evidence the majority is no longer 'us' and I might not be too anxious to see what smashed melons leads to with this new crowd.

Most days, there is something in the media that makes me very anxious about our current cultural ills. This week it was a brief comment about a man who thew an infant out a third story window. When standing before the judge on a murder charge his statement was [No sir, I didn't MURDER anybody . I just threw that loud mouthed screamer out the window sos I could hear the TV. Ain't my fault it died.]

There just isn't any sort of "plasty" for that kind of thinking.
I expect you noticed straight away at no time did this man acknowledge the " loud mouth screamer" or "it" was a living human being. Nope. Just an irritant to his tv watching schedule.

This prevalence for detachment from anything other than "self" terrifies me as it seems 'real' and 'surreal' have traded places.

Good for you Aunty for standing up and speaking against evil.

Meems said...

"Folks so indulgent in their vices that they cain't find the gumption to do right no more is how nations and cultures is lost."Aunty, I'll stand right beside you on this one and preach with you - only you said it better than I can.

How is it that our complacent society has gotten so fat on their own humanistic self-absorption that they can't see what is happening?

We've devalued HUMAN life and GOD for so long in our country that now we have generations of self-indulgent dolts who don't even know what 'moral' really is.

Don't you just want to stand on the street corner and shout out, "JUST DO THE RIGHT THING."

on the upside: I do have to believe there are more folks out there who are holding to the values and principles this country was founded on than we hear about in 24hr media.

We aren't going to let it all go down the drain without a fight.

I hope the melon doesn't have to hit first.

Meems @ For the Love of Florida

TROLL Y2K said...

Awful lot for a Troll Brain to digest in this post. So, I'll take on Fishy's "who's the majority" question on moral issues.

The answer is: Aunty Belle is in the MINORITY and perhaps 15% of the population shares her stances.

But the Aunty Belle's HAVE NEVER been and WILL NEVER BE in a position to impose their views on the majority. Indeed, they really don't want to do so.

However, an even SMALLER minority, than the Aunty Belles are people that I'll label as the "Hard-Left Perverse Scumbags". The people who disagree with the Aunty Belles on EVERY issue. They're less than 5% of the population.

But they DO seek to impose their twisted values and they HAVE an unpredented level of influence that is WAY beyond their percentage of the population. Political and cultural influence.

A good political example of a Five-Percenter having undue influence is Nancy Pelosi. We have 435 Congressional Districts in this Country. Pelosi would be capable of winning a General Election in TWO of them. Her Five-Percenter views would preclude her winning in all the rest. Yet, she's Speaker-Of-The-House and arguably the 3rd most powerful person in the Nation right now.

George Soros is a Fiver-Percenter. He couldn't win a Congressional Election in ANY of our 435 Congressional districts. Yet, he's arguably the second most powerful person in the Nation today.

Until the 80% of us who are neither Aunty Belles nor Hard-Left Perverts wake up to that, we're in trouble.

fishy said...

Note to troll,
I find your comment encouraging on the point of belief there are 80% of "us" moral, reasonable people trying to be good , 10 commandment following folks in a skewed world.

I find your comment of the 5% in control of the world askew very depressing. Reminds me of a handful of cowpokes having the power to herd a thousand head of cattle across country to be slaughtered.

I will not me revising my avatar to a heifer.

TROLL Y2K said...


There are polls that support my numbers. I'd add that there is a geographic element to the Five Percenter Problem. They're highly concentrated in a handful of urban areas and ruling over the rest of us who occupy 99.9999% of the landmass of this Nation.

The Aunty Belle 15 Percenters are geographically dispersed. by contrast. They couldn't garner an unfair disproportianate amount of power if they wanted to. And, again, I really don't think they DO want to. Because a part of their Morality is based on respect for the Constitution.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey y'all...
deep comments. I likes yore deep thinkin'.

Fishy, ya ht on somethin;--the problem is that common denominators is disappearin' on account of everbody "doin' their own thang"

A nation that gives the power of the state to everybodies weirded out preferences is a state gone astray.

