Wise Men

"Religion is superstition, it is science that commands the thoughts of men."

"Perhaps. However, science cannot say why or how there is science."



Bird said...

I don't recall which scientist said this: "Science is merely humans trying to map out the face of God." Might have been Steven Hawkins or Einstein. Can't recall.

Must science and religion be so diametrically opposed? One is based on faith (what someone else might call superstition), the other on preponderance of evidence.

Science changes - theories and conclusions change as more information is acquired - as our understanding grows.

We can have faith in the unknowable and that which cannot be proved, yet follow a scientific approach as well. I think both science and religion command the thoughts of women and men. Both are ways of trying to understand the world.

Perhaps, however, priests, rabbis, monks, cannot truly say why or how there is religion.

A mystery.

Merry Christmas to you AB. Hope you are well and content.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh! Birdy!! I'se jes' so pleased to see ya!

Science an religion ain't opposed--they's two ways of gettin' to the same place--The Face of God.

Happy New Year, Bird Beauty--I'll be over soon to see how y'all all is doin'.

Anonymous said...
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