Y'all ain't really surprised, I reckon


Aunty Belle said...

when you ride aboard Air Force One youse representin' America. A little dignity would be nice.

fishy said...

No surprise.
The Obummers have made their lack of respect for The United States of America very public. She after all is noted for saying how she never was " Proud to be an American" . He has stated in a speech his opinion the Constitution of the United States of America is a
" fatally flawed document" .
In my opinion, about half of what they do and most of they's attitudes is treasonous.

I also don't think we should wait 3 more years to get them out of our White House.... I think we should get on with impeaching him NOW before he does any more harm.
The man is dangerous and that woman is like the witch with the poison apple.

K9 said...

everytime i see air force one pull up, i expect to see emperor palpatine come gliding out. grherhahahaha

Aunty Belle said...

I hear ya Fishy--let's hope most of America hears ya!

Gerhahahahaha, K9! But, uh, wait--youse RIGHT!! Now I IS scared.

Ardlair said...

Hi Aunty B and a Happy New Year from the Home of Happy New Years,

My points

a) I wish this blog was as EXCITING and PROVOCATIVE as it used to be. We used to have such FUN.

b) Will YOU ever CHANGE?
Y'know, like give credit where credit is due? Reject past prejudices...(oops sorry to use the p word, but not as bad as the b word!)

c) She IS representing America. That is how Americans look. Only slimmer.( oops sorry...displaying past prejudices and caricaturing an entire nation unreasonably......kinda thing that got me called ardliar.)

Please forgive my use of uppercase.
It's a phase I'm GOING through.



genx said...

@Ardlair -

Funny you mention past prejudices, because we are now suffering under the yoke of current PREJUDICES (PCism) based on the guilt felt by PAST generations (baby boomers).

Once the "counter culture" generation "tunes out" for good, all that will be left will be the experiences of my generation.

Those experiences are of systematic reverse racism, the mass invasion of our homeland by a foreign and hostile people, the planned destruction of social mores, and the forced indoctrination of "modern" thought.

We will have our own "revolution" based upon these experiences, and the pendulum will swing the other way...

I hope that brought enough provocation back to this blog for your taste.

TROLL Y2K said...

Sadly, I think many identify with the flabby slovenly tramp on the right. And that "many" includes virtually all of the Obamanation's core supporters. Making it a Billboard would motivate them to vote for and contribute to the Traitor-Democrat-Party-Of-Filth.

Aunty Belle said...

Ah, Ardlair,

ain't it the truth--oh the aroma of flamin' discourse, the sizzle of the digital cosmos.

1. I see youse tryin' to kick up some sand. I'se game. Let it rip, Scotsman (with elevated tone, of course--no fouling of the text space as Aunt's eyes an' ears is still delicate--say yore mind, t'otherwise.)

2.. I is happy ter change--when change is logical, rational. As fer prejudices--to which do you refer? I admit to prejudice against lazy vulgarities, reflexive prurience, sly prevarications.

3.She is? Well, yes, HER vision of America--an'ya share the same does ya'? Listen, Moor Dweller, yore own kith of yesteryear never came heah for what Mrs O an' her ilk have wrought via a generation of "Progressive" socialism.

The "America" you see, the slovenly Obamaites are treasonous fakers that ain't got a drop of American spunk or honor.

So I agree wif ya'--Mrs. Obamanation do indeed represent the best of the worst that infests us--an' the sooner we get ris of this head lice, the better.

welcome to the Back Porch. Doan know yore provenance, but all ya said reverberates wif' Aunty an' some others heah. We doan mind high octane exchanges, as ya seem to guess. Yore point on PCism is dead on.


Heh. Dern, youse right! It do reflect many of them-- MO (Michele Obamanation) is the spittin' image of all that is wrong in the culture. But thar' ain't that manyu of 'em...when we yank back the keys to the OO we need ter make dang shure a founding blue-blood is next up.

moi said...

I'm shocked. I've never seen her look this scruffy in public. I have to say, she's almost always very well put together.

Aunty Belle said...

Moi. I know I know--and I worry I sounded really snarky at Shamu's...but there are lots of these types of photos of MO. Hurts general image of Americans--much as Ardlair pointed out, and for once I fear he is right.


Doom said...

You know, in some ways it really is too bad. They had the chance to prove many of us doubters wrong. I begin to believe they cannot. They simply are what they are. They actually do need hand-outs and set-asides (or to be tossed out of the nation, as useless gets what useless should, if we are to stop socialism of which they are a necessary part).

Sorry, but they have done it to themselves, and theirs. Then again, like I was suggesting, maybe they really do not have a choice.

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