The COMMON good ain't served by a the dissipation of a Common standard that helped folks recall that there is more in life that doing yore own thang. We's a nation that has begun to use law to enforce a false right to indulge the whim of the moment. Very dangerous.

Hey Meems! Excactly--folks doan even know what moral is no more--thas' why I say they think a five dollar donation to PETA is their ticket to a moral high ground--youse right, they is DOLTS!

The mistaken idea is that if ever'body can do whatever they please that we will be more peacful since ever'body is of satisfyin' every desire however bizarre. But that doan lead to peace, leads instead to a devolving civic society whar thar's no sense of commonality, jes' millions of individuals careenin' around in chaos.


I'd love to be comfortedby yore numbers, but if they's correct then the 80% is spineless and so they almost doan count--iffin' ya woan stand to be counted, ya doan count.
A' youse correct on the five percenters--they know the method: control the choke points, control the animal.

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
PRECISELY my thinking. Previously in the USA our differences were united by a common denominator belief system. I used the 10 commandments as a valid common denominator. Pretty much taught in all religions and, in my youth, taught in our school systems as well.
Right alongside the teaching to
"do unto others AS you would have others do unto you"

While America has always been home to "individualism" that pursuit of self or happiness or the American Dream were all tempered by the
established common denominators of the majority.

So yes, we have now digressed to " do unto others BEFORE they can do unto you" or "Before they catch on" or "Before they know what hit them". As you say, the indulgences of self before all other things. DEFINITELY a serious indication of the loss of our common denominators as a society of individuals. The loss of RESPECT for our fellow man and, collectively our nation, is sad.

Very, very sad.

On Troll's statistics. You call his 80% spineless. Well, maybe Pollyanna is alive and well at the Pond but I would like to believe the reality is that most of the 80% are unaware or uninformed or misinformed or have misplaced faith or just do not understand America is under attack from within.They do not understand what is happening, how it is happening, what is a stake or that we are losing. I believe if the 80% knew, they would act differently.

We are losing our way, our religions, our moral compass, certainly our common denominators, our identity as a nation and alongside that our patriotism.

It is shocking to me that the religions of this nation have not sought to reverse this. It is shocking to me that horrible people like the Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry types have the nerve to proclaim themselves as "lifelong" Catholics when their behaviors are anything but Catholic. In fact, their actions are about as anti-Catholic teaching as you can get and yet Catholics continue to vote them into office.

There must be a viable methodolgy for educating the 80% on the peril of our current state else the melon splat is going to be huge.

Anonymous said...


80% dont know because they choose not to know

TROLL Y2K said...


I'm pessimistic about the 80% too but perhaps a tad more charitable in my evaluation of the reasons they don't get it.

Some are spineless. Many are ill-informed due to the horrible state of our Government Schools and the media. Some are apathetic. And some agree with a decent sized chunk of the Soros/Pelosi agenda. And some disagree with a good chunk of the Aunty Belle agenda.

The media never tells them the FULL Soros/Pelosi agenda, just the reasonably popular items.

And the media tells them that the Aunty Belles are power-mad and totally intolerant of other views.


I agree that Church Leaders have done a terrible job in recent years. All branches, but it might be especially bad with Catholics cause the Priests are so disconnected from the lives of ordinary Americans. Heck, in Troll County very few of the Catholic Priests ARE Americans. Even the one on 99% White LBK has foreigner "guest" Priests from the 3rd World. Doubt if they know much about Kennedy, Kerry and Pelosi and the other Congressional "Catholics".

fishy said...

It was not my intent to single out Catholics, although the Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry's came to mind first BECAUSE they are spotlighted examples of high profile 5 percenters who SAY one thing and DO the opposite. ie: They have no moral compass as all are willing to LIE to PREVAIL. They even LIE to God with great casualness and witnessed by the public eye.

On the religions have been too passive front. DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
I simply do not understand why religious leaders in this country have been so passive. Surely they KNOW beyond doubt our moral base is under attack in this country and has been for some time now.

What is on the rise is a load of pseudo religions which PROMOTE the if it feels good God wants you to do it gibberish.
I also question the silence of Rabbi's and I just cannot understand why the Imans who claim Islam is a peaceful religion have not DEFENDED their religious claims by DENOUNCING the beliefs and behaviors of the jihadist terrorists.

I agree the Catholics get more negative press but I do not believe the Catholics are "especially bad" due to a disconnect from the lives of their parishoners.
To the contrary, the structure allows Priests to give their undivided attention to their flocks and not forever being torn between their church families and their parish families.

I know several Protestant pastors who now pursue other career paths because they just could not find a balance between the needs of their families and the needs of their congregations. Someone always came up short and the Pastors always felt like, "guilty underachievers".

K9 said...

i think everyone instinctively knows that we have lost what was most precious to the nation which was an agreed upon set of moral standards that supported decent behavior in a way that laws never could or will. and now with the Obummer cult and his minions you will see worse before and if better. im dropping out - i know that sounds like not making a stand - i will in the ways i can -but the first move is to get away from the noise and pollution (the thought kind) and get that pipeline of communication with God opened up wide.

great great post and commentary. your passion is exhilarating. thank you.

K9 said...

speaking of passive, have you ever seen a bigger bunch of gutless wonders in your life than this current group of republicans? losers!

fishy said...

If a good many more people would open up the pipeline to God, well then, we'd have a much better chance of coming out of this mess.

Bout those Republicants,
I keep praying for one to have a great, wide open pipeline and be blessed with the ability to SPEAK to , and connect with, the instincts of those 80% Troll mentioned and spawn a new revolution.

Doom said...

I think we all see it Aunty. And some of us either through ignorance, arrogance, or such just went along for the ride a bit too. When I turned, finally, to the voice that had been calling for so long, I saw it all and my complicity. Then, too, I abruptly changed my ways as well as I could.

I have to be honest, I think as much of it has to do with our mobility... locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. The government has played it's part, acting anti-family, but when people travel out of the safety (and expectations) of their families, friends, and prying social eyes, doing whatever they want to do becomes easier. Add in that we have been allowing cultures not symbiotic with our own to immigrate since Kennedy, go figure.

I think the main pillar that broke is that of the traditional family and then having families linked together as well to form real communities. With those gone, the government has gone insane, promising to fulfill what we have lost only to gain power and perpetuate the problem that allowed it unprecedented access. If we don't find a way to bring back the family, we will end up with our own uncle Joe, though some will tell you we have him now.

The church is the only real path to that, and it is under heavy strain, just like the family, and for similar reasons. I do not think we will solve a thing until social conditions have it so more people know each other and have social pressure to bring to bear on bad behavior. That, and we personally, socially, civilly, and legally, begin to seriously discriminate against those who cannot or will not live within certain bounds.

All I can do, at this point, is to choose to live within moderation and rightness, turn my back on the evils (and at times outright reject, eject, and fight evil and those who choose it), and pray. I think it is going to be one tough, dangerous, and risky situation regardless. And, those who choose order, law, family, and most of all God are at the most serious risk but are the only hope.

I cannot tell you, how often even mentioning God, indicating that there is evil, or saying some behavior is wrong, even on "conservative" blogs, brings nothing but derision. It is going to be a steep climb. But, and then again, what else do we have to do? :P There is always hope. Remember to whistle whilst you work, it makes a long dark day seem like child's play. But, ugh... *whistling*

Anonymous said...

this commenter nails it:

"I think as much of it has to do with our mobility... locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. The government has played it's part, acting anti-family, but when people travel out of the safety (and expectations) of their families, friends, and prying social eyes, doing whatever they want to do becomes easier. Add in that we have been allowing cultures not symbiotic with our own to immigrate since Kennedy, go figure.

I think the main pillar that broke is that of the traditional family and then having families linked together as well to form real communities. With those gone, the government has gone insane, promising to fulfill what we have lost only to gain power and perpetuate the problem that allowed it unprecedented access. If we don't find a way to bring back the family, we will end up with our own uncle Joe, though some will tell you we have him now."

we have Uncle Joe alright. a kinder gentler face on Uncle Joe, but no less tyrannical or maniacal in his plans.